the 11 best cbd oil brands for pain

11 Best CBD Gummies: Top Brands for Pain & Anxiety

(Ad) We know that you want to support your health and CBD gummies are one of the best ways to supplement and improve your wellness routine. They come pre-dosed, are tasty, convenient, delicious and discreet.

There’s many known benefits of CBD, everything from relaxation, to pain relief and even managing everyday stress. When CBD is paired with other natural, plant based powerhouse nutrients then CBD gummies can be used for a whole host of different reasons.

CBD isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this means that there’s many bad products on the market – but since you’re reading this we know you’re smart and are looking for best possible product.

We’ve read reviews, checked social media, and held focus groups across the nation. These are our favorite CBD gummies. As a bonus, scroll down to the bottom of the list to get the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Best CBD Gummies – The Finalists

  1. Balance CBD – Top Choice for All Round Support
  2. Dani Pepper – Best for Anxiety & Relief
  3. Budderweeds – Best for Variety
  4. Discreetly Baked – Best Luxury Brand
  5. Not Pot
  6. Infinite CBD
  7. Winged Relaxation Gummies
  8. Plus Gummies
  9. Joy Organics
  10. cbdMD
  11. Sunday Scaries

CBD Gummy Analysis – What Factors did we consider?

To compile our list, we asked ourselves a specific set of questions that every consumer should ask themselves when purchasing CBD gummies:

Is the product made by a company that provides proof of third-party lab testing?

Independent lab testing is vital to the CBD industry because the FDA is still in the process of setting in-depth guidelines; however, it’s become an industry standard for companies to use third-party lab testing to ensure the safety of their customers.

Is the hemp grown in the U.S.A?

Hemp grown in the US has to go through strict regulations to comply with both state and federal laws. Hemp grown outside of the country doesn’t have to abide by the same rules resulting in inferior CBD products. For example, hemp grown in China and India should be avoided.

How much THC is in the product?

For CBD products to be legal in the US, they must be derived from industrial hemp that does not contain more than 0.3% THC. There are two varieties of the cannabis plant: hemp and marijuana. CBD can be derived from both; however, there’s virtually no THC in hemp and an abundance of CBD, which is why this species is used.

What ingredients are used?

Like anything you ingest, you should be mindful of whether it’s good or bad for you. You’ll see some companies add superfoods, essential oils, immunity boosters, sleep aids, and other supplements to complement CBD’s effects.

What choice of flavors are available?

We’ve found that a lot of CBD gummies come in fruit flavors, and the best CBD gummies are made of real, organic fruit rather than artificial flavors.

What’s the company’s reputation?

Read reviews, social media, forums, industry-specific sites, or wherever else you can get information about the company and their products. Another thing to keep an eye out for is a brand’s reputation. Many of the companies on our list contribute to social causes. What’s not to love about a company that gives back?

CBD Gummies Brand Reviews

#1 Balance CBD – Top Choice for All Round Support

Balance CBD gummies are vegan, made from real fruit juices, contain no artificial ingredients and bursting with delicious flavors. They’re the tastiest, healthiest and best CBD edibles on the market.

They’re a 100% plant based. You can taste the real, organic fruit ingredients with each flavor-filled bite. Enjoy Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Orange Cream, and Raspberry gummies. Each gummy is mouth-watering.

A professional athlete founded the company, and developed each product line along with a medical doctor for precision and best absorption of ingredients. Each product doesn’t just focus on performance, but they also are crafted to be as healthful and safe as possible. No additives, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, gluten, or animal products are used.

While we love these gummies, we love the brand even more. They’re supporting Leonardo DiCaprio’s initiative to save the Amazon rainforest, they offer military discounts, first responders discounts, and financial assistance discounts. There’s nothing we love more than supporting a company that puts people over profits, and that’s what Balance CBD is about.

Their mission is to make CBD available to everyone that needs it. Balance CBD is a brand worth supporting and worthy of the number 1 spot on our list. of the best CBD gummies.

You can buy a 300mg pack of 30 CBD gummies for $29.95. They also often have a buy one get one free sale, and you can get 15% off with the code WELCOME15.

#2 Dani Pepper – Best for Anxiety & Relief

Let’s saunter into the sexier side of CBD gummies. Dani Pepper focuses on sexual health and wellness through the use of natural plant-based medicines.

Dani Pepper was created to solve problems, and they do with these CBD gummies for sleep.

They also have great tasting vegan assorted gummies. Maintaining your health and well-being doesn’t have to be stale and boring. This brand’s fun take on CBD is unlike any other brand on our list.

With a colorful and cheeky exterior, attention to fine craftsmanship is at Dani Pepper’s core. Only the best, healthful ingredients are used. These gummies are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Dani Pepper Sleep Gummies have an incredible 20mg of CBD, plus each is infused with 5mg of melatonin, which is a natural sleep supplement. Drift off to dreamland with each blissful bite-sized dose of one of the best CBD gummies money can buy.

#3 Budderweeds – Wide Variety

Budderweeds has received numerous accolades and has been in the running for prestigious awards for many years. It’s a brand recognized everywhere from Toronto in Canada to Dallas in Texas.

While California and Canada gets to enjoy Budderweeds’ THC edibles, their CBD gummies are available nationwide.

What you’ll immediately notice about the site is how informative and user friendly it is. There’s functionality that no other sites have. It’s quite impressive.

The CBD gummies have the quality that you’d expect from a company that has garnered so much critical attention. Budderweends’ CBD gummies use CBD derived from hemp grown to organic standards and only use natural flavors and colors. No pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, artificial flavors, or colors are used.

Budderweeds products are 100% plant based products.

#4 Discreetly Baked – Best Luxury Brand

Discreetly Baked is a gorgeous brand that screams luxury. Luckily, the price point is as accessible as any other brand on our list. It’s hard not to notice these products. The packaging is bold and artful. Splashes of color and clean floral patterns surround a mysterious eye, which speaks to the beautiful mysteries of plant-based medicines.

These CBD products only use natural, organic ingredients. You can check out the Certificate of Analysis from independent lab tests, which verify no residual chemicals from pesticides or herbicides, or heavy metals. Only natural flavors and colors are used, and you can taste the difference.

We love the taste and consistency of these gummies. Gummy connoisseurs won’t be disappointed with these fantastic fruity treats because there’s no hint of a bitter hemp taste. If you’re looking for a yummy gummy that looks and tastes fantastic, you can’t go wrong with Discreetly Baked.

#5 Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

As the name suggests, Not Pot has fun and cheeky energy. These CBD products are indeed not pot. They are derived from industrial hemp with no more than 0.3% THC. In fact, they use hemp grown to organic standards in small farms in Colorado and Oregon. They use unique crossbred hemp to ensure maximum CBD content with virtually no THC.

These CBD infused Gummies use Full-Spectrum CBD, which means you can enjoy the synergistic effects of the whole plant’s active compounds. These gummies are specifically designed to be vegan. No animal by-products are used, including gelatin. Natural strawberry flavoring makes for a delightful dose of 10 mg Full-Spectrum CBD in each gummy.

What we love about Not Pot is that they are part of the Bail Project, which is in support of criminal justice reform. A great company to be placed in number 5 on our list of the best CBD gummies.

#6 Infinite CBD Asteroids

Infinite CBD was started in 2016 and has since garnered a lot of attention in the industry with some notable sports sponsorships. The brand is sleek, using mainly black and white. The colorful gummies really pop against the stark packaging. What makes the company stand out are the other more novel CBD products that they offer, including hair masks, beard oil, and shots.

Each gummy contains 25 mg of CBD, more than the average but not on the extremes. Infinite CBD uses hemp grown to organic standards in Colorado, and third-party lab tests verify that there are virtually no heavy metals, mycotoxins, or pesticides. These gummies are made with pectin and not gelatin, which means that they are vegan friendly. Pectin is plant-based, whereas gelatin is made from boiling down animal byproducts.

As a cheeky nod to its spaced-out name, each gummy is shaped like a star. Only natural flavors are used, making the taste out of this world (sorry, couldn’t resist).

#7 Winged Relaxation CBD Gummies

Winged Relaxation is targeted towards women. The company was founded in 2017 on the reality that women suffer from mental health issues, including anxiety and PTSD, at greater rates than men.

It’s the company’s mission to empower females through these plant-based products and a broader community approach. We love that they thrive on creating a sense of connectedness with their products.

The quality of Winged Relaxation’s products holds up to most standard industry metrics. The hemp used is US Hemp Authority Certified and is grown to organic standard. No harmful solvents are used during the extraction process, either.

#8 Plus CBD Gummies

Plus CBD Oil has been around since 2012 and has been a steadfast advocate of change as an industry pioneer and is still a member of critical trade organizations. Founded by professionals with a history in the dietary supplements industry, the commitment to excellence begins from the seed. Only non-GMO EU-certified hemp seeds are used as well as soil, water, and sunlight. No pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs come in contact with the hemp plants.

This company is vertically integrated, which means that there’s full accountability from seed to shelf. DNA testing ensures only the best hemp stocks are used. Furthermore, all products are processed and manufactured in CGMP, auditable, QA/QC laboratories, and facilities.

These gummies are made using a proprietary Gold Formula extract that uses other cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. Human clinical testing also ensures maximum efficacy for Plus CBD Oil’s products.

#9 Joy Organics CBD Gummies

Named after its founder, Joy Smith, Joy Organics began in 2018 and has become one of the preeminent names in CBD. These Broad-Spectrum CBD products are one of the only CBD products that are certified organic. Broad-Spectrum means that other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, minus THC, are present.

Joy Organics takes transparency and third-party lab testing to the next level. They post lab results of the raw phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil and the lab results of the finished product. Not only can you find this information easily on the website, but each product also has a QR code on the label that’ll take you directly to internal and independent lab results. The level of transparency continues throughout the site. Unlike many of the companies on our list,

Joy Organics uses hemp that’s certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture. They also abide by Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) as set out by the FDA.

The attention to detail is apparent as these vegan gummies are flavorful and worth giving a try.

#10 cbdMD

You may have heard of cbdMD thanks to its strategic partnerships with recognizable professional athletes. These athletes contribute to cbdMD CBD Nation Blog to share their stories about how CBD helps their lives every day.

cbdMD also has an Influencer Program so anyone can share how CBD has changed their lives. This program gives individuals a platform beyond leaving regular reviews and creates a community of contributors.

Hemp extract containing cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabinol is used to create these products. This Superior Broad-Spectrum formulation has no THC. They also use the cleanest, purest extraction method, so the CBD and hemp never come in contact with harmful solvents.

#11 Sunday Scaries

This cheeky brand uses humor to get their point across, and we love it. If you don’t know what the Sunday Scaries, no one describes it better than them. Basically, Sunday Scaries was founded on the basis that mental health deserves to be treated like any other health concern. Sunday Scaries delivers this message in a fun and deliberate way.

While we enjoy the fun messaging, we also love the quality of these broad spectrum gummies. What stands out is that Sunday Scaries includes Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 in their formulation.

What do CBD Gummies do for your body?

The potential therapeutic effects of CBD is exciting if you look at the studies that have been done. CBD can be used for everything from increasing orgasms to reducing pain.

While these studies are mostly limited to animal and some human research, the findings have been encouraging.

Studies have been done regarding CBD for:

  • Pain
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Cognition
  • Bowel Disease
  • Depression
  • Potential effects on inflammation
  • Acne

In addition to scientific research, there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence surrounding the purported medical benefits.

People love CBD gummies because they can be infused with vitamins, essential oils, natural flavors, and melatonin in addition to CBD. The bottom line is that CBD gummies are convenient, discreet, and downright yummy. They let you explore the benefits of CBD without that strong, earthy taste found in other CBD products.

It can be difficult to narrow down to find out what product is right for you, so here are the top picks for some of the main uses for CBD edible products.

CBD has been studied as an analgesic by many researchers. In other words, people are using it for its potential to be a painkiller. In the Journal Frontiers in Pharmacology Argueta et al present their findings on the effects of CBD on chronic pain.


There are many researchers looking into the effects of the best CBD gummies for anxiety and stress. Studies have found that CBD may help with anxiety. Another study found that CBD may have antidepressant effects. Studies have suggested that CBD can possibly alter the brain’s response to the chemical serotonin.


According to Shannon et al, High doses of CBD may help with sleep. When it comes to CBD you should always look for products infused with melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that your brain produces to regulate your internal clock. For issues relating to sleep and insomnia try CBD gummies infused with melatonin.

How much should I pay?

We think that there is no need to pay more than $0.12 cents per milligram of CBD.

It’s important to note that expensive does not mean better. The price of hemp has been decreasing, this means that in theory CBD products should get cheaper. However there’s plenty of companies out there that do not pass on these savings to their customers. Instead, they enjoy huge profits.

The cost of CBD gummies is affected if the product contains additional ingredients. For example, CBD gummies for sleep which include melatonin will be more expensive than those without.

Here are a few CBD edible companies, and how much the price per milligram is for each gummy.

  • Balance CBD – $0.09
  • Budderweeds – $0.11
  • Sunday Scaries $0.13

You shouldn’t be paying more than this!

Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Gummies

One of the first things to consider is to work out where you want to buy your product.

Pros of buying your edible CBD products online:

  • Huge selection
  • Fast shipping
  • Third party lab tests are readily available
  • Read CBD gummies reviews
  • Exclusive online sales and discounts

Cons of buying edible CBD products online:

  • Some companies take longer to ship than others
  • A lot of information to sift through
  • Some companies have poor customer service
  • You don’t get your product instantly
  • Online deals may cause you to buy more

Pros of buying CBD gummies in store:

  • Straight forward and easy to make a purchase in person
  • You get the product instantly in your hands
  • Tangible
  • Can talk to someone face-to-face
  • Support the local economy

Cons of buying CBD gummies in store:

  • Selection is limited
  • Overhead and markup forces the price up
  • No online exclusives
  • Smaller stores have inferior products
  • Unable to check lab test

Beware of Scam CBD Gummies & Subscriptions

Unfortunately, there are many scams out there.

Steer clear of CBD oil subscriptions because you can save more money just by keeping an eye on online sales. You don’t have to check every day when you can simply join the company’s mailing list.

