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Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500

A CBD oil designed to support your natural sleep cycle and promote a better night’s rest with 1500 mg of CBD and 30 mg of melatonin per bottle. This broad-spectrum CBD oil for sleep with a mint flavor offers an effective way to consume CBD and melatonin. Use the dropper to drop the liquid under your tongue to increase absorption into the bloodstream. CBD oil with melatonin can also be mixed into tea before bed to promote relaxation and sleep.

Sleep has a profound impact on our mental state, immune system, and general well-being. With a rise in natural alternatives to promote quality and restful sleep, a common choice for many consumers nowadays is using CBD oil for sleep.

CaniBrands has a range of products within the Cani-Sleep experience designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. These include our innovative CBD Sleep Oil, CBD Oral Spray, and CBD Softgels. In particular, our Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500 is formulated with 1500 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract and 30 mg melatonin for a better night’s sleep. The CBD Sleep Oil has a natural mint flavor and features ingredients such as organic hops, passionflower, and blended terpenes to give you the relaxation you need while supporting your natural sleep cycle. Before bedtime, CBD oil with melatonin can even be added to tea, inducing a state of calmness and easing you into sleep.

There are various factors to consider when it comes to finding the right CBD oil dosage for sleep. For instance, your height, weight, and lifestyle are significant considerations. At CaniBrands, we recommended taking one full dropper (1 mL/20 drops) and holding the oil under your tongue for half a minute before swallowing. You may do so 1 or 2 times before going to bed for rapid absorption into the bloodstream, which is a major benefit of CBD oil for sleep. Finding the optimal dosage depends on personal preferences and may take trial and error, so patience is key. As with starting any new supplement routine, it is ideal to speak with your doctor or physician about the best CBD oil dosage for sleep based on your individual needs.


Per dose
(1 mL or 1 dropper)
Per bottle
(30 mL)
50 mg
1,500 mg
1 mg
30 mg

Our unique, multi-ingredient formulation combines broad-spectrum hemp extract with melatonin to provide you with quality sleep and support your natural sleep cycle. A Cani-Sleep CBD oil bottle (30 mL) contains 30 doses (1 mL).

The Benefits of our Multi-Ingredient Formulation

  • Melatonin – known as the “sleep hormone” that is naturally produced by your body. Increased melatonin promotes sleep and relaxation. This lets your body know it’s nighttime and regulates your body’s internal clock.
  • Organic Hops – flowers that come from the hop plant that may improve sleep quality.
  • Organic Passionflower & Skullcap – can increase the levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter) in your brain that promotes relaxation, helping you sleep better.
  • Blended Terpenes – chemical compounds found in the hemp plant that help promote calmness and relaxation through the entourage effect that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of CBD and terpenes.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) – fat molecules from coconut oil that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and turn into energy. This supports your body’s ability to burn fat while sleeping, allowing you to think faster and more clearly the next morning.

Suggested Use

1 full dropper (1 mL/20 drops) under your tongue 1 or 2 times before bed, or as recommended by your physician. Hold for 30 seconds then swallow.


Fractionated coconut oil (MCT)*, hemp extract broad spectrum (CBD, CBG, CBDV, CBDA), natural mint flavor, cramp bark*, feverfew*, ginkgo biloba*, hops*, passionflower*, peppermint leaf* skullcap*, valerian root*.

Lab Results

We are committed to product safety, quality and consistency. Our products are pesticide-free, USA-produced and independently lab tested to ensure their purity and potency.

View our lab results here.

19 reviews for Cani-Sleep Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 1500

Randy – 2022-02-07

I can say I used to have so much trouble falling asleep from overthinking when I laid down. I’ve
pillow every night. I take it an hour before bed time and I fall asleep within 10 minutes of getting in bed every night! Can I Sleep has made such a great impact on my night time routine so that I can thrive during the day.

Paul – 2021-06-09

I use it religiously, my sleep is very important to me. My mind never stops, I have to take it before bed so mind my shuts off and I get my 8 hours.

Eric – 2021-06-01

My wife and I have been using your products from the moment CaniBrands began and we could not have been happier with our decision. The boost and sleep are critical components to our overall health and wellness. We are extremely active cycling, playing hockey, weight training, etc and the products have assisted us greatly with energy and recovery. Keep up the great work!

