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5 Best CBD Oil for Anxiety

People often experience stress triggers that can lead to anxiety disorders. The unfortunate part is that battling anxiety can be tough. People often resolve to use anti-anxiety prescription medications, but they can have some side effects people do not like. So, what is someone supposed to do in such a situation?

As much as there will always be alternatives to prescription medications for generalized anxiety disorder, CBD for anxiety seems to stand out. It was in the past that there was so much stigma around CBD, but now things have changed. People are interested to see the effects of using the best CBD oil for anxiety and how it helps improve their health generally.

Since you can get CBD for anxiety and depression, go ahead and read this guide to find out more about the best CBD brands. Once you know such brands, you can buy the right CBD oil for anxiety.

Benefits of CBD for Anxiety

CBD oil for anxiety can only work well if you choose the best CBD oil on the market. So far, the researchers are not sure how CBD induces calming effects for those with anxiety. But what is for sure is that CBD will impact the serotonin levels which work like antidepressants and other anti-anxiety medications.

Unlike the other strong medications such as benzodiazepines, we find that CBD oil would not be too strong. Those seeking alternatives to such medications can opt for CBD oil to manage their symptoms.

What you should always keep in mind is the amount of CBD oil to use. Make sure that you consult with a doctor on the use of CBD for anxiety. This can help a lot in ensuring you only use the recommended dosage to achieve great results.

Editor’s Choice

  • Highly rated by customers
  • Has high-quality CBD products
  • It is BBB-accredited

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression: Top 5 Brands Reviewed

    – Editor’s Choice – Best for Potency – Best for Product Variety – Best for Affordability – Best for Organic CBD

1. Charlotte’s Web

  • It is accredited by BBB
  • Several positive reviews online
  • Has high-quality CBD products
  • A few issues with the authorities

Charlotte’s Web is considered one of the oldest brands in the CBD industry. This is because it was started in 2012 and has grown quite well over the years. Right now, it is the best resource for CBD oil for anxiety that you may be looking for.

The company makes different types of CBD oils for anxiety. They include full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. So, whichever that you want for dealing with anxiety disorder, you can bank on Charlotte’s Web to have it for you.

The brand is U.S Hemp Authority certified. It is also BBB accredited. Such credentials are good enough to make someone trust their CBD products. A new buyer would consider the full-spectrum hemp CBD extract knowing that the brand is accredited by top companies in the country.

You can get different options as strengths for CBD for anxiety. You can be sure that the concentration you pick would be ideal to improve the anxiety disorders’ symptoms. The concentration is listed as mg of CBD per bottle. The range is from 210 mg to 1,800mg.

Charlotte’s Web CBD products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Such a guarantee is crucial mostly to those who are new to using CBD oil. Considering it is U.S grown hemp extract, it would still be an assurance of quality. But you have the option of a refund if the effects of CBD are not what you expected.

2. Medterra

  • A lot of discounts are available
  • International shipping is possible
  • Lab-tested CBD results published
  • The COAs are outdated

Medterra is another brand that makes the best CBD oil for anxiety. It could be CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD oil. So, you can always buy the best CBD oils for anxiety and depression from the company at any time. Other than serving the U.S., the company also has offices for European countries.

The company was founded on the basis of delivering high-quality CBD oil when it seemed like everyone was pumping out fake products. Right now, the CBD products from Medterra are known for their quality in different countries. You can use such CBD oil for mental health in addition to anxiety disorder.

As a way of helping people get the best CBD for anxiety, the company relies on the use of organic hemp to make its CBD oil. It may not be full-spectrum CBD, but the resultant CBD oil is good at its job. The brand still relies on CO2 extraction, which leaves the terpenes intact and ensures more compounds are passed onto the consumer.

There are several tincture options on the website. You can get options such as 16 mg of CBD per bottle, and many others. Scroll through the product page to find the right strength of CBD so that it can help with improving your anxiety symptoms. If you choose the best lab-tested CBD for anxiety, you can start to feel better a lot sooner.

As much as you will not get THC-free CBD oil, you will find the THC level being 0.3%. This level is permitted in law and will not lead to overwhelming euphoria in a person. So, it can be an ideal solution for most people.

3. CBDfx

  • The company has several product types
  • There are updated COAs on the website
  • It uses cGMP-compliant facilities
  • Too many products which can be confusing

The right CBD oil for anxiety can only be good if the brand follows the necessary steps to make it safe. That is what CBDfx does. It will make it possible for clients to buy different CBD oils that can help them with anxiety and depression. So, if you ever have anxiety disorders, this would be the ideal brand for you too.

There are several types of CBD oils. They can be full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD products. In case you want variety while using CBD oil, you can get it from this brand. This also means you can have different concentrations too. As such, CBD oil would be good for a social anxiety disorder or any other mental health issue.

As much as you get variety, be careful not to get confused. You may seek help from the customer support team to help in choosing the right CBD oil. Always check the concentration rated as mg of CBD per bottle. Anxiety does not need too much CBD concentration to relieve the symptoms.

As for the hemp source, the company gets its hemp plants from farms that follow the right farming methods. As such, you get cleaner and safer products that can help with anxiety. Since they are also lab-tested, you should not worry so much about contaminants.

The CBD oil also features MCT oil as the carrier oil. So, the oil would be absorbed into the bloodstream faster. In case you need more assurance on the safety of the oil, look at the COAs posted on respective product pages to get an idea of what you are buying.

4. Lazarus Naturals

  • The flavors are not the best

Anyone who wants affordable CBD products would consider the Lazarus Naturals brand. Even if it offers affordable products, they are still made to be up to standard. So, you can settle for them knowing they can help you feel better.

The company will deliver effective CBD oil for anxiety because it focuses on sustainable farming methods and also high-quality final products. Even those with anxiety disorders have given reviews claiming that using CBD oil would help with anxiety.

The veterans can get up to 60% off their purchase of full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum hemp extract products. Because of this, more people would be willing to support the brand. Considering the kind of environment veterans have worked in before, this CBD oil may help them get better from PTSD and anxiety disorders.

Third-party lab testing is also quite the order of the day with the brand. Once the testing is done, the results are published on the website. So, you can use it for social anxiety knowing that the indicated mg of CBD per bottle is the correct one since it can be verified.

The customer reviews are also quite encouraging to newbies to using CBD. They would see that the company is highly recommended for making the ideal CBD for anxiety and depression. So, you can go ahead and buy CBD oil knowing that it can help you deal with your mental health disorder.

5. Royal CBD

  • The products are non-GMO
  • The company relies on sustainable farming
  • Free shipping is available
  • Most products lack lab reports

Royal CBD is just like Joy Organics where it uses non-GMO and organic hemp extracts. It does this to ensure that you get pure CBD that helps with social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Considering it is a potent full-spectrum CBD oil, you are sure of the best results after using this CBD for anxiety.

The company remains one of the top places to buy your best CBD oils because it does a good job of vetting its hemp source. It has several certificates of analysis that show if the product is free from contaminants. Yes, the brand allows its products to be tested in a third-party lab to check for consistency and purity.

The Royal CBD brand website is user-friendly and also well-designed. This means that the newbies to buying online can also find the product they need for social anxiety with ease. Those who are buying from the U.S. will get free shipping. If you enjoy such offers, this is the brand for you.

All the CBD oil variations will have less than 0.3% THC. This is within what the law recommends. There are several strengths for you to check out. The four main options are 250 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2500 mg of CBD per bottle. In case you want strong full-spectrum CBD oil, now you know which to pick. The brand does not have broad-spectrum CBD oil.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the products. The customer support team is quite helpful with this process so that you can get a refund where possible. However, most of the time you will enjoy the benefits of these best CBD oils that refunds might not be on your mind.

