trikos cbd oil for dogs

CBD Oil: A life changing supplement for people AND DOGS!

Trikos Supplements evolved when former Navy SEAL dog trainer and NYT Bestselling Author, Mike Ritland, personally witness the benefits of CBD oil while training some of the world’s most elite working dogs. As he did more research and talked with other experts across the pet industry, it quickly became clear that CBD oil was changing the lives for dogs and the stories were remarkable. This world renown dog trainer made it his mission to not only create the highest quality CBD oil on the market through Trikos Supplements, but also to educate the world on why this supplement is so beneficial to our four legged companions.

For over 10,000 years, humans have been cultivating and using hemp for more reasons than one could possibly think of. Hemp has been an important agricultural crop for it’s durable fibers, the production of paper, and particularly medicine. There are so many different ways humans and animals have utilized hemp that one could say we’ve practically evolved with the plant.

One of the reasons hemp is so valuable is because it produces a group of molecules called cannabinoids. While both marijuana and hemp are in the cannabis family, hemp is distinguished from marijuana primarily because it lacks tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. In hemp, there are a variety of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), and cannabigerol (CBG). As medical cannabis use has become more widespread, there is an abundance of case studies and research to suggest that the cannabinoids within hemp may have legitimate medical uses and may even be vital to maintaining good health.

So how could a plant that has been so highly stigmatized in our recent past actually be vital to the health of our furry friends? Put simply, mammals (even humans) produce their own form of cannabinoids to regulate internal homeostasis (1). Within the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as the brain, we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that produces endogenous (internal) cannabinoids (4). The two most common endogenous cannabinoids we produce are Anandamide and 2-AG (2-Arachidonoylglycerol). Some refer to Anandamide as the bliss chemical, as it gets it’s name from the ancient Indian Sanskrit “Ananda” which translates to “happiness, bliss, joy or delight.” In a study published in 2001, researchers found 2-AG to have neuroprotective properties after brain injury (2). The benefits of these two endogenous cannabinoids are consistent with many of the medicinal benefits of the exogenous cannabinoids that are found naturally in cannabis and supports the idea that cannabinoids are vital to our health and well being.

First discovered in 1992, the ECS is the only known system that produces cannabinoids other than the cannabis plant itself. So the question is, why is it that only mammals and cannabis produce cannabinoids? While there may be other organisms that produce cannabinoids, it is apparent mammals have forged a strong symbiotic relationship with the cannabis plant.

Regardless of how the ECS evolved in mammals, research has confirmed it plays a very important role in being healthy because it balances the other physiological systems in our body (1,3). For example, when something in our body is out of balance, such as our immune system, we often feel sick or in extreme cases, develop disease. The ECS plays a vital role in regaining that internal balance and staying healthy. This is also true for our pets. When our pets ingest cannabinoids such as CBD, the cannabinoids interact with receptors in the ECS called the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Introducing cannabinoids to these receptors facilitates their ability to promote physiological stasis (1), which is crucial to being healthy. Research on these receptors has revealed they affect a variety of physiological processes such as modulating pain, memory, inflammation, appetite, metabolism, and immune responses (4). There are many more reported benefits from CBD alone and it is quite possible there are more receptors that interact with cannabinoids in the ECS. Additionally, it is also possible there are other types of cannabinoids that provide other benefits. Ultimately, more research on cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors is needed. However, it is clear that ingesting cannabinoids exerts a significant effect on ECS function and plays an important role for being physiologically balanced and healthy.

When ingesting a FULL SPECTRUM hemp supplement, regardless of what form it is in, our pets will get the benefits from all the cannabinoids derived from hemp. Compared to ingesting an isolate (a pure cannabinoid), the full spectrum supplement that Trikos provides offers a greater variety of medicinal benefits because there is a greater diversity of cannabinoids. When using a full spectrum hemp supplement from Trikos, you introduce a wide array of cannabinoids that act on the ECS, allowing our beloved pets to achieve a state of vitality and health that is crucial for their overall happiness and potential. We encourage you to learn more at

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Trikos cbd oil for dogs

My dog Tuxedo has been suffering from anxiety-based seizures for 5 years now. Trikos Supplements has helped him calm down and even was able to aid him to get out of a seizure (which was the first time he took it). He has been seizure free since he started Trikos!! Thanks so much for changing his life.