Take full advantage of online deals. These exclusive promotions are standard in the CBD industry.

Also stay clear from buying CBD in the following marketplaces:

Some of these companies only sell “hemp gummies”, which is not CBD, others only stock a small range of expensive brands.

How many CBD Gummies should I eat?

There is no universal dosage guideline. Start with 1 or 2 10mg gummies at first, and then work your way up. While some people might require higher dosages, for others low amounts work just fine.

Your height and weight are also taken into account, and the seriousness of the condition you’re trying to treat!

How long does it take for CBD gummies to work?

There are several considerations when calculating how long a CBD gummy will take to work, including BMI, body chemistry, CBD strength, type of CBD, the strain of hemp, the severity of symptoms, and more. Eloise Theisen (Facebook, LinkedIn) is an RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, CEO of Radicle Health medically reviewed an article written by Janelle Lassale, owner of Lassalle Works that states you wait up to 2 full hours before taking additional CBD.

Gummies can take up to 35 minutes to work, but what makes them so popular is the taste.The flavors combined with the CBD creates relaxing, therapeutic benefits.

How will CBD gummies make me feel?

There’s a common misconception that CBD gets you high. While CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, they don’t produce the same psychoactive effects. In other words, THC gets you high, and CBD does not.

Some people feel calm and relaxed from CBD. An overwhelming number of people feel great after taking gummies.


CBD may have many health benefits and gummies are a great way for you to explore those! The brands on our list have a great range of treats available for great prices, check them out today!

Related Content:

*This article is provided by an advertiser. Statements made are not meant to offer medical advice nor to diagnose any condition. Any studies cited here may be preliminary, and may or may not be peer reviewed, and may or may not have sufficient participants to be statistically relevant. Anecdotal accounts should not be taken as scientific results. Products discussed in this article are not designed to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. The FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements. Consult your doctor about possible interactions, allergies, and if you are considering using a natural and/or dietary supplements for any condition. Individual results will vary.

Best CBD Gummies for Pain & Inflammation In 2022: Buy Hemp Edibles Online

People suffering from chronic pain have tried everything, from physiotherapeutic massages to prescribed medicines, spa and relaxation techniques, yoga, and homeopathy. But, the pain is still there, hunting them during sleep and at work, among other times. Suddenly, a new hit on the market gives them hope — the best CBD gummies for pain .

CBD Gummies are delicious as they melt inside your mouth with every possible exotic flavor. After consumption, the pain-relieving effects kick in quickly since they are fastly absorbed in the bloodstream. So now, you carry on with your life, carrying around one potent and miraculous gummy inside your pocket.

Top 5 Best CBD Gummies for Pain Relief – 2022’s Buying Guide

    : Overall Best CBD Gummies on the Market, Top Pick : Best CBD Gummies for Pain : Most Potent Hemp Edibles For Pain Relief : Top Quality CBD Gummy Online Helping Pain Management : Best Value for Money CBD Edibles

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Gummies on the Market, Top Pick

Exhale Wellness is a CBD company based in Los Angeles that has amassed a sizable fan base among CBD enthusiasts. Their vision includes making CBD products available to all those in need at reasonable prices. Exhale Wellness offers its customers potent, high-quality, and dependable products like CBD oil, carts, and more.

The CBD gummies are one of Exhale Wellness’ best products. These are designed to keep you calm, relaxed, happy, and stress-free.

These CBD gummies are available in a pack of 30, and each gummy contains either 25mg or 50mg of CBD, depending on your preference.

Moreover, Exhale Wellness believes in providing excellent customer service. They value feedback and request that their customers review their products within 30 days of purchase. This allows the brand to better understand how customers react to their products and what they can do to improve them. Furthermore, Exhale provides its customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In looking at reviews, customers gave Exhale Wellness a 5/5 for customer service, quality products, and an amazing experience. Furthermore, many people have said that this brand’s products made them feel calm, happy, and helped them sleep. It also assisted them in obtaining pain relief. Overall, Exhale Wellness’ product line has been well received by a number of customers.

#2. BudPop: Best CBD Gummies for Pain

BudPop is the latest discovery targeting CBD products with the ultimate quality. The brand made an astonishing revelation using full-spectrum CBD with carefully selected terpenes with small psychoactivity, less than 0.3%. Additionally, BudPop uses an exclusive synthesis of CBD, CBG, and turmeric, ingredients that work collectively to minimize pain, aches, and inflammation.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, the CBD solution inside the gummies must have only a small amount of THC concentration, if any, which makes them legal in almost every U.S. state. The hemp is grown and manufactured inside the U.S. by farmers and trusting experts. The process is constantly supervised in touch with the regulation and appropriate GMP requirements. That is why BudPop gummies are among the safest to use.

