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Can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety & PTSD In Veterans?

07 Jun Can CBD Oil Help with Anxiety & PTSD In Veterans?

Around 20% of veterans who fought in the middle east are troubled by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As per VA (Veterans Association), veteran deaths by suicide was at an average of twenty per day in 2017. Veterans suffering from PTSD and other mental health issues face difficulty in adjusting to regular life and in many cases, end up on the street, addicted to drugs, or even end up committing suicide. Studies suggest that many deaths are a result of over-prescription of opioids and other medications which are prescribed to veterans when they are injured. Most of the vets deal with combat-related chronic pain, making their life extremely difficult. Doctors tend to prescribe opioids to deal with chronic pain, which gives way to side effects like stress, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disorders.

CBD for PTSD and Anxiety for Veterans

The VA published in 2016 that 66,000 veterans received treatment for opioid addiction. Cannabidiol (CBD) alleviates pain, diminishes inflammation, enhances mood, and is an effective remedy for a variety of other ailments, both physical and mental.

CBD can probably be an alternative for opioids for military veterans with PTSD and related depressive symptoms. CBD has already shown positive results for these symptoms.

How does CBD Work for PTSD & Anxiety?

A study in 2011 investigating the effects that CBD has on anxiety mentioned that “a single dose of 600 mg (CBD) reduced anxiety” – However evidence indicated that the CBD lessens anxiety best “in subjects where stress had been caused before CBD administration.” This means that CBD is ideal for those who get anxious from experiences, situations, or in random moments. Therefore, veterans currently suffering from PTSD who get random episodes of significant anxiety could get relief using CBD oils after each traumatic incident.

A medical paper from 2015 titled ‘Cannabidiol as a Potential Treatment for Anxiety Disorders’ studied the possibility of CBD assisting with erratic and unstable moments of PTSD. The study recorded that “in a sub chronic study, CBD administered daily 1 hour after predator stress (a proposed model of PTSD) reduced the long-lasting anxiogenic effects of chronic predator stress, partially via 5-HT1AR activation.” In an additional study of chronic anxiety, systemic CBD “prevented increased anxiety produced by chronic unpredictable stress, in addition to increasing hippocampal AEA.”

The study found the use of CBD to be the most effective in helping people deal with traumatic events. What this means is that Veterans, combat soldiers, or other people alike can probably use CBD within an hour of their experience, and significantly decrease the adverse effects of the disorder. This is extremely important because if this is, in fact, the case, CBD oil products can be revolutionary for the military and VA in terms of managing such issues. This is not a ‘solution’ or a “remedy” because CBD won’t make the symptoms go away. However, with regular CBD use, managing the issues of PTSD and post-war anxiety will be more comfortable.

There is also a possibility that CBD may be even more beneficial for active members of the military in combat. No evidence explicitly affirms this; however, it is likely that using CBD while on active duty could probably decrease the development of PTSD and severe anxiety before it is too late. In other words, the immediate use of CBD oils or other products when active duty soldiers feel anxious, or PTSD may help reduce their anxiety symptoms and put them in a less depressive or anxious state overall. Using CBD products early enough could prevent severe PTSD or anxiety from entirely developing.

There are several clinical trials and tons of anecdotal evidence on the effectiveness of CBD for helping with many of the difficulties our veterans are currently facing. From helping to relieve symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain and more, CBD is becoming a popular choice for many veterans.

CBD oil has been proven to be both safe for human consumption and effective with animals, such as dogs, cats, and even reptiles like a crested gecko.

Are you a veteran using CBD? We would love to know about your experience in the comments below.

Not sure where to find CBD? Try cbdoils.com for high-quality CBD oils.

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Adam Mcwhinney

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Charlie Bradford

CBD oil can really help with anxiety and PTSD, I’ve had friends who came back from service and suffered a lot of stress and anxiety trying to come back to normal citizen life; CBD helped them calm down faster, and those who experienced chronic pain from injuries suffered in fighting also benefited greatly, I myself with chronic pain use CBD to calm my nerves and my pain, without companies like Renova I would really be suffering, hopefully, they provide the same help to you guys as they have done for me.

Deming Fischer

I am a small blonde girl and I am being processed at an inpatient program. Please articles like this are misleading because it makes a Medicine out to be a compulsion for some and that’s not fair. Address the side effects that are making you think like that. Do your parents sometimes make you think like that too? Check what meds they have you on first.

Deming Fischer

I am NOT A VETERAN. I am being processed at an inpatient program. Please articles like this are misleading because it makes a MEDICINE out to be a COMPULSION for some and that’s not fair. Address the side effects that are making you think like that. Do your parents sometimes make you think like that too? Check what meds they have you on FIRST.

As a current CBD user I can honestly say I feel the benefits when I’m on it. I’m not a veteran and don’t suffer from PTSD but I’m an ex-professional athlete who has beaten up the body pretty bad. I also use to suffer from some anxiety and sleep problems. I started using CBD in September of 2019 and haven’t stopped. I take a 25mg soft gel from a company called American Freedom CBD every night. It definitely helps me sleep as well as lessens the aches and pains from old injuries. I would recommend anyone suffering from anxiety or sleep problems to look for a reputable CBD source and give it a try.

Happy Tea

Nice post. To know that the right dosage for CBD will change for each person. I would think that it would be good to make sure that you get the right amount. I’ll have to look into that some more if I decide to try CBD.

Patrick Kelley

Yes, I use cbd, not only cbd, I have pets that help.. I have a couple hobbies, and exercise regularly.. martial arts is great therapy… coloring books are also very helpful.. regardless I had a bad flashback the other night.. right back at it.. so, more working on it, and cbd…

[email protected]

CBD Oil can be bought WITH AND WITHOUT THC. CBD Oil without THC has been a game-changer for me! It completely reversed my Bursitis. While my doctor wanted to just put me on more pain meds, I decided for a less intrusive option, CBD Oil, non-THC. It changed my life! No more gimp! I couldn’t believe it myself (it also got rid of my horrible hot flashes!) The 2020 presidential nominees are now talking about decriminalizing drugs, ALL drugs! What is determined bad for us and banned and agreed upon to be allowed continues to shock me again and again.

Ramona Sprent

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Mark Sampson

Hopefully the reins on hemp and CBD at least get loosened, so we can conduct the needed research. There’s widespread support for understanding the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in general, and plenty of anecdotal evidence. People aren’t going to stop using these products, so it would be best if we could gain better research and understanding.

Veterans in particular could benefit greatly from a better understanding around the medicinal uses of cannabis, CBD specifically. CBD’s potential to block reconsolidation and its potential benefits on traumatic brain injury are compelling. Its benefits for relieving anxiety are equally as important.

Yes, it has helped thousands of Veterans. http://www.UnCanna.com is the leader of the Veteran CBD movement, and has tremendous amounts of data on over 3000 Veterans using CBD with life changing results. UnCanna is on a mission to reduce barriers to access within the Veteran community, and more specifically, to change the DOD policy banning non-intoxicating, natural alternatives.

Abraham Popp

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Anna Dawn

Very nice article! CBD is an amazing element. It improves immunity and repairs skin or body damage that’s why it has many benefits to athletes. CBD products are not addictive these are way healthy and beneficial. A drop a day can help in anxiety and other problems.

Mike H

As with most of you I’m on some HORRIBLE medications to treat my PTSD and like you the side effects are almost as bad as the PTSD. Like many of you I take Propranolol, Clonazepam, Hydroxyzine and Xanax to help with the PTSD symptoms. If CBD is so effective as a treatment for PTSD why isn’t the VA prescribing it? I saw 2 civilian doctors and both had the same question “how can you function on all these meds”. How can we press the VA to start prescribing/dispensing CBD?

Carlene Saelg

We are so fortunate to have science that can uncover the wonders of the world like CBD which gives hope to people who desire a body at homeostasis and an alternative to traditional medicine. I would recommend using only organic CBD oil in full-spectrum or broad-spectrum over an isolate which may not bring as many benefits if not properly dosed. #feelbetter.

David Johnson

I have had problem with anxiety, and at times bad claustrophobia with depression. It ties to my time in the Air Force at CCK AB, in Taiwan; late 1960s; vaccinations, jet fuel and agent orange on base. Looking back, messed with my auto immune s system. nerve damage, a methylation process disruption and wipe out of good probiotic gut bacteria.

It happened again, this time it seems it stemmed from a long antibiotic treatment for a bad dog bite which broke a bone. Any way way the summer of 2019, could hardly breath, anxiety and claustrophobia off the scale; first went on Ativan, but Local VA got me off of that and on to hydroxyzine; but it did not take long to develop problems with that, increased bad bruising and diarrhea.

I was earlier on Meds plus CBD oil, kaVA kaVA root power and Tryptophan. After I stared to get better, can now handle the problem with just CBD oil, KaVA KaVA root powder and Ashwagandha; these 3 natural products seem to take care of the problem. It seems to take all 3 to do the job, now only take Tryptophan as needed every once in awhile.

I am a 100% disabled Vet, with a host of problems that VA does not seem to fully understand; wish VA dispensed CRD oil.; it does not cost a lot, but it is still cuts into my fixed income and really cannot afford it; but I have to live to and remain sane.

Aja Fedler

Hey guys, I wanted to leave a review for your busienss but it is gone from https://allcbdstores.com


Everyone is different. CBD can help some. However I have found that CBD does not do enough for me personally when very stressed. However on my better days I do feel a benefit from it so I continue to use it, My friends and family can notice a difference either so it is not likely a placebo effect. The hardest part is finding a proper dosing and usage regiment and making sure you buy from a reliable and tested brand because there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there so if it doesn’t work don’t necessarily write it off. GOOD Smoke Shops usually have a good amount of knowledge on it. Like the one we went to independently lab tested their products and dropped the account from one seller but added more KOI brand to their line up after testing well while the Unknown Brand (I forgot to ask the name of the brand was in a hurry) was suppose to be 1000mg and came back testing for only 200mg CBD content.

Allen Moon

I’m interested in the CBD OIL for ptsd and whatever else will help. Only thing, will the VA Promise the Veterans with the CBD oil? I DON’T LIKE TAKING PILLS THAT HAVE HARMFUL EFFECTS.
I have sleep issues and anger issues. Plus a few other problems I take ambient for sleep which I was told by my doctor, not to take every night. With the things that have happened the past few months I need CBS OIL I lost my service dogs, due to old age and health problems. Then on Sept 3. 2019, my precious sweet mother passed away. Ever since, It has been hard getting a good sleep. I have a few raises taken ambein twice at night to get sleep.. I wake up after two hours of sleep feeling like a zombie. I’ll try CBS OILIF the VA will provide it.

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Jim Quainton

CBD is totally worthless in its present form. It might help a few if it’s replicated a few million percent.

Asim Asim

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Asim Asim

Give back to our creator in which our creator gave us to use all you people are so damn money hungry in the pharmaceutical business and all you have top political people are in cahoots and have all your investment in with them that you do not care for the military that go over there and fight for your Ronchi ass, you will be judged when the day comes and for all of those that you have destroyed their bodies and you have put into an early grave even after they bought in combat and came home for the comfort of what our creator gave to them
And that is KANNEH BOSEM

Asim Asim

CBD oil is a joke in order it to be processed to pharmaceutical companies and so the government can make their money off of it whenever it was a gift from our creator and if you look it up look up Kanneh Bosem
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Asim Asim

We took a Veteran to a TD station in Melbourne so he could tell his story about what all the drugs they were given him and all that would make him feel better and he wouldn’t give up all them drugs if he could get decent cannabis and that was 48 years ago and the only reason they’re not allowed it is because the government didn’t know how to make money off of it, and a pharmaceutical people would’ve been put out of business because they’re killing people with the drugs that they’re giving because they’re using the people as guinea pigs

Stanley Clark

The meds that I take have to many side effects for my Depression and Anxiety PTSD and when I came home from Vietnam I continued to smoke marijuana and Valium at least I could cope a little better and I’m a Disabled Vet with numerous suicide attempts