gow many mg of cbd oil for backpain

CBD Oil in Mechanical Back Pain

Hypothesis: Cannabis use provides many patients with significant low back pain relief.

Justification: Mechanical back pain is a condition affecting around 30% of the general adult population. It is the second most common reason to see a family physician and the most common reason patients end up on work disability. Long term chronic pain is associated with mood and anxiety disorders in a lot of patients, which suggests that a successful plan for the treatment of chronic pain must also consider the treatment of possible co-existing psychiatrist conditions.

To assess the change in pain measured by 0 to 10 point visual analogue scale (VAS) for patients with chronic mechanical back pain treated with CBD oil

52 patients with pain severity ≥4/10 on Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for at least 3 months who have decided to take CBD oil (up to 50 mg SL BID) to manage their symptoms will be recruited to participate. As per standard of care, patients will be encouraged to keep baseline doses of analgesics (if any) stable for the first 6 weeks of the study to monitor their response to CBD oil. Analgesic medications will be allowed to be adjusted between weeks 6 to 12.

Enrolled patients will be assessed at baseline, week 6, and week 12 for a total of 3 virtual visits. Patients will be asked to fill out online questionnaires and a medication diary to assess effectiveness and compliance. Safety will also be assessed throughout the study. Patients will be asked to report any adverse events (AEs) at study completion or earlier if they decide to withdraw. In addition, they will be provided a phone number to PerceiveMD where they can report any serious adverse events (SAEs) in between scheduled visits. Patients will be instructed to report any SAEs within 24 hours. PerceiveMD will then communicate this to one of the Investigators the same day. All adverse reactions will be recorded in the study electronic medical record (EMR), InputHealth.