full spectrum cbd oil for breast pain

Bosm's CBD Breast Serum for EVERY Body

This nourishing and restorative CBD Breast Serum made with castor, primrose, and sesame oils with soothing essential oils like sandalwood, rose, and ylang ylang. With a thick texture, this CBD topical is a blend of well-researched and carefully selected ingredients specifically chosen to help release toxins trapped in the chest that could cause discomfort and disease when used in conjunction with a routine breast self-massage.

Let’s talk about breast health.

While supporting her mother through Stage 4 Breast Cancer, Bōsm’s founder, Raea, uncovered tons of ancient wisdom during her research into breast health (which she shared with us here!). She realized that while we’re taught how to do things like exercise and eat well, we rarely are taught how to care for our breasts — and she wanted to change that. Click here to learn more about how Bōsm got started.

This topical CBD product was designed not only to be used as a tool for breast massage, but also as a teaching opportunity to introduce people — no matter their gender orientation — about how to care for their breasts.

That’s right, breast health isn’t just important for women.

Both men and women have breasts, and while not all breasts are able to produce milk, any person’s breast tissue is capable of developing disease. While less than 1% of all breast cancer cases develop in men, one in 1,000 males will be diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

All Natural, Pure & Toxin-Free Ingredients

This CBD Breast Serum is the most potent CBD topical we offer at a whopping concentration of 39.1mg/ML combined with other powerful and natural botanicals to help support your health.

Helping to detoxify your body is Bosm’s passion, so they are committed to creating a truly clean and contaminant-free product. All of their products are: