list bebefits of cbd oil for cats

List bebefits of cbd oil for cats

The pet CBD market is a pretty competitive one. Thousands of CBD products claim that they can be the very best for your cat or dog, though we all know that many of the products and brands you find on the internet aren’t as healthy, natural, or legitimate as the labels might say.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a lot of potential health benefits for us humans. Still, increasing scientific research into the topic has shown that CBD can have many of the same potential health benefits for cats and dogs when administered in the right ways.

Regular use of CBD can do many of the same things for your cat or dog. Cannabidiol is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory compound, though it also works to reduce anxiety, stress, and pain when it binds to the body’s existing receptors.

There are numerous great CBD products on the market, but too many untested and uncertified ones are made in some guy’s kitchen instead of a laboratory. Don’t just fall for good advertising when you have to choose CBD products for your pets – or yourself!

Effective cat and dog CBD products are: all-natural, certified as a pet supplement, contain only pure CBD with no added unsafe THC. Advertising isn’t the only factor you should consider with your next CBD product purchase, but many other things can tell you which products stand out above what’s on the market.

While tempting, pets should not take most human cannabidiol products. Pure CBD is entirely safe for animals to take, but your human CBD supplements might contain additives that aren’t safe for cats or dogs, though acceptable for their owner! Mint and chocolate are just two examples of common ingredients you’ll see in CBD products meant for humans – and not for pets.

Ready to take a look at the different CBD products out there for your pets?

All owners want the best for their pets. Your choice of CBD balm, tincture, or treat for your pet can’t just be random or based on advertising.

We’ve gone through hundreds of leading product listings and pet CBD brands to compile a list of the best and most reliable ones money can buy. If you want to make sure your pet gets only the best, pure CBD supplement that you can provide, choose from some of the excellent and verified pet CBD brands available on this list.

The first part of this article goes through a list of the best CBD brands out there and then tells you more about what makes each of the products excellent. The second part of this article can help bring you up to speed when it comes to CBD and pets, what it can do for their health and how to approach administering and dosage for pets.

Here’s your ultimate guide to balms, tinctures, and treats with the benefit of CBD for your cat and dog.

The Best CBD Products for Cats & Dogs in 2022

Our research took us through hundreds of different CBD brands, banner ads, mailing lists, and product listings for brands that claim they produce the best, purest cannabidiol-containing products for pets. Many pet CBD products claim to have excellent benefits but fly through “under the radar” by cutting costs and not being tested as the market for legal pet supplements requires.

Out of all the different brands we considered, only twelve made our list.

This doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t other great CBD brands out there for your pet, only that these are the brands that show consistent results and carry an excellent brand reputation to go with it.

If you choose from our list of CBD brands, you’ll be guaranteed a high-quality, tested, certified CBD product for your pet. Choose any other brand that we didn’t feature here, and we can’t make the same guarantee.

To make up this list of brands, we’ve considered everything from the company’s natural health claims to what each of the best products says it can do for your pet.

We’ll tell you about the benefits and specifics of each great CBD brand using the rest of this article. After this, you can make your own more informed choice about which products your pet can find the most benefit from.

  • Holistapet
  • Medterra
  • Penelope’s Bloom
  • Pure Kana
  • Green Roads
  • CBDfx
  • Petly CBD
  • Anxious Pet
  • Hemp Bombs
  • JustCBD
  • FabCBD
  • Honest Paws

What do all the brands and products on this list have in common?

Well, from the first featured brand to the last, all of the products we go through in this article are guaranteed safe, all-natural, and proven to be healthy and beneficial for your cat or dog.


Holistapet is a few brands that make only CBD products and supplements meant for pets. As far as pet CBD brands go, Holistapet deserves to be at the very top of the list. The brand gets excellent reviews from pet owners, and they can prove that their supplements are all-natural and safe for your pets to consume.

As a very trusted CBD pet brand, they include a full breakdown of the ingredients with their products. Holistapet can also guarantee that all THC has been removed from the extracts, leaving only the purest, best cannabidiol safe for pets.

The range of products available from Holistapet is impressive, and the brand offers flavors and products that other CBD brands don’t think about. Whether you’d like to go for CBD chews or a simple CBD low-dosage tincture, you’ll find it through Holistapet.

As a bonus, Holistapet also has a strong focus on creating tasty products for pets. Even if your animals are picky, Holistapet has something that will work. Salmon filet CBD is one of their most popular pet products.


Medterra is one of the leading CBD brands on the market in 2022, and they offer a great range of CBD products for pets that have been thoroughly tested and certified. Most of the Medterra products have gotten excellent user reviews from other pet owners who have bought from the range for their pets – that’s why we chose to feature the brand here!

The Medterra range of pet CBD products is pretty extensive and contains everything you could want to buy for your pets. Medterra makes chews, tinctures, balms, creams, and an impressive range that can help your pets with symptoms like inflammation, arthritis, or stress.

Their ingredients are natural, and Medterra takes pride in including only the best pure CBD. No additives or preservatives are added to the Medterra formula.

One more thing helps Medterra stand out from competing brands on the market. Vets recommend their products as one of the best cannabidiol supplements you can buy your pets. Most pet CBD products, even some of the best ones, don’t have the same certification.

Penelope’s Bloom

Penelope’s Bloom is one more reliable company that specializes in the pet CBD market and one of the leading brands when it comes to all-natural pet supplements and products that can back their claims with scientific

research and certification.

All the Penelope’s Bloom CBD products have been tested and certified to contain pure CBD and no trace amounts of THC that might harm your pets. The company guarantees that their entire range of products is also non-GMO – and of course, their products are some of the most effective ones you can buy.

Penelope’s Bloom offers pet-friendly CBD balms, tinctures, creams, chews, and other treats. Pet owners can also find some more specific products on their list that are guaranteed to help pets relieve the symptoms of arthritis and general pain.

Dosage also sets apart some of Penelope’s Bloom range. If you want to give your pet access to higher-strength CBD products, Penelope’s Bloom has several excellent options that focus on maximum strength and effect.

Pure Kana

Pure Kana is one of the leading pet CBD brands on the market, and it’s not just because of an advertising budget. Pure Kana has an excellent brand reputation for CBD products for pets, and most of their products get excellent reviews from other people who have bought them for their pets.

All Pure Kana products contain the necessary certification, and you can find a list of the ingredients for each product and the CBD concentration on the label or website. If you buy any CBD product for your pets, it’s essential to know exactly what’s in it!

Products from Pure Kana are all certified, all-natural, and guaranteed to contain only pure CBD that’s safe for your pets to take. Necessary certification appears on the back of each label, which we would say is vital for a good pet or human cannabidiol supplement.

The considerable variation in different flavors is one thing that makes the Pure Kana brand stand out above other things you could buy your pet. Their range of CBD products is available in every flavor you can think of for pets to enjoy, including bacon and salmon.

Green Roads

Green Roads is a company that offers a select range of CBD products for humans but has upped its presence in the cannabidiol market by also releasing an excellent list of products that can be just as good for their pets. Green Roads has a leading brand reputation, backed by thousands of good reviews from pet owners who say they have seen improvement in their pets’ health and mood since they started using Green Roads products.

The Green Roads range of products is certified to contain only pure CBD and no potentially harmful trace amounts of THC. Ingredients include the purest CBD, but some of their products also go an extra step and include additional vitamins and minerals that could benefit your pet’s health.

Some of Green Roads’ products have a specific health focus for your pets, such as reducing inflammation or anxiety before a trip to the vet. Dosage options vary, and you can find everything from low-dosage CBD products to extra-strength for high-strung pets.

Medically backed and fully certified, Green Roads has been around for a few years and has shown consistency in the quality they offer.

If reviews are to be believed, then Green Roads could be one of the best companies on the market for pure pet CBD products.


CBDfx is a reliable and certified brand in the pet CBD product space, with a range of products that claim to be effective for everything from reducing anxiety to inflammation in your pets. Reviews say that their claims are valid, and the CBDfx product range gets excellent reviews from most pet owners who have bought from them.

What makes the CBDfx brand different is the wide range of dosage options. Low-dosage 500 mg CBD products are available, but there are many higher-dosage options out there that scale it up to more than 2,000 mg for pets who have a naturally higher tolerance to CBD.

All products from CBDfx are guaranteed to contain pure CBD and no trace amounts of THC. Products have the benefit of being thoroughly tested before each batch leaves the factory, increasing the quality control level before the products get to customers like you.

CBDfx offers one more thing that most other competing brands don’t: an excellent high-CBD balm for cats and dogs. When most companies focused on tinctures and oils, CBDfx researched how to create a topical ointment that’s excellent for pet health (and wholly pure and non-toxic).

Petly CBD

Petly CBD is a company that claims to produce only the best and purest CBD products for pets. All their products are meant to be for pets, and they have put a lot of research they can prove into making sure each of these products carries the maximum benefits they attest to in their advertising.

If you’re looking for regular oils and tinctures, try another company – but if you have a fussy pet or one with more specific dietary needs, then what Petly CBD has to offer will be perfect for you. A selection of the high-CBD products you can buy through Petly CBD is meant to be added to your pet’s food as a nutritional powder.

Nutritional, high-CBD powders are an excellent product but a rarity because not all companies have to offer it. This is one thing that sets the Petly CBD brand apart from others.

All products included in the Petly CBD range have been thoroughly tested to contain only the best ingredients and only pure CBD with no trace THC that might be harmful to pets. Reviews for the brand online seem to agree that if you want to buy quality, you should buy Petly.

Anxious Pet

Anxious Pet is an excellent, reliable pet CBD brand that makes products with a more specific health focus than some other brands. Instead of just offering CBD products, they offer CBD products meant to match up with specific common symptoms: reducing inflammation, pain, and anxiety for your pets.

All Anxious Pet products have been tested and certified. It’s not just good advertising, but you can see that Anxious Pet products have put in the necessary effort to put an excellent quality supplement on the market – and all ingredients are listed on the label, just as a great pet supplement should.

While most pet CBD products have a general focus – like CBD tincture or oil – the range of Anxious Pet products has been formulated to cater to specific needs. Anxiety is one of the primary product focuses, but not the only one – and there are also CBD supplements from Anxious Pet that can help your pet deal with inflammation, pain, and dietary issues.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a favored and high-ranked CBD company best known for its high-strength CBD products for people, but now they also cater to their pets. The pet-specific range of the brand offers excellent chews and tinctures available in a wide variety of strengths: from mild to high-strength.

The creators of Hemp Bombs are likely to be dog people, as most of their products are made for canine health – and they don’t offer as much as other companies do for cats. The good news is that if you are a dog owner, their products are available in great flavors that most pets will enjoy.

All Hemp Bombs products are natural and tested to contain only pure CBD with no trace THC that can be dangerous or harmful to dogs.


JustCBD is a popular and well-known company that gets around creating CBD products meant for humans, but they have expanded what they have to offer to include an excellent CBD range for pets. JustCBD is perfect for both cats and dogs, and their products (such as chews and CBD oils) are available in flavors that will grab any pet’s attention – from salmon to bacon.

If flavored chews aren’t your pet’s favorite treat, they also offer pet-friendly CBD oils that are great for both cats and dogs. Multiple strength options are available to cater to animals of all CBD experiences.

Their products guarantee a thorough testing process and quality control applied to every batch.

There’s more good news for people who want to buy JustCBD products for their pets: their products are some of the most affordable ones around and cost less than $20 per bottle.


FabCBD is one of the more niche pet CBD manufacturers on this list, and they only do one product for pets in the form of dog treats. The company has an excellent reputation for its other CBD products, and they guarantee an extremely high standard of quality for their dog treats.

All FabCBD products are tested and made according to very high standards with no trace THC and only the best CBD.

Most reviews about their dog chews are excellent, and from dog owners who have said their pets love it.

Is the FabCBD dog chew range for all pet owners?

Probably not, but if you have a four-legged fussy-eater in the house who loves their CBD treats, it could be a great product.

Honest Paws

The Honest Paws brand caters specifically to pets with their range of CBD products, guaranteeing a healthy and all-natural approach. Pure CBD and no trace amounts of THC is part of their product promise, and each product from the Honest Paws range has a specific focus on health and wellness.

Arthritis, mobility, and pain relief are some focused products that you can find in the Honest Paws range.

For a generally positive effect on your pet’s health, they also offer an excellent CBD oil great for both cats and dogs.

The Honest Paws range might be it if you want to go for something reliable and trusted.

How We Ranked The Best Pet CBD Brands & Products

There are thousands of different pet CBD products on the market being advertised as you read this sentence, but not all of these CBD products are made according to the standards that pet supplements should. Cheaper, untested supplements can contain harmful ingredients – and might even contain enough THC to get your pet high or make them ill.

We chose our reliable CBD brands and pet products from only the best ones.

For them to be featured in our list, the products must be all-natural (and back their claims with leading research and excellent reviews).

That’s not all the criteria we used to develop this list of pet-friendly products.

Here’s how we picked our list of the best tinctures, creams, oils, and treats containing CBD for your pets:


Advertising must be accurate and fair, especially when talking about human or pet health supplements. There are international standards for what supplements are allowed to advertise as claims (and what they have to be tested for to back these claims).

Accurate advertising was one of the most important reasons we featured specific products on our list. The best pet CBD products on the market have to work as advertised, or they won’t be the best.

Additives or Preservatives

Additives or preservatives can take away from how well a natural product works, and sometimes it can even stop a product from being allowed to call itself all-natural on the label. We have chosen pet products that use a minimum amount of preservatives and no additives in their product formulation.

When a product says to be all-natural, we believe it should be.

All-Natural Ingredients

Superior pet health products will contain all-natural ingredients from a trustworthy source. Legal pet health products will tell you exactly what these ingredients are on the label – and that’s one more thing we looked for in all the products we featured in this list.

Only pet products that can prove they use natural ingredients have made the cut.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is an essential factor for consumers, no matter what product we’re talking about. We chose only brands with a reliable reputation in the CBD or pet business. That’s how we made sure that we feature superior products of high quality – from brands that you can trust.

Would you trust a brand without a decent reputation in the pet CBD space? Of course not, and that’s why we looked at brand reputation as very important for each product we chose to include.

CBD Dosage

Supplements and CBD products should always contain the minimum dosage information on the packaging. This isn’t just for added information but can be a legal requirement for any products meant for human or animal consumption.

We had chosen only products with their CBD dosage listed: this helps to show that the product has been tested and checked for dosage before the product was released to the consumer market.

Clarity is one of the essential things for any supplement, whether it’s meant for you or your pet.

Ingredient Lists

All products we have featured in this article contain ingredient lists: this helps you know exactly what’s in your pet CBD supplement (and how much of it!) before you give it to your pet. An ingredient list is more than just essential. It’s a legal requirement for both human and pet supplements on the market.

To make sure you get only the best CBD pet supplements on this list, we have excluded products that aren’t clear about their ingredients – or ones who make claims they can’t back.

Legal Animal Supplement

All of the products on this list are legal animal supplements that have been certified and tested. If a CBD product hasn’t made it through testing and certification as a legal animal supplement, it could contain anything – and might even contain ingredients that could harm your pet’s health.

If it’s not a certified animal supplement, you won’t find it on our list.


Lab-testing guarantees that the product has been through a lab to prove the contents and efficacy of the ingredients. Any products that haven’t been lab-tested didn’t make our list. Products that lack lab testing could contain THC and might even include other additives that could be harmful to your pet.

Testing guarantees that your choice of pet CBD product is safe for your pets to take and that the brand can prove this for all their products.

Money-Back Guarantee

While not all products offer this, some pet CBD products on our list provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results (or can’t see the right kind of health difference in your pet after trying the product). Money-back guarantees aren’t essential for a great product, but some pet owners might prefer the option so they can try other products too.


A select few of the products featured on this list are also safe for people to take. While human CBD products aren’t consistently advised for pets, humans can sometimes take all-natural pet CBD products – though not every human is a fan of salmon flavored treats!

