does cbd oil really work for pain

CBD oil for pain management: Does it really work?

CBD, the cannabidiol, is an important compound that is derived from hemp. High-quality CBD is a product that originates from the hemp plant that is grown in the plains of Colorado!

Notably, the CBD is one of the many compounds that we get when we process the cannabis Sativa plants. Marijuana is also a rich source of CBD, but most of the CBD that is harvested from the marijuana plants have traces of the psychoactive THC!

This article will deliberate on the CBD oil for pain management. It will instil you with great insights on everything that you need to know about CBD oil. Pain is a disorder that can be so hard to avoid, especially when you have issues such as arthritis and cancer! Fortunately, CBD will be useful in managing this pain hence reducing the suffering the arthritis patients always faces!

What we know about CBD and CBD oil so far

Many studies are still underway to uncover real insights about CBD oil! The view results that are currently available for consumers are impressive. It’s now possible to separate between CBD and the CBD oil. There is no significant difference here. It’s only the carrier oil that makes a whole lot of difference.

CBD is a compound that is abundant in hemp plant grown in the fertile plains of USA. The plant belongs to the cannabis Sativa family and CBD is obtained through a CO2 extraction process! High-quality CBD does not contain any trace amount of a psychoactive THC.

The product is then infused in MCT or coconut oil which acts as a carrier. CBD oils do have a hemp taste and can be taken in many ways

The most common way through which CBD oil can be ingested into the body system are;

  • Sublingual
  • Added to beverages
  • Or even added to food

These three ways are the best ways through which consumers can happily enjoy the CBD.

Chronic pain and CBD oil

Despite the few research results on the chronic Pain and CBD oil, most of the arthritis patients are now the frequent customers of CBD oil for pain! Chronic pain and joint paint are the leading reasons why people are now taking the CBD oil for pain management. This was the results according to survey of 2500 people in July 2018. Most other results found out that more than 70 per cent of the arthritis patients trust the CBD oil as the best remedy for pain.

It’s the affirmative results from most of the research results that have made the CBD oil to be an effective drug to treat cases of Pain. Though more research is still needed to affirm this, the present results are positive.

CBD oil and arthritis pain relief

All the results that you can get from the recent studies are based on how the CBD oil will affect the arthritis patients. The research that was subjected to rats showed that the inflammation effects and the overall pain were significantly reduced on the rats that were given high concentrations of the CBD oil!

On the question of side effects, it was established that there were no significant side effects. It was the results that were obtained that made the researchers shift the effectiveness of humans! Arthritis is a disorder that is characterized by pain! The increasing number of arthritis patients now seeking relief from the CBD products confirms how useful this product can be.

Back pain and CBD oil

For the patients with a back-pain disorder, CBD has been shown to have positive effects when used with small amounts of the THC! The studies on this are still minimal. From the results of the 2017 survey, it indicates that the CBD can be useful for back pain management.

More research is still needed to establish the effectiveness of CBD oil for back pain management.

Potential risks surrounding the CBD oil

CBD does not pose any significant risks to its users. There are only a few common side effects that most beginners will experience in the early stages of the intake;

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue changes in weight
  • Loss of appetite

CBD also can interact with some kinds of medications. It’s therefore essential to check if you are using the products that can interact with CBD. They include;

  • Prescription medications
  • Dietary supplements
  • And some certain over the counter drugs.

The legal status of CBD oil

Before going ahead and make a decision to buy CBD oil one should know that CBD is a product that has never been approved by the FDA. It’s this reason that has made it so hard to sell in many countries. The good news is the fact that the CBD products have been approved in more than 40 states now. It’s essential to check the legal standards of the CBD in your country before deciding to acquire them.


To conclude, CBD oil won’t disappoint when it comes to pain management. They are affordable, effective and also has no severe side effects. One more critical factor is the fact that they are non-addictive! Consider joining the smiling CD family and be relived from issues of pain!