what brand of cbd oil is best for dogs

What brand of cbd oil is best for dogs

A few years ago, telling someone to use CBD for pets was not feasible. Not many people understood the benefits of CBD to humans and now you want them to use it in pets? However, a lot has changed and now there is premium CBD oil you can use for pets from individual brands.

The best CBD for dogs has to be safe, contain good flavor, made from organic hemp plants, and generally offer good potency for various health benefits for your dog. It is possible to find many CBD oils in the market now, so it is vital to take your time to sift through these brands and find the right CBD company.

You will not have to do all that on your own. We are here to help you identify the best CBD oils to improve your dog’s health. Let us check out some of the popular CBD brands below.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Top 5 Brands & Buyer’s Guide

1. CBDfx – Top Pick

CBDfx is quite popular among those brands that make CBD products. This is because the company makes high-quality CBD oil products meant for dogs. So, if you ever need organic and non-GMO best CBD oils for the pet, this is a good company to consider. With its mostly positive reviews online, it is a great place to start.

How about the flavor? Dogs love things that taste good just like humans. So, it is worth checking out the type of flavor CBD oil for dogs has to offer. This one, it features a natural bacon flavor. Well, the brand does not offer much in terms of pet CBD oil flavors, but the bacon flavor is just perfect. It is hard for the dog not to like the taste.

Safety is also guaranteed with this CBD product. This is because the brand classifies it as human-grade and vegan. Yes, you may find people who want their CBD oil for pets classified as vegan. Also, it is broad-spectrum CBD oil so it will not have any THC content like it would be in full-spectrum CBD oil.

Of course, being lab-tested should also send good news to those who want to buy such CBD products. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, anyone new to using CBD oils for pets would feel it is worth trying. There will be enough time to return and get a refund if it does not work as expected.

2. NuLeaf Naturals

It is hard to go wrong with full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs such as this one. You will find that it is highly concentrated in important cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBD, and so much more. We cannot forget to mention the terpenes too that would be in this organic CBD oil for dogs. Such a formula is definitely what you need for your pet.

To make its CBD products, the brand uses the CO2 extraction process. There is the use of supercritical and subcritical extraction processes. Both processes will leave the CBD product with more terpenes, essential oils, cannabinoids, and beneficial phytonutrients. As such, you end with a more potent blend that does not have harsh solvents.

There is also the use of organic virgin hemp seed oil too in the product. Using this type of oil rather than MCT oil generally means keeping the product more organic and generally making it easier for absorption into the bloodstream. The fast and free shipping should appeal to most people who want gluten-free CBD oil delivered on time.

3. CBDistillery

The company takes pride in its cold-pressing method of hemp seed oil to ensure that it makes high-quality CBD products. That is how you end up with the full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures plus other CBD dog treats from the CBDistillery. So, expect the oil to possibly improve your dog’s health.

The ingredients are quite simple. They include hemp seed oil and CO2 extracted hemp extract. You can see that there are not many artificial ingredients that would affect the pet’s health negatively. So, this CBD oil for dogs would be gluten-free with generally improved bioavailability since the brand uses hemp seed oil rather than MCT coconut oil.

If you have always felt like it would be only convincing to buy the CBD product after seeing its lab report, then you are in luck. You will find the lab results report linked on the product page. Here you can check if the product has any safety issues. Also, no one would want to give their pet products full of heavy metals. Once you can verify there are no contaminants, it is easier to buy CBD products. Is there any discount for online orders? Of course, they have cut-price tickets for readers, it is a CBDistilley coupon on purchases for 25%.

4. Receptra Naturals

Whenever looking for CBD products for humans, it is possible to come across Receptra Naturals as one of the recommended brands. It is the same when looking to buy CBD oil for dogs. This is because it makes high-quality CBD oil tinctures all aimed at improving the health of your dog.

It can only improve the dog’s health if the formula is safe too. Well, the company invests in using organic ingredients that would help relieve the pet from common daily battles. Sometimes it is recommended as the right CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. Since many dogs suffer from arthritis as they age, this would be a really good solution to consider.

Coming from organically grown hemp plants, there is not much to worry about using this CBD oil. In case you wish to see its lab report, simply scan the QR code on the product or find more information on the company website. So, it is good to know that you can understand more about the product before buying.