Besides CBD, BudPop uses CBG, a cannabinoid famous for its impact on pain and inflammation. Furthermore, they crafted the gummies for pain with organic turmeric and black pepper extracts. The ration inside one gummy includes 25mg of CBD, 10mg of CBG, and 100mg of turmeric. Given the CBD and CBG and the small presence of THC, BudPop offers one of the most potent chewables.

Moreover, the vegan-friendly formula can be stored in cool places for over 12 months, and with the option of subscribing and saving, you can save up to 25%. Discounts are also available for buying three or five bottles at once, and free and fast shipping is included for every order, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Potent Hemp Edibles For Pain Relief

Hollyweed CBD is known for its high-quality, effective, and safe health and wellness products. The brand believes in results and wants to provide a healthy lifestyle to the younger generation through its organic hemp products. With a strategic plan based on innovation and science, Hollyweed CBD makes effective products.

Hollyweed CBD works equally for the communities and is associated with the Make-A-Wish foundation that completes children’s wishes. The brand also complies with the federal government’s guidelines to grow organic hemp plants. It uses the CO2 hemp extraction process to procure cannabinoids and other nutrients for formulating CBD gummies of the highest quality. You can even find lab reports for all Hollyweed products on the official website.

Furthermore, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can return any Hollyweed CBD product and get a refund if you are not happy after trying it. For mistakes made by the company, the brand refunds the full amount. However, for other returns, the shipping charges are deducted from the total refundable amount.

#4. Cheef Botanicals: Top Quality CBD Gummy Online Helping Pain Management

When you enter the homepage, you will be immediately surrounded by discount offers and promotions, an indicator that listening to your gut was the best choice made. But, your gut will also be satisfied since Cheef Botanicals ’ vegan gummies are tasty and delicious.

The formula is made using full-spectrum CBD, with less than 0.3% THC that will not leave you high or stoned. Apart from being vegan, they have a medical purpose, managing several conditions linked to inflammation and pain. The hemp plant is grown and crafted inside U.S. borders and is subjected to the GMP regulations. The process is transparent and produces only high-quality CBD gummies.

But, the best thing about Cheef Botanicals is that they have different potencies. So if you are keen on microdosing, you can purchase the 10mg per gummy package, and if you are seeking faster relief, then go for the average size of 25mg.

Moreover, you can subscribe and save 20%, and the shipping is fast and free for orders no matter the price. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also offered on all orders.

#5. FAB CBD: Best Value for Money CBD Edibles

FAB CBD stormed into the frame and grabbed customers’ attention shortly after its presentation. It is not easy to hold the reputation of offering the best CBD gummies for pain. To stay reputable and always on the top requires some serious encouragement and to surpass the current offers.

That is why not just the chewables, but also every other product shown on its page is derived from small farms growing hemp the traditional way in Colorado. And while the hemp is traditionally grown and nurtured, the manufacturing process includes ultra-modern technology with the supercritical CO2 method.

Additionally, the gummies are allergen-free (no dairy or gluten). For those dieting, they are fat-free, and the sugar included is from natural and organic origin, meaning it is not full of calories. Also, no artificial ingredients were detected during the third-party, transparent lab testing.

#6. CBDistillery

CBDistellery has provided services on the CBD market for over five years. A great competitor in the race of the best CBD gummies for pain, CBDistillery leverages broad-spectrum CBD, leaving no space for ingredients originating from poor soil quality. The gummies are consistent with 30mg of CBD in each treat, meaning they are thought of as one of the most potent on the market.

The brand is also guaranteeing the ultimate product since it is laboratory-assisted by a team of experts specially assigned for keeping adulterations and CBD amount under control. The label shows a transparent and trustworthy manufacturing process, which is another reason why customers show such affection for these gummies.

No flavonoids, harmful terpenes, and heavy materials were found when the gummies were tested.

The effects of using CBDistillery chewables are noticeable, especially with some chronic medical issues such as back pain, migraines, inflamed joints, anxiety, and panic attacks. Also, these gummies may help you fight insomnia. You can even chew them when you have a sore throat since the analgesic substances of CBD will help you heal earlier than expected.

#7. CBDfx

CBDfx is the best choice for CBD newbies. These treats are tasty, delicious bites for defeating pain. They are supplement alternatives, and the offer is big enough to please individual desires. The customers can choose from classic editions, such as mixed berries, or pick the healthy pack, with additions of ingredients like spirulina, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, biotin, melatonin, and vitamins.

Every gummy brings 25mg potency of CBD derived from the top-tier broad-spectrum extracts. To detox your body, choose apple cider vinegar gummies, and if you have a problem sleeping, choose the blend of CBD and melatonin. Every gummy package is recommended for pain relief since CBD itself has pain-killing properties.

