does cbd oil work for anxiety reddit

Women using CBD oil for anxiety and other ailments, what's your experience been from the beginning to current regimen?

CBD oil did absolutely nothing for me. I smoke a very small amount of weed before bed, now, and that does more for me than any CBD product I tried.

Same here. I’ve almost come to the conclusion that CBD is straight placebo at this point.

For some people it doesn't work so well ingested and or without thc whose bond helps. Some people have a lower amount of enndocannabinoid receptors or those concentration is better in one area. Like one friend seems to lack receptors in ingestion of CBD and THC but smoking they get effects.

it did nothing at all

CBD oil really helps my anxiety. I always take a CBD capsule in the morning when I wake up and at night before I go to bed. It makes me feel much calmer and less tense.

same here but I am using gummies, much tastier imo:)

I found that cbd vapes help some with pain and sleep, but haven't found it super effective for anxiety. THC/CBD vapes that are low in THC (so you don't get super stoned) are better for that specifically than pure CBD for me.

I just started taking a small amount a couple weeks ago and I have noticed a small change in my anxiety. however I can't totally rule out the fact that it might be placebo, buddhist practice, or my antidepressants finally affecting the anxiety

Vaping CBD helps me with anxiety, makes me sleepy, and eases any aches/pains a bit. I just vape before bed, pretty much every night. CBD creams and things like that don't do anything for me. Vaping, smoking, or tinctures are best imo.

CBD is one of those things I recommend any anxious person to try, but I urge you to listen to your body and experiment with it as you go.

Personally I've delt with anxiety for a long time and when I started using CBD I learned that it's not a replacement for what currently works for me. I currently take a narcotic for my anxiety on an as needed basis. CBD does not replace that. What it does do for me is calm me down if I am generally having an anxious day that I don't feel requires a pill. I don't use it regularly, but it's nice to know it's there.

It helps with anti inflammation and pain. Anxiety is a little better. Mood is better.

There's some caveats. I don't buy from a random vitamin shop or whatever. I tried a little of a friend's one and it's pretty weak. There are ways to extract that are more bioavailable and would include terpenes.

I get tested stuff, with high doses (5,000mg per vial) for my everyday and for better results 1cbd:1 thc ratio for evening from a dispensary. For me the having THC and thc-A present make a difference.

Second not everyone does well or gets results right away or through digestion. It seems some people have lower endocannabinoid receptors or areas where in concentrates. Like one friend can eat CBD or the products and have no effect. Smoking they can feel an effect. It's fascinating to me how receptors work.

I tried it for costochondritis pain. I'm not sure whether it helped me sleep or that by that point I had already gotten so tired that I crashed each time I had a CBD chocolate bar. I haven't tried it for anxiety though.

I didn't feel anything at all.

It depends on how you consume it. I have been taking it for some muscle and nerve damage I've had after a car accident. It also helps me when I get super anxious

I have to ingest a lot of CBD oil to get an effect. (And keep in mind ingesting will take time 30min-1.5hr to kick in depending on how fast you metabolize it). But when it does kick in my body relaxes, and my pain is dulled.

Smoking CBD vapes give me faster physical relief and will take less than oil to get my body feeling ok.

Smoking CBD only flower gives me a nice bit if pain relief and makes me feel super relaxed. Great anxiety relief. I normally smoke this via preroll.

The best for me was taking dabs of CBD isolate/concentrate. A of hit of that and I could get up and function really well, or if I woke up at night in pain, I could take a hit and relax enough to go back to sleep.

Things to keep in mind: Dosage: start off small and slowly, then up your dosage little by little each time you try, till you find your sweet spot

How you consume CBD will affect the way it effects you.

Everyone is different and CBD may not work for everyone

Make sure you are actually getting CBD from a reputable shop, some seedy shops will just sell you regular veggie oil

It is helping my joint pain (I have severely sore knees with overextended tendons), sleep and anxiety tremendously. I've been taking it for 5 months now. I didn't notice the benefit until about 1 month in. I take about 14 drops a day when I wake up, and that seems to be the correct amount.

Hemp or other CBD derived products (such as sunflower or liken) you can get online or at a grocery store a basically snake oil. True CBD products you can get from a legal dispensary can be extremely helpful however.

CBD by itself can’t break through the CB1 receptor but THC is a big powerhouse an opens you up to allow the CBD to do its job. Having a small amount of THC with CBD is extremely beneficial (the difference from needing 1000mg to 10mg to feel an effect if any). This is known as the entourage effect.

