how long for cbd oil to kick in

How Long Does CBD Take to Kick-in and Wear-off?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has the ability to treat a number of different symptoms from dozens of unique illnesses. Hundreds of thousands of people have chosen CBD to treat their conditions. There are numerous methods of using CBD, each of which have different on-sets and durations. This leaves us with the question: How long does CBD take to kick-in and wear-off?

Methods: Time from Start to Finish

There are several different methods of using CBD, all of which are highly effective. Every person has a unique preference, but no matter what method you choose, you can find relief with CBD. CBD differs from THC in the fact that it does not provide psychoactive effects, meaning you can use it at any time of the day. It will not make you drowsy or loopy. Below you will find the on-set times and duration of effects for each method of use.

Vaping & Smoking: These methods takes less than 10 minutes to kick-in. The effects from vaping and smoking usually last for a few hours. Vaping & smoking offer total-body relief.

Edibles: This method takes a little bit longer to kick-in, approximately 30-90 minutes. Edibles have longer-lasting effects, usually lingering for about 8 hours. You will feel the effects of edibles all over your body.

Suppositories: You’ll typically feel the effects within 15 minutes. Similar to edibles, the effects from suppositories can last up to 8 hours as well. Suppositories are used for quick, intense, total-body relief.

Topicals: Effects from CBD-infused soaps, lotions, and salves can be felt within 10 minutes of application. Usually, they will last for just a couple of hours. Topicals are a good choice for isolating muscle, joint or nerve pain.

Tinctures: This method also takes effect quite rapidly. It can be felt within 10 minutes and typically last for a couple of hours, as well. You will feel the effects from tinctures all over your body.

How Long Does CBD Take to Kick-in and Wear-off? It might not matter to you, but it’s good to know so that you can get relief when you need it!

Choose the method that is right for you. Do you need fast relief or can you wait a little longer? Do you need the effects to last for a longer period of time or wear off more quickly? Are you comfortable smoking or would you rather consume CBD orally? No matter what you choose, you can find relief with CBD.

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How Long Does it Take for Hemp Oil to Work?

Researchers are discovering further about hemp oil every single day; however, there is still more that we don’t know, and this makes a lot of people confused about this famous substance. Hemp oil is almost everywhere now, we can see it on people’s coffee, they are adding it on cocktails, mixing it on workout smoothies and even rubbing it on skin.

Different delivery methods

One of the frequently asked questions today about this famous substance is- how long does it take for hemp oil to work? This is because of situations like hemp oil works like zen on another person, while some are just waiting for anything to occur. And it turns out that hemp oil is not a versatile substance. There are a lot of factors that could affect how long it takes hemp oil to work for you, as the form of the product, the amount you take as well as where did you purchase it. This is according to the owner of the Daily Habit, a brand of powderized CBD- Brooke Alpert.


According to him, if you add your hemp oil in your coffee and have other things on it like sugar or almond milk that needs to be absorbed, then it is expected that your hemp oil will commence slowly compared to when you directly dropped a few amounts underneath your tongue.

“I look at it the same way I talk to people about their sugar consumption,” Alpert explains.

“If you have juice or put a little bit on your tongue, it’s going to be an immediate reaction versus when it’s in fruit where you have fiber, which slows down absorption,” he added.

Alpert also said that it’s around 10 minutes to an hour before you feel the effects of hemp oil when taken sublingually.


Smoking or what is referred to nowadays as vaping the hemp oil offers fast results compared to other methods. A lot of consumers said that they sense the effects of hemp oil almost immediately when they use the vaping method.

Rectal Suppository

This is one more method that also works immediately and since been acknowledged to use when rescuing a person having seizure attacks because the compounds like cannabidiol are quickly absorbed by the blood, which is the blood barrier. Then, it can be evenly spread all over the Endocannabinoid System, and the cannabinoids can quickly unite with the receptors inside our body. And, reaction flanked by these said receptors is the real secret behind hemp oil’s many benefits.


If you are going to consume hemp oil capsules, take one per day. You can also incorporate the oil on your baked goods, smoothies, oatmeal, sauces, soups, and salad dressings. Just make sure that you like its taste before adding it to a bigger serving of food. You can take hemp oil capsules any time you like within the day.


You can use hemp oils topically for various uses in hair and skin care. Hemp oil can help you treat skin symptoms such as psoriasis, acne rosacea, and eczema. You can use it as a moisturizer for your face and whole body, a massage oil, a makeup remover, a hair conditioner, or even a carrier oil for other essential oils you use.

