types of vial for cbd oil

Types of vial for cbd oil

CBD concentrates remain by far the most potent and purest forms of CBD products on the market today. Obtained from the hemp plant and filtered to produce the strongest concentrations, they pack in maximum benefits and relief for conditions like seizures, panic attacks and pain to the very last ounce (oz).

Typically, CBD concentrates are sold as either higher viscosity extracts or thin oils. With the former, manufacturers have a lot of room to play with in terms of what container to use for storage. But when it comes to packaging the slippery variants of the concentrates, manufacturers find themselves limited in their choices as these variants require extra care. The following post takes a look at the different types of concentrate containers you can use for your CBD oil product.

Types of concentrate containers for CBD oil products

Concentrate containers for CBD oil products can mainly be divided into three types:

Puck containers

Puck containers are fairly common for CBD oil products. They come in different material profiles, including silicone, acrylic and glass. Silicone puck containers make for arguably the best storage containers in this category since they offer premium insulation to the oil product and near-indestructible ruggedness.


Vials used for packaging CBD oil products are typically made from either acrylic or glass. They beat puck containers in presentation, giving the product a premium look and feel. Acrylic vials are the most affordable storage options for packaging CBD oil products. The downside to acrylic vials is that they may leach chemicals into the contents over longer storage periods. For this reason, many CBD oil manufacturers prefer to use glass vials, which, although are relatively more expensive than acrylic vials, offer better storage characteristics.


Syringes are the best practical containers for packaging CBD oil. They are easy to use, minimize product loss and cost fairly cheap. That said, they lack the sophistication and packaging aesthetics of puck containers and vials. They are usually made from glass or acrylic.

Buy concentrate container for your CBD oil product

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Product Spotlight – Child Resistant Packaging for CBD Products

When packaging products within the CBD industry providing child resistant packaging for a range of products has many benefits. SKS offers a wide range of effective child resistant packaging solutions in both glass and plastic, providing versatility for the CBD industry.

Child Resistant Bags for CBD Products

  • Highlights:
  • Convenient reclosable zipper
  • Opaque material conceals contents
  • Composed of durable mylar
  • Odor and gas resistance

Child resistant bags are available in two sizes and could be an effective packaging solution for products that could include hemp protein powder. The smaller 8.5″ x 6″ size bags are available in white or blue, while the larger size bags measure 12.25″ x 9″ x 4″ and come in either white or black. All styles of the child resistant bags are composed of mylar plastic, offering odor and gas barriers with high chemical resistance and flexibility. The opacity of the mylar material effectively conceals the bag’s contents, adhering to a common regulations requiring opaque packaging materials. The larger sized bags also feature the ability to stand upright when filled for convenient storing.

Each child resistant bag includes a reclosable zipper, offering child resistance by requiring two hand dexterity to operate. A specialized tab must be pressed down while the zipper slides across the bags to open. Simply slide the zipper closed and insert it into the tab housing to seal.

These child resistant bags meet many state and federal regulations for CBD products, as well as the ASTM D3475 standards for child resistant packaging. The plastic bags are FDA approved for use with food products such as CBD edibles.

Child Resistant Vials for CBD Products

  • Highlights:
  • Semi-transparent or opaque options
  • Embossed opening instructions
  • Three compact sizes

The child resistant vials are available in 13 dram, 19 dram, and 30 dram sizes to accommodate various volumes of cannabis products. The 13 dram child resistant vials feature embossed “Squeeze” text on their tops, with a double sided arrow pointing to two small ridges for opening. In the larger 19 dram and 30 dram sizes, the same embossed double sided arrows and small ridges are included with the words “Squeeze Sides Below Cap” on the vial lids.

Child Resistant Jars for CBD Products

  • Highlights:
  • Easy dispensing
  • Opaque material
  • Durability for shipment and storage
  • Variety of sizes available

White and black HDPE low profile jars with child resistant caps offer opacity to conceal jar contents and block exposure to light, and protective barriers ideal for storage of CBD products. All size of the child resistant jars are compatible with clear shrink bands that provide tamper evident seals, ensuring your customers that the jars have not been previously opened, and conforming to additional CBD packaging requirements where applicable.

White PET heavy wall jars with white child resistant caps provide good oxygen barriers, and resistance to grease, oil, and cold temperatures. The durable heavy wall child resistant jars offer impact resistance and thicker walls to help retain their shapes. Low profile and heavy wall child resistant jars could be used to package hemp topicals and much more.

White polypropylene straight sided jars with white child resistant caps offer high impact resistance and durability. Eco-friendly Black PCR PET straight sided jars paired with black child resistant caps provide all the same benefits of PET jars, but are composed of PCR (Post Consumer Resin), reusing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. The simplistic, 16 oz straight sided jars hold larger volumes of CBD edibles, or hemp protein powder.

Glass Child Resistant Packaging for CBD Products

  • Highlights:
  • Impermeable
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colored glass options provide UV protection

When glass is the preferred packaging material, an assortment of child resistant glass bottles and jars are available, designed for the CBD industry. Amber glass jars with black child resistant caps could be an effective option for CBD products in various forms. The amber glass child resistant jars provide UV protection for light sensitive products in a high end style that can be easily labeled.

For CBD tinctures and liquid concentrates, SKS offers clear, amber, and blue boston round glass bottles with white or black child resistant bulb glass droppers. The child resistant droppers dispense liquid CBD oils in droplet form for direct dosing or to be mixed with food and beverages.

All About Vials

Vials are a small but mighty packaging solution that have a wide range of uses. Commonly supplied in glass or polypropylene (PP) plastics, vials are a convenient way to store small amounts of dry or liquid products. Vials can also easily be made child-resistant, making them the traditional choice for products like pharmaceuticals and some over-the-counter products.

Popular in the Cannabis Industry

Pharmaceutical products have been using PP vials for some time, but we are now seeing this as a popular choice for cannabis products, too. It is becoming common industry practice to package marijuana flowers/buds and pre-rolls in PP vials, as you would traditional medications. These are all paired with child-resistant closures to ensure the safekeeping of these products.

When using plastic vials with cannabis products, darker-colored vials, like amber or black, are typically used. This is due to the fact that light plays the biggest role in the degradation of marijuana, so it is important to control for that with packaging.

Oils and Other Liquids

Glass vials are another popular packaging option for many industries, including marijuana/CBD, beauty, and pharmaceuticals. When paired with a dropper or roller ball, glass vials are a great option for essential oils and CBD oils.

Other products that pair well with glass vials include concentrates, flavorings, skincare products, and cosmetic products. To maintain the properties of these oils and liquids, it is best to use dark glass, like amber or cobalt blue. The dark glass protects the oil from sunlight, which can damage or spoil products.

If the contents of the vial are compatible with both plastic and glass, you can look at other factors when determining which to use. Both materials have their benefits and limitations –glass is infinitely recyclable, but plastic vials can be made with post-consumer resin. Plastic is more lightweight and is less susceptible to breaking during transit than glass, but glass offers a more premium look and feel than plastic. Whichever you choose, MJS Packaging is here to help make your packaging impactful and attractive to new and existing customers.

MJS Packaging Solutions

MJS Packaging’s online store has plenty of stock options for flint glass vials available for purchase by the case. With sizes ranging from 1 dram (1/8 oz.) to 9.5 drams (0.6 oz.), we have a solution for any type of product. We also offer various complementary closures and droppers that can be purchased individually.

Think vials might be the right solution for your product packaging? Contact one of our knowledgeable packaging solutions specialists today to go over our endless packaging possibilities. Contact us online or call us at (800) 915-2262 to get started.