CBD is bifacial meaning in light doses it will regulate you (less inflammation, anxiety, paranoia, etc.) and in heavy doses it will cause extreme relaxation and drowsiness. Because it doesn’t cause inebriation many people don’t notice it’s effects in the same way as THC heavy products. That does not mean they don’t have an effect, it’s just more subtle.

Everyone has a completely different body chemistry (which will change as you age) so trying different doses and products is very very important to learn your personal needs. What works for your friend will not be guaranteed to work for you and vise versa.

It’s also important to note how you’re ingesting and it’s quality. Look for legally tested flower/buds from a reputable farm. The farm is the important part when shopping, strain second. If using edibles you need to eat something fatty with it or they won’t work. It’s the opposite of alcohol, more like vitamins. They’re binding to the fat that’s in your stomach and being absorbed by your small intestine. That’s why it can take anywhere from 30min-6hours to take effect depending on your metabolism and what you’ve eaten. Gummies especially are popular but hit or miss because you NEED to eat. Classic brownies are easier because they have the fat from butter or oil.

Look into terpene profiles as well. Terpenes are the look, smell, taste and effect of all organic material. You can think of cannabinoids like THC and CBD as the engine to your high while terpenes are the steering wheel that direct where you go. Some people have negative reactions (just like seasonal allergies) and others have great reactions and can effectively dictate they’re feelings through the plant so again it’s important to learn what works for you.

The industry is growing rapidly and there’s a lot of lame people out there just looking to make a quick buck. Do your research and try things out. Quality products yield quality results.

CBD Users – When you say that CBD "cures your anxiety", do you actually experience an anxiolytic "feeling" come over you (similar to benzodiazepines, valerian, alcohol, etc)? Or is it too subtle to notice?

I've tried CBD many times, in many doses, and I don't get any sense of anxiolysis. I'm very sensitive to GABAergic drugs and always get a strong feeling of anxiety relief from even minor things.

One beer cures my anxiety all night long. A fourth of a klonopin will do the same. Valerian root, lemon balm, and passion flower all work extremely well on me too. I feel this major sense of calm.

I don't get this at all with CBD. I don't actually "feel" anything. However I'm wondering if this is the point. Do you guys notice decreased anxiety without actually feeling "different" or any sense of calm come over you? I can't imagine what's that like.

What does the anxiety-reducing property of CBD actually FEEL like to you? Chest lightening, muscles relaxing, less worries, different thoughts? Etc?

Its more about what you dont feel, which is 90% of anxiety. IF you really want to see what CBD does to you; put yourself in a high stress situation, use plenty of cbd and deal with it. Itl be a lot easier than you thought

I think using less is more with this stuff, though everyone has a different effect. The amount you need for whatever you want it for is subjective and youll have to teach yourself. Try starting at a low dose. Then work your way up past what you think you need, you should find a happy medium.

Take a lot if you just want to be ultra relaxed

What would you say is a strong dose for a high stress situation. Currently taking 24mg daily in the morning. Wondering what’s a good dose before a stressful situation.

I have severe panic disorder with Agoraphobia. In fact I’m on benzodiazepines as needed. At first, I did not think CBD was working. However suddenly I just could do things without the constant worry or struggle. It doesn’t give me a feeling like a benzo. I don’t notice anything except things just seem a little bit easier, my heart rate is a little bit lower, things don’t bother me as much etc. To me, it’s a very subtle effect. Hope that helps!

Sometimes feeling "normal" is the sudden realization that your not feeling bad. Strange right

Maybe I need to give it another shot then. How many days did it take for you to really notice changes?

CBD is a subtractive effect to me, not an additive one. So I don't "feel" anything except less of the negative feelings.

That is the best description I've ever come across. Well done, sir.

For me, I would say it makes me feel like a normal human being. When I was on benzodiazepines they would calm me but it felt like being drugged. Half the time I would forget stuff that happened 5min ago. Hard to be anxious if you can't remember anything.

The worst part was the day after taking benzos all the anxiety comes back, but worse, like it was water held back by a dam.

My normal is a head full of noise and constant thinking and over thinking. I thought everyone was like this for most of my life, only when I started having panic attacks did I realize it's not normal.

