how to make cbd oil for sex

How to make DIY cannabis-infused lube

Putting weed oil on your lady parts is a hot topic in the growing cannabis market. Companies like Whoopi & Maya and Foria are providing cutting-edge products in states like California and Colorado. But what about those that have the urge to give it a whirl but don’t have access to a dispensary? DIY!

Many cannabis companies that produce sexually-focused topicals use CO2-extracted cannabis oil mixed with a carrier oil base like coconut oil. While that works well for companies that produce on a large scale and can afford six-figure extraction equipment, the average consumer cannot replicate it at home. For the hobbyist, and especially those living in prohibition states or states with limited access, we need a method that is both simple and pragmatic!

The download on oil-based cannabis lube

The idea of DIY cannabis topicals might seem like an undertaking too complicated to attempt. Honestly, I felt the same. I love to cook but I didn’t want my entire apartment to smell like cannabis, and while there are dozens of recipes online, they varied so much I didn’t know what to trust.

To find a method I could feel confident about, I reached out to my good friend Lauren Gibbs, founder and president of Rise Above Social Strategies. Lauren lives in Colorado and has a small home grow where she has gained experience making DIY cannabis tinctures and topicals for her own personal use. Lauren’s two-ingredient cannabis oil recipe has endless uses.

She puts it in her sleepytime tea, drizzles it over popcorn, puts it under her tongue as a tincture, and even rubs it on her sore neck. Because of my (ahem, extensive) experience with coconut oil-based lubes, I had another idea for how to use it: Lauren’s simple and clean recipe is perfect for DIY lube, too!

Now, remember, oil-based cannabis lubes won’t get you high unless they are consumed. Their topical application increases blood flow and heightens sensation. But be warned: oil-based lubes are not compatible with latex condoms, so always consider your backup protection methods carefully before you get between the sheets.

DIY cannabis lube recipe

Yields: 8oz infused coconut oil

Potency: Approximately 6mg THC per 1mL of oil

Note: This potency is based on cannabis that is approximately 10–15% THC. Potency can vary significantly based on the potency of the buds you choose.


  • 8 ounces fractionated (liquid) coconut oil or MCT oil
  • ¼ ounce cannabis flower


  • Oven
  • Two Mason jars (each 4 ounces or larger; you can also use a single large jar)
  • Food scale
  • Grinder or food processor
  • Slow cooker
  • Unbleached cheesecloth
  • Large funnel
  • Smaller funnel
  • Boiling water (enough to cover the Mason jars in the slow cooker)


  1. Preheat oven to 240˚F.
  2. Grind cannabis using a food processor (to save time) or a grinder. : Spread ground flower evenly on a cookie sheet and bake for one hour on the middle rack, stirring after 30 minutes.
  3. Divide the decarboxylated cannabis evenly into your Mason jars using the scale. Add half of the cannabis oil to each jar and seal as tightly as possible with the lid.
  4. Place Mason jars in your slow cooker and cover with boiling water so that the jars are fully submerged. Set slow cooker to “warm” and let cook for 4–5 hours. Using a jar clamp or heavy oven mitts, pull the jars out every 60 minutes and give them a good shake. (Be careful not to burn yourself as the glass and metal will both be hot!)
  5. After 4–5 hours, remove jars and place them on a cloth to cool (don’t set them on a cold or hard surface as the glass jar could crack).
  6. Line the large funnel with four layers of cheesecloth and place over a large glass measuring cup with a pour spout. Slowly pour the cooled liquid through the cheesecloth, squeezing out the plant matter to get as much oil as possible. Your strained oil will be slightly green.
  7. Using a smaller funnel, pour the oil into the tincture bottle. Your lube is ready to use! Start with 1 milliliter at a time, and increase or decrease quantity based on your personal preferences.

Pro tips:

  • While the Mason jar method is great for containing the cannabis smell, decarboxylating is highly fragrant. If you have nosy neighbors, try frying bacon or cooking something comparably fragrant at the same time to mask the scent.
  • If you see bits of herb floating in your oil, strain it again — you don’t want them to cause discomfort during use.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t add essential oils or other additives. With this two-ingredient method, your oil is endlessly versatile; you can even bake with it.
  • If possible, use lab-tested flower. This will ensure that your product is free of pesticides, molds, and other contaminants. It also makes it slightly easier to calculate potency, though as this article illustrates, it’s challenging to get completely accurate numbers with DIY products.

Have you tried making your own infused lube? How did it go? Tell us about it in the comments!

CBD Sex Lube: Make it Yourself DIY Style!

Cannabidiol , better known as CBD, has taken the field of alternative medicine by storm. There is a suggestion that the CBD market is about to explode, despite the growing legalization of marijuana itself. Hemp is on the cusp of becoming federally legal. If the Hemp Farming Bill makes it into law, CBD sellers will have an enormous advantage over their THC-selling counterparts.

As such, data from the Brightfield Group paints a pretty picture for the industry. It estimates that the CBD market could be worth an incredible $22 billion by 2022; a figure that puts it neck and neck with the weed industry.

Can CBD Push the Right Buttons in the Bedroom?

We’ve known for decades that ‘sex sells,’ and the CBD industry could be about to benefit from this maxim. Cannabis lube is said to heighten the sexual experience, and companies such as Privy Peach are looking to cash in by producing a range of cannabis-infused lubricants for individuals who experience sensitivities and pain during sex.

The trouble with marijuana-infused lube is the potential for psychoactive effects. For the founder of Privy Peach, Kim Koehler, it was important to find a way to eliminate this problem. When she discovered CBD, which comes from the marijuana plant but contains no psychoactive effects , she knew she had stumbled upon something game-changing.

Koehler has no issues outlining the pain she used to feel during sex. It was so bad that she tried to avoid having sex altogether. After various topical medications failed to work, she decided to learn how to make CBD lube. The result changed her life, and now she is trying to do the same for women who have the same issue Koehler once had.

How to Create CBD Sex Lube, DIY Style

The Privy Peach range is reasonably priced, and extremely effective if you believe customer reviews. However, not everyone will have access to the magical sex elixirs created by the company. If you are in this situation, don’t despair! This guide will show you how to quickly and easily create CBD sex lube at home.

You can use marijuana instead if you aren’t concerned about getting high, and if it is easily (and legally) accessible in your state. Dismissing the notion of DIY sex lube is easy. After all, cannabis companies that create this form of topical have huge budgets and can afford to utilize CO2 extraction techniques . You could try to replicate this method, but the equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars!

However, rather than trying to become a mad scientist, you can create CBD sex lube at home as long as you have the right equipment, with just TWO ingredients! That’s right; you just need MCT oil or coconut oil, and a high CBD marijuana strain such as Charlotte’s Web . You could also use Cannatonic or Harlequin , because their high CBD content helps alleviate much of the psychoactive high caused by THC.

The slight downside is that you’ll also need several pieces of equipment, but everything should be easy to find:

  • A scale to measure the marijuana
  • A pair of glass Mason jars of at least 4oz
  • Food processor or grinder
  • Slow cooker
  • Clean cheesecloth
  • A pair of funnels (one large, one small)
  • Boiling water
  • Oven
  • You could also get a tincture bottle to store the end product
  • Up to 8oz of the MCT or coconut oil
  • Up to 7 grams of your CBD-rich weed

The first step is to decarboxylate your cannabis . Remember, the goal is to activate the cannabinoids in the weed. It is the same process whether you want to convert THC-A into THC or CBD-A into CBD. Preheat your oven in the 220-240 degrees Fahrenheit range, and grind your weed using the food processor or grinder.

Spread the ground weed evenly on a baking tray and place in the oven for up to 60 minutes. Stir the weed halfway through ‘cooking.’ Use your weighing scale to weigh two evenly sized batches of the weed and place one in each jar. Add four ounces of the oil to each jar and seal them both shut.

Put the jars in the slow cooker and cover them with boiling water to the point where both containers are completely underwater. Use a pair of oven mitts to take out the jars every hour for a good shaking. Remove the jars after five hours and allow them to cool.

Make sure there are four layers of cheesecloth over the large funnel, which should be placed in a measuring container. Poor the cooled mixture through the cheesecloth and squeeze the plant matter to get as much oil as you can. The oil will probably have a green tinge. Pour the oil into the tincture bottle with the small funnel.

Congratulations! You have created your own CBD sex lube. Start with one ml per use to see how it impacts your sexual experience .

Make sure you purchase marijuana that has been lab-tested. The last thing you need is weed that contains contaminants such as pesticides. Another danger with untested weed is that it could contain a much higher THC level than you anticipated. As a result, it could cause an unwelcome high, and also places you at risk if you have to take an employee drug test .

After you have strained your oil, if you see bits of the weed floating in it, strain it again and again until they are gone. It is also important to remember that the decarboxylation process is a smelly one. If you are concerned about nosy individuals, cook some bacon when creating your sex lube to disguise the scent.

Final Thoughts on CBD Sex Lube

THC has been championed as the cannabinoid most likely to help you get the groove back in your sex life, but CBD is also capable of improving the sexual experience. An excessive level of THC not only makes you high, but it can also result in side effects such as paranoia which is a real buzz killer in the bedroom. CBD on the other hand is unlikely to cause any side effects, and it could play a significant role in heightening sensitivity and easing the pain.

