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Does temperature for CBD Vape matter?

Just started vaping CBD, I tend to feel as if I get more of a body hit from my friends more 'professional' vaporiser at 60w, rather than my own starter kit vape that runs about 20w.

Is there a recommended or optimal temperature to get the full CBD effects?

I don't know about exact temp, but it does matter. Some vape pens I have used have burned the CBD oil to where it tastes horrible and I stop feeling the effects of it.

I know the optimal voltage for CBD cartridges is 3.3V, but someone with more knowledge of vaping could tell you more.

That's what I thought, the idea of killing it off with too much heat, but then not getting a good extraction from such a low heat too. I'll be looking at new vapes tomorrow 🙂

Every company recommends a different wattage/temperature for their CBD liquid. Palmetto Harmony suggests 24 watts/280°F and Blue Moon recommends 40watts/200°F (not sure how that works though). Just ask.

I'll give it a go on my friends vape tomorrow and see how it is, I think that I'll be investing in a new vape very soon from the advice I've heard from you guys.

Good choice. It's a awesome device and you won't be disappointed with it.

Brilliant, it's on order! Went to town earlier, got a smok triple core, .2ohm coil earlier and some nice batteries 🙂

Those low voltage pens don't really do much (the air flow is tight, the resistance is too high etc.) there is better devices out there. Look for a higher wattage device and lower resistance (ohms) of a coil. Higher the wattage and lower the resistance will vaporize your CBD better and you will get what you need out of it. You will notice a huge difference. All coils nowadays have the wattage range printed on the coil. Start at the lowest range and work your way up. It's a different inhale and takes some time to get used to but you will be fine. I have been vaping for 8 years and any other questions don't hesitate to ask here. There is a lot of good info on the Reddit page.

That's good advice, I'll look for a new vape tomorrow. I've noticed with my friends mid range vape, it seems to taste a lot better and seems generally more effective. My little £15 pen vape is quite bland, haha. I feel I should invest in a good one considering I'll be using it for CBD and that stuff can be rather expensive.

Perfect. What kind of batteries did you get for it? You can charge the batteries in the unit but I would suggest getting an external charger. There is 2, 4 and 6 bay charges for a decent price too. I charge all my 18650's out of my devices.

I'll have to look in to an external charger, but I just went to the vape shop and got some Samsung brand ones, thought i'd play it safe, Is 18650 the battery size type?

Also that device will give you options for a wattage, temp and stainless steel mode aswell. Everyone vapes differently. I use stainless steel coils for my CBD juice but I don't like it for e-juice. I personally find it gives a smooth vape with the CBD. With stainless you can either vape it in wattage mode or temp mode. With kanthal (that's that industry standard, majority of coils are made from kanthal) you only vape that in wattage mode. The industry put the temp mode on devices because of titanium and nickel coils. (It was all the rage a few years ago but not too many people use it now). need to control the temp of those coils because if it does get too hot you will get toxins off them. I'm not a fan of either of them and personally don't trust it. People don't realize there is a lot to know with vaping. Do get overwhelmed and just do your research, ask questions and learn the basics.

Is there a recommended vape battery voltage setting for CBD?

I tried a Google search to see if vape battery voltages translate into specific temperatures but couldn't get a good answer. My 380mah variable 510 battery has three settings: 2.7, 3.1, 3.6.

I have mostly CBD cartridges but also have a 1:1 and a 2:1 CBD:THC cartridge. Those last two I just picked up today and haven't used a cartridge with THC in it before.

Are there recommended voltages I should stay above and below to make sure the CBD or THC is properly vaporized? If I decide to keep vaping for awhile, I'll get a better vaporizer with more control but I'm not sure if I just want to stick with tinctures as this point.

Is 3.7v to high for cartridges?

I have a battery that is only able to work in 3.7v no higher or lower is that acceptable for most carts? It’s ooze 900 mah battery.

yes. i wouldnt vape a distillate cart over 3v and live resin 2.2v

It's nice to have variable wattage,some manufacturers have recommended wattage for their carts,I wouldn't say 3.7 is too high for all carts but it is too high for others because the resistance varies from cart to cart and different noids and terps like different "settings".

You get more flavor at lower voltages and you're not burning through oil as fast. Personally my sweet spot is 2.4v as I get lots of flavor and I don't have to take super long rips to get high. I'd suggest trying a yocan uni pro if you want a box mod style, I also have the yocan b-smart which is an adjustable 510 style battery with voltages as low as 2 volts. Really anything that you can find as long as it goes down close to 2 volts on the lower end.

You can do so, but you’re going to burn through oil fast. I stay between 2.2-2.4 for live resin, and kick it up to around 2.8-3.0 for distillate. It’s all a matter of preference, but I find these settings work good for taste, preservation and getting high! Cheers

Can I still use it for carts or will I just be burning coil?

Most carts are different. I would say never go above 3.0 cause it doesn’t do well for the coil and could ruin the taste, if you want a fat ass hit yeah I would say go above. But 3.7 is a lil too high for my liking.

It wouldn’t produce anything toxic at that temp right?

If you get a c-cell palm or a silo they already predialed voltage so you're going to roast your terps and you're going to get a high viscosity anyways it's better if you get a variable voltage likely a Yuni Pro

Here's what I do: if I Vape CBD out of my vape in a cart I use 1.9, 2.1 ,2.6 and 2.3 to get the Terps and the flavor

I dial down or up based on hit then I hit again to finalize

if im vapin a live Resin or Regular Distillate out of a button fire and variable voltage:

With variable voltage you have to think temperature and color of the Vape options that your device gives you

As variable voltage get smarter will probably have a change in color or one less color

For many variable voltage devices

BLUE is Flavor thats sometimes 1 to 2.5 volts

There are other devices that sometimes use WHITE as a lower color than blue

thats also 1 to 2.4 volts [dependant upon device]

My Candypen C b ox is on ORANGE [for my assumption] I keep guessing that's in between 2.3 and 2.7 or maybe even just three volts flat

GREEN for some devices is interchangeable with the color orange

Red is 2.5-3.8 volts in some button fire vapes

If you're looking for the flavor on the box red is NOT it that's going to get you clouds but no flavor you'll get your THC as regular but you won't enjoy it because your throats gonna to burn