Ashley Woods

Hi Peeps! Just want to share some of the amazing things that @trikossupplements CBD oil has done for me. I have a glossy coat, all my joints feel great and I get compliments on hwo cute of a puppy I am (I’m 5, but who’s counting)


Raven continues to recover from her intervertebral spinal surgery. This coming Friday will be 4-weeks post-op. She’s doing amazing! She’s gaining back the strength in her rear legs and she’s excited and wagging her tail when it’s time to go out. She has been taking @ts CBD full spectrum oil for almost a week now. I am starting to see her move easier when she’s had the oil and she’s overall happier and more relaxed. I’m currently giving her about ½-3/4 of a dropper 2x a day. There has been one big change from the oil that I was not expecting but it’s amazing! Since she was a pup, she’s had terrible issues with itchy skin, especially in winter. We’ve tried allergy shots, anti-itch prescription meds, baths, etc. Nothing has ever worked to stop her scratching and the hot spots that result and it’s always agitated her and made her uncomfortable when you rubbed her body. Since we’ve started the oil she hardly ever scratches! It’s a very marked difference! She will start getting itchy around the time for her next dose but once she gets it, she stops scratching. This is absolutely amazing after 7 years of dealing with it!

@sagewillow photography (sagekateri)

Thank you for the fast shipping and outstanding products.

Goose is truly a different pup after we started him on @ts CBD. We originally tried it for his “growing pains” but it has had impacts on his anxiety, overall mood, appetite, and has generally seemed to improve his overall quality of life…well worth it if you have a dog.

Dosing: how CBD that is much Oil We Provide My Canine?

Dosing: how CBD that is much Oil We Provide My Canine?

Dosing: how CBD that is much Oil We Provide My Canine?

The most asked question we at Trikos Supplements get is: what’s the proper dosage of CBD oil to provide my K9? We desire the solution had been an easy one, but each dog, like each human, has a unique human body structure. Dosage is based on a range facets like the size and fat regarding the dog, type and current health issue, and disease history that is past.

Additionally, each dog, once again like each individual, metabolizes CBD at a various rate. For example, anyone may consume cheeseburgers and milkshakes on a basis that is daily never gain a lb, while somebody else discusses a cheeseburger and adds three ins to his / her waist. The principle that is same to K9s: finally, no two K9s are identical.


CBD will never be effective if a lot of or not enough is offered. To find the proper dose, the rule is begin low, and then gradually raise the dosage after about 5 times if there will not be enhancement.

As an owner, you may be searching for the optimum “sweet-spot”. The aim is to calibrate your dog’s daily dosing, and finally make use of the LEAST level of CBD to ultimately achieve the desired effect.

A 20lb beagle with anxiety is conceivably likely to need a new amount of dosing than the usual German shepherd with serious pain that is joint.


Each Trikos Supplements bottle contains 30ml of fluid, yielding 30 servings that are 1ml container. Which means if your pet dog gets a 1ml portion (one complete dropper) daily, the bottle will include an one-month supply.

Exactly How much CBD is within one dropper? 200mg bottle = 30x1ml servings (one full dropper) = 6.7mg CBD/serving bottle that is 500mg 30x1ml servings (one complete dropper) = 16.7mg CBD/serving

Exactly just How CBD that is much is one fall? Pharmacists concluded and experimented that 1 ml provides on average 20 falls per ml, which can be 0.05ml per drop.

In a 200mg container, each drop would contain .333mg of CBD. In a 500mg container, each fall would contain .833mg of CBD.


Lots of people elect to offer half the dosage into the and half in the evening morning.

Optimally, the fluid should really be given sublingually – under the tongue, but sometimes that is simply too hard. The CBD oil could be fallen onto a goody, or put into a little bit of food that, preferably, could be provided at the least an hour or so before or after having a meal that is full.

For overall health and wellness, begin with about 0.1mg CBD per pound daily for the dose that is low-end. Enhance after 5-7 cbd oil times if required.