Four things to consider when you use hemp oil

  1. Get the correct dosage- it will surely need some experimenting for you to figure out the right dosage that works for you. It is suggested to speak to your doctor because he/she could help you with this matter.
  2. Be consistent in your dosage- taking your regular dose every day is important if you are aiming to get the maximum results. When you miss a dose, the amount of hemp oil in your system will decrease, and this lowers its efficacy.
  3. Pay attention to your body- whenever you feel “off” think of reducing your dose, or if you’re not experiencing the results as promised, you can increase your dose. Listen carefully to your body, and you may also think of recording your results in a journal for you to track it.
  4. Spread out the schedule of your doses- it may work best if you take like four times within the day instead of having one big dose in the morning or evening. This is actually why experimentation is significant, as well as paying attention to your body.

Keep in mind that the dose that works for one person might not work for the other person. And so, how long does it take for hemp oil to work also varies because each person responds to medications differently. Patience is crucial while you are experimenting and listening to your body, and you will see results that you want in no time.


Jesse Stanley, one among the founders of Charlotte’s Web, said that hemp products have diverse strengths and so the quantity of hemp oil that works best for your friend may not be right for yourself.

“You might need to try a few strengths until you find what works for you,” he says.

“Everyday consistency is key,” he added.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” He tells people to visualize hemp oil as a food supplement that could take a month or two before you can “fully realize the benefits of CBD,” most specifically if you are using it to reduce your pain, anxiety, or stress.

Stanly says, “We are all unique in our needs and bodily systems. Some people experience rapid and very noticeable benefits, while others notice benefits over time and daily use, which is common for many dietary supplements.”

Alpert also added that the most significant factor is quality since there is a lot of variances out there that also affect the big question, how long does it take for hemp oil to work?

“This is where people are getting frustrated with CBD because they’re like, ‘Well, I got a CBD gummy from my local bodega, and I didn’t feel anything,’” Alpert says.

For accurate dosages please see our CBD dosing chart and check out our full line of CBD products.

Medical Cannabis: How to Use Cannabis Oil

You’ve heard a lot about cannabis oil lately – and for good reason. It’s a great method for consuming cannabis with a long list of benefits, and a good option if you are new to medical cannabis or don’t like the idea of inhalation. Figuring out how to use cannabis oil can seem a little complicated at first, but we are here to help. This article will go over the basics of how to use cannabis oil so you can learn how to make it work for you.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oils are concentrates that are created by extracting cannabinoids like THC and CBD from cannabis plants. Most oils you find at a dispensary are created by a process called “chemical extraction.” These methods use a solvent to extract cannabinoids along with other beneficial compounds like terpenes and flavonoids and add them to carriers like hemp oil or MCT oil.

While there are many methods of extracting oil from a cannabis plant, some are safer and more effective than others. CO2 extraction is quickly becoming the gold standard because it produces a safe and potent product that is free from chlorophyll, waxes, and any toxic residues that other solvents can sometimes leave behind.

How to Use Cannabis Oil

Choosing a method of cannabis consumption is about personal preference. While cannabis oil doesn’t work as fast as inhalation methods like vaping or smoking, it can work more quickly than ingesting edibles. It also comes in a variety of potency options, from oils that contain only CBD to those with a wide range of THC concentrations.

The most effective way to take cannabis oil is sublingually, where the oil is placed under the tongue with a dropper and absorbed by the mucous membranes that lead directly to the bloodstream. This method allows it to bypass the stomach, which raises the bioavailability (the number of cannabinoids that make it to your bloodstream when your body absorbs the medicine) and takes about 15 to 30 minutes to kick in.

You can also use cannabis oil like you would an edible or a capsule by adding it to food and drinks. While this method is effective, the bioavailability of anything you ingest is generally lower, meaning you won’t absorb the cannabinoids as thoroughly because they must pass through the stomach and the liver. Ingesting cannabis oil can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to kick in depending on things like what you’ve eaten and the speed of your metabolism.

Dosing Cannabis Oil

Just like with any cannabis product, dosing depends on the individual. It will take a bit of experimentation to find the right dose for you, but the general rule of thumb is “start low and go slow.” You want to find the lowest dose that provides the effects you are looking for, and that might be lower than what is recommended on the product label.

Start with a few drops and wait at least an hour to see how you feel. Slowly increase the dose until you experience the effects you desire. Keep in mind that more isn’t always better and there could be a tiny dosage window or “sweet spot” that works best for you. You might need to adjust your dosage over time, but many people find that a consistent dose can work for their needs over the long term.

If you’d like to learn more about how cannabis oil can work for your condition, schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff.