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10 Best CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain to Buy: Uses, Effects, & Benefits

(Ad) When it comes to arthritis, pain and inflammation are a package deal. So with an increasing number of patients living with this often debilitating health issue, it’s no surprise that CBD’s potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have gained attention through medically reviewed research and reviews.

CBD use has grown exponentially in recent years, its most significant milestone being the FDA’s approval of Epidiolex, an antiepileptic prescription drug derived from CBD.

But as arthritis becomes a bigger problem, new and experienced CBD users want to find the best CBD oil for their needs.

After careful examination of newer and known brands, we’ve compiled the 10 best CBD oil for arthritis that may help provide relief.

It’s important to note that we always recommend consulting with your doctor to receive the best and most accurate information. Just like any other health supplement, cannabidiol may have risks involved.

How Effective Is CBD at Treating Arthritis?

The jury is still out about whether CBD can help with relief from arthritis symptoms. But there are a lot of animal studies pointing us in that direction.

If those studies provide similar results in human trials, we could hope that CBD is somewhat effective at reducing arthritis symptoms.

Keep in mind, CBD can’t cure arthritis, nor is it a recognized treatment by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, what we see so far is very promising.

We’ll cover that in greater detail later.

Top 10 CBD Oils for Arthritis to Buy in 2022

We applied our key benchmarks to several CBD oil tincture vendors, narrowing them down to the top 10 options. These companies made it on our list because they went above and beyond the basic standard for CBD products.

The brands we’ll cover for best CBD oil for arthritis today (in order of preference) are:

Factors That Helped Us Rank for the Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

Although the FDA’s recent crackdown on unscrupulous vendors did drive an overall improvement in self-regulation and quality, many brands try to cut corners. But thanks to effective marketing, they can take mediocre CBD products and make them sound top tier.

Sifting through all the vendors isn’t something you’re keen on doing. So we decided to take a deep look into which brands deserve recognition for their quality, transparency, and overall reputation.

We scoured the CBD industry for the best companies and CBD products, applying a list of specific benchmarks to narrow down the list.

These objective characteristics help ensure that the CBD you choose for arthritis symptoms is right for you.

1. Farming Practices

The quality of hemp heavily depends on the way it’s grown. In turn, that quality translates to the hemp extract used in a variety of CBD products.

In our effort to evaluate farming practices, we examine the following:

  • Hemp source: USDA certification? Organic? Organically grown?
  • Grown in-house: Where do they get their hemp? Locally grown or an outside producer?
  • Sustainability: Is the vendor’s hemp grown using environmentally friendly methods?

2. Extraction and Purification

The extraction method is a critical benchmark for us. Some ways are cleaner or more effective than others, while other brands may have their proprietary approach to their hemp extract.

We base this benchmark on three key points:

  • Extraction: CO2, alcohol, butane, etc.
  • Facilities: Is the CBD extracted, processed, and tested by a third-party lab?
  • Knowledge: Does the brand employ medical and pharmaceutical experts?

3. Quality and Efficacy

The CBD we choose needs to be well made but also effectively address the pain and inflammation from arthritis. We therefore examine:

  • Potency: CBD per volume or weight.
  • CBD option: Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or pure CBD isolate?
  • Contents: Natural ingredients? Any added flavors, colors, nutrients, or supplements?

4. Flavor

Although not essential, flavor (or lack thereof) can improve or harm the overall experience. CBD products for arthritis that taste good are easier to take. If a brand offers flavored products, we take a close look at:

  • Variety: Are there a lot of flavor options?
  • Choices: Do the flavors offered taste good, or do they sound appealing?
  • Flavor strength: Do they cancel out the cannabis taste?

5. Third-Party Lab Testing

If there’s anything we need to have, it’s third-party testing. Any brand that doesn’t test its products or provide certificates of analysis is a huge red flag. In addition, lack of testing indicates a potentially hazardous lack of transparency, so no company makes our list if they don’t perform this vital step.

We then base our evaluation on the results of those tests, specifically:

  • Contamination: Are microbes, heavy metals, chemical pesticides, or other toxins present?
  • Other compounds: Does the CBD contain a diverse profile of terpenes and cannabinoids?
  • Label accuracy: Does CBD content in the tests match the label?

6. Reputation

Not every brand has had a chance to build a significant reputation, which isn’t a huge problem given the other benchmarks we have. But a CBD vendor that’s well-received by customers speaks volumes beyond the company’s CBD product claims and descriptions.

To get an idea of where a CBD brand stands, we examine two key areas:

  • User reviews: Online opinions from independent sources.
  • Industry presence: Is the vendor reputable? Are they known for their quality?

7. Shipping and Returns

Some vendors offer free shipping (conditions may apply) and extensive guarantees. While we prefer companies with lenient shipping and return policies, it’s not a qualifying factor.

10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis: Reviews

In the following section, we will cover the best CBD oils for arthritis that you can buy in 2022. With our in-depth review of many companies, we’re confident that these products are the best out there.

1. Colorado Botanicals – Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Colorado Botanicals was established in 2017 with the intention of becoming a top-tier CBD oil vendor. Fast-forward to 2022, and Colorado Botanicals now sells some of the most potent, pure CBD oils we’ve seen.

Colorado Botanicals is an example of hemp CBD done right, from their sourcing and growing to manufacture testing.

Colorado Botanicals was also featured in Discover Magazine’s article on Best CBD for Inflammation to buy in 2022, which helped put them at the top of our list, and after a thorough review, it was a no-brainer to put them first.

Why Colorado Botanicals Is Our Top Pick for Arthritis

First and foremost, the quality and measures Colorado Botanicals takes to produce their hemp extract surpasses what any other brand does based on our research and review.

Colorado Botanicals uses their proprietary extraction and purification process, taking a pharmaceutical approach to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp oil and, more importantly, naturally retaining terpenes in the process.

Colorado Botanicals also doesn’t play around when it comes to hemp. Everything is sourced from organic plants grown using sustainable farming practices. They emphasize how the better quality the hemp genetics are, the better the cannabinoid and terpene profile will be.

Hemp quickly absorbs toxins from the surrounding environment, which is why Colorado Botanicals works diligently to keep that area free of contaminants, checking the soil and air quality for any early warning signs. Not only is this handy for nipping a problem in the bud, but it also guarantees the cleanest product possible.

They even back their products with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the product within 60 days, you can get a full refund.

Not only do they test their hemp oil multiple times in-house, but once production is complete, Colorado Botanicals has FESA Labs and ProVerde Laboratories conduct third-party testing on every batch, with certificates of analysis available on their website.

All Colorado Botanicals CBD products are broad-spectrum, meaning a full cannabinoid and terpene profile while being THC-free.

Terpenes: The Colorado Botanicals Difference

Terpenes come up a lot when addressing CBD oil because they’re an integral part of what separates good products from excellent ones.

This is one of the many things that separates Colorado Botanicals from the vast majority of brands out there. Their unique proprietary purification process uses low heat, which avoids burning off terpenes.

Below is an image we took from their third-party lab report of their terpene profile test. We’ll cover two terpenes associated with helping symptoms of arthritis.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis


Beta-caryophyllene (β-Caryophyllene) is a terpene native to different spicy plants, like cinnamon or black pepper.

Interestingly, this compound appears to behave like a cannabinoid, acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors, according to one 2020 study.

The above publication noted the terpene’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects in rats.


Third-party tests show a substantial amount of linalool in Colorado Botanicals CBD oil. This is impressive, given how rare linalool is in large quantities. Usually, you’ll find it in strong-smelling plants, like lavender.

A 2017 review examined the terpene research from various studies, explaining how linalool helps reduce pain and inflammation in rodent test subjects.