Product Reviews

Product reviews can often provide a clearer idea of what a product offers (and others who have tried it so far have thought of it). We have considered product reviews to make up our list and only featured products and brands that get consistently good reviews.

Word-of-mouth says a lot about a product and what you can expect from the same brand. If a product has low reviews (or no reviews), we give it a miss for our list.

It’s one more way to make sure you get a list of only the best, pet-safe CBD products that work.

Regulated Formulas

We have chosen only brands and products that adhere to strict international standards for safe pet supplements. Any products that don’t carry the proper certification have been given a miss for our list, and we have given preference to all products and brands with regulated formulas. This way, we can guarantee that the products we featured are safe.

THC-Free Guaranteed

The products you’ll see on this list all guarantee free of trace amounts of THC. Pure CBD products, especially ones for pets, should never contain any THC – but some unregulated, untested pet supplements do without disclosing their product’s entire contents or effect.

We guarantee that all the products on this list are THC-free, safe, and tested.

Pet-friendly CBD products should contain only pure CBD to be safe for pets to take. Humans can process THC, but cats, dogs, and many other animals cannot.

Cannabidiol & Cats

Most pet owners want to get their cat something unique to reach for the regular treats first, but these days, an increased number of people are choosing to go for CBD supplements that can benefit their pet’s health. CBD treats and oils are more than just a treat; they contain benefits that can better your pet’s quality of life.

Here’s a quick look at what CBD can do for your cats:

Anxiety Relief

Cannabidiol is well-known as a natural means to calm down even the most highly-strung human, and more research shows that it can do the same thing for cats. If your pet manifests with stress or anxiety (or you need to prepare for a stressful trip), the answer to calming your cat down could be CBD.

Combat Inflammation and Pain

CBD has shown promise in clinical trials for reducing inflammation and pain, two of the most common symptoms that you might see with cats who are more advanced in age.

Stimulate Appetite

A declining appetite is normal for cats who undergo stress or cats who absorb much of the pressure their owner goes through. Studies show that CBD is excellent for appetite stimulation if your cat has been eating less and you would like to stimulate its appetite naturally.

Better Mood

Even the happiest cat on the planet isn’t in a good mood all of the time. CBD can do great things to improve your pet’s general mood, and it can even help your pet deal better with stress or recent traumatic events. If you want to do something to make your cat happier in general, CBD could be just the thing.

CBD & Canines

CBD isn’t just something for humans and cats, but research shows that dogs can also benefit from CBD when added to their routine. If you would like your dog to be healthier, happier, and have a high quality of life well into its older years, CBD could do great things for your dog.

Benefits of CBD for Canines

Stress Relief

Stress can happen to humans, and it indeed happens to dogs. All dogs go through some stress at some point in their existence, and as a pet owner, you want to do what you can to reduce their stress naturally. CBD shows promise in the quick relief of general anxiety, both for humans and dogs.

Anxiety Relief

Some dog breeds almost seem like they were born into the world with an extra pinch of anxiety. CBD can be one of the best things you give your dog for anxiety relief. With a regular and straightforward CBD dosage, you can help your dog deal with their anxiety naturally and healthily. They might even love it!

Appetite Stimulation

When some dogs are stressed, you can first see their stress manifest in their diet. Often, stressed dogs eat less – or stop eating entirely for a couple of days at a time. If you know this isn’t caused by anything else, CBD could do a lot to help your pet get back to a regular appetite. CBD has shown promise for natural appetite stimulation and could be just what your dog needs.

A Strengthened Coat

CBD doesn’t just have internal benefits for your pet but will also have clear benefits that you can see. If your dog is in generally better health thanks to CBD, their coat will start to show it – and many of the CBD products we’ve featured in this article contain added ingredients that can make your pet’s coat shine.

The Different Types of CBD Products

There are different types of CBD products, each having benefits – and if you’re wondering, creams and balms are meant to be applied topically to the skin instead of ingesting! Here’s how to give the different CBD products out there to your pet:

CBD Creams

CBD creams are best applied topically to your pet’s fur. Thanks to the fact that these creams are non-toxic, all-natural, and safe for pets, the inevitable fact that they might ingest the balm during cleaning should be unassailable.

CBD Treats

CBD treats are usually meant to be given to your pets in a dosage-based form. Usually, it’s easy to calculate the proper dosage for your pet’s needs by considering their weight. Some pet CBD treats are flavored (like salmon or bacon) to ensure cats and dogs love them.


CBD oils are usually meant for ingestion. The easiest way to give CBD oils to your pet is to calculate the proper dosage based on their weight and the instructions and mix the chosen CBD oil into their choice treat.

CBD Powders

CND powders are a rare sight, but some manufacturers have now started adding them to their products. Powders can be sprinkled over your pet’s food to enhance the effect (and sometimes even the taste).

The Difference Between Isolates, Full & Broad Spectrum CBD

If you’re new to CBD products, let’s take a moment to discuss the difference between isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD products. Usually, products will mention which type they are on the label – and it has to do with the purity of the different products.

Isolates contain only CBD as a clinical isolate. The maximum effort has gone into creating only the purest CBD supplement.

Full-spectrum CBD contains the full spectrum of the cannabis plant, though it guarantees to have zero THC content. Full-spectrum CBD is a little less pure than isolates, but not by enough to make a huge difference.

Broad-spectrum CBD products can have a mild grass-like taste, though also guarantee a zero-THC content that’s safe for pets to take.

Safety, CBD & Pets

Is CBD safe for cats and dogs?

Yes, as long as the product contains only pure CBD and is certified as pet-safe to contain only ingredients that are certified perfectly safe for cats and dogs.

Some pets can still be sensitive to CBD and manifest side effects like vomiting or nausea. If your pet shows the same adverse reactions to more than one CBD product, it’s likely a sensitivity to CBD – but if this only happens with a single CBD product, the product might contain something your pet is allergic to (or the product might not be as pure as it claims).

If your pet has shown any adverse reaction to a CBD product, stop and speak to your vet immediately.

CBD and Dosage for Pets

Dosage and CBD aren’t complicated.

For most products, follow the recommended dosage and calculate your pet’s ideal CBD dosage by their weight. CBD dosage can be gradually increased if your pet shows a positive reaction to small, initial amounts at first.

While there is no way to overdose your pet on pure CBD, they can still ingest too much of the other ingredients found in supplements! Always start with a small dosage to check your pet’s tolerance.

Check product packaging for recommended dosage information, or speak to your vet first to determine how to use CBD products for your pet.


If this is your first experience with CBD or CBD for pets, we recommend making it through this guide first. Some of the essential things you might want to know about CBD or how it works are listed here:

Here’s the pet CBD FAQ with the most common questions about pets and CBD answered:

Q: What is CBD?

A: Cannabidiol is a compound produced by different hemp and cannabis plants. Because the brain has specific receptors for CBD, it has positive effects when humans (and their pets) ingest CBD.

Q: Can cats/dogs take CBD?

A: Yes, as long as it is pure CBD that contains no THC. Research shows that cats and dogs can benefit from CBD just as much as their human owners can, and more pet owners are buying CBD products now than ever before.

Q: Is CBD legal for pets?

A: Yes, CBD is legal for pets in the United States. If you’re not in the US, check the laws in your country for CBD before ordering any products for your pets.

Q: Is CBD safe for cats and dogs?

A: Yes, as long as the supplement has been formulated specifically for pets, CBD is completely safe for cats and dogs to take. Human CBD products can contain ingredients (like chocolate) that pets can’t tolerate and their owners. This is one reason why a pet-specific CBD supplement is a crucial choice.

Q: How do I give my cat or dog CBD?

A: There are several ways, and this depends on which CBD product you have chosen to buy for your animals. CBD drops, chews, and powders can be given directly to your pet (or are usually given with their food). CBD tinctures and balms are applied topically – to the fur or skin – though they should be non-toxic and safe if they were to ingest it.

Q: Does CBD get my pets high?

A: No, pure CBD cannot get your pets high in the same way that THC can. If your supplement or pet product contains only CBD, it should never have that effect. Unregulated and untested CBD products might contain CBD – and this is where it’s not safe for your pets to take.

Q: Why does my dog or cat look high after CBD products?

A: CBD can cause a relaxing effect and might make your pet seem supremely relaxed after they have taken it – but they should never appear high or become nauseous from any CBD products. If the effect continues or your pet looks seriously out of things, then discontinue use of the specific CBD product immediately: it might not be as pure as the label states.

Q: Can CBD cause munchies in cats and dogs?

A: Sometimes, yes.

This is entirely normal if your pet suddenly develops an appetite after CBD products. It’s okay to give them extra treats – but remember that you, as their owner, should still be in control of making sure your pets get a healthy and nutritious diet.

CBD can sometimes be explicitly given to stimulate appetite in pets and humans.

Q: Can CBD cause an overdose in cats and dogs?

A: No, CBD can’t cause an overdose in cats, dogs, or humans. That’s one of the best things about CBD for health.

Q: Can CBD upset my pets’ stomach?

A: No, but your pet might be sensitive to some other ingredients that are contained in chews or treats. If your pet develops an upset stomach after CBD products, try another CBD product. If the effect continues, stop treatment and speak to your vet.

Many temporary stomach conditions can affect dogs and cats and chronic diseases like colitis. Speak to your vet if you suspect that the above could be the case for your pet.

Q: Will CBD help for anxiety and nightmares in my pet?

A: Yes. Many pets struggle with anxiety or nightmares, and even PTSD. CBD has shown promise as a treatment that can reduce stress for cats, dogs, and humans.

Q: Can my pets’ CBD products work for me?

A: Sometimes, yes.

If your product is marked all-natural or human-grade, then you bet you can take your pet’s CBD supplements too – though sometimes, you might not like the same flavors that your pets love.

Q: Can I give my pets human CBD products?

While pets can process CBD, human products can contain ingredients that are not okay for pets to take – and some of the elements might even be outright harmful to your pets.

Q: What are the best CBD products for pets?

A: We’ve put together this entire list to bring you the best CBD products for the best. All the products on this list have been tested and certified as pure CBD pet supplements.

Q: Why are pure CBD pet products so important?

A: Buying a pure CBD pet product gives you the guarantee that it won’t contain any THC that might be harmful to your pet. Certified pure CBD products guarantee that they are safe and that the manufacturer can prove it. This is one of the most important things for a safe CBD pet product because cats and dogs cannot process THC the same way humans can.

Q: What can happen if my pet ingested THC?

A: Cats and dogs cannot handle THC, and their systems don’t process it in the same way that people do.

If your pet accidentally ingests even a tiny amount of THC, they could experience dizziness, nausea, and a whole list of other side effects. While CBD is okay for pets, you should know that THC is not.