I just started taking a 1:1 oil, and honestly never heard of it until a friend gave me some last week. 3 drops and all the noise in my head goes away, I just feel calm and normal which for me is amazing. It is subtle but real. I've all of a sudden no problem leaving my room and talking to people. I might even try and go on a date. It's like I got my life back. I was very skeptical of it too. that this stuff works has surprised me.

I can "feel" it if I vape, not if I do sublingual drops. And by "feel" it, I mean I notice the racing thoughts, heart and respiration rate, hot flash/sweating decrease. It's not at all like the mild floaty-head feeling you get with benzos. I think it's because vaping hits me faster. Kind of like say you're a passenger in a car, and the driver is going 35mph (56kph) and starts gently tapping the breaks. Odds are, you're going to feel the car slow down. But, if you're going 2mph (3.5kph) you're much less likely to feel it. If that makes sense.

Hi! I’m getting interested in CBD assumption lately. I tried smoking the “CBD weed” but I almost didn’t find any relief. So I’m trying to understand which solution could I face to get the best effect. Could I ask you more in detail what is your opinion on CBD oil drops and vape liquid?

I always thought the oil drop to be the most concentrated/strong way to assume CBD.

That can happen to everyone. CBD has to be taken in different ways depending on the persons genes. There are even DNA test kits like Melixgx (

For me it's more like I don't get stuck in cycles of racing thoughts anymore. I see the rationality pretty quickly after anxious feelings and calm down when I used to get wound up for days. Things kind of seem brighter, it's a very subtle yet totally encompassing feeling for me.

It reduces my anxiety — or as I would say, reduces the noise in my head– by 70- – 80%.

Things that make me anxious still make me anxious, just MUCH less.

It really is very effective. It doesn't fundamentally change who I am, just makes it easier to be in my head.

It is subtle but it's definitely there. I feel more mentally calm and have less of a monkey mind. I also give less fucks, like just don't care as much about everything ( not in a bad way). The intrusive racing thoughts in my headspace just, aren't there. I feel more content.

I feel like this calmer mental state downstream puts the body in a more relaxed state. Again, it's a very subtle affect, but it's definitely there. It's nothing close to alcohol or any other downers.

I tried CBD for the first time today. I would say yes, it cured my anxiety, absolutely. When I take benzos, opiates, or drink, it is ultimately to relieve anxiety. I just want to feel alright, but I'm really sick of getting inebriated in the process! I just want to be able to stay calm inside, and breath normal. Lately, my anxiety has gotten so bad, I blush and shake, and completely lose my train of thought when I talk to people, especially people I don't know. Today, that didn't happen to me once! I was even able to keep eye contact, no problem. I raised my hand and asked questions in class twice, and that is the first time I've EVER done that. I did not feel irritable at all either. I was able to breath normally, and speak clearly and calmly. I did not wring my hands, or sigh, or feel this strange pressure and confusion in my nerves and chaos in my head. What's super amazing, is I haven't had the desire to drink today, and I don't want to jump up and down too fast, but I'm actually feeling VERY encouraged CBD may help me quit drinking for good. It's been a long time battle my friends. I'm on methadone, and I take Kratom pretty regularly too, but sometimes it just doesn't cut that internal dreadful squirm. I am going to continue taking CBD to be sure I'm not just having a miraculously amazing day. I probably took 30mg. I got gummies, and they all melted together in the hot car, so I just took a couple bites off of it about 4 hours apart from each other. I know everyone is a little different, and tolerance is possible, so I'm not counting my blessings yet. But I'm praying.

Does CBD oil actually work or is it more of a placebo like essential oils?

Someone gave me a free bottle of CBD at work and I'm wondering if it's even worth trying.

Anecdotal evidence, but I didn't notice any difference in my back pain or anxiety with it. My friend, on the other hand, swears that it helps him concentrate at work. If it's free, you may as well try it I guess.

It cures cancer broooo.

Personal experience here: I suffer from pain caused by Neurropathy. Over the last few years I've tried many tried & true solutions with most working for a few months and then losing effectiveness. This includes prescriptions as well as over the counter things like Capsaicin cream.

Earlier this year I tried the hemp based CBD water soluble for about a month and it worked for me. I stopped when my neurologist gave me a new prescription to try and wanted to be sure of the effects of that new script. The new med is no longer as effective as it once was so I'm looking at getting a Medical MJ card so I can get the THC based CBD solution once the prescription becomes worthless.

Since there is an overlap in anti-seizure and neuropathy medications I'm hopeful.