Top Products

Colorado Botanicals carries four CBD oil tincture options available in peppermint or unflavored that we prefer for arthritis. CBD concentrations range from 300 mg to 3,000 mg in a single 30 mL bottle. However, if you want to address arthritis symptoms specifically, we suggest the following two products. Their CBD gummies are also another great option.

Colorado Botanicals 750 mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

The 750 mg oil is a great starting point. With a CBD potency of 25 mg per 1 mL, this product offers outstanding value, outdoing many of its rivals.

Created with broad-spectrum CBD, this tincture is THC-free, using extract suspended in natural MCT coconut oil. Thanks to a closely monitored hemp growing and testing process, you won’t find added terpenes, solvents, or artificial ingredients.

Colorado Botanicals 1,500 mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

With 1,500 mg of CBD per bottle and delivering an impressive 50 mg per 1 mL, this oil is two times more potent than the 750 mg option ― but not twice the price.

Ingredients are identical, but the 1,500 mg CBD product offers more value than the 750 mg option.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

2. Joy Organics

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Joy Organics is a fantastic vendor for many reasons. Founded by married couple Joy and Todd Smith, the company has a solid reputation in the CBD industry.

The company’s oils are decently potent, ranging from 30 to 75 mg per 1 mL in each 30 mL bottle. You also have a choice between five flavors: unflavored, fresh lime, tranquil mint, summer lemon, and orange bliss.

Joy does an excellent job adhering to many of the core benchmarks we want to see in any reputable CBD company.

What We Love About Joy Organics

Joy Organics can legally state their domestic hemp is USDA Certified Organic. This is different from simply saying a product is organic or organically grown. It’s a legal regulatory stamp of approval stating a product contains at least 95% organic ingredients. If you want purity in sourcing, Joy Organics hits the mark. Oils are available in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, in case some people are concerned about THC content but still want the benefits of other plant compounds.

The company says they use a proprietary CO2 extraction process (like Colorado Botanicals) to maximize terpene, cannabinoid, and flavonoid retention. In addition, third-party test results are available on each product page for reference.

Joy is one of the cheaper options we’ve seen, with the most expensive item retailing for $129.95. The savings are even better if you take advantage of their 25% discount for subscribers.

They also have an excellent return policy. You can return used or unused products within 30 days for a full refund.

Top Products

Joy Organics Full-Spectrum 1,350 mg CBD Oil

If you decide to go with Joy Organics, we suggest their Full-Spectrum 1,350 mg Fresh Lime Organic CBD Tincture if you need relief from arthritis, with an added benefit of 0.3 percent THC.

With 45 mg per 1 mL, this oil’s moderate potency is a good starting point but can also do the job for more advanced arthritis relief.

The full-spectrum extract is suspended in organic MCT oil, with organic key lime oil and organic stevia for flavor and sweetening.

The key lime taste goes a long way to disguising the otherwise powerful full-spectrum “hempy” taste.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

3. NuLeaf Naturals

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

A CBD veteran, NuLeaf Naturals has been going strong since its founding in 2014. They’re comparable to Colorado Botanicals, with a strong focus on organic growing, clean extraction, and purity.

NuLeaf’s commitment to all-natural CBD oil tinctures means they use only full-spectrum CBD (whole plant) extract in their product, with no added flavors or fillers.

CBD choices range from 300 mg to 6,000 mg, with a 60 mg per 1 mL concentration across the board.

The price might also be a sore spot for some. You can get a comparable or better oil at Colorado Botanicals for around $40 less.

Still, you do get what you pay for. NuLeaf may not be first on our list, but they have more than earned their spot in third.

What We Love About NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals full-spectrum has a lot to offer beyond just CBD. As full-spectrum whole-plant extracts, you’ll get a full lineup of cannabinoids and terpenes, including less than 0.3 percent THC.

They also frequently put products on sale, so there’s a good chance you can snag one. NuLeaf is popular among customers for the very reasons we listed above.

The company brings everything to the table ― CO2 extraction, third-party testing, and an all-natural approach ― which showcases NuLeaf’s dedication to quality and safety.

Should you decide to become a regular customer, don’t forget to take advantage of their 10% discount for subscribing.

But if you want to see how NuLeaf stands out, just look at their products.

Top Products

Nuleaf Naturals Full Spectrum 1,800mg CBD Oil

We recommend NuLeaf Naturals 1,800 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil tincture. Like the other oils, it provides 60 mg per 1 mL. Containing 30 mL of oil per bottle, this is big enough to last you a while if you’re just starting to use CBD for arthritis.

As a bonus, NuLeaf chooses virgin organic hemp seed oil as its carrier. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are considered healthy foods and come packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

4. Charlotte’s Web

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Established in 2012, Charlotte’s Web offers a variety of full-spectrum hemp CBD tinctures. Oils come in both full-spectrum and CBD isolate options ranging in CBD potency from 7 mg per 1 mL to 60 mg per 1 mL. Bottle sizes also vary, with choices from 10 mL to 100 mL.

What We Love About Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web markets itself as “the most trusted hemp extract,” with a massive group of staunchly loyal customers who would back up that claim.

The company grows its hemp in-house, where it’s monitored from seed to sale ― much like how Colorado Botanicals maintains quality control. All hemp is organically grown and U.S. Hemp Authority Certified.

Charlotte’s Web also goes the extra mile with its savings. Aside from the 25% subscriber discount for regular customers, the vendor also gives 15% off to veterans who can confirm their status.

Despite solid brand credibility, Charlotte’s Web doesn’t act like the Nike of the CBD industry. Its products are incredibly affordable, with the most expensive 30 mL item costing $119.99. But this reduces to $89.99 if you take advantage of the enormous 25% discount for subscribers.

Charlotte’s Web is leaning toward CO2 extraction, but their older formula oils use isopropyl alcohol.

You’ll also notice a diverse array of terpenes and cannabinoids thanks to their full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extracts.

Top Products

Charlotte’s Web Original Formula 50mg CBD Oil

For CBD for arthritis, we recommend Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil. Available in 30 mL and 100 mL options, each bottle offers 50 mg per 1 mL of CBD, making it strong enough to last a while for mild to moderate arthritis flare-ups but also sufficient for more severe symptoms.

Charlotte’s Web infuses this full-spectrum tincture into olive oil, which does little to reduce the “hempy” taste. However, the product is also available in mint chocolate for those who need some flavor.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

5. PlusCBD

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Originating in 2012, PlusCBD markets its products as “the most reliable hemp extracts on Earth.” The brand was founded by CV Sciences, a company with years of experience in the dietary supplement niche.

One sore spot for us is that the company doesn’t source its hemp from the European Union. They claim that this is due to logistical issues caused by regulatory roadblocks in the U.S.

Oils are available in 30 mL and 55 ml bottles and range from 8 mg per 1 mL to 25 mg per 1 mL for their 1,500 mg “Max Strength” oil. You can also choose between peppermint or unflavored options.

What We Love About PlusCBD

PlusCBD has some strong points. First, they use full-spectrum extract, which ensures the best effects possible, especially given the limited CBD.

Thanks to CO2 extraction, PlusCBD (and its customers) can make the best of its full-spectrum CBD.

PlusCBD also has an innovative approach to their oil, creating a spray pump mechanism for micro-dosing. Each pump contains a premeasured amount of oil, so you’ll need several sprays to reach the one-milliliter mark.

Their retail prices are a bit steep. For instance, the company’s 1,500 mg CBD is $119.99. Meanwhile, you can get the same amount of CBD with twice the concentration from Colorado Botanicals for $109.99

However, PlusCBD’s return policy is pretty good, with customers being given 30 days to return the product for a refund.

Top Products

If you want to try PlusCBD for arthritis, we recommend the +PlusCBD 1,500 mg 55 mL Drops. Suspended in extra virgin olive oil, this product is excellent for micro-dosing.

However, with 25 mg of CBD, it probably won’t cut it for people with more severe symptoms. Unfortunately, it’s the strongest option.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

6. cbdMD

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Arising in 2015, cbdMD is a shining example of success in the CBD industry. They offer a broad range of potent CBD oils in 30 mL and some 60 mL options, available in natural, berry, orange, and mint flavors.

What We Love About cbdMD

cbdMD’s approach is similar to Colorado Botanicals, where concentration per serving doesn’t decrease with volume. What’s truly impressive is that these 30 mL bottles offer 300 mg to 7,500 mg of CBD. This means the highest option contains 250 mg per 1 mL.

All of their hemp is organically sourced from U.S. hemp farmers for the best quality extract possible.

The company’s products are very inexpensive compared to other vendors on our list. If that isn’t enough, they offer discounts of 30% to veterans and first responders, while disabled customers get 40% off.

cbdMD uses broad-spectrum extract, with CBN and CBG added during the process. You get a good variety of terpenes, with some additional cannabinoids. The company says they use a “proprietary extraction process” but doesn’t elaborate any further.

We also appreciate cbdMD’s 60-day guarantee, which includes a prepaid shipping return label.

They also offer a 30% discount on your first auto-ship order.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise cbdMD has such fantastic customer feedback.

Top Products

cbdMD 750mg CBD Oil

The cbdMD Premium 750 mg CBD Oil Tincture is an excellent choice for arthritis patients. The product is identical to Colorado Botanicals, including the price ($59.99).

Packing 25 mg per 1 mL suspended in organic MCT oil, the 30 mL bottle is a good starting point if you’re new. Should your needs be more substantial, there are plenty of potent, equally affordable options.

The only thing that we feel doesn’t put this on par with Colorado Botanicals is the ambiguous extraction process, which costs them points in transparency.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

7. CBDistillery

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Established in 2016 and based in Denver, Colorado, CBDistillery follows many of the good practices you’d expect from top-tier CBD vendors.

Their CBD oils come in 30 mL bottles and contain between 500 mg and 5,000 mg of CBD. Oils are available in all three varieties ― full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and pure CBD isolate.

Some include additional cannabinoids, specifically CBG, CBN, or both. Interestingly, CBN has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, while CBG may be effective for pain relief.

What We Love About CBDistillery

CBDistillery full-spectrum CBD sources its extracts from Colorado-grown industrial hemp “using natural farming practices.” In other words, you won’t find traces of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Furthermore, they’re certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. However, they’re not listed as “organic.”

The vendor uses CO2 extraction for maximum terpene retention and purity, while the final product is tested by a third-party lab to confirm CBD contents and detect potential contaminants.

All of the company’s CBD oils are very affordable, but those with CBG and CBN added cost more. Veterans and active military personnel can offset the cost with CBDistillery’s 30% discount.

CBDistillery full-spectrum CBD offers an excellent 60-day money-back guarantee. In most cases, you don’t even have to return the unwanted product. However, their fine print states that you can only request a refund or credit for your first purchase, likely to avoid people exploiting the no-return requirement.

Top Products

We strongly suggest trying the CBDistillery Extra Strength CBN + CBD Sleep Tincture. Aside from 900 mg of CBD (30 mg/mL), it also contains 300 mg (10 mg/mL) of CBN. As we mentioned, CBN may further help people with arthritis.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

8. Lazarus Naturals

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Founded in 2014 by Sequia Price (CEO), Lazarus Naturals is a Seattle-based hemp CBD vendor that grows its plants in Oregon.

Aside from full-spectrum CBD and isolate options, Lazarus naturals also offers pure CBG oil and CBG oil mixed with CBD ― something a growing number of companies embrace.

Full-spectrum CBD oil choices are limited, with only 20 mg/mL (standard potency) or 50 mg/mL (high potency) available.

What We Love About Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals uses organic hemp grown on their domestic farms. This practice ensures no traces of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

What stands out about Lazarus Naturals is its meager cost. Their largest bottle ― 120 mL at 50 mg/mL ― retails for just $60. This is due to their use of the much cheaper isopropyl alcohol extraction method.

CO2 extraction is the ideal method because it’s much cleaner than alcohol. However, the company subjects its products to third-party tests, ensuring solvent traces are minor to non-existent.

We also need to mention their use of organic hemp seed and organic coconut MCT oil. Hemp seeds are often considered superfoods because of how rich they are in nutrients, but they contain no CBD.

Lazarus Naturals also has one of the best return policies possible. You can return your unwanted items for free with a prepaid shipping label up to 90 days after you receive them.

Top Products

Lazarus Naturals High Potency 1,500mg

Whether you’re new or experienced, the Lazarus Naturals High Potency 1,500 mg full-spectrum tincture is a good option. Available at 50 mg/mL, it’s not the most potent CBD oil available on the market. However, this full-spectrum tincture still offers a high enough potency for many consumers.

You can choose between four flavor options: classic (unflavored), chocolate mint, French vanilla mocha, and yuzu.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

9. Fab CBD

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Fab CBD is no stranger to the spotlight, with its products featured in publications like Forbes, L.A. Weekly, and Business Insider. Even the Make A Wish Foundation backs them. The media attention is well deserved, with each 30 mL bottle containing between 300 mg and 2,400 mg (10 mg/mL to 80 mg/mL) of CBD. You can choose from citrus, mint, berry, vanilla, or unflavored oils.

What We Love About Fab CBD

Fab CBD sources its hemp from Colorado using CBD organic growing methods ― no unwanted chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Each oil product is made with full-spectrum extract for a robust profile that provides the best relief from arthritis.

The vendor also uses CO2 extraction and subjects its products to third-party tests through ProVerde, one of the labs trusted by Colorado Botanicals.

Fab CBD is a bit expensive, but we can let that slide because of their 30-day guarantee, even on unopened products (restrictions apply).

Top Products

Fab CBD 1,200mg CBD Oil

New and experienced consumers should consider the Fab CBD 1,200 mg Oil. The product provides a solid 40 mg/mL of CBD.

Suspended in MCT oil and containing all-natural flavors (if any), this full-spectrum oil might be worth a try if you have arthritis.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

10. Koi CBD

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

Koi CBD is easily the most diverse company on our list. Aside from tinctures, they offer an array of popular CBD options, like e-liquids, drinks, inhalers, hemp flower joints, delta-8, and more.

Bottles are available in 30 mL (250 mg to 2,000 mg) and 60 mL (1,500 mg to 3,000 mg). However, they are a lot more expensive than many vendors.

What We Love About KOI CBD

Koi CBD’s hemp is organically grown in the U.S. ― so the usual benefits of clean sourcing apply here. They keep this momentum going through clean CO2 extraction, followed by third-party lab tests, which are readily available on their website.

Aside from the usual points, we notice Koi outdoes all the other vendors on our list regarding CBD oil choices. Aside from a broad range of sizes and potencies, all of their flavors are delicious, available in strawberry, peppermint, spearmint, lemon-lime, orange, and unflavored.

Koi CBD uses their proprietary Koi PRIZM broad-spectrum extract, retaining valuable terpenes and cannabinoids without any THC, suspended in MCT oil.

Although the company’s products are relatively expensive, you can get a 10% discount for subscribing.

Koi also offers a 25% discount to U.S. military veterans.

Top Products

Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil Tincture 2,000mg

If you want a good balance between high potency and volume, consider Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Oil Tincture 2,000 mg. Containing 66 mg/mL of CBD, this oil is strong enough to do the job for most arthritis patients.

The available flavors also make the “hempy” broad-spectrum taste a lot more palatable.

Best CBD oil for Arthritis

How CBD Oil Combat Arthritis Pain: Complete Guide

CBD oil is famous among people seeking arthritis pain management. While research is still ongoing, many swear by it ― and they’re likely onto something.

But if you’re new to CBD oil, chances are you have some questions. Before investing in CBD oil, it’s critical to understand it. The following guide covers all the essential information you need to know about CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a convenient way to measure and ingest CBD quickly. It mainly consists of CBD extract and a carrier oil, but there are other potential contents.

Let’s break down the main ingredients.

CBD Extract

Cannabidiol (CBD) extract is CBD that’s been processed and separated from the cannabis plant (in this case, industrial hemp).

This non-intoxicating cannabinoid forms the backbone of every CBD product. Other plant compounds may also be present, depending on the CBD oil.

Carrier Oil

The carrier oil is a fatty substance infused with CBD extract. High-quality CBD vendors use oils like MCT oil, coconut oil, or hemp seed oil.

Lipids draw out and retain cannabinoids, which is why we need this ingredient.

Other Ingredients

Some products are processed to retain additional compounds, but terpenes are still lost during extraction. Some manufacturers might add terpenes after production.

This is one of the things that puts Colorado Botanicals at the top of our list. Their proprietary process maximizes natural terpene retention, so there’s no need to add them artificially.

Many vendors also offer flavored options, so some products may contain naturally or artificially derived flavors.


CBD oil is available in three categories. We’ll look at those in detail later. For now, the choices are:

  • Full-spectrum – Less than 0.3% THC
  • Broad-spectrum – THC-Free CBD
  • Isolate – Pure CBD

How Does CBD for Arthritis Work?

CBD’s mechanism of action is pretty well understood. But its relationship with various pathways in our bodies is far-reaching and complex, setting it apart from most major cannabinoids.

The Endocannabinoid System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a massive network of receptors located in various parts of the body. The first type, known as CB1, appears mainly in the brain and spinal cord. Another group, called CB2, dominates the peripheral nervous system and the immune system.

The discovery of the ECS allowed us to understand endocannabinoids. These are cannabinoids produced by our bodies. One example is anandamide, an endocannabinoid similar in structure to THC.

Endocannabinoids play a critical role in maintaining “homeostasis.” This is a fancy word for “internal balance,” both physical and mental.

Phytocannabinoids refer to cannabinoids found externally, like CBD or THC.

How Does CBD for Arthritis Work

Some phytocannabinoids bind to both endocannabinoid receptors (THC being one example). Others specifically target one receptor. However, CBD doesn’t bind directly to either one.

The ECS may not feel an affinity for CBD, but cannabidiol still indirectly affects the CB1 and CB2 receptors through other pathways.

The Endocannabinoid System

CBD doesn’t have an affinity for the CB1 or CB2 receptors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t notice its presence.

When the endocannabinoid receptors detect CBD, they don’t respond by binding to it. Instead, their shape and function change. Despite not having a direct relationship with the ECS, CBD’s alterations of those receptors cause them to behave differently.

Once CBD does its work, the ECS may react differently to some cannabinoids or cripple their effects.

THC, for instance, is seriously hampered by CBD. Cannabidiol blocks the reuptake of THC in the ECS receptors. This dampening effect significantly reduces the intensity and duration of a THC high.

Other Receptors

CBD reportedly may help people with arthritis alleviate a vast list of symptoms, including pain and inflammation from arthritis. But these effects primarily have nothing to do with the endocannabinoid system but rather other essential receptors, including:

However, let’s stop and focus on the TRPV1 receptor. CBD’s effects on this vanilloid receptor mitigate pain and inflammation. Reducing the inflammatory response and resulting discomfort makes CBD an excellent supplement for arthritis. Topical CBD is a great option for these purposes as well because you apply it directly to the area that needs it most.

What Studies Say About CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is highly prevalent in the United States. According to the CDC’s most recent statistics, arthritis cases rose from 46 million to 54 million between 2004 and 2014.

The organization’s projections showed a steady increase in cases, going from 63 million in 2020 to 78 million in 2045.

With CBD gaining traction as an alternative way to relieve arthritis symptoms, experts want to see any substance to these claims.

CBD and Inflammation

In the case of arthritis, inflammation forms the bedrock for other associated symptoms, especially pain. Getting rid of this swelling response is necessary to relieve other issues arising from arthritis.

It’s important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved CBD as a treatment for arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis cases.

However, there are a handful of preliminary studies that could support CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

For instance, one review looked at many of CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects when administered to mice with collagen-induced arthritis (CIA). Interestingly, they noted that CBD has anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, with both playing a crucial role in fighting arthritis inflammation. According to section 6.1 of the publication:

“The authors [of the CIA study] concluded that the ‘data show that CBD, through its combined immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory actions, has a potent anti-arthritic effect in CIA.’”

Another study examined pancreatic inflammation in rat model of arthritis. This is a severe condition, indicating an immune response is demolishing healthy insulin-producing cells. Consequently, this can lead to Type 1 (T1D) diabetes in those mice.

Although the mice eventually developed diabetes, the study noted that CBD reduced the harmful immune response, reducing inflammation. The CBD’s action delayed the onset of T1D.

Researchers took another look at CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties in a 2017 study. Their experiment involved rats with osteoarthritis.

The scientists used topical application rather than oral administration. According to the paper, CBD effectively reduced acute joint inflammation when applied directly to the affected area.

CBD and Arthritis

Inflammation and pain typically go hand-in-hand. It’s not uncommon for arthritis inflammation studies to show analgesic effects as well.

“The data presented here indicate that local administration of CBD blocked OA pain. Prophylactic CBD treatment prevented the later development of pain and nerve damage in these OA joints. These findings suggest that CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating OA joint neuropathic pain.”

In other words, CBD was not just demonstrably effective against osteoarthritis pain but also might prevent the condition from worsening.

In 2018, researchers published a study demonstrating CBD’s interaction with the TRPV1 receptor we mentioned earlier. Although it was studying epilepsy patients, the impact on these vanilloid receptors is irrefutable – as we can see from the FDA’s eventual approval of Epidiolex.

Since TRPV1 receptors also control inflammation and pain, this study is as compelling and applicable to arthritis patients as to any other condition.

There was also an extensive review of CBD’s potential effects on arthritic joint pain and inflammation, where the authors concluded:

“CBD. has shown promise in mouse model studies by attenuating pro-inflammatory immune responses. Additionally, recent research has demonstrated the efficacy of CBD in decreasing the endogenous pain response in mice subjected to acute arthritic conditions….”

However, they also remind us that, while many animal studies exist, we still don’t have any human trials regarding the potential musculoskeletal benefits of CBD.

Choosing CBD Oil Companies: How to Buy from the Best Company

If you want to expand your CBD shopping beyond our top 10 vendors, there are a few things we recommend you look for.

Customer Reviews

We value customer feedback because it’s the most genuine source of information. There will always be unhappy clients, but if most people are happy with a vendor, that’s a good sign.

Background Checking

It’s helpful to perform your due diligence before jumping on board with any CBD vendor. For instance, if a company has been in trouble for mislabeling or making false claims, it should raise red flags.

Choose the CBD that Fits You Best

This is a no-brainer but easy to overlook in the sea of other considerations. Part of this means educating yourself on which compounds can help with arthritis.

Choosing the best CBD with terpenes and cannabinoids may help with the symptoms of arthritis, so try to find that information in the vendors’ third-party tests

Best Way to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis

Simply ingesting CBD oil is reportedly helpful against arthritis symptoms. Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties are effective at reducing and preventing the often immobilizing pain or swelling.

But taking CBD oil orally isn’t your only option for arthritis. There are two ways to see results associated with arthritis symptoms.

The product you use should be based on what fits your needs, depending on the symptoms you hope CBD can address.

But taking CBD oil orally isn’t your only option for acute problems like arthritis. There are two ways to achieve symptom relief.

Neither option is better than the other ― it’s based on what fits your needs. It’s not necessarily about finding the “best” consumption method for arthritis but rather the option that works best for you.