Supportive care is the best thing you can do for your pet if they have accidentally ingested THC. Make sure they drink plenty of water, make sure they eat and keep them far away from anything that might contain THC in the future!

Q: What are the benefits of CBD for pets?

A: CBD can have a lot of the same benefits for pets as it can for their human owners. Regular use of CBD can help to reduce anxiety, bring down inflammation, and aid pain relief – and that’s just part of the benefits CBD can have for your pets.

Q: Will anything happen if my pets ingest CBD balm?

A: No, usually CBD balm is completely safe and made from all-natural ingredients. Unlike CBD oils and treats that are meant for ingestion, CBD balms just might not have a pleasant taste – and they are intended to be applied to the fur or skin!

The Best CBD Products for Cats & Dogs in 2022 Conclusion

The pet CBD market is a competitive one, and there are hundreds of brands on the market that compete for your attention with every ad. This doesn’t mean that all CBD products for pets will work the way they’re advertised – and that’s why this list is essential for responsible pet owners!

We have featured only the best CBD brands and products on this list to make sure you can make a responsible choice – and choose the best CBD brand money can buy for your pet.

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CBD Oil for Cats

But have you heard of CBD oil for cats? Many cat owners are starting to give their beloved feline friends CBD oil to provide relief for a variety of ailments and diseases such as cat arthritis and common respiratory conditions.

But is it safe? And how does CBD actually help cats? And should you give it to your cat? Before we dig deeper into what CBD oil can do for your kitty, let’s begin by discussing what it is in the first place.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. It is a tiny molecule extracted from the Cannabis plant. Most people might be wary of giving their cats CBD because of its association with the recreational drug, or in other words, marijuana, and its psychoactive effects.

While Cannabis does have psychoactive effects, a product can only be called CBD or Cannabidiol when it contains less than 0.3% THC. THC, or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive component of Cannabis which causes psychoactive effects or the feeling of being “high.”

CBD, therefore, does not cause any psychoactive effects on the body, nor to your cat. It does, however, contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties that bring about the long list of health benefits CBD provides.

CBD Oil contains cannabidiol mixed with oil in the same way as essential oils are manufactured.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Unfortunately, there has been no reported clinical studies proving the beneficial effects of CBD on cats. Since pet owners have only started to give their cats CBD as an alternative form of medicine, scientific studies have been lacking or nonexistent.

It is also safe to say that before you give anything to your cat, though, a consultation with a veterinarian is highly ideal. Cats that are allergic to grass may not take CBD so well since it is marijuana plant-derived. It would be important to take these things into consideration before you give anything to your pet cat.

How to Give CBD to Your Cat?

You can choose between two types of CBD products to give to your cat:

1. CBD Oil

This is the most common CBD product used for humans and cats. CBD oil is readily available in the market and they usually come with a dropper where you apply drops of the oil under your cat’s tongue for fast absorption.

2. CBD Capsules

Because cats are more likely to put up a fight when being force-fed medication, they might not take it very well when you try to apply the oil under their tongue.

If you believe you’ll find it difficult to administer CBD oil to your cat, then maybe CBD capsules will be a better option.

However, very few companies offer CBD capsules and it might take you a while to find the right one in the market.

What are the CBD Benefits on Your Cat?

According to The World Health Organization, CBD is beneficial in providing the following benefits to humans:

  • relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Huntington’s Disease
  • relieve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
  • relieve symptoms of pain
  • decrease anxiety
  • decrease nausea
  • relieve symptoms of cancer
  • decrease pain associated with arthritis

While these benefits are derived from clinical studies involving humans, many believe the very same benefits are enjoyed by cats when they receive CBD in their systems.

According to many pet owners of dogs and cats who use CBD on their pets, CBD is said to provide the following benefits:

  • reduce inflammation
  • reduce pain associated with arthritis
  • help with diabetes
  • reduce nausea and vomiting
  • help with chronic pain
  • help reduce instances of seizures
  • help reduce asthma attacks by reducing inflammation in the upper respiratory tract

CBD is also said to help with the common ailment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats. This disease causes diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss in cats. Since CBD reduced inflammation, it helps alleviate such symptoms by reducing swelling in the digestive tract.

CBD is also known to help cats that suffer from pancreatitis, and other ailments caused by inflammation from different parts of the body.

How CBD Works?

  • Lungs
  • Brains
  • Vascular system
  • Muscles
  • GI tract
  • Reproductive organs
  • Skin
  • Spleen
  • Bones
  • Glial Cells
CB1 + CB2
  • Immune system
  • Liver
  • Bone Marrow
  • Pancreas
  • Brainstem

CBD works by entering the body and interacting with the endocannabinoid system or also known as ECS. The ECS has two kinds of receptors CB1 and CB2. The ECS manages all kinds of physiological processes in the human body, from memory to emotions, to pain and inflammation.

Surprisingly, ECS is also present in dogs and cats. In fact, all mammals have ECS, and it’s the very same ECS present in humans. Thus, the effects of CBD on humans are the very same effects on cats as well.

This means that CBD works for humans in the same way as it does on cats. The only difference is the administration and dosage. Dosage should be lesser for cats since they are smaller than humans.

How to Choose the Best CBD Products for Cats?

CBD products are aplenty in the market today because of their rising popularity. If this would be your first time to buy a CBD medication or supplement for your kitty, then you need to take a few factors into consideration when you look for the best CBD product for your cat.

Here are things to consider when choosing the best CBD product:

1. Concentration

There are many CBD products in the market today and because there are currently no regulations imposed in the industry, the amount of CBD in product matters. And this is why concentration is highly important. Lesser quality products may not contain the proper amount of concentration to be effective.

Concentration ranges between 100mg to 5000mg and first-time users should start with the lower concentrations for trivial to mild pains and issues. However, a consultation with your cat’s veterinarian is key to choosing the best concentration for your cat’s ailments or disease.

2. Guaranteed Analysis

Though there are no standard regulations yet, the manufacturer must ensure that their products have been tested and chemicals or ingredients have been analyzed.

3. Extraction Methods

All-natural products are best when it comes to choosing the best CBD product for your cat. To ensure they’re safe and effective, proper extraction methods must be in place. Some manufacturers may use chemicals in their extraction process and residue from these chemicals may still be in place in the final product.

Did you know? Marijuana that human use is toxic to cats because THC (tetrahydrochloride) and CBD (cannabidiol) compound found in marijuana interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. So, make sure you are using CBD products that are made for pets with 0%-0.5% THC. Like the one reviewed on this page.

2021 Cat Lovers’ Guide to CBD

CBD has just recently exploded with popularity over the past few years, but CBD is not new at all,” says Dr. Lindsay Butzer, a Zesty Paws spokes veterinarian from Boca Raton, Florida. “CBD was extracted from the hemp plant in the 1940s and was recognized as a completely different substance than the psychoactive substance we all know as THC. That means CBD has been around for 80 years! That is a very long time. It was not until the late 1990s when the step toward legalizing marijuana in the United States began that the popularity of CBD followed right after it. Around this same time, CBD was being used in cats and dogs.”

Dr. Joseph K. Rosentel, vice president of product development and supply chain at Pet Releaf, based in Littleton, Colorado, adds “CBD for cats is a growing category and may help support a normal inflammatory response and joint discomfort,” plus also help with a variety of situations.

2021: What’s Happening

The most significant update may not be with CBD itself but with public perception. The biggest transformation over the last few years in the pet space and, specifically with cat parents, is how much more accepted CBD is, says Jon Neveloff, partner with King Kanine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Every day we are seeing more and more cat owners use CBD as part of their overall wellness program.” Jon points out that major retail chains prominently displaying CBD products for people helps build general awareness and recognition.

Another difference Dr. Angie Krause, with Boulder Holistic Vet in Boulder, Colorado, has noticed with CBD products is that “They are becoming more concentrated, and that helps kitties get a therapeutic dose with less volume of oil.”

Another development is that more veterinarians and their customers will consider CBD for pets. “The acceptance by veterinarians varies widely; I think often by region and perhaps demographics of the veterinarian and their client base,” reports Dr. Diana Drumm, medical director of The Animal Healing Center and president-elect of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. “Here in California, I regularly have clients start the conversation about CBD use for their pets. This is not only by my millennial clients, but even octogenarians who may be benefiting from CBD themselves.”

Dr. Drumm, also a Pet Releaf partner, adds, “I feel the reluctance by some veterinarians to educate themselves and in turn their clients about CBD use are mostly due to fear/ambiguity surrounding the cloudy legal landscape.”

And that legal issue is very real for veterinarians. “Veterinarians are restricted by state licensure laws,” explains Joey DiFrancesco, CEO and founder of LolaHemp in New York City. “In addition, there are issues with liability for veterinarians who would not be covered by insurance in cases where CBD products are recommended.”

Geography is clearly part of the hurdle. “Currently, only four states — California, Colorado, Michigan and Oregon — allow veterinarians to discuss CBD with pet parents,” says Jodi Ziskin, director of communications with Treatibles in Nashville, Tennessee. “We are confident this list will grow exponentially over the next few years.”

But that doesn’t mean vets can’t learn about it. “CBD is becoming more accepted by veterinarians every year,” Dr. Krause confirms. “Most veterinary conferences are instructing veterinarians on the medicinal benefits of CBD and how to use it in practice.”


“One of the things that people new to CBD for pets are often confused about is the terminology,” Joey says. “In fact, some of the terms for different CBD pet products overlap, so customers should know how to dig a little deeper into any CBD products they buy for their pets to be sure they are getting what they want.

He explains, “CBD or CBD oil is a broad term that can apply to just about any product that contains cannabidiol, one of hundreds of compounds found in hemp. CBD itself is not psychoactive, meaning it does not create the ‘high’ associated with THC, a compound found in trace amounts in hemp and much larger amounts in medicinal and recreational strains of cannabis.”

Dr. Butzer explains specific totals. “‘Hemp’ contains no more than 0.3% THC and any plant with more than 0.3% THC is considered to be ‘marijuana.’ Because even small amounts of THC can have a very negative effect, it is important to understand the composition of cannabinoid-containing products before administering them to your pet.”

More on hemp oil: “CBD hemp oil, typically extracted from the stalks, flowers and leaves of the hemp plant, is full of cannabinoids (natural compounds) that are only found in the cannabis plant family,” Dr. Rosentel explains. “CBD coming from hemp plants (and not marijuana hybrids) are extremely high in CBD and extremely low in THC.”

Hemp oil also contains properties that support cannabinoids: terpenes, antioxidants and fatty acids, Jodi says. “Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil means that all of these compounds are present in the oil. This results in the ‘entourage effect,’ which refers to a boost in the therapeutic benefits of CBD when these compounds work in unison.”

