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CBD Flow Legality

EDIT – Just to be clear, I'm talking about "legal" CBD. Not low % THC that you'd get in a medical dispensary.

Does anyone have any specific knowledge on where the law stands today on CBD flower in FL? I know the recent passing of the farm bill has some implications but I can't seem to find a definitive answer.

To be more specific, what is the risk in ordering flower from somewhere like Tweedle Farms? From searching it seems there are plenty of people that have had it shipped to FL and it "should be ok", but I don't like those types of risks. Especially considering that you can find stories of peoples packages getting seized by USPS.

CBD prices from the dispensaries are absurd. Is there anywhere in SWFL where you can by high quality CBDflower?

Just ordered from Apical not too long ago and showed up in Orlando area in 3 days. Everything I found said it was legal to buy and the documents they send with it in the mail had the testing to proves it was legal under the farm bill.

I just ordered some from there tonight. 50% off Superbowl sale. How was the quality?

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I love Tweedle Farms, and enjoy their smoke here in Tampa. They do a great job of packaging as well.

I'm a consumer advocate and attorney in Miami. So I must include this disclaimer. The following message shall not be construed as legal advice. I'm just expressing my opinion on the subject, and I always remain openminded.

In my opinion, the sale or possession of products containing CBD-oil derived from so-called "industrial hemp" is illegal under Florida state law, absent a valid medical marijuana license. The federal Farm Bill did not legalize the sale of CBD-oil products to consumers nationwide. Florida's Agriculture Commissioner appears to agree:

This regulatory dissonance is not what Florida or America needs right now. What we need are uniform regulations to green light the green industry. But I believe my opinion is based on a fair reading of the relevant federal and state legal and regulatory schemes, including the federal Farm Bill and Florida's criminal statutes prohibiting "cannabis."

The problem for consumers and businesses dealing with products containing CBD oil derived from Industrial Hemp stems (pun intended) from Florida state law. The sale and possession of Cannabis is illegal in Florida. And the definition of "Cannabis" under Florida's criminal code encompasses Industrial Hemp and the CBD-oil derived therefrom.

Specifically, under Florida Statute 893.02(3), “Cannabis" means "all parts of any plant of the genus Cannabis, whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin. The term does not include 'marijuana,' as defined in s. 381.986, if manufactured, possessed, sold, purchased, delivered, distributed, or dispensed, in conformance with s. 381.986." See

Hemp is thus "Cannabis" within the meaning of Florida's criminal code. Therefore, any products containing CBD-oil derived from Hemp are illegal to sell or possess in Florida.

CBD! (why I use it and where I buy it)

I've been fielding a LOT of questions lately asking me what CBD products I use or where I get them from. This said, I am putting the info here in one post to make it easier for folks to find it, as well as giving me the ability to refer to it in the future. Please share if there is a particular place / product that you love and I don't have listed here (especially if it's cheaper ).

I personally take CBD to find relief for many different symptoms (if I had to pick just one medicine to live the rest of my life with, there would be no argument. I would choose CBD every single time), the medicinal and therapeutic effects of this product really can't be overstated. I've tried many CBD from many different places (including Florida dispensaries) and the one thing I can say with absolutely certainty is that not all CBD products & companies are created equal, so do your research and buy only from places you know you can trust (not even going to think about how much I’ve wasted on bad or mediocre products, ugh)

Pro Tip: EVERY CBD PRODUCT sold on Amazon is fake and will contain little to no actual CBD in them. "But Scotty, there are thousands of CBD oils on Amazon, how can you say they are all fake?". The answers simple, I tried them all (kidding!), but I did try a couple from them that had ZERO effect on me so did some digging. Turns out it's against Amazon policy to sell CBD products on their site. This has resulted in unscrupulous company's taking "Hemp Seed oil" (which again, has no CBD in it) and sticking a "CBD tincture" label on it. For those currently taking these products, please don't start hating on me. I'm not saying that Hemp Seed oil has no medicinal properties as it does (it's a great source for Arginine, which has been shown to both lower blood pressure AND reduce the risk of heart disease), BUT IT'S NOT CBD.

All this said, I take CBD to help me manage the following symptoms (yes, I am much more "broken" than the average bear):

PTSD: Doesn't work every time.. but I find that CBD (coupled with meditation) gives me the best chance of [quickly] recovering from a PTSD induced panic attack

Anxiety: Not sure if I have ever met CBD's equal when it comes to both relieving and preventing anxiety, the stuff is pure bliss in a bottle (Pro tip: you can even use CBD to calm down THC induced anxiety if you smoked to much)

Pain: Humans have been using CBD to manage pain for more than 5000 years so there HAS to be something to it, right? For general body aches as well as pain emanating from sore muscle groups, CBD shines like few other products do. This does very little for severe pain though (but I have yet to find ANY product that eliminates severe pain). This said, a high THC product can help you tremendously here and while it wont eliminate my severe pain, it does turn it into more of a "background noise")

Sleep: Outside of taking Ambien (which I am never taking again as it made me. ummmm, "do things", the right CBD product can knock me out (perhaps it's because my anxiety is no longer there?). CBD however will not keep me asleep for long though as the pain invariably jolts me back awake. Taking a high % THC product an hour after CBD will allow usually let me to sleep a few hours though

Depression: I find that by consistently taking CBD, my depression is pretty much held at bay. Trulieves Dosido's and MUV's Grape Ape (both high THC) in contrast always bring a smile to my face when I am feeling especially down (often accompanied by an incessant giggle )

There are MANY more benefits to taking CBD, these are just the primary reasons for why I personally take it. Now, onto where I buy my CBD. The local dispensaries in Florida have some absolutely wonderful CBD products; but most are "blends", and while I feel that they DO work great, I personally get a lot more medicinal benefit from dosing with products containing CBD alone (the less THC in my system, the greater effect CBD has on me. Not sure if there is any science to this fact, but it's sure been my experience).