A low-end dose would be 1mg = 3 drops (200mg bottle) or approx for a 10lb dog. 1.2 falls (500mg container). A low-end dose would be 7.5mg = one dropper plus 3 drops (200mg bottle) or 9 drops (500mg bottle) for a 75lb dog.

Make use of this dosage in case the dog is elderly; requirements basic system that is immune; has allergies or epidermis conditions; digestion dilemmas; or injuries brought on by infection or a little joint disease. This dosage must also assist to stimulate appetite and alleviate slight stress and/or anxiety.

An additional dose can be given about 30 minutes before the expected anxiety provoker if a dog has anxiety attacks during thunderstorms, fireworks, travel or separation experiences.

To get more problems that are troublesome start at 0.25mg CBD per pound TWICE daily. Increase after 5-7 times if required.

For a 10lb dog that could be 2.5mg day-to-day = 7-8 falls (200mg container) or 3 falls (500mg container). For the 75lb dog, that could be 18.7mg = 2 droppers plus 15 falls (2mg bottle) or one dropper plus 2 drops (500mg container).

More problematic dilemmas would add chronic pain, intense joint disease and/or joint irritation, trouble moving, seizures, and anxiety that is severe. Chronic gastrointestinal dilemmas would additionally fall into this category.

Continue steadily to raise the level of CBD you may be administering to your pet every 5-7 days until your“sweet-spot that is optimum accomplished, as well as your dog’s particular symptoms slowly improve.


Dosing is significantly diffent for virtually any dog, and eventually this will depend about what you might be wanting to attain with CBD. You may choose to provide a higher dosage; while minor anxiety would call for the lower dosage if it’s chronic pain.

Whatever your ultimate goal, remember, it will not work if you give your dog too little CBD. In the event that you give your puppy a lot of CBD, it does not work. You will not want to leap ahead, provide an increased dosage, and miss out the spot” that is“sweet.

With diligence and persistence, you can find the perfect level of CBD that provides the present of happiness to your loving friend.


Consistency is key! To understand the total medical advantages of CBD it’s important to establish routine and adhere to it. Though some dogs may start acknowledging the advantages quickly, it takes other dogs a longer period ahead of the CBD fully integrates along with your dog’s cannabinoid receptors.

Nevertheless, a consistent system of CBD may be a amazing solution for bringing wellness, pleasure, and vigor back to your dog’s life.


Don’t forget to begin a daily log! Ideally, start before your pet begins using CBD. Carefully monitoring the total amount and frequency of CBD you’re providing your dog is a good solution to follow your pet’s progress.

With time, you need to start to notice modifications, small or large, in your dog’s general health. Whether your desired result is to allow your dog with pain to climb up stairs or even run around like a puppy showing no indications of aggravation; or it is important to carefully track the progress towards achieving your dog’s “sweet-spot” whether it is for a dog with anxiety to demonstrate a calmness not witnessed in years,.


Strong doses of CBD can prevent the cytochrome P450 enzyme system, certainly one of numerous enzyme systems based in the liver that metabolize drugs that are certain. Grapefruit and watercress can inhibit the metabolization also of medications.

Should your dog is using a pharmaceutical medication that is metabolized by the cytochrome P450 enzyme, it’s going to remain in the body much much longer and may also cause negative effects. This can be one explanation to start out by providing the lowest dosage.

Also, it’s always best to provide the CBD a full hour or two before or following the recommended drug. This may help make certain that CBD does perhaps not respond along with it.

Sign in along with your veterinarian. After using CBD for a time, you might – joyfully – need certainly to reduce the level of pharmaceutical medicine.


No need to worry. CBD is non-toxic and non-psychoactive, in order to never hurt your dog giving in excess.


If there are negative effects, they will NEVER be life threatening. When your dog is taking excessively CBD s/he might be a little groggy; may suffer dry mouth and desire more water than typical; or, sporadically, be over-excited. Stop offering CBD until things normalize, then start once again having a reduced dose.


Our mission at Trikos Supplements is always to give you the quality that is highest naturally natural based supplements to enhance the entire wellness, pleasure, and vigor to any or all animals. As soon as your dog begins using Trikos Supplements, your pet is our dog, too.

Trikos Supplements can and really should be properly used as both a preventative and supplement that is curative raise the healthiness and vigor of each Pets.