Mike – 2021-05-14

Your products have been a Godsend. The Cani-Sleep has really made an impact.

Dan – 2021-05-02

I was skeptical about CBD products; however, you have completely changed my view. I love your products and have recommended them to many others. Thank you!

Jennifer – 2021-04-13

So grateful for your sleep blend – nothing has helped me sleep like this!

Hailey – 2021-04-12

I use both the Cani-Sleep and Cani-Boost. Although I still wake up throughout the night, my mind does not seem to race as much so I am able to fall back asleep.

Lisa – 2021-04-07

I ordered the Cani-Sleep to help improve my deep sleep. According to my Oura ring my deep sleep has improved by about 50% on most nights and has been as much as 100% on some nights. I will order this product again.

Ryan – 2021-04-02

Haven’t slept this well in a while. The Cani Sleep drops have helped me eliminate stress before going to bed and sleep through the night.

Amber – 2021-03-06

Product has been phenomenal. I had so much trouble sleeping for so long due to anxiety and stress, and nothing seemed to work. This product has had a positive effect on my overall well-being.

Ruth – 2021-02-25

I haven’t slept this well in a while. This Cani-Sleep oil has helped eliminate my stress before bed and I am now sleeping through the night.

Andrew – 2021-02-23

This stuff knocks you out in a good way. Best sleep ever! Take recommended dosage about an hour before bed and sleep like a rock, wake up feeling refreshed.

Eugene – 2021-02-19

I like the CaniBrands Sleep product more because it doesn’t have the nasty taste like the other brands.

Nancy – 2021-02-08

I loved the Boost, and wanted to try something for sleep. This tastes MUCH better than anything else I’ve tried and no hangover. I feel great in the morning!

Gregor – 2021-01-28

Got these a couple of months ago and let me tell you my sleep has been awesome since!

Dara – 2021-01-12

As I am getting older, I don’t have the same hormones that I did when I was younger, and so I have a hard time going to sleep at night. I use Can-i-Sleep oils and spray, and it’s like magic, I get a really good night’s sleep.

Rachel – 2021-01-08

This product really does work wonders. Keeps me asleep all night. I have highly recommended to my friends who also suffer from sleep problems.

Curtis – 2021-01-07

I came across CaniBrands through Paul Bissonnette and decided to give it a try. I’ve got a bunch of little issues with this or that, mostly from my playing days of years ago so I went with the Cani-Mend and Cani-Sleep products. I must say, I’m an instant fan. My quality of sleep hasn’t been better, at least in years or as long as I can remember and I’m starting to feel good, even after workouts, where aches and pains would normally sink in. It was the best gamble I’ve taken, if you’d even call it that. I can feel my body reaping the benefits already.

Bowen – 2021-01-04

Was having trouble sleeping, was referred to these products by a friend. First night of using this oil and it was incredible.
30 minutes after taking it, I was fast asleep, slept through the whole night and woke up feeling like I had the best sleep of my life.
10/10 would recommend!

Sleep Secured CBN Tincture | 650MG

A restful night’s sleep leaves you feeling refreshed, energetic, and ready to flow through the day with ease. This intuitive CBN tincture for sleep blends CBN and broad-spectrum CBD with sleep-supporting melatonin, combined with a refreshing lemon flavor and stevia to sweeten your sleep and supercharge your days.

Discovering Cannabinol

Cannabinol — or CBN — is one of more than 100 active compounds in the Cannabis Sativa plant that develops through a process known as decarboxylation (thanks, science!). As the plant matter matures, THC — the part of the plant that gets you high — decarboxylates and eventually turns into the CBN that we use in tinctures.

While researchers initially thought CBN was responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects, they later discovered that THC was the only real culprit. CBN, on the other hand, may offer a wide range of wellness benefits — making it perfect not only for our CBN tincture for sleep, but for exciting potential anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and neuroprotectant applications.

Elevate Your Life with SOAR™

If you’re ready to experience change, SOAR™ is here to support you on your journey. Founded by active fitness and wellness professionals, SOAR™ is creating a community of people wanting to live their best life with the help of research-backed hemp-derived extracts.

Our CBN tincture for sleep — like all of our products — is made right here in the USA from organically-grown hemp and is tested by a third-party lab. Learn more about the potential benefits of CBN tinctures and get to a new level of wellness today.

How to Use

Shake well. For best results, place one dropper (1ml) under the tongue before going to sleep. Keep under tongue for 30 seconds or longer and swallow. Gradually increase the dosage to find your perfect serving. For optimal results, use nightly.




SOAR™ uses only premium-quality CBD in our product formulations. Learn more from our latest test results.

Sleep Tincture – 1500mg CBD Oil

Tired of sleepless nights? Concerned about using prescription sleep medication?

Our sleep tincture contains 1500mg of our proprietary, broad-spectrum CBD extract infused into 30ml of cinnamon/nut-flavored, fractionated coconut oil. We’ve also added Melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone that is known to help you sleep.

One dropper full contains 50mg of CBD and 5mg of Melatonin.

You’ll receive the wellness benefits of the CBD while your body and mind are at rest. This tincture is also vegan and gluten free! We offer two flavors – cinnamon walnut and peach apple. Make your choice below to add to your cart.

Directions for use: Take from 1/2 to 1 dropper full one hour before bed as needed.

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Introducing Dr. Norm’s 100% Pure CBD Oil Sleep Tincture

Dr. Norm’s Sleep Tincture provides a natural, healthy alternative combining CBD, melatonin, CBN and Limonene.

We blend our phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil with both medium and long chain carrier oils to ensure that the medicinal value of the tincture is carried throughout the entire body – ensuring the highest bioavailability and absorption.

Our natural flavors are carefully formulated to make taking your tincture a pleasant experience! And, of course our tinctures are rigorously tested by Bel Costa Labs ensuring accurate dosing and safety.

Key Benefits of Dr. Norm’s CBD Oil Sleep Tincture

Includes melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone with sleep-inducing properties.

Formulated with premium quality, organically-grown, hemp isolate from the USA.

High potency, with 50mg CBD per 1ml dropperful.

Independently lab tested to insure safety and effectiveness.

Great tasting formulations (unlike most hemp oil products).

Zero THC so there is no “high”.


How do I use Dr. Norm’s Sleep Tincture?

Our Sleep tincture is ingested sublingually (under the tongue) for improved absorption. Our recommended usage is 1 to 2, 20mg serving(s) every night, one hour before bed. This tincture contains 20mg CBD and 5mg melatonin per dropperful. As everyone is different, we suggest following these guidelines until you discover what works best for you.

  1. Shake well before sse.
  2. Fill dropper to 1ml (20mg CBD).
  3. Squeeze oil under your tongue.
  4. Wait 60 Seconds insuring optimal absorption.
  5. Snooze soundly!
  6. Experiment. Find what works best for you.
  7. Routine. Use nightly for optimal results.

Our Products are Lab Tested for Your Safety

A Certificate of Analysis is provided so you can see exactly what our tinctures contain, and more importantly, what they don’t contain – THC, pesticides, or other contaminants.

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is a naturally-occuring chemical found in both cannabis and hemp plants. It is called a phytocannabinoid, which means it is synthesized by plants. THC is also a phytocannabinoid, but unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t get you high.

In a World Health Organization summary of cannabidiol, they affirmed CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential. In other words, you can’t get addicted to CBD.

  1. Amazing taste
  2. Precise and reliable dosing
  3. Being family owned

After all, Dr. Norm was our Dad, and our cookies are based on our Mom’s secret recipes! These CBD products are our family’s legacy.

Each of us will have a different sweet spot for the right dose of CBD. It will depend on how big our bodies are as well as the effects we are looking for.

To start, take one dose of CBD (either one cookie or one dropper of CBD oil) and then pay attention to how you feel. If you are experiencing the effects you want, then you have found your optimal dose. If you don’t experience what you need, a second dose can be added.

Repeat this until you find your optimal dose. It might help you to keep a journal as you start a CBD therapy regimen to make sure you get the exact results you need. Write down your dosage and how you feel and keep track until you get to your sweet spot.

When we pack your order and it is ready for shipping, we will send you a note that has your tracking number. You can use this to track your order all the way to your door.