Pro tip: There is one exception to this rule: Liberty Health has a 1:1 CBD to CBN product made by Mary's Medicinals which will go down forever as my sleeps MVP. seriously, it's freaken' awesome – but ringing up at nearly $0.20 a milligram (yes, 20 cents A MILLIGRAM! ) it's one of those "special occasion" kinda' products. I also typically have one of MUV's 1:1 metered dose inhalers, and while not one of the best products I've tried, it's the only one that I feel comfortable dosing in public with as it's virtually indistinguishable from an asthma inhaler (even used it in jury duty once, lol. Even though they made me empty out my pockets, who's going to tell am old guy in a wheelchair that he can't have his asthma medicine? 😉 )

Seeing that it's cheaper (and usually better) than products I've purchased at dispensaries, I almost exclusively order from the following online retailers. I’m sure there are a lot more reputable places out there, these are just the ones that I’ve personally experienced as being “top shelf”:

CBDistillery: There is a lot to love about this place and you are sure to find SOMETHING here that works for you as they have a very extensive inventory. My favorite product here is a Full Spectrum Distillate that's a steal at less than $0.05 a milligram. They also carry a CBD wax that I really enjoy.

Phytodabs: This place tends to be a little more expensive than CBDistillery (still cheaper than the dispensaries though) and every single product I've tried there has been absolutely amazing. If you are into dabbing, they carry an Umami Slab that will change your life (their custom terpene profile makes it one of the best acting AND tasting CBD products I've ever tried). Only downside to their slabs is that I burn through them VERY fast because (like many concentrates) it's impossible to meter out consistent doses (and the fact that I love the effects & taste of it doesn't help either, as I'm reasonably sure it causes me to take more than I usually need to)

Pro tip: Keeping a journal of your symptoms along with the date . Next to that put what product you took, what symptoms it eliminated and how long before the symptoms came back. This will help you figure out how much you need to take when those symptoms present again. While you can do this with high THC products as well, I find that (despite best intentions) that I never complete it after taking them (time does not really pass in the same matter after you take THC, lol)

Livegreenhemp: Sharing this site not because it's the best, but they are by far the cheapest for quality CBD (but it you want that low price you have to purchase it in this order):

First go to [Groupon] ( (They almost always have this Groupon out there) and snag their 35% of gummy worms deal (that equates to only $0.03 cents a milligram!). Note that the gummies here tend to be good, but not great. Also be aware that they put melatonin in them so have a tendency to make you super drowsy, so be warned if that's something that typically knocks you out)

The trick here is to not “use” the Groupon till you can afford to get additional products: When you put in your code for the groupon in their website they give you a chance to add another product for 40% off (almost half price!), and while their gummys are "good", their crumble is great (and super fast acting!).

Tip: Do not pay for expedited shipping here as I’ve tried it before. It does arrive swiftly but I did a test and placed two orders the same day; the items that shipped free arrived the same exact day as the ones I payed extra for 3 day shipping (but not sure if this is because of where I live in relation to them or not).

Disclaimer: Cannibis is a wonderful medicine that can perform bona-fide miracles for certain people / diagnoses, but IT IS something that affects people quite differently. That said, this is my opinion on what the best deals and products are, but what works for me may not necessarily work for you (and in extremely rare cases, make you much worse). I do however feel that the medicinal benefits for CBD are so vast that you owe it to yourself to at least try it.

Also, even though I've personally experienced great success with using CBD to treat it, clinical depression is not a medical diagnosis that should be taken lightly. If you've been diagnosed yourself and are not currently seeing a doctor for it – SEE A DOCTOR FOR IT.

Apologies for the long post (but thank you for reading this far!), just trying to capture everything that I get asked. Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions.

Where is the best CBD oil ?

I usually purchase various cannabis goods at Trulieve in Venice, Fl. I like Trulieve, but don't like their CBD oil. It has something called MCT oil in it and MCT doesn't agree with me.

I've been to Surterra in North Port, but not crazy about that place. Was wondering where else I can purchase a tincture as well as a vape . Thanks for any info!

I prefer CBD product to use is the CBD Hemp Oil by Calm. Aside from THC, CBD are present to be found inside the cannabis plant and are well-known chemical compounds . However, like the THC, CBD doesn't build psychoactive effect . CBD products relieves stress and pain, promotes better sleep, and even reducing the anxious feeling. Cannabidoil won't get you high and it may have even real health benefits too. In fact, their products are 0% THC which are legal and ideal to its users

How about their gummies? Have you tried it? Just want to make sure before I purchase a product from Calm, by WEllness Co. there is a positive review that I could get. Long before, I've been using a different brand but seems this CBD product goes viral on Youtube because of it's best tasting CBD & something like backed by scientific research. Is that true?

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