cbd oils for cannapet

Cbd oils for cannapet

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Canna-Pet CBD Review

Canna-Pet products are made from USA-grown organic hemp extract that has undergone a gentle refinement process in American-based laboratories.


While we didn’t personally taste the dog biscuits for ourselves, they come in a variety of pet-centered flavors including turkey dinner, maple bacon, and PB&A (Peanut, Banana & Apple) that any dog would enjoy. As for the MaxCBD Liquid, Canna-Pet recommends giving this product to any animal other than cats, since they tend to dislike the taste of this CBD oil.

Shopping Experience ️

The Canna-Pet website has a good user experience, with breed-specific guides for both dogs and cats that allow customers to see what products may be the best option for their specific pet. There’s a lot of other helpful information in their blogs and testimonials, and their “Why Canna-Pet?” page also explains how their products work as pet supplements.

Range of Products

For a brand that is entirely dedicated to creating hemp products for pets, Canna-Pet has a decent product range. Their capsules and dog biscuits are good for easily ingestible options, or for faster effects, their MaxCBD liquid is a good choice. They also offer various bundles where customers can get multiple products at once for a better price.

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Lab Testing

Canna-Pet highlights that their products are rigorously third party lab tested, but there are no visible certificates of analysis on their website. In the product descriptions, there is a “View Product Testing Info” button, but when clicked on, the info only explains what was tested rather than displaying the test results.

  • American-sourced hemp
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Covered by major pet insurers
  • No lab test results available to view online

Canna-Pet Review—Important Notes

If you’re looking for CBD hemp products to give your pet, Canna-Pet is one of the best places to start. Their products have been studied in-depth, and their customer satisfaction says a lot about the potential benefits of their products. It’s also nice that their hemp derivatives can be used on a wider range of animals in addition to dogs, including horses, cats, and more.

Canna-Pet Product Line

Entry Level Cost


Entry Level Cost

2.4 or 8.4mg of CBD per biscuit


These dog biscuits come in three different flavors that your dog is sure to love, and they’re an easy way to give your pet a dose of CBD.

MaxCBD Liquid

Entry Level Cost

675.9mg of CBD per 10 mL bottle


This CBD oil for pets is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a faster form of relief, although cats don’t like the taste of this product.

Canna-Pet Capsules

Entry Level Cost

4, 8.5, or 30.2 mg of CBD per capsule


Great for both dogs and cats, these capsules don’t have an off putting taste and are easy to administer to your pet.

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More About the Brand

Pet owners are giving their furry friends cannabidiol (CBD) for a range of different ailments, including chronic pain, anxiety, and other issues that can impede their pet’s quality of life. When looking for CBD extracts to give their dog or cat, many people come across Canna-Pet—a global pioneer within the hemp industry that aims to enrich the lives of pets through natural hemp derivatives.

Canna-Pet was founded in 2013, and was later officially registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2015 as “cannabinoid nutrition adapted for animals.” They are the first (and only) company to receive this kind of patent. Their non-psychoactive products contain a proprietary formula that incorporates whole plant extracts, and features more than two dozen cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. These various plant parts contribute to promoting something known as the “entourage effect,” which may offer enhanced therapeutic benefit.

Many veterinarians also recommend Canna-Pet products to their patients, and the brand is said to routinely test their extracts using third party labs to ensure the highest quality. In addition, Canna-Pet has great customer service and a range of products, including dog biscuits, capsules, and CBD oils that are safe for pets.

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