dosage for cbd oil tablets

CBD dosage: what you need to know / how much to take /when to take it / strengths

Taking CBD is simple, but it’s a completely personal journey and not at all prescriptive. All our bodies are different, and how we respond to CBD is too.

This means it’s just about impossible for brands to give you a definitive answer on exactly how much to take. It can depend on the reasons you’re taking it for, how you feel before you begin your CBD journey and how your body responds to CBD. The key with CBD is to experiment with different dosages and strengths and find what works for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to take CBD (whether you’ve chosen CBD oils or capsules), when to take it and how often. Or, you can skip to our dosage recommendations in the tables below.

Let’s get started.

How to take CBD oil via a tincture dropper bottle

CBD oil is simple and easy to take, bottled in a glass vial with a pipette that allows you to easily administer the CBD drops in your preferred dosage. To take, place a few drops of CBD oil directly under the tongue twice a day, with a pause of 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing.

This helps to give your body time to absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream without it needing to go via your digestive system. The number of drops you take varies from strength to strength so look at our dosage guidelines per CBD strength in the table below.

How to take CBD capsules

Taking CBD capsules is as easy as any other supplement you take.

Swallow one to three CBD capsules daily with a glass of water. Dosage varies depending on the ingredients so look at our specific recommendations per capsule in the table below.

What time of the day should I take CBD?

There is no ‘right’ time or best time of day for taking CBD – it depends on what works best for you and when you’re more likely to remember to take it. You can take CBD oil or capsules throughout the day – morning, afternoon or night.

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Be Consistent

It’s really consistency that’s key more than when you take it. Studies show that CBD metabolism is cumulative so be sure to take it twice (ideally, at the same time) every day for best results.

How much CBD should I take?

CBD is personal and the way the body reacts to CBD varies from person to person, so finding the right dosage may take some trial and error. We recommend starting low and going slow, gradually increasing your intake until you find your sweet spot.

You can also try our starter kit, which can help you decide which strength is right for you.

How much is too much?

While there is no evidence to suggest that you can overdose on CBD, the Food Standards Agency recommends not exceeding 70 mg of CBD per day, unless recommended to do so by a medical practitioner.

CBD oil strengths

As we’ve mentioned above, CBD is not prescriptive. Everyone is different so it’s important to experiment to find the strength that works best for you.

That’s why we offer a choice of three different oil strengths that you can choose from (500mg and 200mg) as well as high-strength bundles.

If you’re new to CBD, our Discovery Duo 7-day starter kit is a great way to compare our top two strengths with a week’s supply of our 2% (200 mg) and 5% (500 mg) oils so you can find your fit before committing to full size.

Milligrams vs Millilitres vs Percentage

500mg, 5%, 10ml – what does this all mean and how does it relate to the strength of the oil? When choosing CBD, there are a lot of numbers to consider and it can get confusing.

In short, the MG (milligrams) refers to the amount of cannabinoids or the concentration of CBD within the oil. Many people think that this alone determines the strength of the CBD oil, but this isn’t true as most people will measure their intake in drops or milliliters of liquid.

That’s why you need to take into account one more thing: the size of the bottle.

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For example, you might think that a brand that sells 1500mg CBD oil in 30ml is higher in strength than 500mg in 10ml. But in actual fact, they are the same strength when you consider the concentration of the CBD in the oil (5% per drop).

That’s where the percentage marker comes in handy as this refers to the actual measure or concentration of the CBD (or MG) per drop. So, always consider the size of the bottle and the percentage as the milligrams alone won’t be comparing like for like.

Can I take CBD oil and capsules together?

Absolutely, you can take both CBD oils and capsules at the same time as long as you don’t exceed the Food Standards Agency’s recommendation of 70 mg a day.

We recommend starting with the lower intake suggestion for both products and monitoring how you feel as you increase gradually.

Dosage recommendations

The below table will help you understand the dosage you should take of our CBII CBD oils as well as how much MG of CBD can be found in each drop of CBD oil and capsule.

The below is just a guideline. You can experiment with different dosages as long as you don’t exceed the Food Standards Agency’s recommendation of 70 mg a day.

CBD Dosing Chart

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a cannabinoid – a molecular compound found in the cannabis and hemp plant – with demonstrated potential to be effective in treating a wide range of health conditions. Research suggests that CBD modulates many physiological functions in the brain and body, through the endocannabinoid system and other mechanisms. Found in all mammals, the endocannabinoid system is made up of several receptors that react only to cannabinoids, such as CBD and the more well-known compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Depending on the type of product, CBD is commonly taken under the tongue (tinctures), swallowed (capsules, edibles and liquids), applied topically (skin creams/salves/ointments) or inhaled (e-liquids).

See our CBD dosing chart below for more details.


Our tinctures are a simple oil formulation, meant to be taken *and held* under the tongue using a dropper. CBD is absorbed more efficiently this way compared to when swallowed. The higher the concentration the better, as less oil is needed to achieve the desired dose, and it is easier to hold under the tongue. We offer a range of concentrations from low (a cost-effective option for those getting started) to high (for those needing those higher doses).

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We also offer a line of tinctures in a range of flavours and concentrations for pets. With pets, it’s best to give them their dose on a spoon rather than by dropper – it’s easier, cleaner and safer for the pet, who will not hold the oil under their tongue anyway!

Each bottle contains 30 mL (approx. 1200 drops).

Standard Tinctures (Unflavoured)

Pet Tinctures (Unflavoured, Chicken or Bacon)

Relief 250 mg/bottle (approx. 0.21 mg/drop)
Nurture 500 mg/bottle (approx. 0.42 mg/drop)
Max 1000 mg/bottle (approx. 0.83 mg/drop)


Our capsules offer a precise, more conventional way to dose, without any need to ingest oils. We offer two strengths of capsules, great for routine-oriented individuals or those who are always on a tight schedule.

Each jar contains 30 capsules.


Restore 25 mg Capsules
Repair 50 mg Capsules


Our flavoured mist sprays are an easy solution for those who want a more convenient, on-the-go way of dosing. Available in Spearmint, the Calm 600 mg spray is great for a quick pick-me-up shot of flavour.

Each spray contains approximately 6 mg CBD, with about 100 sprays per 30 mL bottle.

Sprays (Spearmint)

Calm 600 mg/bottle
2 sprays, up to 8 times daily

Skin Creams

Topical applications provide a steady infusion of active ingredients over a prolonged period of time, making topical CBD an ideal, locally-acting product for the skin, muscles and bones. While research still only *suggests* overwhelming potential for CBD in terms of acne, eczema, arthritis and inflammation, we’ve certainly seen these positive results for ourselves. Our skin creams come in two strengths, are effective moisturizers in their own right, and feature a light blend of essential oils for a Smooth, uplifting aromatherapy experience.