CBD oil is an edible hemp extract. When taken regularly, its consistent presence in your system may help prevent or reduce flare-ups. This option is convenient if you experience chronic arthritis discomfort.

However, this product takes at least 30 minutes before you feel the effects, so it’s not as efficient if you experience occasional arthritis episodes.

Topical CBD

While topicals are available, you can easily make your own with CBD oil. Just take some skin cream, lotion, or coconut oil, then mix it with a pre-measured amount of CBD extract.

During a flare-up, apply the topical to your affected area. Many consumers report virtually instant relief from both inflammation and pain.

This is a great way to stretch out your CBD oil supply (and save money) to be used as needed, rather than consumed constantly.

But topical application isn’t perfect either. Its effects are focal. If you experience arthritis all over your body, you’ll go through your homemade cream pretty quickly.


Using both oral and topical administration is an excellent way to cover both your bases. Granted, this will use up your CBD oil relatively quickly. If that’s the route you want to take, we recommend Colorado Botanicals 3,000mg broad-spectrum CBD oil. At 100 mg per 1mL, it’s one of the most potent oils on the market and offers excellent value for the price.

If you’re not much of a fan of CBD oil tinctures or topical CBD products, CBD gummies for pain are also another great option.

Best CBD Dosing Guide for Arthritis

Unfortunately, CBD dosing is one of the biggest riddles we still face. There are so many variables involved that assigning set amounts for specific symptoms is a moving target.

CBD also becomes ineffective if your dose is too high, which is why it’s important to start low and increase it gradually. However, there are some general guidelines that ― if followed ― can give you an idea of your eventual dose.

Colorado Botanicals easily has the best CBD dosing guide we’ve seen. It includes a lot of expert content about the topic, along with a handy CBD dosage calculator. Use it if you need help getting started with CBD oil.

It’s important to note that it’s best to consult with your doctor to get the most accurate information about how much CBD to take for your specific medical condition.

Difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate

Earlier, we took a deep look into terpenes. CBD is the foundation, but terpenes and other cannabinoids expand or enhance cannabidiol’s benefits.

Your CBD product may or may not contain these additional compounds. It all depends on the type of CBD oil you purchase. There are three options: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate, each with advantages and disadvantages.


Also referred to as “whole-plant” extract, full-spectrum CBD retains as many terpenes and cannabinoids as possible, but less than 0.3% THC. This complete profile harnesses CBD’s full potential, making it a compelling choice for therapeutic use.

Many consumers and vendors are adamant that full-spectrum is the best option, but it also has flaws that can turn some people away.

For instance, full-spectrum is known to have a strong cannabis taste, making it hard to consume, even with flavoring.

Another problem is THC. Although the content is compliant with federal law, THC is still a controlled substance. Consequently, traces of THC on a drug test could put you in trouble with some employers.


A lot of CBD oil fans embrace broad-spectrum products ― and for a good reason. Like full-spectrum, broad-spectrum keeps the additional cannabinoids and terpenes ― but has zero THC.

Broad-spectrum offers the best of both worlds. You get the advantages of other terpenes and cannabinoids without any THC, meaning drug tests aren’t a concern.

Unfortunately, broad-spectrum still carries the same “hempy” aroma as full-spectrum CBD oil.

Here is a great video to learn more in-depth about the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the opposite of full- and broad-spectrum in every major respect. Unlike its counterparts, it is 99% pure CBD, with terpenes and other cannabinoids deliberately filtered out.

Isolate also has the advantage of being flavorless, so it tastes neutral alone and doesn’t affect the flavor of food or drinks.

However, isolate lacks the compounds necessary for the entourage effect. Despite increased purity, this pure CBD product has limited benefits compared to the other choices.

What is the Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

Here is an amazing video covering the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil and why it’s crucial to know the difference between them.

Does CBD Have Side Effects?

To date, we don’t know of any severe or dangerous CBD side effects. This can change depending on whether you use certain prescription medications.

Typical adverse effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Appetite loss

It could be a different story if you use prescription medication. Many medications are metabolized using the same liver enzyme as CBD. Consequently, this can increase side effects and decrease the effectiveness of those drugs.

Other complications could arise as a result of this drug interaction, so speak to your doctor if you take certain medications.

Summary: Buying the Best CBD Oil for Arthritis

In a largely unregulated market, “buyer beware” is the main rule. The CBD industry still struggles with imprecise labeling and substandard products. The responsibility, therefore, falls onto you to find the best brands.

But shopping around in a sea of products is a considerable undertaking, which is why we take care of that.

When buying CBD oil for arthritis, remember to look for some key things:

  • Third-party lab testing
  • Brands that follow the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Organic or organically-grown hemp with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Consumer reputation (if any)
  • Value

*This article is provided by an advertiser. Statements made are not meant to offer medical advice nor to diagnose any condition. Any studies cited here may be preliminary, and may or may not be peer reviewed, and may or may not have sufficient participants to be statistically relevant. Anecdotal accounts should not be taken as scientific results. Products discussed in this article are not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. The FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements. Consult your doctor about possible interactions, allergies, and if you are considering using a natural and/or dietary supplements for any condition. Individual results will vary.

10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis [Exclusive Review]

Those living with arthritis can sometimes experience debilitating pain. For individuals going through this constant cycle of discomfort, a 24-hour period with slight relief can make all the difference in the world.

Conventional pharmaceutical medications (anti-inflammatories, painkillers, etc.) are often paired with negative side effects. Many times, these drugs are as difficult to live with as arthritis itself.

Thinking about using CBD oil for arthritis? The first thing you should know is not all oils are made the same…

For those with arthritis, CBD oil has emerged as a potential alternative to conventional medication. Many arthritis patients have discussed the relief that CBD oil has provided. In turn, this has encouraged other patients with arthritis to make the switch.

This article looks at recent medical research into CBD for arthritis and offers advice on finding the best cannabidiol product for your needs.

Below you will also find our selections for the 10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis. Each CBD brand was thoroughly tested according to efficiency, potency, transparency, and price.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Arthritis Patients

For arthritis patients specifically, the benefits of CBD oil stem from the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Patients with arthritis can administer CBD (cannabidiol) in several ways, including oral consumption (tincture drops), capsules, and topical CBD-based gels and creams. However, for people with arthritis, rubbing a topical CBD formula on inflamed joint areas is one of the most popular forms of application.

While people of all ages have reported success stories, it’s important to point out that CBD is not an FDA-approved treatment for arthritis. As such, be wary of companies selling CBD oil that claim to treat or cure any form of arthritis or joint pain. These claims are unfounded and not supported by clinical data.

Even so, we’d thought we would share a few comments from people who tried CBD for arthritis and were thrilled with the results.

Independent Reviews of CBD Consumers

“I am 62 years old and have suffered from painful and sometimes even immobilizing arthritis, specifically in my wrists and elbows. I tried many conventional medications that the doctor prescribed to me and began experiencing horrible side effects. About a year ago, I decided to switch to CBD oil. I began ingesting drops orally, as well as rubbing the gel into my joints. The results have been miraculous, and I am now able to function better than I have in years.”

-Summer Andrews

“I have been able to mostly cut out my use of opioid painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs thanks to CBD oil extracts. It feels great to be relying more on nature than on pharmaceuticals to assist my knees and ankles, the regions of my body that seem to be taking the most damage from the arthritis.”

-Gerry Burlington

Next, let’s outline why CBD is potentially useful for patients with arthritis.

Is CBD Oil Good for Arthritis?

A growing number of people think the answer is ‘yes.’ According to an Arthritis Foundation poll, almost 30% of respondents currently use a CBD product, mainly a topical or liquid. Moreover, nearly 80% were either using CBD, had tried it in the past, or were considering it for arthritis pain.

Also, in this poll, 87% of respondents said they used CBD specifically to manage their arthritis symptoms, with 94% saying they tried cannabidiol to relieve pain. Of those currently using CBD, 67% reported improved physical function, while over 30% said it provided relief from morning stiffness.

There is a suggestion that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects could help slow down the progress of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in particular or even halt it. CBD might also positively impact RA symptoms related to inflammation, such as fever and fatigue, by preventing RA from damaging the joints.

CBD has a different effect on the brain than THC and is non-intoxicating. It interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This interaction could help reduce the effects of inflammation, including pain. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests the effects of CBD on arthritis are indeed beneficial.

For instance, this study published in the European Journal of Neuroscience in 2014 found that the ECS was involved in osteoarthritis pain. Since CBD and other cannabinoids impact the ECS, it is entirely possible that using them for arthritis is beneficial.

Let’s check out some more research.

Medical Research on CBD Oil for Arthritis

While there are some older studies into CBD’s possible effects on arthritis, it is best to focus on more recent data. A study published in the European Journal of Pain in 2016 looked at how CBD gel helped lab rats with induced arthritis. The researchers applied CBD gels to the rats for four consecutive days in concentrations of 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3mg per day.

Overall, they found that 6.2mg and 62.3mg were “effective doses.” This suggests that arthritis patients only need to apply a consistent and reasonable quantity of CBD to feel an effect.

Research investigating the link between CBD and arthritis pain is positive; however, most studies test on animals.

A 2017 study published in Pain analyzed the effect of CBD on rats with induced osteoarthritis (OA). The researchers found that local administration of CBD blocked pain. Also, prophylactic CBD treatment prevented pain and nerve damage in the OA joints from developing later on. The team wrote that “CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating OA joint neuropathic pain.”

More recently, a study published in Cell Death & Disease in 2020 also revealed positive news regarding CBD and arthritis. In the abstract, the researchers wrote that CBD had anti-arthritic activity and could reduce symptoms by “targeting synovial fibroblasts under inflammatory conditions.”

Hopefully, we will receive information from clinical studies that show CBD’s positive effect on arthritis in human patients sooner rather than later.

Now, let’s look at the brands worth considering when you’re on the hunt for CBD oil for arthritis.

Don’t want to read our #1 CBD brand for this year? Check out the video summary below on the best CBD oil for arthritis!

10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis

The following is a top-10 list of the best CBD oils for arthritis. We feel these products are of the highest quality currently available on the market. Please remember that none of these products are FDA-approved treatments for arthritis. As such, they should not be considered a cure or treatment for the condition.

In 2018, a World Health Organization (WHO) critical review report stated that CBD oil is generally well tolerated with a good safety profile. However, it can still lead to adverse side effects. Therefore, we recommend discussing your use of CBD with a healthcare professional before implementing any new products into your day-to-day regimen.

1. PureKana

First on our list is PureKana. This brand is a leading CBD oil manufacturer featured by major industry publications such as High Times. As one of the best-known CBD oil producers on the market, its products are very trustworthy. By utilizing state-of-the-art CO2 extraction techniques, PureKana can create one of the purest CBD oils on the market.

  • Non-intoxicating
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Fast delivery with free shipping
  • Potencies ranging from 300mg – 5,000mg
  • Full Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available on the PureKana site

Visit the official online store at

Also, don’t forget to use our coupon to get 20% off your order: 20KANA

2. Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Charlotte’s Web is one of the best-selling CBD oil brands in the USA. To clarify, its quality has kept it ranked among top consumer lists for several years. CW Hemp offers a complete range of high-quality CBD oils, as well as hemp-infused CBD creams and balms. Most importantly, these creams contain pure, potent CBD extract, and you can administer them directly at the site of discomfort and inflammation.

  • Full-spectrum extract includes terpenes and other active phytocannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN)
  • Various potencies available
  • One of the best-selling CBD oils in the U.S.

For more information on the complete range of CW Hemp products, visit the official website at

Also, feel free to read our comprehensive Charlotte’s Web Review to learn more about its products.

3. Premium Jane CBD

Premium Jane sells four different products, each one crafted with care and expertise. For example, it sources its hemp from farms in Kentucky, with every batch tested via an analytics laboratory. Premium Jane currently offers full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures with cannabidiol concentrations of up to 5000mg, CBD gel capsules, topical CBD cream, and CBD gummies.

  • Sourced from genetically selected CBD hemp plants
  • The hemp is harvested from organic USA farms
  • Six available flavors: Natural, Citrus, Mint Chocolate, Mint, Lemon Lime, and Peach Nectar
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil includes terpenes and phytocannabinoids

If you’re living with arthritis, browse the selection of Premium Jane CBD oils and topical creams at

Also, be sure to use our 20% Coupon Code: 20JANE

4. HempBombs

Hemp Bombs is a unique CBD brand out of Tampa, Florida. It offers a large selection of products for various uses, including CBD edibles, CBD vape additives, and more. Hemp Bombs also formulate potent full-spectrum tinctures. The 5000mg bottle offers 166.67mg of CBD per ml.

  • Large range of CBD products and potencies to choose from
  • Consistent engagement with its client base
  • Frequent discounts and online promotions
  • Products are available in retail locations across the U.S.
  • Offers compliance labels and lab reports on every one of its products

Shop the entire selection of CBD products over at

5. CBD Essence

CBD Essence offers a wide array of CBD-based products ranging from vape juices to CBD candy. Easily accessible items include hemp oil capsules and pet CBD oil. The diversity in items sold by CBD Essence makes it one of the top brands on our list.

  • Safe for both human and pet consumption
  • Products sourced from EU-certified industrial hemp
  • Delivers to any address in all 50 states plus U.S. territories

To discover the benefits of each product, check out our CBD Essence online review.

6. Fab CBD

FAB CBD offers a variety of flavorful CBD tinctures. All of its CBD products are sourced from hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3%. This potent, high-quality range offers a robust full-spectrum extract of plant phytocannabinoids. It also offers other CBD options, such as chews and topicals, for those who dislike placing the oil drops under their tongue.

  • FAB CBD sells isolate options that are 100% THC-free
  • Lab-certified and free from any chemical solvents
  • Made in the USA
  • Entry-level CBD options for all budgets

Learn more about the complete range of FAB CBD products at

7. Joy Organics

Joy Organics CBD is another firm favorite here at WayofLeaf. This long-standing brand offers a variety of high-quality CBD oil products that are trustworthy and safe for oral consumption. The products are versatile and should suit your needs regardless of why you use CBD.

Joy Organics has become a leader in the CBD industry largely due to its rock-solid reputation and effective, reliable hemp extract products.

  • Farm Bill compliant
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Broad-spectrum (zero THC) formulas
  • Sourced from USA-grown hemp

Access Joy Organics CBD products online at, or feel free to read our Joy Organics Review.

8. CBD Pure

By keeping its product line simple and unadulterated, CBDPure focuses on quality. Because of this, the hemp it uses is certified organic and originates from Colorado and Washington. All products are analyzed via an independent third-party laboratory. Also, you can view these COAs on the brand’s official website.

  • Satisfaction guarantee and 90-day return policy
  • Produced with certified organic hemp
  • Free of solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants
  • Independent third-party lab testing for quality
  • Full-spectrum of plant-based cannabinoids and phytochemicals

To discover more about CBDPure, visit its website at

9. CBDistillery

Most people recommend an oral CBD oil or a topical CBD cream for arthritis. However, CBDistillery specializes in high potency isolates that you can use as dabs or with a portable vape pen. Its tinctures range from a CBD concentration of 500mg to 5000mg.

  • Lab reports with CBD content posted on each product page
  • Full-spectrum tinctures
  • Frequently mixed with juice or coffee for easy ingestion

Check out our Full Review of CBDistillery and learn why it belongs on our top 10 list.

