whick is more effective for arthritis cbd or hemp oil

CBD: An Effective Weapon Against Arthritis Pain

30 Aug CBD: An Effective Weapon Against Arthritis Pain

The number of positive testimonials from veterans on CBD is growing. CBD oil has often been highlighted as the next big solution for a variety of ailments – from anxiety and insomnia to depression and a lot more. People have been turning to CBD as an effective natural alternative. Arthritis and it’s various symptoms are becoming a growing problem for many veterans and even service members. Let’s dig deeper into this and find out if its as effective a treatment for Arthritis.

Understanding CBD

Hemp and marijuana, extracted from the Cannabis SatiVA plant, have chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Now, Cannabidiol or CBD is a type of cannabinoid, that doesn’t get you high. THC – another important cannabinoid – is the psychoactive element of marijuana that induces an intoxicating effect. CBD products are usually derived from hemp, which typically contains less than 0.3% THC.

Perhaps, you didn’t know your body naturally produces its own cannabinoids that are called endocannabinoids and has even cannabinoid receptors, that control body functions like inflammation and pain. Scientists were under the impression that CBD in products gets attached to these receptors, but studies now show that CBD helps your body in utilizing its own endocannabinoids more effectively.

Can CBD Help Arthritis Symptoms?

Research suggests that CBD may potentially help reduce arthritic pain. In animal studies, scientists found, CBD reduced arthritic pain and inflammation. The results from studies on humans gave mixed results, and more research is still warranted.

Daniel Clauw, MD, a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and an expert in the field of chronic pain, is of the opinion that you can’t ignore CBD’s potential benefits and even recommends it to a few of his patients. A study conducted recently showed that CBD alone works in knee OA.

Some Helpful Tips

Before trying CBD products, here are a few things you can take care of:

Always choose a CBD-only product, and take 5 – 10mg twice daily, and then gradually work your way up to the dose of 50 – 100mg per day.

Make sure you start with low doses, and that seems to work best for pain relief.

Try a CBD product with a negligible trace of THC if you don’t find a difference.

Use it only at night if you’re trying it for the first time; gradually increase the dose if necessary.

The effects of edibles usually last longer than vaping, so don’t try them until you are aware of what CBD strain and dose works for you.

CBD’s pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties are a lot better than regular arthritis medication. Whenever you plan to try CBD for relief from Arthritis symptoms, consult your doctor first, and only start with low doses. We want you to be safe and healthy while using CBD oils.

CBD oil has been proven to be both safe for human consumption and effective with animals, such as dogs, cats, and even reptiles like a crested gecko.

Are you a veteran using CBD? We would love to know more about your experience in the comments below.

CBD and Arthritis – How to find the best CBD protocol for pain management

Based on the Arthritis Foundation, 79% of respondents have either tried CBD or want to try CBD to help with their symptoms. We want to help you find a personalized CBD protocol. All of our bodies are different, and it takes intention and time to find what is the perfect fit for you and your body to maximize pain relief.

Before starting your CBD regimen, get a sense of what your baseline looks and feels like. When trying anything new, we recommend doing a daily log versus trying multiple new things at the same time. You want to track everything individually so you know what effect each has on you. Are there certain times of the day, week, or month that you notice are worse for your pain levels? Track your symptoms & have a daily log to notice what effects you are noticing. Be as systematic as possible to find what works best for you.

Sublingual Oil – with CBD oil tinctures you can take drops in mouth, under the tongue and keep under tongue for at least 45 seconds to a minute for maximum bio availability. This method yields greater efficiency when it comes to bio availability, which is the amount of medicine (CBD) which actually gets into your bloodstream. CBD oil is widely considered to be the foundation of many peoples CBD regimen.

Edibles – think of eating CBD edibles as more of an extended/time release. Eating twice or three times a day to spread out the effects. Since edibles go through your digestive system, bio availability rates are lower.

Oral Capsules- swallowing CBD pills is also another method of consumption which yields between 13-19% bio availability.

Topicals – use topically for localized pain, such as an elbow, your knees, or any specific area of pain. Although it is more difficult for CBD to pass through the skin, many people find full spectrum topicals very effective.

Inhalation ( Vape/Flower)- This is the most efficient way of consuming CBD and often the most affordable. Ask us about our CBD vape and hemp flower selection!

There are many different ways to take CBD. Based on the issues you are personally experiencing, there are ways to take this natural medicine which are better than others. For example, if you suffer from arthritis you may benefit more from our CBD topical salve/lotion or tinctures rather than edibles. On the other hand, if you suffer from anxiety, inhalation ( vape/ hemp flower) and sublingual oils will be much more effective and faster acting than any type of CBD topical.