#8. Charlotte’s Web

Unlike other brands, Charlotte’s Web formulates and sells gummies based on the purpose of treating. Every gummy has a boost blending of L-theanine and lemon and is a cognitive and mood lifter.

These gummies are an excellent choice for patients with chronic pain and also athletes, since Charlotte’s Web includes a special container for relieving pain from exercises. If you read the label, you will encounter strong antioxidants like ginger and turmeric , which boosts immunity. You can subscribe and save 20% of the original price, and free shipping is included for orders above $74.

#9. Premium Jane

Premium Jane sells authentic gummies with different sizes, flavors, and potencies. Because full-spectrum is not the optimal choice for gummies, the experts behind the Premium Jane formula decided to use a special formula completely free from THC. They went far beyond, maximizing the potency range of gummies. If you try the authentic gummies from Premium Jane, you will see what separates this product from the rest.

Apart from being vegan-friendly, they do not contain solvents, pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs. Their taste is phenomenal, and the bottles contain a total amount of 1,500mg CBD. Compared with the price and competitor offers, if you decide to purchase this item, you will see it is worth the money.

#10. Joy Organics

When passion for healthy life and love for cannabis are mixed, the yield is tasteful as Joy Organics’ chewables. The CBD in the gummies is extracted via a supercritical CO2 process, leaving no seeds or harmful ingredients in the component. Each gummy is of 10mg CBD potency, and the hemp is organic, certified by the USDA.

Joy Organics’ flavors come in two options — green apple and strawberry lemonade. And if you are skeptical about the effects of THC, do not worry, as these gummies are made strictly from CBD. If you subscribe to a monthly purchase, you can save 15% from the original price, and you also get a discount for ordering more bottles at once.

#11. cbdMD

The most marked best CBD gummies on the hemp scene are cbdMD’s gummies. They hold the most affordable price in comparison to others. Besides, their compound has CBD isolate derived from the hemp grown in the U.S. They are less potent than others, making them suitable for beginners, with 10mg CBD per gummy. The formula used to manufacture these gummies is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Every container is composed of a tropical mix flavor, so every gummy has a different taste, including strawberry, orange, and raspberry. You have an option to auto-shop and save 30% on your order, and the products are protected with a 60-day guarantee.

#12. Palm Organix

Palm Organix offers one variety with different pricing options since the bottles have different potencies. The dome-shaped gummies are broad-spectrum CBD, and each gummy has a potency of 10mg, which is the best choice for beginners. They are also perfect for microdosing since you can take one or two to reduce the pain, depending on the level.

Only natural flavors are infused in the gummies, and the jars consist of fruity flavors. Aside from that, the ingredients are gluten-free and non-GMO. The option includes bundles that you can often find at discount, and you can easily stash them. So, you will not have to wait for another shipment to arrive. Free standard shipping is included for all orders, and if you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 30 days from the time you ordered.

#13. Green Roads

If you seek quick, easy on the throat, and tasty edibles, you are on the right page. The gummies from Green Roads are the best CBD products extracted from pure hemp. The CBD comes from broad-spectrum, meaning no psychoactive feelings can emerge. The gummies come in different flavors and are divided by a purpose — relax, sleep, and immunity.

Each gummy bear contains 10mg to 25mg of CBD, depending on the package you have chosen. You can try lemon, blue raspberry, green apple, orange, and cherry. The chewable sweets balance through sour and sweet, and you can buy them with the special offer of ‘subscribe and save 30%.’ Plus, you will also get free shipping.

#14. PureKana

These scientifically tested vegan gummies are derived from purely natural ingredients. The daily utilization of PureKana chewables may enhance total immunity and relieve the body from pain. Only one CBD gummy provides the required nutrients and nourishes the body with comfort.

The ingredients are laboratory tested, showing zero THC present, which makes the CBD inside the gummies broad-spectrum. The usual potency per gummy is 25mg, and the recommended daily serving is 50mg. Apart from the pure chemical composition, without pesticides, toxins, gluten, and GMOs, PureKana gummies contain cane syrup, tapioca syrup, and grape juice concentrate. The purchases are also protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

#15. JustCBD

Consisting of more than 100 cannabinoids, each gummy is fortified with 10mg of CBD deriving from hemp grown on small suburban farms in Colorado. The THC ratio in the gummies is less than 0.3%, making them federally legal.

The multicolored bears look like any gummies sold in a regular market. But, they can do miracles for people suffering from pain and anxiety. Apart from the standard packages, JustCBD offers vegan gummies, too. Many flavors, including mixed berries or dragon fruit, are available. Also, the price is more than affordable, and almost every week, there is a different discount on every gummy package.

#16. Five CBD

Entitled as one of the most amazing mixtures between CBD and hemp, Five CBD should be your choice if you want to have a memorable first experience with gummies for pain. The cannabinoids used for tailoring the product are full-spectrum. So, you will not only receive 25mg of CBD with each gummy, but you will also get 5% (2mg) of THC as well. That is why Five CBD is one of the most preferred choices for patients that have chronic pain as a diagnosis.