5. Mission Farms

Mission Farms offers the best organic CBD oil for dogs for anyone to consider as a safe product for their pets. The manufacturer has invested in full-spectrum CBD making sure that the pet can get all the important terpenes and cannabinoids. Also, it includes THC, but it will be in small amounts of less than 0.3%. Such an amount is safe for your pet.

The overall use of this highest quality CBD oil is also easy. Like most companies, this CBD oil for dogs would be recommended to be used based on the weight of the dog. There is a handy guide on the website to help even those newbies to use CBD products to know how much would be enough for their dogs.

The brand describes its CBD oil for dogs and dog treats as only the best. So, most people would like the fact that they get lab-tested CBD oil products. Since it is a third-party lab, there is even more evidence of transparency. Also, hemp is organically grown on its own farm. This means the brand has better control over the quality of CBD products it makes.

The dog will generally love the beef jerky flavoring while at the same time enjoying the possible health benefits of CBD. This particular potency CBD oil is meant to help keep the pet calm. In case it has anxiety symptoms, this is what you should consider. With MCT coconut oil, the product generally has improved bioavailability.

What is CBD for Pets?

Anyone looking to invest in CBD oil for dogs wants assurances that it is worth it. So, before buying dog CBD oil, just know that there are a few potential benefits that your dog can get from using CBD.

So far, there is enough research that shows how CBD may be effective in treating anxiety, epilepsy, and chronic pain in humans. However, not many studies show the same for dogs, but we can see a correlation between the two as when CBD is used in a dog with anxiety, it often calms down and does not show anxiety symptoms as before.

To research done on dogs, we found that CBD may be a good choice for epileptic dogs. This was a report published in 2019 showing that the addition of CBD to the conventional seizure medication led to the dogs having fewer seizures generally. A decrease in seizures is a good sign that CBD may also help in maintaining the pet’s health.

Your Dog Cannabinoid Receptors

A dog would have cannabinoid receptors like in humans too. The work of these cannabinoid receptors is to monitor the functions and conditions outside of different cells. Depending on the conditions, there can be some changes in the cellular response.

There will be several cannabinoid receptors in a dog, however, we shall stick to the major receptors which include CB1 and CB2. Each one would have a function to do in the endocannabinoid system of dogs.

The CB1 receptors will mostly be concentrated around the spinal cord and also the brain of the dog rather than the other places in the body. These receptors would be concentrated in such areas so that they can control specific changes or behaviors in the dog.

A good example is that having CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus will help in regulating appetite. As for those in the amygdala region, they help regulate emotions and memory.

One thing to note is that CB1 receptors in a dog’s brain are different from those in human brains. It is why a dog is more sensitive to compounds like THC rather than humans.

As for CB2 receptors, they are mostly found in the nervous system, liver, spleen, and immune system. Since most of the CB2 receptors are found in the immune cells and tissues, it sends the message that the ECS can regulate the kind of immune response to allergies and inflammation.

The Function of The Endocannabinoid System in Dogs

Not much research has gone into finding out what the endocannabinoid system (ECS) does in the body of a dog. However, we mostly rely on evidence of how the ECS works in humans and other tested lab animals.

So far, researchers mostly recognize that the ECS is responsible for modulating the brain, the musculoskeletal system, inflammation, and the immune system of a dog. So, using CBD oil for dogs would definitely have an effect on the mentioned systems in the dog’s body.

Considering that the ECS can regulate inflammation, it is vital for ensuring there is better management of the inflammation to improve the health of the dog. This is mostly for those dogs suffering from arthritis.

The Effects of CBD & The Endocannabinoid System

The ECS will mostly respond to the stimulation of the endocannabinoids developed by the dog’s body. However, it can also respond to the cannabinoids from CBD oils.

CBD will bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors to trigger the body into releasing more natural endocannabinoids. As a result, the ECS can work on restoring the homeostasis nature of the dog’s body. Also, CBD may help in slowing down the endocannabinoid’s natural breakdown thus increasing their overall effects.

There have been early results on how CBD may help dogs with arthritis, anti-inflammatory properties, and chronic pain. We can hope for more funding for other research projects to understand better how dog CBD oil may affect the ECS.

