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CBD For Birds: Dosage, Benefits And Side Effects

Birds are unique little creations. Whether they’re chirping away at the sunlight or pecking at your fingers for a treat, they’re filled with personality. Having a pet bird suggests you’re always on the opportunity for tactics to stay the little one healthy. Unlike wild birds, caged birds are restricted to their surroundings. They can’t correctly fly off into the sunset, searching for the latest nuts, seeds, and fruits to snack on.

Which brings us to CBD . CBD and hemp oils for birds give a simple thanks to ensuring quality nutrition. By contributing healthy fats and micronutrients, CBD oils became a well-liked supplement with bird owners. To find out more about what precisely CBD does, how hemp oils can benefit birds, and seek out the best brands, read on here.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the marijuana plant, and it’s extracted for its deep selection of nutritional benefits. While this is often similar to cannabis, known usually as marijuana, a particular version exists. To be legally farmed, hemp cannot contain quite 0.3% THC, which made a high.

So, CBD products for birds (and all animals) are made out of hemp. Hemp may be a miraculous plant used in textiles, construction, and in fact, nutrition. Your birds can even eat hemp seeds very similar to they might find the other.

How does CBD work? The Endocannabinoid System in Birds

While it has been highlighted in humans, birds, different mammals, fish, and reptiles all contain an endocannabinoid system. Our bodies feature multiple methods to take care of homeostasis. Our system works off of feedback loops to tilt the scales when things start getting extreme. Our systema nervosum constantly emits signals to upregulate or downregulate bodily processes. And now, we all know the endocannabinoid system does an equivalent.

Endocannabinoids are internal compounds related in structure to equivalent cannabinoids found in plants (like CBD). CB1 and CB2 receptors bind to those cannabinoids to start anti-inflammatory processes, neuronal regulation, appetite, etc. Yet, research on this technique remains within the early stages, thanks to its recent discovery and the taboo surrounding cannabis. However, we know it’s a critical part of regular health in humans and birds.

Is it CBD Oil Safe To Birds?

One of the best elements of CBD is the lack of known side effects. CBD oils function like all other dietary supplements, mostly thanks to their high omega-3 content. Of course, like anything, you ought to always proceed with caution. Each bird is private, and each bird will respond differently. Ask a veterinarian about appropriate dosing methods for your particular pet before beginning regular use.

Hemp seeds are nuts now found within the atmosphere that birds take well to, from African Greys to Cockatoos. High in fiber and fat, birds love eating these little seeds if available within the wild. However, captive birds won’t have a way to a similar sort of nutrients. To facilitate a diet, confirm you’re combining regular pellets with fruits, vegetables, and therefore the occasional seed variety as a pleasant treat. You’ll also add CBD oil droplets to their food to supply fats and target the endocannabinoid system.

With what effects can CBD help? Why provide your bird CBD

CBD fights joint pain, defends against body-wide inflammation, and gives crucial nutrients to aging avians. The CBD and rich content in hemp are additionally an excellent thanks to fortifying the system. If your bird could use a touch extra help, try CBD for the future benefits.

CBD fights Joint Pain

Also though they’re much smaller than us, birds still suffer from aches and pains. Whether you’ve got a parrot, cockatoo, or macaw, CBD modulates pain and swelling. Research proves that CBD targets receptors within the body to limit pain perception and activate downstream signaling relief. Avian pain often goes undertreated thanks to the risk of side effects and price. Therefore, CBD gives a promising solution to assist your bird in revisiting to full health.

CBD helps your Bird’s system

With controlling inflammation and providing antioxidants, hemp oils protect the system. As consistent, chronic inflammation is linked to infection, birds lacking in proper nutrition could also be at a better risk of disease. Common diseases include psittacosis, proventricular dilatation disease, and psittacine beak and feather disease. While nothing replaces veterinary intervention, daily CBD treatment can support many nervous, digestive, and skin conditions related to these diseases.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle in Senior Birds

Birds accompany us in all stages of life. With proper nutrition and care, macaws, parrots, and cockatoos can live for 20 years or more. As your bird grows old alongside you, please treat it with the same respect as any aging being. Older birds require specific dietary interventions because the natural aging process slows things down.

For cognitive health, CBD promotes the potential of dopamine, GABA, and serotonin, neurotransmitters required in learning, motivation, and mood. Birds can get discouraged too. Additionally, adding CBD oil treats memory and motivational decline as birds age to provide much environmental stimulation and activity.

Aging birds also need and omega-3 fats than the greatest. Fatty acids help increase immune cells and lubricate joints – two common health interests in older animals. Essential omega-3 to omega-6 ratios in fats provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and hemp-oils have a perfect 3:1 rate. Regular treatment of CBD and hemp oils can help your bird live an extended, fulfilling life.

What’s the Best CBD dose for Birds?

Make sure to see together with your bird’s vet to make a particular amount, as exceptional cases vary. However, most hemp oils designed for birds recommend one drop twice daily for every 500 grams of weight. To find out more about CBD dosing online, here’s a video featuring information from a licensed veterinarian.

The Best CBD Products For Birds

Feline CBDmd Oil

With all the love you’ve got, you wouldn’t want to allow your bird anything but the best. That’s why we suggest CBDmd, one of the exclusive products designed specifically for pets.