The gummies are packed in a jar of 30, and they are offered in multiple flavors. Vegans would love the smart strategy used while creating the gummies since Five CBD uses pectin instead of gelatin. Moreover, the shipping is free, and if you subscribe, you can get 20% off of your purchase.

#17. CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman’s CBD gummies are a product that is derived from rich terpenes and high-quality hemp flowers. It has a variety of CBD gummies to choose from, including sugar-free gummies, gummies for energy, nano-gummies, and much more.

Like other products in the palette of CBD American Shaman, the gummies are also made from non-GMO hemp extract. The process used to manufacture is special nanotechnology, unlike others that use CO2 extraction methods. They are tested every six months by a third-party, ensuring their products are always of the best quality.

In addition, they hold average prices when compared to the most expensive brand and the cheapest gummies, which makes them affordable for every pocket.

#18. Tommy Chong’s CBD

Living up to Tommy Chong’s reputation, these gummies are considered the most attractive in retail. The lineup of CBD chewables is now available as bottles with 300mg and 750mg of CBD, and each gummy is potent with either 10mg or 25mg.

But, there are several things that distinguish Tommy Chong’s brand from others. The gummies come from a full-spectrum source of CBD, are 100% naturally grown hemp on American soil, and are produced in GMP-certified facilities. While many gummies contain only CBD isolates, these are full-spectrum infused with the terpenes and naturally extracted chemicals. Customers comment they are easy on the gut, leaving no solid hemp taste, and the label is ensured with the third-party guarantee of purity and potency.

#19. NuLeaf Naturals

This established name on the CBD scene known as NuLeaf Naturals reached a positive milestone after seven years оf trustworthy services and delivering pure products. The hemp is grown inside U.S. borders on organic farms in Colorado. The process used to manufacture the best CBD gummies is supercritical CO2 extraction. In fact, this procedure uses carbon dioxide to extract the CBD from the flower rather than using solvent or alcohol, meaning no harmful residue will be left behind.

They use full-spectrum CBD mixed with isolate and come in the potency of 25mg of CBD. The shipping is free, and the orders usually arrive no later than three days.

#20. Verma Farms

Verma Farms brings a Hawaiian touch to the hemp that is being manufactured into CBD gummies. The Verma method, a special term designed to describe the process of constructing solid CBD chewables, entails the use of non-GMO, pesticide-free, and overall organic cannabis plants. The brand offers a wide variety of CBD gummies, including exclusive tastes and flavors. Additionally, the organically-derived CBD comes from special breeds of Hawaiian hemp.

The website offers starter packs, offering a bundle of three different flavors, including the bestseller — Maui Melon. You can even subscribe to their page and save 25% on your order.

#21. Royal CBD

Announced by the company as the best overall product, these gummies are extracted from locally grown and organic hemp. The compound’s extracts are obtained through CO2 extraction, ejecting clean and potent full-spectrum CBD gummies. Royal CBD uses sweeteners and flavorings but from a natural background.

The chewables are tested by a third-party, one by one, and the results are transparent and visible on its page. The company made a smart gesture when it implemented two potencies, 10mg and 25mg. Not only will you satiate your appetite for sweets, but you also will not feel any pain after consumption.

#22. Penguin CBD

Penguin is a premium CBD brand that produces its gummies through a thorough manufacturing process. These chewables are known among users because of their pocket-friendly prices and high-quality ingredients.

Penguin’s CBD isolate is infused with extra delicious flavors, with an array of colors, velvety bites, and textures, and is the perfect blend of sweeteners and sour sugar. Other ingredients labeling the compound are corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, and coloring agents, too. Besides being totally honest about including artificial additives in the formula, the product has no pesticides or GMOs and is THC-free.

If you subscribe for a monthly delivery, you get a 20% discount, and if you join Penguin’s family, you get a discount of 10%.

#23. R+R Medicinals

We present to you the brand that seems to have the perfect gummy. With its 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per gummy, you can feel the difference. Simple ingredients liberated from artificial colors and flavors, with a vegan formula and sugar-coated exterior, these gummies are the potential winner on the market. They are extracted through a CO2 manufacturing process with USDA certification from a cherry strain of hemp.

Among all, R+R partnered with local candy manufacturers to bring another dimension to the product. Unlike other artificially sprayed gummies, whose taste evaporates shortly after being chewed, R+R truly infuses CBD into the sweet formula, making sure the penetrating taste of hemp does not overpower the deliciousness of the gummy.

#24. Cornbread Hemp

These gummies, manufactured by the team of Cornbread’s experts, are truly a class of their own. If you are in a rush to stop and prevent further pain, these, besides being the best effective remedy, are the most delicious, too.