In contrast to full-spectrum oil is isolate. “CBD isolate products are made by first refining the compound CBD into a pure isolated crystalline form,” Joey says. “All of the other compounds found in hemp are stripped away. Some research has shown, and many industry experts agree, that full-spectrum oils may have better healing properties as the trace elements found in whole plant extracts seem to support each other in synergistic ways”

“An area of confusion for some pet parents is hemp seed oil,” Jodi adds. “This is oil extracted from the seed, not the plant or flowers. Hemp seeds do not contain any cannabinoids. It is often used as a carrier oil in CBD products because it is rich in omega-3 and omega6 fatty acids.”

Finally, just how does CBD work? “We humans and cats both have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is made up of cannabinoid receptors that CBD can bind to that may help regulate a variety of processes in our bodies,” Dr. Butzer says.

Special Delivery

“One of the ways that the CBD for cats market has expanded in the last few years has been the development of a range of products,” explains Joey. Most CBD for cat products fall into one of three categories: Tinctures, treats and topicals. Joey explains the distinctions:

“CBD tinctures (sold as an oil in a bottle with an eyedropper for precise dosing) for cats provide a lot of flexibility for use. They can be added to food and taken orally. They can be given directly to the cat in the mouth, which allows for faster relief and the most efficient absorption rate since it bypasses the digestive system. It can also be used topically for areas of dry skin or irritation.”

“CBD treats for cats offer convenience because each treat has a specific dose (which will vary by manufacturer). Some pet owners find the ease of giving a few treats each day to be faster and more convenient than using tinctures. They are also a great option for travel.”

“CBD topicals for cats are designed for use on the skin. They are often formulated to include other beneficial ingredients to help soothe and heal the skin.”

An additional dosing tip from Dr. Butzer, “Start with half the amount, and once you know how your pet responds to CBD then you can start to increase to the full amount. Recognize any new supplement you give your cat may impact their GI tract (soften stool).”

According to Jodi: “While all forms are equally beneficial, we do find that CBD oil administered directly into the mouth offers the fastest results for most cats because the oil absorbs into the bloodstream by capillaries in the cheek, gums and under the tongue. CBD products mixed with food enter the stomach, go through the digestion process and absorb into the bloodstream through the digestive tract. It takes a bit longer for the benefits to be experienced.” She points out that CBD is fat soluble, “So it is best taken with fat for maximum absorption.”

Jodi adds that topicals may be the best route for “super finicky cats. Gently rub into the tips of the ears. The cream absorbs quickly and can help calm a frightened or anxious kitty.”

As with many things that pertain to picky pussycats, there is no single best way — it may take some trial and error to determine what’s best for your cat.

Buyer Must Beware

While new companies in a particular space can help drive innovation, there can also be a negative side: those looking to jump on the bandwagon to make a quick buck. That’s where your due diligence comes in. Experts give some tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

“Sales of CBD pet products are skyrocketing in the United States, from $8 million in 2017 to $32 million in 2018, according to the Brightfield Group,” Dr. Rosentel says. “The firm estimates the CBD pet market could reach $1.16 billion in the United States by 2022.”

Jodi confirms: “Over the last few years, there has definitely been an influx of companies producing CBD for pets. Unfortunately, many of these bandwagon companies are offering inferior products that truly hurt all of us that are dedicated to high-quality, consistent and compliant product lines. In some states, regulators have been removing items from store shelves. The FDA is also starting to crack down on false claims (which is a good thing for consumers and legitimate CBD companies).

“The saddest part of all this is when cat parents try out these inferior ‘bandwagon’ products and desired results aren’t achieved, many decide CBD doesn’t work instead of moving on to a reputable brand. In the end, the cat is the one that suffers.”

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Six for Safety

Experts for this article shared their top recommendations on what buyers should look for to get the best CBD for their cats:

  1. Make sure the product is third-party lab tested and can provide the consumer a certificate of analysis to prove that. This COA should certify the amount of CBD and THC in the product. The COA is usually shared through a QR code on the label to follow state regulations.
  2. Look for a 100% human-grade product.
  3. Was the product grown in the United States? Hemp is like any other botanical and picks up a lot from the soil in which it is grown, so non-U.S. sourced hemp may be high in heavy metals.
  4. Look for a CBD product grown without pesticides or chemicals.
  5. Confirm the product is and the hemp was organically grown and that each batch has a certificate of analysis.
  6. Look for the NASC logo. The National Animal Supplement Council has specific requirements in place for pet products containing hemp, including required labeling standards.

And, just one more thing about the product — sometimes sharing is caring and sometimes it isn’t. While you can give your cat a CBD product made for your dog (at different doses, of course), never give your cat CBD oil or hemp products made for people. “Not only can these products contain dangerous amounts of THC, they can also contain potentially deadly ingredients, such as xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is safe for people but deadly to pets,” Joey warns. “We recommend that owners work with their vet or consult with a holistic vet to make sure they give their cat CBD oil safely.”

So while your cat may prefer a tuna flavor instead of your dog’s peanut butter version, that’s subjective. CBD oils for people include flavorings such as peppermint that can be an actual health hazard to pets.

If you think CBD might help your cat, there’s no better time to make use of the vast sources of products — and research. Your cat might experience less pain, and you might be rewarded with a few extra purrs.

Paws for Relief

Here are just a few examples of CBD and Hemp products in tinctures, treats or topicals.