how to petition for cbd oil

Under consideration PE1884: Make whole plant cannabis oil available on the NHS or alternative funding put in place

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make whole plant cannabis oil available on the NHS, or provide funds for private access, for severely epileptic children and adults where all other NHS epileptic drugs have failed to help.

Previous action taken

I have emailed my local MSP Mairi McAllan for help. I have also emailed my MP David Mundell, the Health Secretary for Health and Social Care and the First Minister for help to secure access to whole plant cannabis oil for children with severe epileptic conditions.

Background information

Whole plant cannabis oils was approved for use in the UK for medicinal purposes in 2018 but unfortunately not one person in Scotland has been able to receive a prescription for this. However, there are 3 prescriptions awarded to 3 children on the NHS in other parts of the UK.

I have been told that the Scottish Government does not intervene on individual prescription given out on the NHS or intervene on clinical decisions.

I was also advised that parents should seek advice from the clinical team in charge of their children about CBD (Cannabidiol) with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

However, can I make clear that we have been told that CBD oil with THC isn’t available to the NHS to prescribe so here stands the problem. How can the NHS clinical teams make prescriptions for people when these aren’t available for them to make?

Make cannabis oil (THC & CBD) legal and available on the NHS

To help combat diseases such as cancer, MS, epilepsy and other debilitating and life threatening diseases.

Cannabis oil has been scientifically proven over and over again to help combat side effects and help battle the diseases stated above, and many more conditions.

We are asking for a MEDICAL marijuana program, people will get a prescription from a doctor to qualify as a patient. Cannabis oil has been vital to a lot of successful recovery stories and there have been many instances of medical 'miracles' achieved by patients using this plant.

From combating the nausea from chemo to helping epilepsy patients have a fit free day the evidence is there and lots of it, who is anyone to deny these patients the treatment they want?.