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Skincare benefits of Hemp Oil and CBD

In one of our more recent blogs, we were discussing the current trends in skincare ingredients and one of the trends that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm is incorporating derivatives of the hemp plant. Beauty and wellness products containing cannabidiol (CBD, the non-hallucinogenic form derived from the cannabis family) as well as hemp seed oil are becoming increasingly popular due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Trilogy Laboratories is currently developing skincare products containing hemp-derived ingredients and we are loving the results!

Hemp-derived products give you a natural skincare option that is chock full of benefits. In general, you can expect your skin to be moisturized, regenerated and revitalized after each use. Since hemp-derived CBD is so gentle, it can be used on each part of your body to help you achieve all-over results. Keep in mind that hemp oil by itself has a lot of skin benefits of its own, (mostly because of the fatty components) but it does not contain CBD unless it has been specifically added. Hemp oil is made from the seed of the hemp plant whereas CBD comes from the flower. Also, it’s important to know that CBD from the hemp plant (unlike the marijuana plant) is legal in all 50 states.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it absorbs what we put onto it. Today, many mainstream skincare products are made with potentially harmful synthetic or harsh chemicals. And labels claiming to be “natural” or “organic” can be extremely misleading. It’s important to pay close attention to the ingredients listed on these products because your skin could be directly absorbing harmful chemicals.

By simply switching products and incorporating more natural ingredients into your skincare routine you can improve the quality of what you are delivering to your skin. One word of warning though—just because something is natural doesn’t make it good for you. Think about Poison Ivy! You wouldn’t want to slather your skin with a lotion containing that, now would you?

Cannabis-derived products are becoming a BFF for holistic types because they can potentially help relieve pain! CBD has a soothing effect on the skin as it binds to a special set of receptors which help relieve feelings of heat, itch and pain. Just as other natural oils are used in skin care, the natural fatty acids and antioxidants in hempseed oil make it a good choice for people with dry skin and eczema.

Try hemp oil and CBD on these body parts to see some incredible results!

Face: Products like a CBD lotion or serum can help in fighting acne and reducing the redness of pimples. In addition, CBD may give your skin a more youthful appearance, thanks to its inflammation-fighting abilities.

Lips: Our lips are a part of our skin so it’s important to make sure they are carefully protected like the rest of our body. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your lips is by using products containing hemp-derived CBD or hemp oil. Hemp is the only plant that contains vitamin D, which is a key ingredient for beautiful looking skin.

Hands: Safe for even the most sensitive hands, hemp-derived oil protects against external elements. Using a hemp hand cream before leaving the house saves your skin from harsh weather conditions that could potentially dry and damage your skin. Hemp oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, aiding it’s moisturizing and anti-aging features. It is also high in linoleic acid, which is responsible for keeping skin supple. Using hemp oil on your hands makes them softer while also being naturally antibiotic and antifungal. With the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid content, this oil helps regenerate the skin’s protective layer.

Body: CBD products can be used on the body to ease muscular aches, reduce swelling, and ease pain. The high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp oil treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Vitamin E, which is also present in hemp-derived oil, boosts skin’s UV defense and neutralizes damaging free radicals. Using CBD or hemp oil products can increase your skins elasticity and water retention capacity.

As you can see, CBD and hemp oil are great options because of the ability to target a variety of problems simultaneously while being gentle and soothing. Keep an eye out for Trilogy Laboratories’ CBD skincare products so you too can experience all the wonderful benefits!

Andy Kerr | Oregon Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Operative, Agitator, Strategist, Tactician, Schmoozer, Raconteur

Poison oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) is found in western Oregon (west of the Cascade Crest) and can be either a bush or climbing vine.

Rydberg’s poison ivy (T. rydbergii) frequents stream bottoms in eastern Oregon.

Both are found only below 4,000 feet elevation. Both are members of the cashew family and prefer sunshine, but can do without; prefer drier soils, but can tolerate wetter soils; and prefer disturbed ground, but can live elsewhere. Although essentially the same plant, the shape of the leaflets differentiates poison oak and ivy.

Learning to identify the plants is the single most effective thing you can do to avoid later troubles. It is more than knowing and heeding “leaflets of three, leave it be,” though it is a start. There can be up to 11 compound leaflets. Know the plant by leaf and plant shape.

The next thing to do is to dress properly to avoid contact with the plant. Wear real shoes, not open sandals. Wear long pants and not shorts.

IvyBlock, a barrier cream, spread on the skin before exposure, contains quaternium-18 bentonite, a chemical that bonds with urushiol, so it cannot bond w/ the skin. The cream prevents reaction 68% of the time and reactions are likely to be less. However, it cannot take place of prevention.

The poison in these poison plants is the oil urushiol (“yoo-ROO-she-ol” or “oo-ROO-she-ol”) which flows throughout the leaves, stems, roots and skin of the berries, but not in the flowers, pollen or dried leaves that have fallen naturally from the plant. It is a very powerful oil: two micrograms (about two-millionth of two tablespoons) is enough to cause a reaction in most humans. You cannot be exposed through the air, though you can by coming in contact with urushiol in smoke and soot. You do not have to have contact with the plant itself, but only with things that have contacted the plant, such as clothes (including those of others that you are washing) or pets.

Only 15% of the population are truly immune. Eating leaves or other such things will not cause immunity. If you reach adulthood with out a reaction, your chances drop from 85% to 50%.

If you suspect that you have been exposed, quick preventative actions can avoid dermatitis (rash and blisters).

Urushiol starts to chemically bond with the skin within five to ten minutes. However, do not try to wash it off immediately if more exposure is likely. Wait until you’re out of the woods as washing also removes good oils on your skin that somewhat protect you from urushiol.

The best treatment for exposure to urushiol is rubbing alcohol (in a pinch vodka or gin works, but only if you rub on, not drink it), which is a solvent that neutralizes the urushiol. If used within four hours of exposure, it will leach urushiol out of the skin. (Do not use rubbing alcohol after the rash begins to appear, as it will just further irritate already irritated the skin.).

Drench a cloth in rubbing alcohol (I have used gin work in a pinch and result was effective but soberting) and pass over the skin. Then take a shower with copious amounts of tepid water (hot water opens up the pores). You can soap, but only with plenty of water; otherwise you’re moving the urushiol around. Water does not dissolve urushiol, but it does dilute it. The use of harsher soaps has no more effect on urushiol than regular soap and can irritate the skin.

Be sure to isolate exposed clothing until they can be washed or risk re-contact with urushiol. Regular washing does the trick.

If rashes and blisters do erupt, it is often associated with oozing and weepy sores and always with a pernicious itch. When urushiol bonds with the skin, it is chemically changed and no longer urushiol. The urushiol-induced ooze is not contagious to the oozer or others. The ooze is just plasma and contains no urushiol.

Seventy-five per cent of cases can be treated at home. Reach for the calamine to dry weepy sores and reduce the itch. Do not use Caladryl, as it contains the antihistamine benadryl, which provides little relief and can make you sensitive to benadryl, perhaps causing allergic reactions later when you really need the stuff. Over-the-counter topical cortisone creams can relieve itch.

Very hot showers often cause relief that last for hours, as they draw histamines, the cause of the itching, to and away from the skin surface.

If you break out on large amounts of your body, or your face or genitals, a trip to the doctor is advised, where you’ll probably be given corticosteroids, which can have some side effects.

While you are recovering, a very good book to read is Nature’s Revenge The Secrets of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, and Their Remedies, by Susan Carol Hauser. Knowledge can minimize itching.

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