But, the secret behind this trinity of taste, quality, and potency is the signature “Flower Only” hemp extract with no stem or seeds left after manufacturing. In translation, you get more pleasant cannabinoids and less chlorophyll.

Since Cornbread produces cannabinoids with a minor presence of THC, the gummies are also enriched with enjoyable impacts to the body and mind. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD and only 0.5mg THC, and Cornbread uses pectin instead of gelatin, making them suitable for a vegan diet.

#25. Pure Relief

With 30mg of CBD in one gummy, these are some of the most potent CBD edibles offered. The type of CBD used for gummy production is CBD isolate, making them the perfect choice for consumers who want higher effects but are not keen on consuming THC.

At first glance, the price may shock someone. But, do not forget that these are potent gummies, and you get what you have paid for. The product is certified with COAs, and the ingredients used to manufacture these gummies are pure and organic. They are vegan-friendly, and if you buy together different Pure Relief gummies, like four or six bottles, you get an astonishing discount.

Factors We Considered in Choosing the Best CBD Gummy Brands

Third-Party Lab Testing

Every brand has transparent and independent testing to improve the purity and potency of their gummies. No synthetic substances or harmful materials were found on any of the labels, and besides that, the formula used to deliver these gummies as one of the best was either full-spectrum, CBD isolate, or broad-spectrum.

Hemp Source

The soil where the hemp plant is grown is an important factor, as it is connected to the quality of the CBD. Every product was grown inside the U.S., mostly in Oregon, Colorado, and California. This gives the gummies another proof, besides the third-party testing, that everything is pure.

Certificates of Analysis

A COA is a Certificate of Analysis that details the third-party lab test results on a particular product. It is important to check these certificates to ensure potency, quality, and purity. Overall, it tells you if a product is safe to consume.

Company Reputation

Who wants to buy something from a shady company that does not show third-party testing or does not include a refund policy? Well, we made sure to keep that worry away from you, and we used as a starting point the reputation of the company, eliminating other brands who, from some perspective, lacked reputation.


Some brands mask their gummies, which are not far from different and regular gummies you can buy for your kids, with some poor coating sprayed that just evaporates after time. That is why we brought to this list only CBD companies who were honest about the process of manufacturing and exposed to their visitors how the gummy is infused with THC, not sprayed with it.

Customer Reviews

We checked the customer reviews outside the brands’ official sites. This way, we were completely sure the comments left from customers who witnessed well-being thanks to the use of the gummies are not staged, especially for the purpose of attracting clients with false reviews. We searched pages like Trustpilot and Amazon, and we even Googled the product. Almost every brand listed above has over 61% positive reviews and ratings.

FAQs: CBD Gummies

We must mirror the buying guide from factors considered to choose the brands, and you should pay attention to the following questions:

  • Is the brand reputable? Can I trust it is delivering what is promised?
  • How do customers, apart from their official page, see this product? Is it potent, as said? Is it safe to use? Is the THC really less than 0.3%? What are the experiences of users for pain relief?
  • Where is the hemp grown? Under what conditions? Can I see transparent analysis? Does it have the appropriate certification and regulations? Is the manufacturing process supervised by an expert?
  • Can I see independent testing on the ingredients inside the gummies?

Q1. How to dose CBD gummies?

For beginners, the best option is the less potent products, like those having 10mg per gummy. This way, you can microdose according to your daily needs. Some brands recommend one gummy every six hours, but that depends on the gummy potency.

Q2. What is the difference between broad and full-spectrum CBD gummies?

Full-spectrum CBD uses CBD extract along with healthy terpenes with THC present in less than 0.3%. On the other hand, broad-spectrum CBD contains all cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant, except for THC. People who had previous experience with THC go for the full-spectrum CBD gummies, while those who are at some point afraid to include THC along with their daily routine choose the broad-spectrum form.

Q3. What is the downside of CBD gummies?

The only things worth mentioning as a downside are the time taken for the CBD to take effect, usually an hour or two, and the interactions with some stomach content since they travel to the digestive system. But because they move through the digestive system, they can be spread to every tissue all over the body and generally have longer-lasting effects.

Conclusion – How to Pick the Best CBD Gummies for Pain Relief?

CBD gummies are the ultimate pleasure for people who want to benefit medicinally and fulfill their senses with delicious and flavorful natural remedies. Along with pain relief, these best CBD gummies for pain may improve cognitive abilities, sleep quality, and boost the immune system. We hope you have learned everything you need to about the potency, the verification, the third-party testing, the fast shipping, and other brand policies, including refund, privacy, and security of your personal information given during the purchase.

Choose based on your preference, but do not forget to consider other customer reviews, as they come from buyers who have had previous positive or negative experiences with the brand’s gummies. Remember to adjust your daily dose depending on your needs.

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