dr andrew cbd for dogs oil

Dr andrew cbd for dogs oil

Dr. Jones’ Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats by NuLeaf: Full Spectrum CBD supplement in 100% Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil.

Just like us, our pets have a biological and neurological system designed to receive and process nutritional cannabinoids. The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) influences and modulates a variety of body processes including immune response, inflammation, pain, appetite, and mood. The CBD in our formula binds with receptors throughout your pet’s body and provides many potential benefits, including:

  • Support and maintain your pet’s musculoskeletal system:
    • Anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce swelling in joints
    • May help improve movement and reduce pain
    • Can help reduce duration and frequency of seizures
    • Help maintain brain health and resilience to degeneration
    • May help strengthen immune response in a weakened immune system
    • May help relieve stress from anxiety & noise
    • Can help reduce nausea, pain, and improve appetite
    • Has potential anti-tumor properties


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    Dr. Jones’ Ultimate CBD Formula for Dogs and Cats Ingredients

    The bottle is 5ml (0.17fl oz) in size and contains 300mg of Cannabidiol in total.

    Additional Information
    1. Very calming
      Review by Allie’s Mom

    Allie acts indestructible when she goes out, so it’s hard to tell if she’s in much pain. I know Dr. Jones’ CBD oil calms her down, and she loves the taste of it. I trust Dr. Jones and am so glad I found him. I got the Ultimate Canine supplement as well. Her allergies are so bad that I can’t tell if it helped or not. I’m trying to find the right diet. Between satiety, allergies, and EXPENSE, it’s hard. Sorry if the review is all over the place. I wish Dr. Jones had more supplements. This coming from someone who rarely ever leaves the house. Thank you, Doc! I appreciate you!!
    (Posted on 2/10/2020)

    Our dog had severe arthritis that we’ve resolved with Dr. Jones’ CBD oil, and she’s now off pain meds, so excited and grateful!

    I want to thank you for saving the life of my 16-year-old Jack Russell. Recently she hurt her back jumping up and the local vet prescribed prednisone. She improved for a day or so but I weaned her off due to nausea and her confusion. She became worse, not able to stand and walk. I had scheduled her for euthanization in a week. The CBD oil arrived and after one day she seemed better. Then 3 days later she is back to her old self. Eating and going outside. Going up and downstairs with no problem! Yay!!
    (Posted on 11/4/2019)

    Dr andrew cbd for dogs oil

    About Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

    Dr. Andrew Jones was raised on a farm in rural British Columbia, Canada. He grew up reading James Herriot books, stories about the life of a mixed animal veterinarian in rural England. These humorous stories inspired the young Dr. Jones and painted a picture of a dedicated vet and a fulfilling life.

    Since graduating with his DVM from the University of Saskatchewan in 1992, Dr. Jones has been practicing, until recently, as a small animal veterinarian and has treated thousands of animals. He has a special interest natural, alternative health remedies for pets and has written several pet-health books, has produced over 50 Videos on home remedies for pets, hosts an online members-only dog and cat health website, created a unique Home Study Course on alternative dog and cat health, and has written countless pet health articles. He is the previous owner of the Nelson Animal Hospital, in Nelson BC. For his daily online newsletter, Veterinary Secrets, join here: https://www.veterinarysecrets.com/news.

    Dr. Jones’ pets, Lewis, Jesse, Gussie and Cleo, are a part of his family. This philosophy of animals being members of the family is applied to his practice as well; his client’s pets are a part of their family and they deserve the best care possible.

    For more information about Dr. Jones visit his blog at www.theinternetpetvet.com.

    Dr. Jones has recently resigned from the College of Veterinarians of BC. For more information on his story, please go here: