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The five best cannabis vape cartridges

People love vaping weed because of its health benefits, portability, and discretion. There are many different types of vaping systems: 510-threaded cartridges that work with most batteries, pods or cartridges that only work with a specific company’s hardware, disposable pens that get tossed as soon as you finish, and the list goes on.

So how do you find the best one? Combining quality weed, extraction skill, and vape hardware, whatever experience you’re looking for, we’ve got a list of the best vape cartridges money can buy.

And if you can’t find these or simply don’t want them, down below we’ve got some tips on how to find a high-quality cart that’ll set your mind and body straight.

PAX Era pods

PAX has been a leader in the vape pen game for years now. They have a slew of vape products to pick from, but their PAX Era is the belle of the ball.

Their technology is heralded for its extremely smooth and flavorful hits, and their app is acclaimed for its personalization, allowing temperature and dose control throughout each session.

PAX has partners in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. So pretty much, if you live somewhere where cannabis is legal, you can definitely find a nice distillate, live resin, or solventless rosin PAX Era pod at a dispensary nearby.

Raw Garden live resin cartridges

These Raw Garden 510 cartridges are delicious. Even more than delicious, they’re effective—they will get you high as hell.

An issue with vape carts in general, for people who reaaallyyy smoke weed everyday like Nate Dogg told you to, is that the high doesn’t really get you that high. It’s just a lil’ tooter to keep you going until you get back to some actual flower or dabs. Well Raw Garden’s live resin cartridges will get you HIGH.

Their vape batteries are powerful and long-lasting, and work great with DMT vape cartridges too. Just an FYI.

Airgraft 2 live resin pods

Airgraft is a Canadian company that operates in California. At some point, they’ll operate across the nation. Their claim to fame is a revolutionary vaping system that only heats, never burns, your oil due to the way heat is cycled through the battery and chamber.

The reason they’re on here is because both their Airgraft 2 vape system and vape pod go hard. Especially that Papaya Live Resin pod, ooohweee, it’s so damn tasty. Plus the effects punch like a dab. Truly, it only takes a couple puffs from the Airgraft 2 to get you extremely zooted.

Airo Pro AiroPods

The Airo Pro is f*cking amazing. It’s another proprietary system that only works with its own battery and cartridges. The battery is awesome because it vibrates when you hit it, allowing you to measure doses.

Although you can only buy their AiroPod cartridges for it, you won’t be disappointed with their oil: It tastes amazing, it’s fun to vape, and there are a whole lot of options, including CBD oil, distillates, live resins, and a botanical strain terpenes series.

Cherry on top is that they’re available in multiple states: California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona.

Olio 2nd press solventless rosin cartridges

TASTEEEEE, is what I have to say about these carts. Olio in Colorado makes a variety of extracts for people who love dabs and vape pens alike. On the vape side of things, they produce solventless rosin, 2nd press solventless rosin, live resin, and CBD 510-threaded cartridges.

Their 2nd press solventless rosin carts are some of the most flavorful 510 cartridges I’ve ever come across. Rosin is pressed using heat and pressure, and the process creates leftover oil—which is then pressed and bottled into rosin carts, hence “second press.”

The result is some super flavorful vapor, and if you’re in Colorado, you should definitely give it a try. Pro tip: their Purple Marmalade cart is the right answer.

Honorable mentions:

  • Echo Electuary cartridges in Oregon cartridges in California cartridges in Oregon, California, Colorado, and Oklahoma

How to find a quality vape cartridge

There are hundreds of vape cartridge options out there. If you don’t like any of the above carts, here are some tips on how to find a high-quality cart that’s right for any mood or feeling.

Type of vaporizer and battery

Choosing a vape cart starts with the type of battery you have. If you want the flexibility of 510 cartridges and access to the widest range of oils, you might want to get an upgraded battery like a Vessel Expedition that will last you a while and offer different temperatures.

If you’re going to go with a closed-pod system like PAX Era or Airo Pro, you’ve already made your hardware decision and will be limited to that brand’s types of oils.

Cannabis oil

The most important thing when finding a quality vape cartridge is if you want THC or CBD. There are other cannabinoids, but for the most part, THC and CBD are the most common. The industry isn’t at a place yet where producers are developing CBG, CBN, and other minor cannabinoid products at mass scale.

