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CBD for Energy: What Does the Research Say?

Mind-calmer, body-balancer, skincare wonder: Cannabidiol (CBD) can certainly be described as versatile, and the same can be said for its applications. Its uses are so wide-ranging, in fact, that its use cases may seem contradictory on the surface, especially when it comes to energy and relaxation. How is it possible that hemp extract is being explored as a focus-boosting, energizing element, when its effects as a sleep aid are being explored as well? Read on to learn how CBD balances biological processes to help you get better sleep and feel more energized throughout the day.*

How does CBD impact energy?

There are several ways CBD impacts energy levels, both directly and indirectly. Studies have suggested a positive relationship between CBD and mood related neurochemicals in the brain. In addition, an article published in Frontiers in Neuroscience in 2017 suggests that CBD increases metabolism activity. A slow metabolism is often associated with low stamina.

CBD's usefulness in promoting sleep indirectly boosts energy throughout the day as well.* One naturally befits the other: with more hours of restful sleep each night, you’re more likely to wake refreshed and ready to take on the day.

So, when people say that CBD is good for both energy and sleep, they aren't confused. The cannabinoid helps establish a balance that buoys mood and focus, as well as promoting more restful sleep at night.*

What are some energy-boosting properties of CBD?

From regulating neurochemicals* to promoting full-body balance*, the impact of CBD on energy levels around the clock can’t be understated. Here's a closer look at four energy-supporting properties of CBD:

Boost Your Energy with CBD

Looking on the bright side of life is not a natural state for many, but having a negative mindset can stop you from reaching your full potential. If you lack the get-up-and-go that you once had, it can leave you feeling lacklustre and with feelings of depression. You might find that you feel uninspired, listless and tired all the time which can lead to physical issues as well as issues of the mind. Finding ways to increase your natural energy can improve your overall wellbeing and reveal huge benefits for everyday life.

It’s crucial that you get enough of the right essential vitamins and minerals into your body to optimise mental performance. Using a natural nutritional supplement such as CBD oil can boost creativity, increase emotional wellbeing and help you find that sweet spot between ambition and peace.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for memory and awareness. When dopamine levels drop, so does our concentration. CBD is associated with dopamine levels in the body to reduce a dopamine drop, which in turn helps to develop mental clarity and precision. Try this natural botanical supplement today to see how you can increase energy levels and fulfill your true potential.

EthicaCBD: A natural remedy.

By embracing the qualities of other plant extracts, minerals and vitamins, EthicaCBD has created a range of unique and powerful formulations to bring about a healthier, happier ‘you’. Incorporating the skincare products, CBD oils and carefully-formulated blends into a healthy lifestyle will bring about the positive changes in your life that you deserve. Our ‘Day’ CBD oil blend is enhanced with vitamin C and chia seed oil for professionals, students and wellness advocates looking for help with managing the daily grind.

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Tips to Stop Feeling Tired

Finding ways to increase energy and stop feeling tired can make all the difference. Stop feeling uninspired with these simple tips for energy-boosting healthful living

  • Put time aside for meditation, exercise and yoga
  • Eat clean and drink lots of water
  • Check with your GP that you don’t have any deficiencies (iron/vitamin B etc)
  • Reduce stress as it zaps energy
  • Find natural ways to boost your endorphins (exercise/laughter)
  • Get enough deep sleep
  • Maintain a healthy weight and prioritise health
  • Talk! Sharing is caring so lighten your load by talking to someone

Helpful Articles for Energy

Common CBD Questions

CBD is a pure plant extract, a food supplement, a herbal health booster that is more effective than anything we’ve experienced from nature before. CBD works by interacting with receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to help enhance its responses to factors such as stress, pain, inflammation, and fatigue. There are many uses for CBD oil – civilisations have used hemp (of which CBD oil is a derivative) for its restorative and remedial properties throughout the ages. However due to current UK law, CBD oil manufacturers aren’t allowed to lay claim to the benefits of this botanical supplement. Because we make CBD oil, our hands are tied by that restriction and so we invite you to do your own research on the numerous benefits of this natural herbal supplement. Have a look at this blog post to hear how some of our customers find their experience of using CBD oil and how it has enabled them to lead a lighter, brighter, more balanced lifestyle.

A landmark study in 2020 revealed that CBD does not impair driving. This was pivotal because past studies had only looked at the effects of cannabis and not CBD (which unlike cannabis is free of the psychoactive compound THC). Whilst more research is currently being carried out to ascertain further whether CBD affects driving, we look forward to updating you as more research comes to light.

This will depend on the dose, formulation of the CBD product and why you are taking it.

Extensive research has gone into the safety of CBD based products, and its legalisation in 2015 brought with it strict government protocols for ensuring the safety of the consumer. CBD is a natural plant extract and it is entirely safe to consume.

Yes. CBD is a legal substance in the UK. Companies selling CBD products as novel foods or food supplements in the UK must have submitted a Novel Food Application to the UK Food Standards Authority (FSA) by March 2021.

Selling CBD products that were processed outside of the UK is legal in the UK, providing they contain no controlled substances such as THC and are derived from hemp plants. THC is illegal in the UK. The maximum legal limit for THC in the UK is 1 milligram (1 thousandth of a gram) per container of CBD product, regardless of how much CBD product is within. Cannabinol (CBN) is a minor psychotropic cannabinoid present in hemp and cannabis plants, which is also illegal in the UK.