Although there are a number of high-quality THC and CBD lubes on the market, the price tag of between $45 and $80 for a month’s supply is too steep for some. Fortunately, you can create your own lube for a fraction of the price. All you need is a few grams of weed and an MCT or coconut oil. Within a few hours, you’ll have CBD lube to help put some spice back into your relationship.

Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

Well, this is certainly a blog post that I never envisioned writing but here we are.

I’ve written about my experience with endometriosis before, but one of the aspects of endometriosis that I (and many women) often don’t talk about is the impact it has on a healthy sex life. I have intense debilitating pain from around the time of ovulation through the duration of my period. During this time, if I do as much as think of sex I will experience a sudden flash of burning singeing pain throughout my abdomen, pelvis, and rectum. At times the pain is so severe it shoots down my legs, around my back, sends me to the floor in the fetal position, and causes me to throw up. This pain comes and goes for two weeks out of the month, every single month. Due to the severity of symptoms, thinking about sex is off limits, so having actual sex or physical contact during this time is just not happening.

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Having half of a sex life gets old. Even during my good weeks sex can still be painful due to endometriosis and the impact it’s had on my pelvic muscles. Sick of the pain and uncomfortableness surrounding something that should be fulfilling and enjoyable, I made a batch of cannabis lube and asked my husband if he wanted to give it a try. He didn’t object. I’ve used cannabis suppositories for my endometriosis before and found them helpful, so I knew cannabis lube was worth exploring. However, we weren’t quite prepared for the result.

Holy batman!

You Must Apply 30 Minutes in Advance

Applying cannabis topically doesn’t work instantly, so this is one that takes a little planning ahead. And truthfully, this may add to it’s effectiveness – the element of suspense. We lathered up our nether regions with my Easy DIY Cannabis Lube, set a 30 minute Alexa timer (this was an official experiment after all), and tried our hardest to keep from jumping each other for the next 30 minutes. By the time the timer went off (it felt like 6 years had past) my vagina felt clearly different…like it was floating. I can’t quite explain it any other way, but it was floating. Think of the feeling of being high and now imagine your sexual organs feel that. That is what this was like.

The pelvic floor muscles that are normally contracted and tight in a response to my chronic pain released, which allowed me to enjoy sex like I never have before. NEVER. I didn’t quite realize the extent to which my muscles were wound up (and affecting my experience with sex) until they weren’t. The jabbing, stabbing, burning, lightning bolt pains I normally experience with intercourse , especially during that point in my cycle, were non-existent.

We both also felt an increased sensation and blood flow, which heightened the experience even more. After years and years of struggling with the effects of my endometriosis and chronic pain on our sex life, it was incredibly fulfilling and healing for both of us to have such a free experience with each other. My body wasn’t clenching or pulling away. What that did for us emotionally was beyond words. Physically it made us want to giggle like teenagers.

Who Can Benefit From Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

EVERYONE! Seriously, this stuff enhanced our sensation so much that I think it’s a must try for anyone. However, if you follow my work you know my heart lies with people with chronic conditions and that’s really where my thought process was when I decided to experiment with cannabis lube. Endometriosis and PTSD have negatively impacted my sex life and I know I’m not alone. 1 in 10 women are affected by Endometriosis. Every 92 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. If you haven’t experienced one of these things yourself, you undoubtedly know someone who has.

Individuals with Endometriosis or Other Forms of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Endometriosis can cause multi-faceted pelvic pain that directly and indirectly inhibits one’s ability to have or enjoy sexual intercourse. Stabbing, shooting, burning, clenching, searing, throbbing pain, are all words used to describe the experience. Locally applied cannabis can help to reduce or eliminate these pains, while also relaxing associated muscles.

Those Affected by PTSD or Sexual Trauma

The psychoactive properties of cannabis are widely known. They can be very helpful for easing anxiety and relaxing for sexual experiences. While topical methods like this cannabis lube won’t provide psychoactivity, they can be helpful for mitigating the physical effects of PTSD and sexual trauma. Trauma can impact sexual relationships much like physical pain. When triggered during sex, a person with PTSD may experiencing a clenching of their pelvic muscles or other physical sensations. Topically applied cannabis lube can help to unwind these muscles and allow for a relaxed and pleasant sexual experience.

How to Use Easy DIY Cannabis Lube

Shake well and apply liberally at least 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. While you can use more during intercourse, think of it more as pre-rendezvous lube than an in the moment friend.

Grab a towel. Coconut oil can stain the sheets.

Don’t use with latex condoms – MCT oil breaks down latex. That’s how babies happen.

Pair with ingested cannabis for ultimate effects. Cannabis lube is a topical application that only works locally, so for the full body relaxation, psychoactivity, and sensation pair with another delivery method.