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Bioavailability: Why the Best Pet CBD Oil Contains MCT OIl | Blooming Culture

Bioavailability seems to be a buzz word that keeps getting brought up in the wellness industry. So what does it have to do with your pet’s CBD oil?

Besides babies, name something that needs to be carried. Give up? It’s CBD. Yes, in order for people or pets to reap the optimum benefits from CBD , it needs a carrier. So what does that mean?

To explain it, you must first understand a little bit about pharmaceutical chemistry. Most people think that just by ingesting or injecting medication, it automatically and magically goes to the spot that needs healing. But, it’s much more complex than that.

Different brands use different carriers and there’s a big difference in their effectiveness. So step one is to identify the carrier of your CBD by reading the back label of listed ingredients and any sourcing information. The most common carriers you will find are olive, hemp seed, coconut, and MCT oil.

Fat is Good for CBD

So which is the best one? It’s all about which one most easily interacts with the cannabinoids of the CBD oils . They are fat-soluble which means that when they break down, they are stored in fat rather than water. Because of this, cannabinoids are most effective when consumed with fat, thus increasing their bioavailability. In other words, molecularly, the higher the lipid (or fat) content of the oil they are in, the better and more efficiently they can dissolve.

Which Fat is Best?

But, it’s not just any fat that makes the difference. Saturated fat is best because of its unique molecular structure composed of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are unique in that they bypass the regular digestive process (intestines to the liver to the bloodstream) and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

What is the Best Carrier? MCT Oil is the Preferred Carrier for CBD

MCT oil metabolizes very differently than any other saturated or even polyunsaturated fat. It does not get processed by the liver and does not get easily stored as fat. Also, it is the only natural oil that is 100% made up of MCTs which can break down and “carry” more CBD molecules to cells for absorption by the Endocannabinoid System in the body. MCTs are super fuel for your cells and they burn MCTs for energy while boosting metabolism and supporting the immune system, while aiding in hormone balance.

If you’re looking to give your best friend the best quality brand, then remember two things. You must trust where you are sourcing your pet CBD from.

When it comes to MCT oil … it’s all about


Fun Fact:

For most of the 20 th century, MCTs were only consumed from natural food sources like butter and coconut oil, and not much else was known about these fats. In the 1980s, Dr. Vigen Babayan of the Nutrition Laboratory at Harvard University developed a process to produce MCTs in large quantities. The end product of this newly discovered process was called MCT oil.

Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs, Cats And Other Pets – Benefits, Myths and Side Effects

Are you confused about the difference between CBD oil and hemp seed oil for dogs and cats? Well, we don’t blame you. The Cannabis plant is on a tight leash here is Australia – and as a result, there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there. Thankfully, we’re about to shine a light on what hemp seed oil actually is, and why you should be using this delicious and nutritious plant for your pooch and feline…

CBD Oil Versus Hemp Seed Oil – What’s The Difference?

Truth be told, there’s a lot of sneaky marketing tactics out there that make it confusing when you’re trying to purchase hemp products. And it’s only natural to want to know exactly what you’re giving to your pets – so we’re going to break it down for you…

Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant. It has a subtle and nutty flavour – and it’s bursting with health benefits for both humans and animals. What’s more, it’s completely above board. While it is highly nutritious – hemp seed oil may contain cannabinoid, but well within the legal requirements.

CBD oil, on the other hand, is derived from the entire Cannabis plant. Yep – that includes flowers, leaves and stems. And this oil contains cannabinoids, which interact directly with your bodies endocannabinoid system. Many studies suggest that consuming all the components of the plant boost its positive effects – and they’ve coined this phenomenon the entourage effect. Because of this, many of the CBD oil products on the market today are listed as full-spectrum hemp oil.

So, will hemp seed oil or CBD oil make you or your pet high?

Of course not!

You see, hemp seed oil and CBD oil contain no or extremely low levels of THC (the bad boy compound of the cannabis plant) – so it’s not enough to get your furry friend zenning out (phew).

So now you know the difference – let’s get into the pawsitive benefits of hemp seed oil for our pets…

Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

We’re all familiar with the usual superfoods; kale, berries, nuts – but the nutritious hemp plant has slipped through the cracks. If it were up to us, hemp would be in a category of its own – a super-duper-food. You see, it ticks so many nutritional boxes for humans and animals alike. Just a teaspoon a day can make an enormous difference.

Hemp seed oil contains good cholesterol, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. These make it a great oil to not just consume, but to use as balm or shampoo. When used on your pet’s coat, it can soothe irritation, inflammation and allergies. Not only that, it actually strengthens their coat and promotes healthy skin! Before long – fellow pet owners will be asking for your secrets behind that f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s coat.

More specifically, hemp seed oil contains a high concentration of the antioxidant Vitamin E – which is important for immunity, disease prevention, cell renewal and the functioning of many organs in the body. It’s kind of a hero.

Hemp seed oil is also incredibly high in protein and fibre. Protein makes up to 25% of its calories. And fibre is important for maintaining healthy digestion in your furry friends!

But perhaps what hemp seed oil is most renowned for is its rich concentration of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The Omega ratio is 3:1 of Omega-6 to Omega-3 – and in the nutrition world, this ratio is the creme da la creme. You see, having the right Omega ratio is important, as it helps the body absorb these nutrients more effectively. And the best news – Omega can promote heart health, soothe irritation, and strengthen your furry friend’s coat and skin!

So how do you give your pet a boost of this wonder plant? Hemp can be given to your pet both orally (adding the oil to their food) and topically (applying it to their coat and skin).

Side Effects Of Hemp Seed Oil For Pets

Despite what scaremongers might say – hemp seed oil is incredibly safe and well-tolerated on pets. There are no reported side effects or psychoactive components – just straight-up goodness.

Myths Of Hemp Seed Oil For Pets

We’ve already squashed the biggest myths surrounding the hemp plant, but let’s recap:

Hemp seed oil for your pet is illegal (nope – it’s completely above-board).

Hemp seed oil will get your pet high ( it absolutely will not).

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil is the same thing (it certainly isn’t).

But still, with so much mystery surrounding the Cannabis plant – there are some companies capitalising on these unknowns, and positioning hemp seed oil as the exact same thing as CBD oil. And while both oils are rich in their own unique benefits – suggesting that hemp seed oil contains the same amount of cannabinoids found in a CBD product is not only incorrect – it’s just plain wrong.

So what can you do to help? Share this article around with friends, family and fellow pet lovers – and help to remove the stigma surrounding this extraordinary plant. And if you’re looking for a hemp product to add into your furry friends routine – check out our Natural Pet Shampoo Bar. This will have their coat and skin looking and feeling radiant.