That said, THC gets you high and CBD doesn’t—but will still make your body feel good. Learn more about the two here.

Potency and terpenes

When you look at the package of a cartridge, look at two main metrics: THC/CBD percentage and terpene percentage. Essentially, the amount of THC or CBD will tell you how powerful the experience will be, while the terpene percentage will let you know how flavorful it’ll be. If the package tells you specific terpenes, then you’ll also have an idea on how the high will make you feel.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the THC/CBD percentage, the stronger the high will be; the higher the terpene percentage, the more flavorful and dynamic the vape oil will taste.

And you usually can’t have both: If you get a vape cartridge with 90% THC, expect that the flavor will be nil or there will be artificial flavor additives; if you get one with 18% terpenes, expect that it will explode with tasty vapor, but the effects might not punch the hardest.

Extraction method

Everything about the quality of vape cartridges starts and ends with the oil. You don’t need to be a cannabis scientist, but know that how the oil was made will influence its taste and effects.

Distillates, live resin, rosin, etc., all have their own flavor profile and experience. Educate yourself of the wide variety of extraction methods that make concentrates here, as well as the different types of vape oils here.

Producer and processor

Once you learn basic vape tech and oil types, the next thing you should look out for is who’s making the oil in the cartridge or pod—that includes producers growing the flower for source material and processors extracting oil from the bud.

Knowing specific producers and processors will give you an idea of the standards and quality of your oil. If you love a company’s flower or dabs, you might love their vapes as well.

Purity and color

Oils can come in a wide variety of colors, and usually, the more golden-amber the color, the better. If the oil inside’s got a sweet, golden-amber color that looks like a Tree Sap IPA, you’re good.

Thc cbd oil for vape cartridges

Despite the fact that many people love the smell of cannabis, it smells like patchouli and is overrated for others. Either way, hemp is a great resource that you can utilize in endless ways.

With the development of delta-8 THC cartridges, cannabis users can consume cannabis in a way that eliminates the negative side effects of combustion. This allows for a more potent yield without sacrificing taste or flavour. Hence, it’s the perfect solution for people seeking a safer way of ingesting marijuana while still enjoying the traditional smoking experience.

You probably already know how challenging it can be to make a choice about which THC cartridge is the right one for you. There are so many best delta-8 THC carts on the market, and they all have unique features which set them apart. Ultimately, though, it boils down to personal preference, but you need to know what’s out there to help you make a decision.

That’s why we compiled a list of the five best THC cartridge brands, which can prove very helpful when you’re choosing a cartridge.

2021’s Top Delta-8 THC Cartridges & Cart Werd From Reputable Brands

    – Overall Best & Highest Grade THC Cartridges – Most Potent Delta 8 Brand For Natural Flavors – Powerful delta-8 Carts With Wide Range Of Flavors – Best Cartridges For Weed With Strongest Experience – Best Weed Pens Renowned for Great Value
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For more information about the top 5 THC carts, check the detailed reviews.

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best & Highest Grade THC Cartridges

Exhale Wellness is a marijuana-based business with a company operating in Los Angeles. It is managed by a group of pioneers with immense experience in organic food. This company works with hemp farmers in Colorado for hemp needs, guaranteeing its ingredients are of the highest quality.

Since its inception, this company has made waves in the delta-8 THC industry because it totally emphasizes using all-natural substances with a high potency boost. Therefore, their high quality products contain maximum potency of delta-8 THC in soft gels, tinctures, gummies, or carts. You can also find delta-8 enriched capsules, pre-rolls, and cigarettes on their website.


Exhale Wellness can assure consumers that its ingredients are safe for consumption since it sources them from natural and organic resources. Therefore, it’s tough to find strains of GMOs, preservatives, artificial flavours, and harmful additives in their hemp derived products.

Some of the most trending flavours offered by Exhale Wellness are Gorilla Glue, Mango, Cactus Cooler, Fruity Cereal, and Pineapple Express. The company is determined to earn your satisfaction with a line of delicious flavours in vape carts.

Exhale Wellness works with third-party laboratories to experiment with the quality, potency, and safety profile of its delta-8 THC products. Hence, the company is transparent about lab reports and certificates that determine its trustworthiness.

You can find some exciting offers on the company’s official website. Exhale Wellness has experience in delivering quality above one’s expectations in every aspect. In addition, it provides your parcel without any delivery charges, irrespective of the order size. Therefore, if you are a new buyer, you should receive an enticing discount on your first purchase.

  • 100% natural products
  • No PG, MCT, VG oil used as an additive
  • You might feel a sense of relaxation
  • Get a sight of COAs on its website
  • Reasonable price
  • Discounts and offers
  • Free delivery
  • Non-replaceable cartridges
  • You can buy through the website only
Customer Testimonials

Most customers are captivated by its potent delta-8 THC cartridges and say that the high quality product has a pretty long-lasting effect for up to 2 hours. The benefit of no artificial ingredients is another feature that people quote in their reviews. Moreover, customers say that a 20% off coupon for first-time customers is a big win in trying their products if one is unsure.

#2. BudPop: Most Potent Delta 8 Brand For Natural Flavors

BudPop is a top-shelf brand for cannabis products that was established in 2021. The founders of this company are in their 20s, with an overall three decades of experience in the THC industry. BudPop produces high-quality delta-8 THC products and is quickly making its name with its clever techniques and formulations. Their products are of the highest quality and come in various forms, including oils, edibles, and even vape pens.

With 30 years of combined experience in hemp, BudPop has created some of the best delta-8 THC cartridges on the market. Moreover, BudPop has an ongoing commitment to the cannabis farming industry by funding studies to produce safer, healthier cannabis products.


Their products contain no additives and are made from pure hemp extract. The company only uses natural compounds such as delta-8 THC extracts with natural terpenes and organic compounds to ensure safety and effectiveness. Each formula is delta-9 THC and additive-free. Above all, it contains a full spectrum delta-8 THC extract. Therefore, their THC cartridge is a brand-new experience that you can enjoy without worrying about side effects commonly found in CBD products.

BudPop offers two flavours in their delta-8 carts: Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz. The flavour in the Grape Runtz cartridge is perfect for midday, fruit-infused vape. The Strawberry Gelato is best for later in the day when you want to chill out. The cartridges are manufactured from stainless steel and food-grade silicone, giving them a high-quality feel. They are prefilled with vape juice, so you can discard them when THC oil is over.

BudPop sources its hemp from farms located in Nevada that use all-natural, sustainable farming practices without GMOs or harmful pesticides. Therefore, you can rest assured of the safety of their vape juice.

When you buy products from BudPop, you are covered by third-party testing. The company wants you to get the best quality, efficiency, and potency, so independent laboratories conduct product tests that are available on their website at any time.

  • Dose of 800mg of pure delta-8 THC in every 1ml cart
  • Rigorous testing
  • COA viewable on the website
  • No additives
  • Free from delta-9 THC
  • No delivery charges on orders over $70 in the US
  • 14-day return policy
  • Only available online
  • Recently founded
Customer Testimonials

Despite being a newly established brand, BudPop products have received rave reviews, specifically its delta-8 carts. This is because the users love them for their smooth flavour and a pleasant aroma. Similarly, the carts have CCELL hardware compatible with most vape devices, producing a thick vapour that provides a satisfactory hit. Moreover, people are pleased that the vape carts are affordably priced.

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Powerful delta-8 Carts With Wide Range Of Flavors

Hollyweed is a high-quality vape cartridge producer that has been in business since 2017. Consequently, the company offers varieties of products, including natural extracts with an ideal blend of terpenes. Hollyweed’s products are famous for their perfect concentration of THC. Quality and efficiency are what the Hollyweed brand has built its reputation upon. They offer a variety of products to choose from, all of which are carefully designed. You can find lotions, full-spectrum CBD oils, flowers, pre-rolls, capsules, topicals, and gummies in addition to vape carts.


The Hollyweed carts are made of natural, chemical-free ingredients. They deliver a powerful and precise vaping experience, using a blend of delta-8 THC distillate and cannabis derived terpenes to provide the best possible cartridges.

At a time where GMOs and other harmful substances are commonplace, these vapes are made of entirely organic hemp and contain no genetically modified ingredients. The hemp is grown without pesticides or herbicides and does not contain MCT, VG, PG, or VG oil.

If you are looking for an enchanting vaping experience, look no further than the 10 flavours at Hollyweed with 900 mg of delta-8 THC. Their carts are filled with potent flavours: Sunset Sherbet, Jack Herer, Fruity Cereal, OG Kush, Blackberry Kush, Mango, Pineapple Express Blackberry, Sour Diesel, and Gorilla Glue.

Several different state-licensed cannabis testing labs have extensive lab tested Hollyweed vape carts to provide consumers with a better understanding of the THC content found in these vape cartridges.

It is legal to buy these cartridges online. They are also safe as Hollyweed’s delta-8 cartridges contain 0.3% delta-9 THC or less. With 0.3% (THC), you might enjoy some uplifting effects without feeling too high or experiencing the anxiety or paranoia that comes with more robust levels of delta-9 THC.

  • Undiluted 900 mg of delta-8 THC in vape carts
  • Tested by DEA-accredited labs
  • COAs available on the website
  • A variety of 10 exotic flavours
  • Environment-friendly practices
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No refund possible
Customer Testimonials

Many customers have found their cartridges to be of high quality. They are also content with a wide selection of delicious and unique flavours.

Some users experience a feeling of euphoria from these products. However, the more common result is a sense of calmness. People also say that they feel invigorated without any side effects.

#4. Diamond CBD: Best Cartridges For Weed With Strongest Experience

Diamond CBD is a well-known company in the world of marijuana that has mastered offering efficient products to its customers. The brand has an array of hemp products like hemp oils, creams, delta-8 vapes, edibles, and many more.

The company sources its hemp from US-based weed farms whose cannabis quality is greater than the imported ones. Diamond CBD offers vape carts under two tags on the market: Diamond CBD’s 10X and Chill Plus delta-8 THC.


Each of their THC cartridges is made with all-natural ingredients. In addition, the company employs an efficient CO2 extraction technique to yield delta-8 THC extracts. Diamond CBD’s products are backed with independent lab testing, which indicates a lack of synthetic additives and harmful chemicals. All their products contain less than 0.3% concentration of delta-9 THC that speaks for their legality.

Indica and Sativa strains, extracted and mixed to perfection by the brand’s mixologists, come in 11 amazingly yummy flavours. They currently have 2 vape carts product lines, including 10X and Chill Plus. Each of these variants has a different combination of THC and hemp-derived terpenes along with botanical extracts.

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Diamond CBD products offer a variety of different strengths, depending on what you’re comfortable with. If you’re new to THC, they have got you covered. Their vape THC cartridges range in strength from 25mg to 1500mg. A more experienced user can also find an option that matches them; 2500mg, 3000mg, or 3500mg.

  • 900 mg of delta-8 THC in each vape cart
  • Affordable
  • COA is published on the website for lab testing
  • 2 lines of vape carts
  • 11 tasty flavours in both lines
  • Sustainable methods
  • 30-days replacement or refund policy
  • Full-spectrum hemp is not used in all products
Customer Testimonials

There are many reasons why people love Diamond CBD’s THC cartridges. One of the most common is that they help people feel better mentally and emotionally. Moreover, customers see excellent results from the vape cartridge, feel more energetic, and have a substantial appetite. They say it’s a different high than traditional pot and lasts longer too. Users appear to be very satisfied with the juice, as they have all been pleased so far.

#5. 3Chi: Best Weed Pens Renowned for Great Value

3Chi is a longstanding company with a well-established and reputable name. With a biochemist-founder who has over two decades of experience in the cannabis industry, 3Chi will never let you down.

CO2 extraction is what 3Chi uses to extract their compounds. This process is safer and gives more stability to the procured material. Extraction allows both intense and mild cannabinoids to come out, so you get the best of both worlds.


The ingredients used in the 3Chi vape carts are delta-8 THC oil mixed with terpenes for the optimal effect. You can get their carts in 950 mg and 475 mg of delta-8 THC concentrations. The brand’s products are free from harmful and artificial additives. 3Chi uses organic hemp in its THC cartridges, delivering the natural benefits of hemp plants.

