how long for cbd oil to work

How Long Does It Take for CBD to Work?

CBD has jumped to the forefront of newspaper headlines and product descriptions, yet there are still a lot of unanswered questions about this cannabis extract. Many people wonder how long it takes for CBD to work, but the answer may vary depending on multiple factors. For starters, there are several different ways to take CBD, and each application style will require a different amount of time before the compound starts to take effect. If you really want to give CBD a try, it’s good to experiment with different brands, products, and dosage levels to find what works for you.

There are four different ways to use CBD

Sublingual Drops

Finding a good CBD is one of the fastest ways to reap the benefits of cannabis. These tinctures are typically applied sublingually, meaning they are placed beneath the tongue. The key to making this method worthwhile is to hold the CBD oil drops in place for 30 to 60 seconds. Doing so allows for the CBD to enter your bloodstream at a faster rate, as the veins beneath your tongue soak up the CBD molecules directly. You can expect the CBD to take effect within 5 to 20 minutes when administered this way.

Fab CBD is one of the best brands on the market making trusted CBD products that really work. Their full-spectrum CBD oil comes in a variety of flavors, concentrations, and prices so you can find the best tincture for your needs.


For those looking for long lasting effects, consuming CBD oil via ingestion is your best option. This application method will prolong the effects of CBD, as your digestive tract breaks down the CBD over the course of several hours, causing the compound to steadily absorb into the bloodstream. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to feel the effects of CBD, or perhaps even longer depending on your metabolism, weight, and if you have a full or empty stomach.

Ingestion options range from swallowing CBD oil, adding it to a meal, or buying pre-made CBD edibles, capsules, and even CBD-infused coffee—the possibilities are endless. Although ingesting CBD seems to be a popular and easy option, you should always be cautious of what you are putting into your body. Products with little CBD concentration and high amounts of sugar and flavor additives aren’t going to be as beneficial when it comes to the possibility of symptom relief, which some people attribute to CBD.

For a quick and easy dose of cannabidiol, these CBD capsules from Charlotte’s Web are made with 25mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and are a perfect option for consistent CBD absorption that works all day long.

Topical Application

Using a CBD topical is different than any other application style, because the cannabis extract only comes into contact with your skin rather than entering your body. This method of consumption is best for targeting pain in localized areas on the body, and is commonly used to aid in arthritis or exercise-induced inflammation. When applying a CBD lotion, balm, or salve, it will start to work when it comes into contact with your skin. Although you may not feel the effects of CBD right away, it’s possible for a quality topical to relieve joint and muscle pain within minutes.

If you’re looking for a high quality CBD topical, this Recover cream from cbdMD is a great product for alleviating aches and pains whether they affect your muscles, joints, or anywhere else.


If you’re looking for the fastest method of CBD absorption, inhaling CBD vape or smoke will begin working within your body almost immediately. Once you’ve inhaled the vapor, CBD and other cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream through alveoli sacs in the lungs. This only takes a matter of seconds, but this also means the effects may wear off more quickly than other application styles. You should also recognize that introducing anything into your lungs other than oxygen probably isn’t the healthiest practice. Weigh the pros and cons before trying any new supplement, especially one that includes inhaling a foreign compound. This application style may be best for the converted smoker rather than non-smokers, who may find vaping or smoking to be too harsh.

(We haven’t recommended any products here because we don’t believe vaping is a healthy choice.)

What to know before using CBD

We’ve focused a lot on how long it takes for CBD to work, but it’s important to know that this will vary on an individual basis, and some people may not feel any effect from CBD at all. CBD oils, vapes, edibles, and similar creations are touted as supplemental dietary products with potential health benefits, but more research and clinical studies are necessary before those opinions become fact.

Although CBD products are widely available, they have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. Talk with your doctor before taking CBD as a wellness supplement, and remember that dosing is paramount when it comes to the efficacy of CBD. Too little CBD and you may not see any benefit, but too much could also produce unwanted side effects like tiredness or change in appetite. If you feel confident enough in trying this cannabis extract, always start with a low dose of CBD and work your way up until you find what works for you.

