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Review Elixinol CBD Oil manufacturer. Learn more about CBD & Hemp Oil brands on CBD.market! Only certified CBD Oil brands. Check out the following Elixinol CBD oil review highlighted below. An overview of their various product lines are introduced and discussed.

Elixinol CBD Oil Reviews 2022

Elixinol is a company founded by Paul Benhaim, an avid hemp activist since 1991. His love of hemp inspired him to seek very potent and clean industrial hemp for a variety of uses.

The goals and values of Elixinol relate to helping people achieve the best sense of self possible. From high-quality products to the type of bottles, you can trust this brand for all of your cannabinoid needs. They are striving to be the most respected and reputable CBD brand available on the market today.

Elixinol has a “Seven Pillars of Success” business plan to help ensure the creation and proper marketing of high-quality CBD-infused products. Even the packaging is carefully thought out. Elixinol sells CBD oils in Miron glass, a specialized glass that is designed to prevent a specific type of light from negatively affecting the product.

Company Reputation

Very few companies had stood by CBD even when its legal status wasn’t very favorable. Elixinol CBD is one of them; it was there even before the concept of a CBD-products company.

They have gained a good reputation because of their constant and diligent struggle. Their effort to bring change in the hemp industry has been bearing fruit as it’s pretty evident from reviews of Elixinol CBD company that their consumers aren’t going to shift to any other company. The 5-star rating of this company speaks for it.

However, like many other companies, Elixinol has also faced a couple of lawsuits. One of them claimed their products to be illegal, while the other was for mislabeling their products as a dietary supplement. Luckily, Elixinol CBD won dismissal against the first case. It added to the confidence of people in the company.

Company Background

Elixinol CBD has been a name in the CBD market for the last 25 years. It leads to a time when even CBD didn’t have a solid legal status. It won’t be misleading and wrong to say that Elixinol CBD has been around since CBD wasn’t the center of attraction or discussion.

Things started to change around 2014 when Paul Benhaim properly founded the Elixinol CBD company in 2014. He based this brand in Colorado, from where the development, cultivation, and shipping of hemp-based products finally started with the name of “Elixinol.”

To be more precise, “Elixinol CBD” is the name of Paul’s struggle that he had started even long before the concept of this company.

Paul Benhaim’s dedication to bringing natural plant products in use made him work on it in 1991. Since then, he has been cultivating and developing many hemp-based products to help society.

CBD Product Quality

Manufacturing Process

Like all other companies, the manufacturing process of Elixinol CBD products involves the extraction of CBD from sourced hemp, its processing, and then packaging. Elixinol, with years of experience, is perfect at doing this job correctly.

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The sourced hemp goes through the finest and the most efficient extraction method, i.e., CO2 extraction. When correctly performed, it has the potential to filter CBD against all harmful and unnecessary substances.

The extracted CBD with a legal THC amount of less than 0.3% goes through different processes until it ends up in the required product. The extracted CBD is the same, but it ends up being any product, be it a gummy, gel, cream, tincture, or whatsoever.

After the product manufacturing is done, it goes through various lab tests for quality assurance. Once the test reports assure the quality, products go for packaging. The packed products get delivered to the retailers, physical, and online stores.


Another factor that forms the base of the positive Elixinol company reviews is its hemp sourcing. The USDA certified hemp that they source from their farms in the United States and Europe. Their CBD products circulate in the US CBD market come from the hemp they grow in Colorado.

While those in the European market come from the local farms after ensuring their quality, safety, and consistency.

Product Range and Pricing

Their product range is quite extensive, and Elixinol online reviews for almost all the products can help you through your purchase. We’ll look at its popular products and their key features to analyze the brand standard.

Their price falls in the average pricing range, and you can expect the following prices for different products:

  • CBD tinctures – $23.99 – $175.99
  • Capsules – $51.99 – $55.99
  • Gummies – $23.99
  • CBD balms – $19.99 – $35.99
  • Sports gel – $47.99

For other products, you can visit the Elixinol page to get more information.

✔️ A broad range of products

✔️ Natural and organic farming

✔️ Each product has a lab testing report

✔️ Innovative product flavoring techniques make the products taste more appealing

Elixinol CBD Oil Review: Live Naturally Healthy, Natural Lives

CBD is a naturally occurring byproduct of the cannabis species of plants and is wholly legal for both sale and production on the federal level within the United States. Absent of psychoactive properties, it has become a popular ingredient in many beauty products, health supplements, and other natural product lines.

The many benefits CBD lends may help with a variety of various ailments, including chronic pain, as well as depression and anxiety. This is a supplement that may help with:

  • Inflammatory pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Antioxidant support

If this sounds like an option for a healthier you, check out the following Elixinol CBD oil review highlighted below. An overview of their various product lines are introduced and discussed so you can determine what might be best for you.

What is Elixinol CBD?

The oils used in Elixinol products are derived from agriculturally grown hemp plants. Hemp has long been recognized in the medical community due to the possible benefits it provides to people looking for all natural health solutions.

