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Can CBD help with exercising?

Regular exercise helps to improve our fitness, become more in-tune with our bodies, and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. Whilst the benefits of exercise are well-known, less is certain about the connection between physical activity and the use of CBD Oil . In this post, we explore how this natural extract of the hemp plant can be used to ground the body in the senses, and complement our post-workout recovery regimes.

Focus the mind

Preparation is key to effective exercise. Alongside maintaining a balanced diet and a supple body, a mind free from anxious thoughts can improve the impact of our workouts. By quieting our inner chatter, we’re free to fully engage with the movement of bodies. With renewed energy, motivation, and self-awareness, we can embrace our exercise and maximise its effectiveness.

And CBD Oil can help in this process. When incorporated into a daily ritual, its natural qualities ease us into a slower, more focused state. Whether we’re stretching on the yoga mat, jogging, swimming or simply going for a walk, this feeling of relaxed alertness can help us to explore our bodies more closely and enjoy the moment.

Repair and Recover

It’s common to experience aching after exercise. It’s usually caused by ‘micro-tears’ in our muscles , which happen because of straining during physical activity. As part of the healing process, these tears are reinforced with new cells, which is how muscles develop.

To ensure that they’re getting the care and attention they need to avoid being overworked, however, we need to follow a post-workout routine. Stretching after exercise, for instance, has been shown to reduce the chance of inflammation in our muscles. When combined with a CBD Muscle Balm , which works to relax and soothe aching muscles, stretching helps your body to recover faster between workouts and should be considered a fundamental part of any warm-down.

Pre or post workout

Both exercise and a regular use of CBD Oil can have a positive impact on one’s mindset, forming a vital part of one’s self-care routine. When combined in a holistic wellness ritual, they can promote feelings of relaxation and groundedness.

Taking a few drops of CBD Oil pre-exercise can ease the body and mind into a blissful state, allowing deeper concentration, heightened endorphins, and a stronger workout. Following physical activity with a programme of gentle stretching, furthermore, can help the body to recover faster and avoid prolonged aches and pains. A soothing CBD Oil Balm, massaged into tired muscles and limbs, will also help to restore the body to a natural sense of balance.

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Getting high before exercise is the secret to sticking with a fitness routine, some athletes say

We all know exercise is good for our health and mental wellness, whether you lift weights or go jogging, but most of us struggle to find the time, energy, or motivation to stick with a fitness routine.

For a growing number of people, getting high, before, after, or even during a workout may be the secret to sustained exercise.

Cannabis can make exercise more fun, and can help keep people motivated to do it, according to Josiah Hesse, a cannabis journalist who interviewed athletes, researchers, and experts for a new book aptly named “Runner’s High.”

Hesse told Insider that reluctance to exercise can be linked to stereotypes that working out needs to be uncomfortable, intense, or time-consuming to be effective. Some of the most successful athletes in the world, he said, are people who enjoy moving their bodies, often with a little help from THC to boost the good vibes.

“People have a toxic image in their head of what exercise is, what people who exercise look like, and see it as a chore,” he said. “Cannabis helps with that.”

THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is chemically similar to natural compounds our body produces during exercise, and using cannabis properly may enhance the benefits of working out while easing side effects like aches or fatigue.

Our bodies are designed to get physical and emotional pleasure from exercise, and THC can help

The titular phenomenon in Hesse’s book refers to the sensation of energy, pain relief, and euphoria that many people experience during or immediately after a workout. Despite the name, you don’t have to run to experience it — any physical activity that ramps your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes can trigger it, Hesse said.

But “runner’s high” isn’t just a figure of speech. The experience is chemically similar to the effect of THC.

“If you’ve ever had runner’s high, you know what cannabis high feels like, even if you don’t think you do,” Hesse said.

THC stimulates receptors in our brain that exist because our body naturally produces similar chemicals, known as endocannabinoids, research suggests.

“The most surprising thing about writing this book was learning about the evolutionary reward system,” Hesse said. “It made me realize I wasn’t tacking it on to exercise as a modern phenomenon but we have this system in our body that’s intrinsically related.”

Cannabis isn’t a miracle exercise supplement, but may make exercise more fun

As cannabis becomes more widely available, people have found it can benefit workouts in a variety of ways. Cannabis-assisted workouts can help some yogis hyper-focus on a pose, it can help relieve anxiety about a heavy weightlifting attempt, or help bikers feel “rainbows and unicorns” on a stoned Peloton ride.

However, cannabis won’t automatically make you an athlete, Hesse said. Its potential lies in increasing your enjoyment of exercise, which evidence suggests will make you more likely to work out.

“When you look at your running shoes, you’ll think of your last experience. If it was positive and you enjoyed it, you’re more likely to do it again.” he said.

For the best possible experience, experts recommend starting with a low dose, a calm activity, and a familiar environment. And some people, such as those with heart problems or anxiety, should avoid stoned exercise.

Done right, cannabis can refresh your perspective around negative connotations to exercise, like feelings of guilt, fitness burnout, or dread about your workout routine.

“Abandon that, take a little cannabis and go for a long walk in a nearby park. You can build from there,” Hesse said.