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Iowans demand radical change, get CBD gummies instead

New drug and alcohol laws signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds this year range from kind of good to pretty bad in the eyes of freedom-loving Iowans.


‘ House File 2540 allows bars to sell sealed containers of mixed drinks and wine. This makes permanent the ‘cocktail to-go” measure Rey-nolds temporarily enacted during COVID-19 business restrictions, but does not allow Iowans to consume alcohol outside or in other public spaces. The law also allows nonprofits to host charity beer events.

‘ Senate File 2134 updates last year’s law allowing beer manufacturers to make canned cocktails, allowing more Iowa companies and consumers to partake in the growing market for canned beverages.

‘ House File 684 is a form of a ‘good Samaritan” policy, which gives limited legal protection to people who report substance-related health risks to the authorities. Iowa adopted a law in 2018 to promote overdose reporting, but it is riddled with conditions and exemptions that leave many people vulnerable to prosecution. This year’s law extends protection to underage drinkers, but has some of the same shortfalls.


‘ Senate File 2268 increases the age to possess nicotine products from 18 to 21, in line with a federal law signed by President Donald Trump last year. This was done in response to teenagers’ and young adults’ increasing use of vapor products. The war against vapes persists, pushed along by prohibitionists overstating youth use rates and the exaggerating the harm of vapor e-cigarettes.


‘ House File 2589 makes several important updates to Iowa’s medical cannabis program – it adds two conditions, allows more providers to recommend treatment and removes the ban on people with felony convictions from receiving cannabis treatment. However, the law also adjusts the allowable tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, limit in medical products, which will be an improvement for some patients but could make others worse off.

‘ House File 2581 allows for the manufacture, sale and consumption of consumable hemp products, which are grown from cannabis plants containing no more than 0.3 percent THC. The law allows stores to sell hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, which is already common in Iowa but was illegal until now. Unfortunately, the law specifically prohibits smoking or otherwise inhaling hemp, making hemp cigarettes illegal.

‘ Senate File 2120 adds veterinarians to Iowa’s prescription drug monitoring program, which is intended to identify people abusing controlled substances, such as opioids. Prescription monitoring programs face concerns over their effectiveness, data privacy and the administrative burden placed on health professionals.

All in all, it was small progress and a few setbacks. That’s not good enough when our state already is behind the times – this is one of the worst states for over-criminalizing drugs and over-regulating alcohol.

At a time when Americans are demanding systemic change, I can’t help but be a little underwhelmed at the prospect of CBD gummies on store shelves.

CBD in Iowa: IA State Laws and Where to Buy Legally

CBD Oil Legality in Iowa: Cannabidiol State Law Regulations in IA, USA

Iowa is known for many things in the United States. For one, the citizens of Iowa are members of the Midwest and are consequently some of the most welcoming and nice spirits in the continental United States. A slew of region-specific habits and concepts help to paint Iowa as a premier destination for students and travelers looking to get away to a calm but innovative state. But Iowa has won praise for the liberality and progressiveness of some of their policies, as well. As the state is the host of the first caucus for the democratic party in the Presidential elections, it has strong roots in progressive policies as well as conservative.

This is clearly evident in the state’s laws on CBD and cannabis or hemp-derived products. Oddly enough, much of the CBD sales in the state come without the endorsement of the Iowa state government but are done by individual stores claiming that the authority of the 2014 farm bill overrides their state’s lack of substantive laws in favor of the substance. This is most clearly evidenced by the Department of Health in Iowa’s statement released in August of last year. The agency stated that CBD products remain illegal, despite their prevalence and the hype surrounding them.

But the state has made some strides in the CBD and hemp industries. Iowa code states that medicinal CBD is legal with the O.K. of a licensed physician (124E), and many jurisdictions still interpret the Farm Bill to have fully legalized the sale of non-THC CVD products.

Age Requirements for CBD in Iowa

Because of the legal ambiguity of the products, companies selling CBD in the state of Iowa are almost always going to require that their customers be over the age of eighteen in order to purchase CBD oils, edibles, creams, or any other product derived from the industrial hemp plant. Despite the clearly illegal nature of cannabis and marijuana in the state, it has no shortage of head and smoke shops. These establishments might require that visitors be twenty-one to even enter the shop, though most maintain an age requirement of eighteen.

It is possible to secure a prescription for medical CBD from their doctor. Though physicians are typically cautious about recommending CBD products, so if the condition makes CBD use necessary few doctors will avoid the decision entirely. It is best to inquire with a specialist to get this kind of prescription.

Where to Find Iowa CBD

Iowa is an interesting state to look for CBD in, especially given the splotchy history of the state government in codifying rules on the usage and possession or distribution of CBD products derived from the industrial hemp plant. Because the state has been clear that these products are not legal to sell, some stores have taken them off the shelves. But for the majority of health food stores and gas stations, as well as many heads and smoke shops, the Federal Farm Bill of 2014 makes it legal for them to distribute the product.

The best bet for an Iowan looking to secure some CBD is to inquire with the nearest health food store or gas station. Many gas stations will have the CBD in a section reserved only for consumers over the age of eighteen, and it never hurts to ask.

Types of Iowa CBD

Iowa has the same kind of CBD selection that many states with heavy criminalization of cannabis are likely to have. When it comes to CBD with a small, insignificant content of THC, Iowa should have it all. Edibles, creams, balms, and all kinds of smokable CBD should be buyable at the nearest gas station or health food shops, smoke shop, or head shop.

But the state will absolutely not be able to supply consumers with high-THC CBD. The Iowa Department of Public Health has been clear on the illegal nature of cannabis-derived substances.

Buying CBD Online in Iowa

Consumers can ship online CBD products from retailers to the state of Iowa with no issue, so long as the company, they order from is willing to ship to the state—most are.

Future Legality of Iowa CBD

It’s hard to predict what the future might hold for this Midwestern state. Hopefully, some of the Midwesterner niceness will rub off on the government and positively impact the thriving CBD and industrial hemp program in Iowa.