10. Elixinol

Many media sources, including Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN, recognize and feature Elixinol. Most importantly, these outlets praised the CBD oil company for its top-quality products, which offer purity and potency.

  • Organic hemp extract tinctures
  • Excellent product variety and versatility
  • Praised for purity, potency, and clarity
  • Affordable pricing

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As you can see, there are several top-quality CBD oil producers on the market. We conducted hands-on research and carefully reviewed a number of these products. Ultimately, we decided to choose the one we believe surpasses the others regarding quality, accessibility, and purity. From what we’ve seen, PureKana brings an impeccable line of CBD products to the market.

  • Official website link:
  • 20% coupon code: 20KANA

Even if you do not choose to go with PureKana, know that all of the companies listed above have top-notch products, and most offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, it is likely that you will be happy with your product.

CBD Oil for Arthritis Uses

One of the great benefits of CBD is its versatility. People with arthritis have many options when it comes to using it. Generally speaking, the best CBD products for joint pain and similar conditions are topicals such as creams, balms, and ointments. These products are infused with cannabidiol and are easy to rub into the skin at the site of pain.

According to many CBD topicals users, products tend to work relatively quickly and can provide relief for hours. Also, the bioavailability of topicals is likely on the high side, although there are few studies to confirm this.

Topical products tend to work relatively quickly and can provide relief for hours. Some prefer vaping the cannabinoid for fast-acting effects.

Edibles and tinctures are standard CBD products but aren’t always the best option. You might find that edibles take too long and have a low absorption rate. CBD oils tread the middle ground as they can take effect relatively quickly and offer a reasonable rate of bioavailability.

Individuals using CBD for arthritis might want to try vaping the cannabinoid if they need a fast-acting product. Some users say they feel the benefits within seconds, and the absorption rate is relatively high. However, there are concerns over the long-term safety of vaping products.

CBD Dosage for Arthritis

Unfortunately, there is no standard CBD dose, given the lack of industry regulation. You can look for dosing guides online, which tend to recommend using a specific amount depending on your body weight. Certainly, the amount you weigh plays a role in how the cannabinoid affects you.

Yet, we feel that the best course of action is to first begin with 5-10mg of CBD. Monitor how you feel in general and determine whether the cannabinoid is having a positive effect. If you feel nothing, slowly increase the amount you use until the effect is noticeable. Also, please remember that you need to use CBD consistently for a couple of weeks to get the best effects.

Best CBD Oil for Arthritis: What to Consider

One of the biggest issues when purchasing any CBD product for arthritis is the lack of industry regulation. As long as CBD isn’t a federally legal substance, the FDA will provide little oversight. Typically, the FDA does nothing other than sending warning letters to brands that make medical claims.

Otherwise, you’re relying on state laws, and they’re not always detailed. As a result, virtually anyone can create a CBD brand overnight and begin selling low-quality, potentially harmful products. Here are six things to consider before investing in any CBD products.

1 – Where Does the Hemp Come From?

Although hemp has many benefits as a crop, one of its big strengths is potentially a weakness. Hemp absorbs a huge amount of the elements in the soil. This is great news when it is cultivated organically in high-quality soil. However, if it is grown in contaminated land, the hemp absorbs the toxins. Sadly, some companies use low-grade hemp when creating CBD.

Therefore, you should stick with brands that only use organically grown hemp from locations such as the United States, Canada, or Europe.

2 – Extraction Method

Let’s keep this short. Steer clear of brands that use a solvent like butane, hexane, or propane. Certain reputable brands use food-grade ethanol extraction as they claim it results in a product with more terpenes and cannabinoids. This is okay as long as they remove the vast majority of the residual solvent.

However, there is a growing trend towards supercritical CO2 extraction. The carbon dioxide acts as the solvent, and the result is a clean, high-quality hemp extract.

3 – Type of CBD

There are three main types of CBD products:

  • Full-Spectrum: Contains dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Broad-Spectrum: Also contains a wide array of compounds but little or no THC.
  • Isolate: CBD is the only cannabinoid in such products, although some brands add terpenes.

Much is written about the ‘entourage effect,’ with research suggesting that cannabinoids work better together than in isolation. However, data also says the notion of an entourage effect having a greater therapeutic effect is overblown.

Further studies into the phenomenon are necessary to get a clearer picture.

4 – Consumption Method

You can consume CBD in a variety of ways:

  • Orally: You eat a product such as a CBD chocolate bar, gummy, or capsule.
  • Sublingually: This involves placing CBD oil drops beneath the tongue and holding the liquid there for up to 60 seconds.
  • Vaping: A vaping device heats the CBD oil or concentrate, turning it into a vapor that you inhale.
  • Topicals: There are dozens of creams, balms, ointments, and sprays infused with CBD. Rub the substance into the skin to potentially benefit from localized relief.

As we mentioned earlier, most people will choose a topical product when using CBD for arthritis. However, you might find that a vaporizer provides rapid effects, along with a higher rate of bioavailability.

5 – Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

The COAs provided by a brand after conducting third-party testing are essential. This documentation enables you to see the CBD content of the product. It also shows the concentration of other cannabinoids and terpenes, not to mention evidence that the product is free from harmful chemicals.

Make sure the COAs are up to date and come from a reputable laboratory. Steer clear of any brand that doesn’t provide third-party lab reports.

6 – Brand Reputation

These days, it is hard to get away with deception for long. Check out customer reviews, as well as third-party reviews. While certain new brands are unquestionably legitimate, when in doubt, stick with companies such as PureKana that have been around for a while.

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Oils for Arthritis

In conclusion, numerous reputable CBD products may offer anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may provide beneficial effects for various medical conditions, including arthritis.

Also, as an antioxidant, CBD could reduce the stressors that exacerbate inflammation. Properly-dosed CBD might improve general well-being, and it has little to no adverse side effects.

In summary, if you are an individual suffering from the debilitating pain of arthritis and are searching for an alternative option to relieve pain and discomfort, CBD oil could be an option. However, don’t expect any of the products listed above to “cure” your arthritis. Overall, countless people have found effective relief for their joint pain, but CBD oil has a unique effect on every individual.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the 10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis and that you have found this article to be educational and informative. Here is our final roundup:

Avoid Anyone Offering CBD Oil For Arthritis. Here’s Why.

What mental image do you conjure up when you think of arthritis?

A knobbly, deformed and inflamed knee joint? Someone with fingers all twisted and bent? It’s not a hopeful picture, is it?

We are repeatedly told that the wear and tear of arthritis is a one way street to pain, degeneration and the inability to do the things we would like to do anymore.

For many, it becomes a life filled with pain killers and the surgeon’s knife, but much of the doom and gloom is inaccurate and misleading.

Arthritis does not have to be such a grim scenario played out with misery and pain. There is much you can do to combat this problem and not only relieve it but potentially conquer it.

So can you use CBD oil for arthritis? Let’s first examine arthritis in a little more detail.

Disclaimer: This article may contain occasional references of CBD “for” a specific topic, for example, “CBD Oil for Arthritis”.

It is important for us to clarify that CBD is a food supplement that, while very useful for many people, is not sold “for” any specific purpose other than general health and wellbeing.

Any references of CBD for a specific subject are simply so we can clarify this to anyone searching for these terms.

What Causes Arthritis?

Human beings are not like cars.

The more you use a car the more it wears out. With our body, however, the more you use it the better it becomes.

Arthritis is rarely caused by wear and tear. You only have to look at an elderly woman with terrible, painful twisted hands who has lived a life doing clerical work to realise it was not the clerical work that damaged her hands.

There are two processes going on in the arthritic disease state: the process of degeneration and the process of repair.

It is this process of repair that can cause the deformity as your body attempts to build new bone to keep the joint functioning.

It is entirely possible to minimise the degenerative phase and maximise the repair phase in arthritis to help your joints repair themselves.

