is cbd oil good for a sunburn


After an afternoon relaxing or working in the sun, the hot sting of a sunburn can make the rest of your week unpleasant.

Sunburns result from overexposure to the sun . More specifically, they indicate the absorption of too much ultraviolet light (UV). Sunburn is a toxic response from your body that happens because the outer layer of skin has been overwhelmed and damaged by this UV radiation.

Sunburns are easily avoidable by foregoing direct sun exposure. Some ways to reduce the chance of sunburn can include wearing sunscreen and wearing UV-blocking clothes or accessories. Though these seem to be simple methods to avoid the discomforts of sunburns, most people will experience sunburns at some point in their lives. Hemp oil is ideal for helping to treat the painful symptoms that result.

Hemp Oil Moisturizes Skin Dried by Sunburn

The pain of being burned after having spent time in the sun is a singular feeling. When it begins, it doesn’t seem so bad; perhaps a mild surface sensitivity. The discomfort, however, sinks in as time passes and can worsen to the point of being excruciating.

Hemp oil comes to the rescue with its moisturizing properties. Burns strip moisture from the damaged skin. Hemp oil is easily absorbed, returning liquid to your thirsty body and keeping existing moisture in your skin longer for additional relief.

The Science Behind Hemp Moisturizers

One of the components of hemp that assists skin health is gamma-linoleic acid . This omega-6 was first identified in evening primrose seeds which were historically used to reduce swelling. Your body naturally produces gamma-linoleic acid, and the application of hemp seed oil may help your skin tap into its soothing qualities.

Human skin naturally keeps itself strong and moisturized by generating an oil known as sebum. Without any oil, our skin would be brittle and breakable—as it is when sunburned. With too much sebum, our skin feels oily and the resulting clogged pores lead to acne.

Hemp oil provides balance, moisturizing the skin without overloading pores or leaving the sticky residue of other sunburn lotions. For people who have naturally oily skin, hemp oil can help to regulate the amount of sebum that is produced by the skin to maintain the moisture and hydration needed to nourish and help heal sunburned skin.

Hemp Oil Nutrients Rejuvenate Sunburned Skin

Sunburn can damage the topmost layer of skin, leaving it flaky, brittle, and prone to peeling. With its high content of Omega-6 & Omega-3 oils, antioxidants, other essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, and E, hemp oil can assist in the vital cell repair necessary to heal skin damaged by the rays of the sun.

The oil is high in Omega-6, which may help to increase oxygenation and blood circulation under the skin. This increased blood circulation will assist in the healing of sunburned skin and shorter healing period. In turn, the damaged skin is less painful thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of this particular component of hemp oil.

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Here’s the rundown on how this suite of nutrients all come into play when skin health is concerned. Hemp oil helps sunburned skin with:

  • Omega-6 oils – Protects against skin drying and thinning
  • Omega-3 oils – Tempers sunburn response
  • Vitamin A – Encourages collagen production for healthy skin
  • Vitamin D – Associated with tissue repair and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin E – An antioxidant, decreasing inflammation

This versatile product offers a host of benefits that lend themselves to the treatment of mild to moderate sunburn discomfort.

How to Choose Your Hemp Oil

Whether you’re shopping at your local organic grocery or an CBD superstore , there are an ever-growing amount of hemp sunburn lotions on the market. As you compare brands, you’ll find different ingredient lists and textures to the soothers.

If you’ve always trusted in the healing powers of aloe vera after a sunny day at the beach, there are hemp oil lotions that combine the powers of hemp and aloe into one bottle.

You may wish to avoid added fragrances in this skincare product. Raw, burned skin is easily irritated. For additional comfort factors, look for packaging or reviews that indicate the lotion absorbs quickly without residual stickiness.

Finally, there’s the manufacturing. Reputable hemp companies will grow their plants in FDA-approved facilities and have the paperwork to prove it. You can also check the packaging to see whether the maker chose not to use animal testing.

In addition to picking out a good hemp soother for your sunburn , take it easy while you’re recovering. Getting a second sunburn on top of the one you already have is uncomfortable at best and can deepen the damage already incurred.