CBDmd may be a public company that gives THC free products totally with third-party lab testing to confirm you’re getting the best. Since THC is toxic to your bird, you must accompany a THC free product like CBDmd.

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CBDmd Pet Oil Tinctures

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With ingredients that naturally improve your bird’s health, CBD oils give many benefits with little to no side effects. Ask your doctor today about starting CBD for your bird.

ASK DR. PARROT : Cannabis Oil

With all the chat about the legalization of the Devil’s lettuce going on, it was only a matter of time before I decided to weigh in on the subject of cannabis oils. Granted, I came from a generation that might be less inclined to know a heck of a lot about any cannabis health benefits. Due to a continuous cycle of misinformation from doctors and government, the closest we were going to get to knowledgeable “experts” were VHS rentals of Cheech and Chong that stunk like cheap weed.

Now before you start making assumptions about my moral purity, know that I never smoked the stuff and never will. Truth be told, I have a fairly low opinion of those that do. Not that I wasn’t surrounded by it growing up in “Smallville”, Manitoba. Many of the young populations in small towns didn’t have a lot of creativity in dealing with boredom. As such, the local pusher who went by the name of “Peach Cool” was always there to help the kids out. Not me though. I instead rode around on a BMX, hoarded comic books and dressed up like a ninja.

Fast forward to today where doctors in multi-billion dollar research facilities are extracting cannabis oils for public consumption. What earned someone an express-ticket to the eternal grill of the Beastmaster only a few years back, is now a available as a fairly benign health supplement.


Roughly a year ago, I too managed to obtain a prescription for CBD and THC oil in an effort to combat muscle pain and sleep issues. The process was easy enough. I simply booked an appointment at a local clinic that deals in cannabis prescriptions. Know this…you will get a prescription. You can walk in, say everything is perfect and still get that paper signed. Hell, I was half tempted to say I planned on chugging the whole bottle once I got to the parking lot to see if the doctor would care.

After you get the paper, they send you down the hall to the supplier who I’m sure in no way buys golf trips and cool swag for the doctors in exchange for sending clients their way. You then choose your supplier based on the advice from some overly pierced millennial whose face looked like it fell into a tackle box, and away you go. Within days you get access to online ordering from big-name companies like Tilray or CannTrust which limits you to a certain quantity per month. Try to not look like a guilty criminal when signing for the parcel at the post office.

Now based on your prescription, you will order one of two types of oil: CBD, THC, or a combination of the two.


CBD oil is the decaf coffee of cannabis. It has most of the benefits without making you convinced you’re Napoleon. It’s kind of a Jack-of-all-trades solution for many issues. According to Leafly, CBD is most commonly used for:

  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Pain and inflammation
  • PTSD and anxiety
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Opioid withdrawal

Odds are most people will be satisfied with CBD and not have a reason to move into THC or a mixture. However, there are instances where this might be a better move.


THC Oil is the stuff associated with psychotropic effects, and as such requires a bit more thought into dosage. Straight dosages are generally reserved for patients who suffer from levels of physical or mental discomfort that go beyond what CBD can handle. And despite what you might think, it will not turn you into a stoner. Well, not unless you go beyond your prescribed dosage anyway.

One cannot say what a every persons response to THC is, as everyone is different. Since I decided to draft myself as a human lab-rat, I only took a few doses of straight THC during moments of extreme back pain and the results were…mixed.

The first time I took a normal dose I woke in the night close to a “freak out” moment. It was decidedly unpleasant and required steady breathing to calm myself down. The effects however diminished rapidly by the third night. So either my body adapted or I officially became a pothead. Nobody up here would notice anyway, as half of Canadians appear stoned due to a diet of Kraft Diner and the cheap Tim Horton’s sewer-backup that passes for coffee up here. After just one week I decided not to use straight THC anymore as it was just too much.


For me, this was far and away the ultimate choice to go with. CBD has a wonderful side effect of putting the brakes on THC effects. THC in turn, seems to amplify the benefits of CBD. I opted for a 50/50 blend before bedtime which provided the perfect solution to muscle pain and anxiety. While some might experience a twinge of THC effects, I did not.

Normal dosage during the day remained a pure CBD oil. I take it on and off as needed and generally only require my 50/50 blend one or twice a week.


While I am pleased with my CBD and THC oils, I also want to set aside any expectations some may have of a health miracle. The fast influx of legalized cannabis has every snake-oil salesman coming out of the woodwork to promise a cure from erectile-dysfunction to cancer. In truth I found the effects generally subtle, and not at all impairing. I slept better when it was needed, but my general vitality and stamina remained the same.

Regarding claims of curing cancer, I also know a lot of potheads who are dead in the ground from it, so I’m putting a BS stamp on that claim just from personal observation. It may very well help with unpleasant symptoms during treatment, but keep your expectations of developing a Wolverine-level immune system in check.

I’m going to give a general thumbs up to cannabis oils since there’s really no harm in at least giving CBD a shot. Just be sure to pursue medical grade, as over-the-counter hemp CBD is not the same quality stuff, and has often been found to contain little CBD at all. If you want the real deal, you need to go through a trusted supplier.