If you know that you have a rough week where the pain is going to be louder than others, instead of trying an edible/tincture dose one time, we recommend starting the preparation and administration of CBD a week before and take it throughout the entire week. Getting CBD built up in your system is key to experiencing the maximum benefits that can be offered. If you notice a reduction of pain, then keep your regimen, but if not then consider modulating the dose or changing to another way of ingesting the CBD. This is all about finding what is the right fit for you and the ATLRx family is here to help. Again, our bodies are not made equal, so really take the time to get to know what works best for you. And if you’re unsure of dosage or where to start – ask us!

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is gaining huge popularity because of the numerous health benefits it offers. CBD is available in the form of oil, tinctures, topical, edibles, and vapes. All these products help in alleviating many health issues that affect human body. These health problems include stress, anxiety, depression, pain, epilepsy, skin problems, etc.

We all suffer from some form of pain. When you get older, there is a high risk of getting arthritis. CBD can help you in reducing pain and treat arthritis. Among the different CBD products, CBD topicals are more effective in treating chronic pain. A CBD topical can either be a cream, lotion or salve and is applied topically on the skin for getting targeted pain relief.

Today, a lot of companies are producing CBD topical products that can be used for pain relief. This article will introduce you to some of the best CBD creams and CBD lotions that are available in the market.

Peal Extracts Rescue Rub

This product is made by mixing antioxidant-rich, hypoallergenic coconut, shea butter, and jojoba oils with cannabis and a secret blend of Chinese herbs. Peal Extracts Rescue Rub does not contain any artificial scents or any kind of preservatives. There are two varieties of Rescue Rub available in the market. One of them is a THC only version and the other is a high CBD variety. The amount of THC in the high CBD rescue rub is more than 0.3 %. Therefore, the product is not available in the dispensaries in most of the states in America.

Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion

Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion contains 250 mg of broad spectrum hemp oil per ounce. The use of broad spectrum hemp oil in the Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion ensures a THC free product. Hemp extract, Aloe Vera, and Coconut oil are the main ingredients of Blue Ribbon Hemp Lotion. In addition to these ingredients it also contains MSM, a naturally occurring chemical present in both animals and plants. The MSM will help to pull the phytocannabinoid compounds into the skin. It is really important to know that the product should be stored in a cool and dry place.

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1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream

1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream is highly concentrated and very effective in relieving all kinds of pain. An 8 ounce bottle of the cream contains 1000mg of CBD. Instead of using full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, the cream is made with CBD isolate. This makes the CBD comfort cream a better choice for those who wish to avoid the consumption of THC. Apart from the CBD isolate, the main ingredients of the 1937 Wellness CBD Comfort Cream are Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Menthol Crystals.

Hemp Bombs Pain Rub

The product is very effective in relieving all types of pain including arthritis and joint pain, back pain, knee pain and muscle aches. The Hemp Bombs pain rub contains methanol that provides the user with a cooling effect that help in relieving the pain. The product usually comes in 1 ounce and 4 ounce containers that contain 50 mg and 200 mg of high quality CBD respectively. Hemp Bombs pain rubs are tested by a third party lab to ensure the quality of the product.

White Fox Repair Remedy Salve

The White Fox Repair Remedy Salve is that is antimicrobial, which means it can be applied on small wounds to prevent infections caused by microbes. Willow bark, Helichrysum and arnica are some of the ingredients of White Fox Repair Remedy Salve. These ingredients along with full-spectrum CBD oil give the user an effective relief from sore and itchy muscles. 200 mg of CBD is present in just 3.38 ounces of White Fox Repair Remedy Salve. To prevent the melting of the coconut oil base in the product, always keep it in a cool place.

Green Roads Pain Relief Cream

Green Roads Pain Relief Cream usually comes in a 60 ml bottle that contains 300mg of CBD. The product provides the user with an effective treatment of pain. Green Roads Pain Relief Cream is very effective in providing relief for minor aches and back pain. Methanol is infused in the Green Roads pain relief cream, which will assist CBD in producing the pain relieving effect.

Vertly Hemp CBD-Infused Relief Lotion

Vertly CBD lotion is made with full-spectrum CBD oil. Each 2.9 ounce jar of the product contains 150 mg of full-spectrum CBD. In addition to full-spectrum CBD oil, the Vertly CBD lotion also contains magnesium for muscle recovery, the lavender oil for reducing inflammation and arnica flower for muscle tightness. Due to the presence of these potent ingredients, the company warns the customers to avoid using it on wounds. Vertly Hemp CBD-Infused Relief Lotion is a 100 % vegan friendly product.