A Word on Hemp Oil Sunscreen

In addition to using hemp oil to soothe pain, hemp-based sunscreens can help prevent the itching discomfort in the first place.

Hemp seed oil has an SPF or “sunburn protection factor” of 6, while the American Academy of Dermatology recommends broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPFs of 30 or more . You should be wearing sunscreen whenever you’re spending time outside but incorporating hemp products into your skincare routine gives a head start on protection. Also, hemp oil provides this UV protection without preventing the absorption of essential Vitamin D.

While hemp oil is not sufficient in and of itself to fully protect against sun damage, it does help when combined with other measures. If you don’t enjoy the heavy texture of typical sunscreens, you may find that using product with hemp oil as its base is a nicer way to keep your skin healthy.

Use Uncle Bud’s hemp sunscreen lotion and hemp sunburn soother as part of a structured skin care program and enjoy healthier, smoother skin today!

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Treating a Sunburn With CBD — Could It Work?

There are many things to love about summer, but sunburns aren’t one of them. Coming home from the beach with red, painful skin is an annual tradition that most would prefer to avoid. And with CBD being touted as the most revolutionary advance in skin care since, well, ever, some have wondered if it might be the solution for sunburns too.

At the moment there’s little scientific evidence to confirm this theory. However, there’s reason to believe it’s not that far-fetched. The body’s endocannabinoid system is known to regulate both pain and inflammatory responses — and pain and inflammation are often the two worst parts of a sunburn, aside from the embarrassment. And while no scientific studies have specifically examined CBD’s effects on sunburns, research has shown it to be effective in similar contexts. For example, a 2017 study in Frontiers of Pharmacology showed that topical CBD could reduce pain at the site of incisions (though it should be noted that the experiment was conducted on rats).

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Because of the damage caused to the skin by excessive sun exposure, with severe symptoms that include itchiness and peeling, there is also a risk of infection. CBD has recently been shown to be a highly potent antibiotic, and it’s already being used in products like antibacterial soap to help prevent infections.

CBD Products That May Protect Your Skin From the Sun

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, CBD sunscreens may be a strong first line of defense. In addition to the standard ingredients, these products are rich in the fatty acids found in the cannabis plant, which help create an extra layer of SPF on the skin (and also, potentially, help prevent wrinkles). People in states where recreational cannabis is legal can also try THC-rich products such as Evergreen Organix’s SPF+THC sunscreen, which has 100 mg of the cannabinoid). However, since CBD also has anti-aging properties, you’re not missing much if you live in a place where THC-rich products are banned.

These can be surprisingly affordable (Canisun’s 50 SPF sunscreen costs just $20, for example), though many of the less expensive varieties provide little information on their ingredients, so you’d be wise to approach them with caution.

But what if you’re already burned? In this case, a CBD balm might be what you need. Like aloe vera, it can be applied after the fact to soothe hot, painful skin. They come in a variety of forms, including the Formula Swiss CBD Balm or the Lord Jones’ High CBD Formula Body Lotion. These can be a bit pricier — the Lord Jones version goes for $60, but it also comes with proof that it was tested in a third-party laboratory for quality and purity, so at least you can be more confident that it contains what it claims.

But Do They Actually Work?

The biggest question about CBD sunburn products is whether or not they work. At this point, there’s no clear answer — no scientific studies have examined them in detail, so consumers are left to depend on anecdotal reports like the one from VICE wellness editor Rajul Punjabi, who, after suffering an unpleasant burn, “slathered a bit of it on and felt an immediate cooling effect.” Punjabi was impressed enough by the results to wonder, “Could CBD replace aloe vera for sunburns? Could this be a skin revolution?”

However, CBD might not replace aloe vera so much as complement it. Many of these products contain similarly skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and other essential oils — making it hard to know what exactly is doing the real work.

The good news is that there aren’t any significant side effects associated with CBD, so the only real damage done when experimenting with CBD for sunburns is to your bank account — your skin has suffered enough already.