Use CBD Oil as Part of Your Dog’s Diet

The best CBD oil for dogs can be administered in different ways. The most common two methods pet owners would use include administering food and putting it directly in the pet’s mouth.

The use of a dropper is highly recommended as it allows you to use the right amount of CBD oil and drop it into the pet’s mouth. The other advantage is that it gets to the bloodstream faster for the dog to start experiencing the benefits.

You should know that not all dogs might like this. So, be gentle with your dog. No need to gag it as a way of trying to get it to take CBD this way.

If the pet does not like taking CBD directly in its mouth, there is the option of putting it in its food. While preparing to serve the dog’s food, simply add the recommended dosage and that is it. Let the pet enjoy its food and in turn, also take CBD.

When looking to add CBD oil to the pet’s diet, ensure it is still within the recommended dosage range. Sometimes pet owners might be tempted to add more CBD to food thinking it would be even more effective. However, this might just lead to some CBD side effects.

Is CBD Safe For Pet?

The short answer is YES. You can safely use CBD oil for dogs and it will not lead to many problems. There is even a WHO report indicating that there is no evidence that the animals would become dependent on the use of CBD. Also, the report indicates that CBD may be useful for the treatment of medical conditions in dogs including anxiety and nausea.

Of course, it is worth noting that there is not much scientific evidence showing how CBD may affect the dog’s health. As such, you always have to consider using CBD appropriately as recommended by the brand or veterinarian. Well, the existing few studies on the effects of CBD in dogs are quite encouraging. We can only hope for more such studies.

On matters of dosage, most companies will have it highlighted on their websites. You can know how much CBD hemp oil to use to improve its health. Most of the time it is based on the weight or size of the breed. So long as you can maintain a healthy dose, then the dog will not experience the possible side effects of CBD.

It is advisable to always start with small to acclimate the dog to CBD before increasing the dose. However, according to Health Canal, in case you ever find yourself unsure about the use of CBD for pets, talk to your veterinarian for more advice.


Getting the best CBD oil for your dog is not hard. Looking at a few CBD brands mentioned above, it is easy to see how these brands invest in ensuring you get a high-quality CBD product while at the same time maintain safety. You should never compromise on safety, thus the reason you have to check if there are any lab reports available.

From the list, you can get products with THC while others are THC-free. What you should always know is that even if it has THC, it will be in minimal amounts. So, such a product would still be safe for a dog. Pick the CBD oil from any of the brands above and you can be sure of quality CBD products.

What brand of cbd oil is best for dogs

Dogs, like humans, can experience the benefits of CBD. It’s reported to help with anxiety levels, sleep, stress, pain and inflammation, and much more.

While there are plenty of CBD oils marketed specifically for dogs, the oils contained inside are exactly the same as you’d find in an oil marketed to humans‚ yet cost about 20% more.

Instead of wasting your money on dog-specific CBD oils that offer no real advantage to human oils, we recommend checking out the products offered by any of the three brands listed below.

Each of these brands makes CBD oils with very low THC levels that are safe for use with dogs.

However, the main thing you need to consider when using these oils for your pet is to use a much smaller dosage. Dogs are much smaller than humans (in most cases) and are more sensitive to CBD. For this reason, we recommend going for the lower potency options offered by these companies. Something in the 250–600 mg range is ideal for most pets.

Let’s get into the top-rated CBD brands for pets.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs
Product Details:
Potency 250mg – 2500 mg
Available Flavors Natural, Berry, Mint, Vanilla
CBD per serving 8.5 – 85 mg/mL
What We Like About Royal CBD

Royal CBD has a knack for producing some of the best CBD oils in the business. They’ve already won several awards for their CBD oils, capsules, and topicals from various organizations around the state.

This company makes an excellent full-spectrum CBD oil that ranges in potency from 250 mg per bottle, all the way up to 2500 mg per bottle.

All the oils offered by Royal CBD contain less than 0.3% THC — which isn’t even close to a psychoactive dose. These oils are more than safe for your dog when used in reasonable doses.

For small dogs, we recommend going for the 250 mg bottle. Just a few drops at a time should be enough to give your dogs the effects you’re looking for. It’s wise to start with a low dose (2 or 3 drops) and increase the dose over time to see how it affects them.