CBD is a cannabidiol and has no active psychoactive chemical components responsible for the high majiuana cannabis is known for. In fact, CBD works with naturally occurring endocannabinoids already present in your body to help react with receptors that provide a calming effect on the body. CBD is known to have high amounts of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties that work to soothe both mind and body.

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Benefits of CBD

As mentioned, CBD works with your naturally occurring receptors that promote peace and calming. It also is nutrient rich and is considered a quality health supplement that can help control pain and manage inflammation. It also may aid in a wide variety of other ailments, including stress and anxiety disorders, as well as help with overcoming addiction. Overview of the Elixinol CBD Oil Company

Why Choose Elixinol CBD Products?

Elixinol prides itself on superior hemp sourcing and has held high standards since 1991 when the founder first began studying the effects of hemp seeds in health products. With farms located in both Colorado, US and Europe, all oil undergoes third party pharmaceutical-grade testing to ensure the best quality possible. These quality-control measures are part of every batch produced so consumers know exactly what they are purchasing.

The company provides full transparency of their oil, allowing traceability so you know exactly the purity and potency of the products you choose. All formulations are created with the help of medical professionals to help develop the best options in the industry.


The company also provides 5% of each sale to the charity of your choice, allowing you to pick from various organizations they have partnered with.

CBD Product Line

CBD can be used in a wide variety of various topical and ingestible products. The company offers a healthy selection of these uses for you to choose from in order to best fit your needs. No matter whether you are new to CBD oil use or well versed in its benefits, Elixinol products are well worth considering.

Top Selling Elixinol CBD Products

Below we’ve highlighted the various options provided by the company. Elixinol has kept their choices simple, offering basic sizes and flavors for you to pick from and explaining their strengths and applications in easy to understand ways. These capsules, oil drop and oil blends are all excellent options.

CBD Balm

These topical balms come in both regular and extra strength versions at 125 and 250mg respectively. Designed to be soothing and help rejuvenate the skin, this balm glides easily onto the skin and is made from all natural, plant based ingredients.

Who This is For:

If you suffer from dry skin and are looking for a soothing solution, this balm is the perfect choice.

Organic Tincture

Rich organic sourced CBD and organic coconut oil are blended to create this 300mg strength tincture. Each bottle offers 60 servings and comes in 2 flavors- cinnamint and natural.

Who This is For:

Held under your tongue for 30-60 seconds, a tincture is a great way to help introduce CBD into your system quickly. It also allows you to carefully modify your serving size.

CBD Capsules

Available in 15mg and 45mg strengths, these CBD capsules are easy to take and are both odorless and flavorless. This is a great way to get exactly the right amount of CBD into your system and can be taken multiple times a day.

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Who This is For:

If swallowing oil is not your thing, capsules are effective at getting CBD into your system in an easy to consume manner.


Liposomes are quickly absorbed by the body and come in strong 300mg and 1000mg options that can be mixed into water or taken directly under the tongue for effective, quick body absorption.

Who This is For:

When you want a highly absorbable oil that is easy to disperse and take, this is a potent option.

CBD Powder

These powder packs each have 10mg of CBD in them that mixes easily into water, smoothies, or other liquids to be drank whenever you need a pick me up, or help unwinding. Available in citrus, berry, and cocoa flavors, you can also buy them in a variety pack.

Who This is For:

If you like starting out your day on the right foot or simply enjoy a refreshing drink, these powder packets mix easily and taste great.

Respira Tinctures

Respira tinctures have multiple uses and can be taken directly under the tongue or mixed into your favorite foods. Available in natural and grape mint flavors, it is also comes in 300mg and 600mg strengths.

Who This is For:

If you want an all natural, potent oil that is easy to take, this is a great application and dependable source.

X-Pen Hemp Extract

The X-Pen oil dispenser provides very carefully measured applications of 15mg strength oil with each press. This allows you to be very exact in your dispersal, and also take it in a manner that is highly effective.

Who This is For:

Designed to be taken 2 to 3 times a day, the pen keeps you from wasting any oil and helps you keep track of exactly what you have left.

Lip Balm

Protect and hydrate your lips with CBD infused lip balm. The CBD helps speed up the healing of cracked lips and also provides soothing moisturization. It has 5mg of CBD and also is supplemented with Vitamin E and Omega oils.

Who This is For:

Chapped, cracked lips will be soothed faster with this mixture, plus it will help keep them healthy.


When researching CBD oil and CBD oil products it can get confusing to narrow down quality choices. Elixinol is one such company that provides excellent quality products that allow for full transparency concerning potency and ingredient blends.

If you have been searching for CBD oil options for any reason, Elixinol CBD oil products are highly recommended. Their full transparency of every batch used, and wide range of options for supplemental use provide something for everyone. These products are sold direct through the company and cannot be found on third party sites, such as Amazon. They do offer discounts, specials, and coupons from time to time as well.

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