what wattage do i use for cbd oil

Wattage for thc cartridge?

I have a smok al85 that goes down to 6 watts. Can I use a thc oil cart on this? Should I use temp control instead of wattage? I don't want to screw up the cart or my vape, please give suggestions.

I would use wattage mode and although 6 Watts is a little high, I don’t think it will ruin your cart. If anything, it would hit harder with more clouds and it will turn your juice a little darker. I have hit my cart as high as 15 Watts on accident and my cart worked fine after that even though I went on a five minute coughing spree.

Also if you try pulling from your mod and there is no air flow, unscrew the cart just a little bit so that it will still have power and airflow.

My ego-T vape pen is meant for generic THC oil cartridges. According to specs, the voltage is a non-adjustable 3.7v. When I attached a 2.4 ohm cartridge to it, I used ohm's Law to calculate a wattage of 5.7w. So 6 watts should be OK for any generic cartridge with a resistance of around 2.4 ohms.

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How did you do that equation? I'm trying to work it out. I=V/R so your amplitude's somewhere around 1.5 then wattage=amplitude x voltage 1.5 x 3.7 = 5.5 ish. actually never mind. answered my own question.

6W is a little high. 5 would be better. But as long as you don’t chain hit it and you do let it cool i think you’ll be ok.

Most carts run on voltage and aim between 3.4-3.7 volts some can run 4v at all times but most will eventually darken oil and ruin coil and taste like a dab that you didn’t heat the nail long enough and made a little black pool rather than burn up immediately. believe it or don’t but watts and volts aren’t compatible certain carts are vape mod able such as brass knuckles only one ik for sure has nothing to do with the oms resistance id advise not to do it but to each their own. go out and get a (yocan uni) universal fits all tanks for 30 or less depending where you go

What wattage do i use for cbd oil

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