For larger dogs, the 500 mg bottle is going to be a better option. Larger dogs need higher doses to receive the same benefits, so the more potent bottle is going to last a lot longer for these pets.

We recommend going for the unflavored option for your pets as the other options tend to be more geared towards the human palate instead.

All Royal CBD oils are third-party tested in an independent lab to test the cannabinoid ratios, terpene content, and confirm the absence of contaminants and pesticides.

Pros Cons
• Available in lower potency options suitable for smaller dogs
• Third-party tested for quality assurance and transparency
• Excellent value for your money — especially compared to CBD oils marketed specifically for pets
• Lacks pet-friendly flavors like tuna or bacon
• Not available in-store (you can only order from this brand online)

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Product Details:
Potency 250mg – 2500 mg
Available Flavors Unflavored
CBD per serving 8.5 – 85 mg/mL
What We Like About Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a small CBD company from Delaware — but is picking up speed fast.

The company uses a small-batch model for manufacturing its CBD oils so they can keep a tight grip on the final quality of its oils. You can order Gold Bee CBD oils in all potency ranges — including the lower potency options like 250 mg or 500 mg per 1 oz bottle.

The company started selling limited batches of its product in local Delaware cannabis and health food shops — but has since opened its doors to the online world.

The company won several awards for their oils in late 2019 in their home state, and are not refocusing their efforts on making the best CBD extract they possibly can for the rest of the country. The brand has even been featured on popular publications in the family-planning and cannabis space for use with dogs and cats.

These oils are well-suited for use with dogs. As with any other brand, we recommend you start with a very low dose first and build up gradually once you know how the oil affects your dog individually.

Pros Cons
• Small batch sizes help keep the quality of this product very high
• Gold Bee CBD oil has won multiple awards within the state of Delaware
• All batches are tested for quality and transparency in a third-party lab
• Small batch sizes and limited runs mean there could be a waiting list to get your hands on a bottle
• Only one bottle size available for this product (1 oz)

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Product Details:
Potency 125mg – 4000 mg
Available Flavors Unflavored
CBD per serving 4.2 – 133 mg/mL
What We Like About Nuleaf Naturals

Nuleaf Naturals is the only company on this list that has a specific oil marketed for pets — however, there isn’t anything different about this oil compared to the company’s standard CBD oil offering. There are no additional flavors, no change in the ingredients — just a picture of a dog and a cat on the label.

The reason Nuleaf Naturals made our list for best CBD oils for dogs is that the company doesn’t mark up their pet oils to take advantage of the fact that people think dogs need special CBD products (they don’t).

While the picture of a pet on the bottle makes people a little more confident that the CBD oil can be given safely to their pets, there isn’t anything fundamentally different about this oil.

With that said, Nuleaf Naturals makes a top-notch CBD oil and is often featured on the recommendation list for CBD experts for this reason. They’re one of the first companies to enter the market and produce a consistently high-quality, 50 mg/mL oil at a decent price point.

While you don’t have the luxury of choosing a lower potency product from Nuleaf Naturals, as long as you remember that dogs need a much smaller dose than humans (a few drops instead of a few milliliters), this product can safely be used with dogs of all sizes.

Pros Cons
• Offers a pet-specific CBD label (contains the same oil as their standard oil)
• Made with a top-notch full-spectrum CBD oil
• Available in multiple bottle sizes to match any budget
• You can’t choose a lower potency option for smaller dogs
Final Thoughts: Best CBD Oil Options For Dogs

Dogs can use CBD just like you. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t anything special about CBD pet oils compared to human oils — despite the significant price difference.

There are only two considerations you need to make when using CBD oils with your pet:

  1. Dogs require a much smaller dose than humans
  2. The CBD oil you use should contain less than 0.3% THC

As long as these two criteria are met, you’re safe to use the same CBD oil you take for yourself with your beloved pet.

We recommend looking past pet-specific dog CBD oils to avoid overpaying. Instead, have a look at brands like Royal CBD, Gold Bee, or Nuleaf Naturals that offer well-rounded, high-value CBD oils that remain below the 0.3% THC limit.

When using CBD oils with dogs, start with a much lower dose than you think they need, and build up over time until you find a dose that works.

You’ll know the oil is working when your dog shows signs of improvement — such as less anxiety or a visible reduction in pain.
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