It may be a slow process, but it can be done.

So what is causing this problem if it isn’t wear and tear?

One factor is the lack of use.

Yes, lack of use causes arthritis, not overuse!

Inside our joints, there is a clever fluid called synovial fluid which keeps our joints lubricated and has a thixotropic quality. This means that when you use the joint the fluid inside it changes from a watery substance to a shock-absorbing gel, so using your joints enables them to cope better with being used.

Synovial fluid is also full of nutrients that nourish and feed our joint, so when you are moving you are washing these nutrients over the surface of your joint helping to keep it healthy.

There are also a number of types of arthritis that are autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

The autoimmune response of the body basically means your body is attacking itself and this causes the damage to your joints. There are some genetic factors at play here that can leave you more prone to this type of problem but the key is how do we stop our immune system turning upon ourselves?

Research is now starting to show that dysfunction in the digestive system can be the cause of this type of problem.

In a nutshell, our gut has a vital role in how our immune system functions and, therefore, when the digestive system works well our immune system works well.

Therefore, healing your gut is vital by making lifestyle changes, even to the point of removing toxic body care products such as toothpaste and shampoos.

Acute vs Chronic Inflammation

We can also get all manner of arthritis and a whole host of other problems from chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation and acute inflammation are very different.

The acute variant is in response to an injury such as spraining your ankle or tearing a muscle. Inflammation occurs at the site of the injury to repair it.

It causes pain to stop you from doing more damage and rushes an immune system response to the injury to eat away the damage and build new tissue to repair the injury.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is an invisible killer that causes severe health problems and chronic disease for countless millions around the world. Unfortunately, it has been neglected or perhaps just plain missed by the medical system for decades.

Chronic inflammation is a low grade, long term inflammation of your body that occurs because, for whatever reason, your body is being slowly poisoned.

This can be caused by our environment, high stress or, especially in the western world, our diet.

This form of inflammation is an important factor in damage to your joints hence it is a significant factor in arthritis. So when you are told you have wear and tear please be aware that it is almost certainly not that and far more likely to be slow damage caused over many years, particularly from your diet!

You are being encouraged by processed food manufacturers to eat a bizarre diet that is totally at odds with what your body needs and it is slowly poisoning you.

It takes time to destroy a joint with the constant damage and repair cycle that goes on with arthritis. Thus the results of chronic inflammation, which is for many simply chronic food poisoning, only begin to show as we get older. That means it is easy to brush off the reason it is happening as ‘old age’.

Sadly I have seen some very cynical practice going on around lifestyle changes for chronic inflammation that mean most people feel condemned to a life of long term use of painkillers and medication with all the terrible side effects and risks involved.

What doctors should be suggesting is changes to your diet, exercise, stress reduction and generally good health behaviour.

All of these measures will reduce chronic inflammation.

How Do You Approach Arthritis?

To tackle arthritic changes you can move more, remove toxic products, eat foods that nourish your body and heal your digestive system and avoid processed foods.

This is a basic set of changes anyone can make and I would suggest that supplementing with CBD is an excellent addition to help support your nutrition and wellbeing.

These lifestyle changes are worth exploring regardless of whether you are suffering from osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

In fact, I would argue that for most people most of the time CBD is an excellent addition to your diet regardless of the type of problem you have.

So, What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over a hundred natural compounds derived from the cannabis plant.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is intertwined with many of our bodies natural systems, including our immune system and central nervous system.

Just as iron is vital for the normal function of red blood cells, our endocannabinoid system also needs support, but since CBD doesn’t make up a natural part of our diets, most people don’t do anything to support their endocannabinoid system.

Taking cannabinoids from a high-quality full-spectrum plant extract, such as those we sell at CBD One, is simply a great way to support our ECS naturally.

Does CBD Oil Help With Arthritis?

We know that the ECS is involved in many areas that ultimately help our body to function optimally. For example, we have established already that chronic inflammation can be the root cause of a whole host of health problems if left untreated.

While researching damaged joints, I found a fascinating fact that our body will actually produce extra receptors for cannabinoids than those observed in a healthy joint.

Yes, that’s right, your body actually creates more cannabinoid receptors where it is damaged – a clear sign that we have evolved alongside cannabinoids for a lot longer than the mainstream media would have you believe!

Your body does produce its own cannabinoid (CBD is one of many cannabinoids in our products) called anandamide that makes you feel good and aids a healthy balance of your system but often it only produces a small amount of this.

A common question I hear is: “what is the best CBD oil for arthritis sufferers?”

The fact is, being a supplement, there is no such thing as a specific CBD product “for” arthritis – so the main consideration should simply be to ensure you are finding a quality supplier you can trust.

Beyond this, it’s also important to remember that ALL lifestyle factors should be looked into when trying to make inroads with a chronic problem.

However, If you do decide to use CBD oil, avoid any product that is clear, transparent yellow or a lovely light golden colour. It is almost certainly a low-grade product that may well be a waste of money. Look for the nice deep brown and earthy colours of a full spectrum plant extract.

Can You Take CBD Oil With Prescription Medication For Arthritis?

The key with medication and CBD is to check the leaflets for any mention of grapefruit juice. If that is mentioned then you cannot use CBD with that drug – there is a theoretical interaction that will mean you may not clear the drug from your system properly.

If you are at all uncertain then please speak to your health professional.

CBD Oil Dosage

When it comes to CBD oil dosage, everyone has their own response – some people find a few drops works for them whilst others find they need more or that the amount varies according to the kind of day they are having.

I encourage my patients to listen to their body and adjust their dose up or down according to how they are feeling. There is no hard and fast rule, but the two products that most of our customers start with are Signature Blend No 2 or Absorb Pure.

How To Use CBD Oil

Before using CBD Oil, the first step should be to implement all of the lifestyle changes I have outlined above.

It is very rare that there is one magic answer to any health problem so make sure you are making healthy choices to allow your body to find good health without the need for toxic pharmaceuticals.

You can then add CBD oil as a useful supplement for all its wonderful qualities.

While other brands might encourage you to apply topical CBD creams to your skin for arthritis, these are typically nothing more than shea butter or beeswax with some CBD thrown in.

While there is no harm in using CBD creams, the best way to get CBD into your system is to take it orally – either with one of our CBD Oils under your tongue or our Absorb range in a drink.

What About Arthritis In Pets?

The same causes of arthritis in humans are also factors in arthritis for your pets.

Please look at the food you are giving your pet. Is it processed food? If it is then it comes with just the same set of trouble as processed food in humans. Find what your animal would eat in nature and do your best to mimic this diet. Looking for convenience foods for your pet is exactly the same path to chronic disease as it is in humans.

Lots of people ask me if they can give their dogs CBD oil for arthritis and, just as with people, the answer is that it in the UK, CBD for dogs or CBD for pets is something that must be prescribed under the supervision of a vet, since the VMD has confirmed it does have a therapeutic effect in animals. In fact, we know that dogs have more receptors for cannabinoids than humans!

Giving cat’s CBD oil won’t do them any harm, but be wary of brands that are selling CBD for pets – it is illegal to market a CBD product for pets in the UK, and it is exactly the same CBD as for humans with a different label and probably a different price.

There are also plenty of people looking for CBD oils for arthritis in horses. Once more, the answer is the same. Ensure nutrition and lifestyle factors are dealt with and by all means talk to your vet to see if they believe CBD could play a role and if so, they can recommend the best route to take.

As with humans, one of the huge benefits with CBD is the remarkable safety profile, which is not the case with many harsh pharmaceutical drugs.

Vets should apply the same rules as those when looking for CBD for human use – get a high-quality full-spectrum plant extract with all the properties outlined above.

If you are still unsure what to do please get in touch through our free, dedicated health advice page where we will endeavour to answer your questions with honesty and integrity.