What We Know So Far About Cannabidiol for Anxiety

The presence of multiple studies on CBD effects on anxiety symptoms has helped more people have confidence in CBD oils. Right now you can convince someone to buy CBD gummies for anxiety than before.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Panic disorder etc.

There are several studies both done on animals and humans. We look at them below so that you can know the conclusions made after each study.

Does cannabis cause mental illness?

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia, with one in three adults using it at some point in their life. It’s legal in some places around the world, and offered medicinally in others. But what does smoking pot do to your mental health?

The potential harms associated with using cannabis depend on two things above all others.

The first is the age at which you first begin to use cannabis, particularly if it’s before 18. Using cannabis during key stages of brain development can impact on synaptic pruning (when old neural connections are deleted) and the development of white matter (which transmits signals in the brain).

The second is the patterns of use: the frequency, dose and duration, particularly if you’re using at least weekly. The bigger or more potent the dose, the more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) you are ingesting. THC is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and appears to act on areas of our brain involved in the regulation of our emotional experiences.

Depression and anxiety

Many studies of the relationship between cannabis use and mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety have suffered from methodological issues by not controlling for related factors.

The few longitudinal studies that have been conducted have mixed findings.

A 2014 review of the existing research concluded that using cannabis placed an individual at moderate risk of developing depression.

Unfortunately it was not within the scope of the research to determine if cannabis use wascausing depression or if the relationship instead reflects the association between cannabis use and social problems. Cannabis use is associated with other factors that increase risk of depression such as school dropout and unemployment.

The relationship between cannabis use and anxiety is also complex. Many people use cannabis for its euphoric and relaxing effects. But some people also experience feelings of anxiety or paranoia when intoxicated. As such, cannabis could be used to relieve anxiety or stress for some while causing others to feel anxious.

A 2014 review of the available research concluded that using cannabis placed an individual at a small risk of developing anxiety. But the authors noted that while the weight of evidence supported the coexistence of cannabis use and anxiety, there was relatively little evidence to suggest that cannabis caused anxiety.

Not included in these previous reviews of depression and anxiety disorders were two recent investigations of cannabis use in the United States using data from 2001-2002 and 2004-2005. These included a host of variables such as demographic status and family environment.

Each found a significant association between cannabis use and the onset of depression and anxiety disorders. But this association was no longer significant when considering the impact of the included variables.

Clearly, the relationship between cannabis use and depression and anxiety disorders is complex and involves the individual’s reasons for cannabis use and external situations. That is, cannabis may be used to help cope with social problems that were not necessarily caused by cannabis use.


In contrast, the relationship between cannabis use and risk of developing symptoms of psychosis has been well established in many different review articles.

This research has found that early and frequent cannabis use is a component cause of psychosis, which interacts with other risk factors such as family history of psychosis, history of childhood abuse and expression of the COMT and AKT1 genes. These interactions make it difficult to determine the exact role of cannabis use in causing psychosis that may not have otherwise occurred.

Regardless, the connection between cannabis use and psychosis is not surprising. There is a strong resemblance between the acute and transient effects of cannabis use and symptoms of psychosis, including impaired memory, cognition and processing of external stimuli. This combines to make it hard for a person to learn and remember new things but can also extend to the experience of deluded thinking and hallucinations.

We also know that cannabis use by people with established psychotic disorder can exacerbate symptoms.

Overall, the evidence suggests cannabis use will bring forward diagnosis of psychosis by an average of 2.7 years.

The risk of developing schizophrenia increases with the duration and dose of cannabis use. Regular cannabis users have double the risk of non-users. Those who have used cannabis at some point in their life have a 40% increased risk compared with non-users.

That said, it is important to view this increased risk in context. The proportions of individuals with psychosis among the population and among cannabis users are low. Current estimates suggest that if frequent long-term cannabis use was known to cause psychosis, the rates of incidence would increase from seven in 1,000 in non-users to 14 in 1,000 cannabis users.

If you or a family member or friend have problems or concerns about cannabis, visit or access the free national Cannabis Information and Helpline on 1800 30 40 50.

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