The company recognizes the importance of working within federal regulations to make quality products free of GMOs. Moreover, the concentration of delta-9 THC is less than 0.3% in their products.

It offers various flavours of vape cartridges in different quantities including Focused Blends, Resin, and Comfy Numb in 0.5 and 1ml.

3Chi’s pens and cartridges stand apart with sterile glass CCell cartridge with ceramic coils. The CCell coils heat up instantly and create a healthier and smoother hit than traditional devices of vaping industry.

  • 95% pure delta-8 THC
  • Terpenes are added
  • No side-effect
  • Free-delivery
  • Third-party lab testing
  • COAs on website
  • Economical products
  • The effect is not long-lasting
Customer Testimonials

1000+ customers have reviewed 3Chi. We noticed that most customers were pleased with the whole experience of shopping, including the customer service. We think that this is because of the company’s commitment to being honest and transparent.

How Did We Curate This List of Top THC Vape Pen & Cartridges Derived From Cannabis Plants?

There are countless THC carts on the market today, making it difficult for first-time buyers to search for the right product. If you have determined you would like to use a vaping cart, you might be looking for one that gives off large clouds. However, you could easily lose hours online browsing tons of THC cartridges options.

That’s why we came up with a list of the best THC cartridges for an exceptional vaping experience. When we embarked on this mission, we collected all the famous brands of THC carts on the internet. We then dug deeper to have a systemized process by jotting down the brand overview, product highlights, their merits and demerits, and customer reviews about the product.

This way, we could offer you the investigated data of each brand along with our two cents.

While many delta-8 THC producers claim to be the best on the market, we wanted to ensure thorough coverage of several things for our readers when choosing a THC cartridge. We looked at each facet from quality to a fair price to characterize the best THC cartridges. Consequently, we preferred some of the following notable benchmarks while investigating the products of different brands.

What We Looked For

  • Advanced Techniques: Our team of professionals collected information about each brand of THC cartridges. We then analyzed the data, ensuring that it was up-to-date and accurate. While doing so, we found many brands did not follow proper manufacturing and safety procedures, which led to us testing and researching for a better one among them. After doing this, we selected the brands that we found would be the best fit.
  • Safety: We found out that the best weed for making cannabis oil was the most potent and came with zero traces of pesticides or insecticides. The most potent hemp cultivars associated with brands were non-GMO and sourced with sustainability in mind. These brands also had third party lab results available to test their full cannabinoid profile, potency, and terpene profile.
  • Ingredients: The overall quality of THC cartridges depends mainly on the quality of ingredients used in the product. During our probing, we discovered that some brands fill their cartridges with artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives, etc. These synthetic elements do not add to the quality of THC vape oil but rather destroy the medicinal benefits of marijuana. Therefore, we preferred THC cartridges with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Customer Reviews: The satisfaction status of customers speaks a lot about what the brand has to offer. If people say that a product is good and reassuring, it means the brand is doing its duty well. With a spotlight on positive reviews, we could not oversee what could make the clients unhappy. That’s how we marked the boon and bane of a brand.
  • Lab Tests: Lab tests are proof of the brand’s transparency in their research and quality. For this reason, we checked the websites of THC cartridge brands to find their certificate of analysis for public viewing. If a brand has a legit manufacturing process, it will not hesitate to display the lab results. With that said, all of the brands enlisted on our list were crystal clear with third-party lab testing.

Buying Guide: What Factors Hold the Utmost Importance for the Best THC Cartridges?

  • Ingredient Composition

You can kick start the buying procedure by inspecting the ingredients used to make the delta-8 THC carts. As a potent THC product is produced from quality hemp, you need to ensure that all components are derived from hemp. The synthetic ingredients in the ingredients list can be a big no-no in finalizing a product.

If you are vegan, you might want to double-check that the THC products are gelatin and dairy-free. This applies to all products other than a vaping cart. Moreover, a brand might incorporate preservatives and artificial flavours into vaping carts that can nullify or minimize the THC’s benefits. In addition, look for US-grown hemp as it is of superior quality, contrary to imported hemp.