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How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

Do you now think that your CBD tincture is not effective? Or does it not really work? If you don’t understand how CBD works, you may start having doubts about its ability.

The rate at which CBD oil kicks in is very much determined by way of consumption and the strength of the product.

Both of these factors affect how your body responds to it and how quickly it can take effect.

Understanding how CBD works is really beneficial as this will enable you to take it correctly (and much more efficiently) and allowing you to feel the effects much quicker.

If you are interested and want to try taking high-quality CBD oil products for yourself.

Please take a look at our specially formulated full spectrum CBD oil UK product.

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How the Method of Ingestion Affects the Rate of Cannabidiol Effects

This also helps you introduce them into your daily routine and make the most out of CBD products so you achieve the best results.

There are several ways of ingesting CBD; each method determines the speed at which the effects will kick in.

1 – Sublingual

As the name suggests, it involves administering an amount of CBD oil sub-lingually. You place the desired amount of drops under the tongue and hold for as long as you can.

CBD enters the body via the mucous membranes located under the tongue; this is then dispersed directly into the bloodstream.

Depending on how your body responds to CBD consumption and dose, this type of ingestion can take anywhere from 5-60mins to take effect.

2 – Oral

Oral consumption involves ingesting CBD products, which include capsules, CBD edibles, and drinks. This ingestion method can take some time to take effect, again depending on how your body responds.

The type of CBD product you’re taking and whether the product contains water-soluble CBD will affect how you react to CBD. This also affects the time it takes for the CBD to enter the system.

Water-soluble CBD is vital when using oral consumption products because non-water-soluble CBD’s bioavailability isn’t great, which means it does not enter the system easily.

On the other hand, water-soluble CBD has excellent bio-availability within the body, and the percentage of CBD entering the body is significantly increased.

So please bear this in mind when selecting products you intend to consume orally. Time scales for oral consumption can range anywhere from 15minutes-1.5 hours.

3 – Inhalation

CBD is inhaled in the form of e-liquid or pure concentrates. When vaporised, CBD enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream.

Applying this method to consume CBD can give users rapid effects and, in some cases, instant relief.

4 – Topical Application

CBD topicals are used by applying directly to the area of discomfort for pain relief and healing.

When applied, CBD directly impacts the local receptors in the skin surface and muscles.

Topical applications can be incredibly fast-acting and, in some cases, give users immediate relief.

Factors to take into consideration When Asking How Long Does CBD Take to Work

When asking long does it take the effects of CBD Oil to start working? There are some of the factors that influence your body’s natural response to cannabinoids:


Depending on your weight, height, age, and health status, these can all be factors in how much CBD to take, how your body responds to CBD and how long it takes to work.

When starting with CBD, it’s best to begin with a small dose. As with any new product, it’s best to introduce your body to it slowly.

Generally speaking, larger individuals may require a higher dose of CBD compared to a smaller person.

Biological Factors

Something to bear in mind is when consuming CBD is that it works differently for everyone. Some users can experience relief straight away, and some will require a bit more time to find the right dose.

Our biological makeup will determine how we experience the effects of cannabinoids.


CBD oil requires some trial and error to get that right amount for your body. Highly-concentrated CBD products will usually have a heightened effect, but this is not always cost-effective for some people.

To get the most out of your products, be sure to be patient and remember consistency is key!

Understanding what may affect the time it takes for CBD to kick in will assist you in using the product correctly and help to enjoy maximum health benefits.

We hoped you liked this post looking at how long does it take for CBD to work, and we hope it helps you experience the benefits of this amazing cannabis plant extract more easily.

Please check out this post if you want to read in-depth about exactly what is full spectrum CBD oil. Or this post looking at what are the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil.

Author – Lisa Strange

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