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Australia. Prime Minister says legalize medical marijuana Australian PM Tony Abbott surprised many this week with the comment “I have no problem with medical marijuana”. The remark comes as the Australian Marijuana Seeds Australia is a country that the possession, growing, buying or selling of marijuana is illegal and in each of the country’s This article is for those people thinking of ordering cannabis seeds to Australia and the various issues that may arise as a result of that. Thi

Australia. Prime Minister says legalize medical marijuana

Australian PM Tony Abbott surprised many this week with the comment “I have no problem with medical marijuana”. The remark comes as the issue of medical cannabis hit the mainstream media in Australia and has caused a series of passionate debates about the illegality of cannabis. Several high profile medical cannabis users have appealed to politicians to change the law in Australia to protect seriously ill medical marijuana users from the Police persecution. Just as in the USA, politicians find it politically embarrassing to do anything other than support the medical use of cannabis.

Cannabis is used extensively in Australia for medical purposes, just as it is elsewhere in the world.

As the benefits of medical marijuana become mainstream there are no longer any good reasons why politicians need delay legalization of cannabis


Australia is a country that the possession, growing, buying or selling of marijuana is illegal and in each of the country’s territories the penalties are different. In any of the Capital Territory, South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, all have different degrees of punishment for marijuana. Small amounts of marijuana possession up to 25 grams or growing up to two plants, is usually a fine, which is similar to a traffic ticket. The person that is ticket in many cases can choose to attend drug and alcohol classes, which can mean not having to pay the fine. Growing more than two plants or being caught not only with marijuana, but also with smoking paraphernalia is a higher fine and classes are an option.

In Queensland having cannabis smoking paraphernalia is illegal and a small amount of marijuana when caught will be required to attend an assessment and treatment program to be educated about drug use.

There are more harsh laws in some of the states or territories in Australia that were included in the Drug Misuse Regulation of 1987, including a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. This type of sentence is rare and then the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act of 2000, includes laws that for the person that is found to be carrying less than 50 grams of marijuana to be offered a drug diversion program, but they must not be committing any other type of offense at the time they are caught with the weed. Legislation in 2006 reduced the amount of cannabis that is able to be grown indoors in hydroponic setups without being considered it as a large or commercial quantity, which would carry a more stiff sentence under the Australian Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act that originated in 1985.

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Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia Info

It is wise to do a little research before ordering an item that may be classed as prohibited in your country and so we hope you’ll find answers to the most common questions we see below. Please note that this information is in no way legal advice and Seed city is in no way qualified to give legal advice.

What’s the Law in Australia on Cannabis Seeds?

The law on cannabis seeds is always closely related to the law on cannabis itself for obvious reasons and so it’s best to start there! Cannabis itself is illegal in Australia but is allowed for medical reasons and patients who have a prescription are allowed to use cannabis grown and regulated by national regulators. For those without a medical prescription who are found with cannabis, Australia thankfully has a sensible approach to drug use and practices a policy of “reducing harm” rather than severe punishment. As Australia is a large place made of many states, the exact punishment will vary based on location but generally, it is not a severe one. Obviously those people dealing in extraordinary amounts of cannabis will face a different punishment than those who are simply recreational users. Now we’ve set the scene a little, we can move on to the Australian law’s approach to cannabis seeds.

The approach is quite similar to that of cannabis itself in that the seeds are only legal in the sense that they can be used by Australians with a medical license in order to grow their own medicine. There is rather a grey area in cannabis seeds that are purchased for collectible and souvenir uses and not intended for germination but as this as not yet been tested as far as we can see, it is unclear as to whether this would “hold up”. I suspect it is unlikely we will find out in a court of law unless a very large number of cannabis seeds are found, as the time and cost of taking people to court for possession of fairly small numbers of cannabis seeds would be impractical. This Wikipedia article has a more in-depth breakdown of various Australian Drug Laws affecting cannabis and is worth a read –

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What Would Happen if Cannabis Seeds are Stopped at Customs in Australia?

Border Control and Customs in Australia regularly find packages that contain prohibited items. Every day thousands of packages are checked, opened and “seized” and there are various standard procedures that are followed based on the type of goods seized, the amount seized and so on. In regards to cannabis seeds, it is very likely that the receiver of the package will be sent a letter informing them of the customs seizure and the reason for the seizure. The bottom of this letter will have a stern warning about how “future attempts to import prohibited items may result in personal penalties or criminal prosecution”. Now, whilst this is obviously not something to completely disregard, it is a boiler-plate form letter that is sent out to thousands of people every day. I have no doubt that there is some system that will record the name on the package, the address of the sender and receiver and log this in some database somewhere. Therefore I do not believe it would be a great idea for a person to have multiple instances where they have ordered goods under their name that have been seized, as individuals who have had 1 package seized are in the 100s of thousands or more but those which start racking up the numbers of seizures might be much smaller and therefore worth someone taking a look at. In summary then the vast majority of people in Australia who order cannabis seeds would suffer no more than receiving a stern letter warning them not to do it again. Having said that, there are mentions online of Australians who have had a search warrant issued with a mention of a previously seized package mentioned in it and we would be remiss not to mention this. It would seem likely that there were other factors contributing to the warrant outside of the package seizure.

How does Australian Customs find Cannabis Seeds?

What a good question, if I do say so myself! I’m sure a lot of people have seen various TV shows revolving around airport security and customs. One which specifically shows Australian Customs procedures is “Nothing to Declare”. It would be foolish to assume that Customs show their exact procedures and all of their tips and secrets on a TV show accessible to all but it does give a good general layout to how international packages are screened. This process is unsurprisingly very similar to many other nations and involves Xray scans, sniffer dogs and visual inspections. Once a package has been marked as suspicious it is opened by a customs officer and whatever is inside is usually tested in a machine which will show if the substance in the package matches with any known illegal drugs. If Customs procedures were “perfect” it would still not be possible to intercept and seize all “illegal” packages due to the sheer number and variety of them. It is simply not currently possible to scan every package from every country in a way that can guarantee a 100% success rate. Whilst scanning technology is improving and new scans are in use which can clearly show the difference between organic and inorganic materials they still rely on the human eye and as such are severely limited. For now then, whilst Australia customs do seize a large number of packages, those seized are likely the “lowest common denominator” – ie those packages which contain poorly packaged drugs or those packages with a large smell. As cannabis seeds do not have a strong smell and are not typically in the “most wanted” list of customs nasties they are likely to remain undetected.

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How Does Seed City Send Cannabis Seeds to Australia?

Here at Seed City we have a great deal of experience in sending cannabis seeds worldwide and we have sent many packages to Australia. We are happy to report that our success rate is roughly 99% but then we do go to a large amount more effort than our competition. I am sure that you would expect us to criticise our competitor’s shipment methods and praise our own but in this case we honestly feel that this is justified! We make sure that all packages where a “stealth” shipping method is selected are sent in a way which guarantees the customer the least possible issues. If we didn’t have this confidence in our methods we wouldn’t guarantee delivery or we’d be quickly out of business and we’ve been going strong for 7 years! Unfortunately we don’t think it best to go into details of our shipment methods as it is best they remain a surprise to some but I can say that we do get regular emails accusing us of not sending any seeds at all! That is until we tell the customer where to look 🙂

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and you can find a whole hell of a lot of cannabis seeds, over 4,500 and counting, available right here on Seed City. Please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] if you should have any questions or problems! Without you, the customer, there is no Seed City and so it’s simply good business to keep you happy!

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