  • Safe Manufacturing Process

The extraction of CBD is one thing, and the manufacturing of delta-8 THC is another. The flawed process of making the latter one incorrectly can lead to unsound product quality. It is not a layman’s job to extract the cannabinoids efficiently; instead, the procedure requires expensive and specific machinery and technicians. It would be best to search for the brands that employ fine extraction techniques, such as the CO2 extraction method.

  • Cartridge Material

If a company packages flawlessly extracted delta-8 THC in a poor-quality material, the expensive extraction techniques are worthless. The use of low-grade packaging material can impure the oil when you heat it with a battery. We are sure you don’t want those harmful materials leaching in the oil you are going to puff. It is also a reality that inferior packaging might break when your cartridge is heating up.

  • Variety of Strains
  • Potency
  • Brand Popularity

In the end, you can check for customer testimonials available on the website of a respective brand to affirm your decision. The opinions of repeat buyers greatly influence the brand reputation. If a brand has gained maximum check-marks on the points mentioned above, you can trust their product quality.

FAQs on Delta 8 THC Carts

Q1. What temperature is best for vaping weed?

Choosing the right temperature for your vaping can be daunting for those that are new to this experience. To get the most out of your vape, getting information on vaporizers before making a purchase is crucial. A high-quality device will allow you to experiment with the entourage effect.

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THC is the main compound of cannabis. The boiling point of THC is 315° F. Vaping marijuana at or below 325° F will produce the least amount of effect, and vaping it between 325° and 350° F will produce a more pronounced high. You can also half bake your weed by vaping at a temperature of 350° F to 400° F.

Q2. How can you know if the vape cartridge is empty?

If you are vaping THC or some other cannabis extract, there are a couple of things to pay attention to. One thing is how to know if your cartridge is empty. There is a short life span in the world of cannabis vape cartridges: like all other vape products, they will eventually run out.

Besides eyeballing your old cartridge to see if you can still vape, there are other methods you could use to see if it is time to swap the cartridge. The blue light at the top of some vape cartridges indicates when it is time to say goodbye. Thus, when the light turns on, it’s time to replace the cartridge in use with a new one.

In addition, if you are looking for a replacement cartridge, keep an eye out for one with a viewing window. This way, you will be able to tell if the cotton wick inside the atomizer has turned orange, signalling that the cartridge is running low on oil. This means that you will need to replace the cartridge before residue starts to accumulate and you begin to smell smoky fumes.

Q3. What is the reason for the crystallization of the THC cartridge?

Crystallized marijuana oil does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the product, so if any of your oils have turned, you are not alone. The crystallization of the THC cartridge is an indication of oil’s purity as well as the efficient extraction process. Therefore, crystallized weed oil is packed with potency, placing your stash at an all-time high.

When cannabis oil crystallizes, the cannabinoids have separated from the carrier liquid. This has several benefits, as it is a sign of high purity and quality. However, for those who need to use cannabis oil immediately, it is not a good thing. Crystallized cannabis oil does not work in vaping pens or other vaporizing kits. The ideal way to reactivate the compound is through the use of heat.

Q4. Can you recycle the THC cartridge?

If only we could reprocess the THC vape carts. Unfortunately, with an increase in the sales of concentrates, we cannot recycle the THC cartridges. Many people buy pre-loaded vape carts that are going to create a problem if left unattended.

The minute composition of different materials used to manufacture vape cartridges makes the extraction difficult at conventional recycling facilities. In addition, the use of drop-off bins is also illegal. Thus, without both of these solutions, it is laborious to minimize the vape cartridges’ pollution.

The only fix you can opt for is to invest in the refillable vape cartridge instead of using pre-loaded carts. More and more businesses are now employing hemp plastics as a sustainable remedy, so you can ask the respective brand whether their material is eco-friendly.

The Takeaway: Which Is The Best Delta 8 Brand In The Vaping Industry?

Vaporizing weed can be a great alternative to smoking. Along with their fashionable appeal and charming style, people view vaporizer pens as a healthier and more discreet way to enjoy cannabis. Therefore, the market for THC cartridges and vaporizer pens is incredibly saturated, and it can be hard for you to know which one to pick. You must focus on the brand known for working well to avoid complications.

