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How to Flavor MCT Oil | MCT Flavor Concentrates – Flavoring Edibles

Deborah Dolen Bestselling Author of DIY Books and Flavorist

Until the CBD movement (which is typically an oil based material) no one really cared about how to flavor oil based products beyond lip balm manufacturers and chocolatiers. Coffee bean roasters prefer PG based flavor because the target flavor permeates the bean easier than say oil. We use PG as our substrate in our coffee flavor line.

Two decades ago I owned a lip balm company and I was frustrated only a few “obvious” flavors were available as TRUE oil based. Mint, Mint, and Mint. And Orange, Lime and Tangerine if you want to get technical. Forget USP or even food grade back then! I did not know how tainted and orange essential oil from China could be! No one knew, actually. Beyond that I was determined to secure OIL based flavors in many more flavors. I was able to buy a variety of oil based flavors from Germany! No one in the states cared. This is WHEN I decided to be a flavorist and a flavor manufacturer and solve a problem. We need jobs in the states, not Germany.

One ounce glass dropper bottle of Candy Flavor Dot Com Strawberry Flavor Concentrate on Amazon

Now flavoring lip balm is not too daunting – but flavoring a burnt rubber (some strains) full spectrum CBD for kids to like [I work with their Doctors who secure it] is hugely rewarding. I only knew the problem (expensive micro meds cannot be deluged with flavor) because I lost a lover to Leukemia in 2015. Getting him to eat was paramount and getting him to like the taste of CBD for his nausea a challenge – I flew home from Mayo on weekends to my lab and perfected how to flavor this “stuff.” Did I ever believe it would become legal? No. That would be to good to be true; He loved the various flavors I compounded and was eating quite well. He rejected the bone marrow donor later, and passed. I kept my notes and hard work in formulas to flavor that CBD….I felt to never be used again… and four years later (now) I find they are the bestselling products in brands I flavor at the medical marijuana dispensaries! I was floored. I am the highest sought after flavorist for CBD for the right reasons.

So how do you flavor MCT Oil? That is easy if you find someone who cared enough to make a full line of oil based flavors happen – not just the easy mints and citrus. Try to buy food grade terpense if your truly bent on saving money. The real question may be “How do you flavor CBD?”

How do You Flavor MCT Oil and Or CBD
I would flavor the actual CBD FIRST and then warm it up in your oil. This will tell you if the flavor is even – your CBD is evenly distributed. I worry about “pockets” as I do with anything that may be medicinal. This solves that. Use a company who knows what they are DOING. Terpenes are only 8% of the materials as a flavorist I have to choose from. If they know little beyond the buzz word “terpenes” and think that only those are where all flavor is compounded – they know nothing. I did just announce true MCT based oil flavoring on the front page of CandyFlavor.com, which would need 8% to 10% to flavor. Serious customers understand our 1% or less on wax-flavor-oil.com are certainly more cost effective.

“I would flavor the actual CBD FIRST and then warm it up in your oil. This will tell you if the flavor is even – your CBD is evenly distributed.”

Bedtime Max

Bedtime, our MTC oil based oil soluble additive offers fast acting relief and ease of use when you need it. Bedtime Max is our maximum strength oil soluble additive.


15ml Bottle with child proof/tamper evendent cap


NutraHemp, MCT Oil, Natural Peppermint Flavor


One of the most demanded CBD products is the CBD tincture. Bedtime Max is the perfect choice for your MCT tincture or oil based CBD product. Bottle Bedtime Max as is at 100mg/ml for the most potent experience, or dilute with your choice of oils and oil soluble flavorings for a crafted touch. Bedtime Max contains the highest grade of C8/C10 MCT, giving you quality you can feel. We add natural peppermint flavoring to help with falling asleep fast!

How to use Bedtime Max

Add your desired dose into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil based consumable or topical, and mix until fully incorporated. For fast relief try Bedtime Max sub-lingually.

Adding flavor to oil-based tinctures

Hi folks, I'm experimenting with adding flavor to tinctures but having some trouble, and I'm looking for any hints or tips.

I tried adding Pineapple LorAnn flavoring straight to an MCT/Lecithin mixture, but it wouldn't emulsify. The LorAnn flavors are PG and Ethanol based, so I'm assuming that without ultrasonics, PG does not mix with MCT.

I tried adding Vegetable Glycerine to the mix, which seems to make an effortless emulsion. But now it tastes like OTC cough syrup, which I want to blame on the PG. The VG tastes kind of like burnt sweetener.

I feel like the PG-based Pineapple LorAnn flavoring is just going to taste like cough syrup regardless of how I adulterate it, so does anyone have any suggestions for alternative flavorings?