With that said, we would like to assure you of the safe manufacturing methods, pure THC concentrates, transparency, and cautious cartridge material of all THC cartridge brands we introduced in our list. Especially, you must give a shot to Exhale Wellness, it’s the top recommended one.

We hope that one of the above brands will please you as you choose a cartridge for your vape.

Cannabis Oil & Vape Cartridges in Phoenix, AZ

If portability and convenience are among your top priorities, cannabis vapes could be the perfect match. Whether you know them as pre-filled cannabis oil vape cartridges, THC cartridges, cannabis vape carts, or another name, they’re a solid choice for new and seasoned consumers alike.

At our dispensaries in Phoenix and Green Valley, you can browse a wide variety of cannabis vape products. Hana Dispensary is home to an expertly-curated selection of cannabis oil and vape cartridges, featuring only the most reputable brands and products in the industry. Explore different strains, flavors, price points, and more, and discover a new way to elevate your cannabis experience.

What is a Pre Filled THC Cannabis Vape Cartridge?

A vape cart is a pre-loaded cartridge filled with a concentrated cannabis oil, designed to be paired with a vape battery.

The vape battery supplies power to a heating element (atomizer) in the cartridge, which warms the oil and activates its cannabinoids and other components. These “active ingredients” are converted into a light, fluffy vapor, which you inhale. The effects of a cannabis oil vape will depend on the specific blend, and should be consumed in small doses until your desired effect is achieved.

You’ll often see cartridges described as “510-threaded” or “510-compatible,” which means that they can be attached to a standard vape battery. There are also other styles of vape cartridges, such as proprietary pod vapes, or all in one disposable vape pens. If you enjoy a more customized vape experience, vape pods typically use batteries that offer features such as dose management and temperature control.

What is in a marijuana vape cartridge?

Vape cartridges contain cannabis oil, generally in amounts of either a half gram or gram. The oil is made with a concentrated cannabis extract. There are many different types of cannabis oil for vapes, with various combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids, as well as numerous flavor options.

Many oil vape carts you will find in Arizona are filled with cannabis distillate, which contain only the THC cannabinoid, though there are a growing number of 1:1 THC:CBD vapes, CBD-dominant, live resin, hash rosin, and more.

Smoking cannabis vs. vaping: What’s the difference?

Even though vaping and smoking appear to be almost identical, they are actually quite different.

When you vape cannabis, the cannabis oil is only being heated to the point of vaporization – it is not reaching combustion temperatures (in other words, it isn’t burning). So, you are inhaling vapor, not smoke.

Advantages of Cannabis Vapes

Cannabis vape cartridges have exploded in popularity, and for good reason. They offer an impressive variety of benefits, including:

Easy to use: With vapes, there is no guesswork involved. Other methods of enjoying cannabis oil, such as dabbing, require a certain level of skill and expertise. But with vaping, it’s truly as simple as powering up your device and enjoying yourself. Not only does this make cannabis vaping one of the most convenient methods, but it also puts it well within reach for individuals who are brand-new to cannabis.

Portability: Sometimes, you just want to be able to take cannabis on the go. Vapes fit easily in your pocket or purse, and their zero-effort set-up makes them ideal for any time use. Because they produce a less noticeable odor and their sleek design is incredibly minimalistic, cannabis vapes are very discreet.

No-fuss dosing: Particularly for newer cannabis concentrate consumers, figuring out dosing can be a challenge. It’s never pleasant to inadvertently overdo your cannabis experience, but vaping simplifies the situation considerably. Pre-loaded cannabis vape pens allow you to have full control over your dose, delivering a precise amount with each inhalation. So, you’ll know exactly how much you’re consuming and be able to take it as slow as you’d like.

Order Cannabis Vapes Online at Hana Dispensary

Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis vaper or you’re venturing into entirely new territory, the quality of your experience relies on the quality of your cannabis vape – so why not make sure you’re choosing the very best?

Hana Dispensary is your trusted source for premium-grade cannabis vapes in Phoenix and Green Valley, offering an unparalleled section of the best cannabis in the Valley. Shop our selection online, then visit our Green Valley or Phoenix dispensary to pick up your new favorite products today!