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I don t want to be too thorough, you know that everyone has secrets, and some secrets will bring you endless trouble if you tell them.

I see her doing something to her colleagues, so Online Thc Oil I will Thc Animals stop her atrocities.

On to the plum head He Zhiling said I went to see Meizi last night.

Director Chen said that when Liu Zhihui was sent back to prison, I was really relieved.

She pointed to the table in front of me and said, Why does the sun rotate Why does the moon and the earth rotate and revolve They Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc are not driven by propulsion machines like cars and rockets.

She said to me, Be careful when you go back, can you give me a Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks message when you get there I said, Okay, Cbd Oil For Hemorrhoids go back to sleep, bye.

Then I put the things Cbd Manufacturers Usa I bought back into the youth hostel, and then I called the number of the man nicknamed Lie Ma from the Black Clothes Gang that Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks I kept yesterday.

Suppose she is still in the work unit, like you, and then the male colleague also gave a lot of money when her father was treating his illness, and then the male colleague said to Lin Xiaohui, my family is forcing a blind date to get married, and I don t want to get married Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc So early, you Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc At What Temp Does Cbd Break Down pretended to How Well Does Cbd Oil Work For Depression be my girlfriend, how much money Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks I gave you, Lin Xiaohui thought about it, and she could make Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc money, help others, and repay their kindness, so she agreed.

I Cbd Isolate Versus Full Spectrum said, With money, your parents will live a long life without disease and pain With money, your wife will be able to give birth to a child Cheapest Place To Buy Cbd Oil without pain, and Can You Buy Cbd Oil In Maryland Without Prescription definitely not mentally Need To Know Com retarded With money, your child will be Will you grow up happily and be obedient to Can I Buy Cbd Oil If Im 18 you Birth, old age, sickness and death are originally the laws of nature, and you have to experience whether you have money or no Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products money.

I just went out for Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products a while, can I go to my office and play in the cigarette case But who False Positive For Marijuana Cbd Oil High Potency Cbd Cream knew that I brought 20 cigarettes in, and I went in so quickly to get drugs into the cigarette case, and then reported directly to the reconnaissance department Could it be that it was already in the cigarette case Thinking of Meizi s sudden stomach pain before going to get the cigarette, and then asking me to get the cigarette, and not seeing anyone for a day, I have Office Space In Johannesburg Cbd to wonder if Meizi is framing me.

Lie Ma said I don t know, if you like it, why do you still treat her like this, and have affairs with other women everywhere But he won t let this girlfriend Can You Make Cbd Oil With Dried Weed go.

Kang Yun pushed the card over, I pretended to say no, and then accepted it.

Song Yuanyuan said Excuse me, if you don t want to ask me, I ll be free The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc anytime.

She was embarrassed The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc again and asked me, What are you looking at I said, Can you let me make a phone call How Much Mg Of Cbd For Sleep She said, No I asked, Why She said, Section Chief No.

And I really don t understand Deng Rong s real mental thoughts, what kind of schizophrenia she is, and she is so completely messed up.

Shen Yuelai asked, how to deal with Kynd Cbd Tincture Side Effects her I was also thinking, how to deal with this damn Lu Cao, let her know, and hide me behind her back.

I walked to the back of the commercial car and patted the commercial car, just to notify the people above that they were coming.

I said, These things in physics are really too difficult for me.

Just when Lin Xiaohui turned around, I saw another Grid gang rushing over from behind Lin Xiaohui, holding Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc a steel pipe high, and hitting Lin Xiaohui on the head i yelled Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc A voice Lin Xiaohui dodge away Lin Xiaohui turned her head and subconsciously avoided it, and the Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc steel tube slammed Marijuana And Cannabis on the roof of the car.

if not for He Zhiling Occasionally get me something delicious, I really want to fade away.

The teacher of the future, mosquitoes, ants, bees, and scorpions can The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc all Gregory Karl Davis Low Thc Oil harm people, not to mention people Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc like Lu Cao and Huang Ling Looking at their conspiracy, there are actually many loopholes, but why Is Cbd Oil Legal For Federal Employees can they easily I almost died.

Even if he goes home and sleeps, there are many people Selling Plasma Phoenix guarding him.

A week later, the police found the suspicious point after recalling more than 100 video Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc cameras, and then controlled Xiaobaimian and Aimon.

When I got downstairs to the youth hostel, I found a hidden place to hide.

After Lu Cao was dragged into the cell, he shouted for help in horror.

I believed Ingredients In Kentucky Farms Cbd Oil from a young age that aliens must have visited this planet where human beings exist more than once.

But what about He Zhiling, although He Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Zhiling looks like an iron cock on the surface, in fact, she is very good.

The chief of the reconnaissance Hemp Gummies En Puerto Rico section said Or commit suicide earlier.

Li Shanna stood and said Cbd Softgels With Curcumin to me, Thank Cbdfx Cbd Oil you just now.

I also feel inexplicable and Anxiety Pills Walmart don t know what s going on.

Lin Xiaohui said, Is that what you deserve I said, How can you say that If you say that, those left behind women who go out to work shouldn t abide by the law of women and look for wild men The highest quality Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc everywhere Lin Xiaohui said, Women always want men to accompany and guard them.

I pulled Zhu Huahua aside and asked, How dare you do this to her Zhu Huahua looked at my hand, pressed it hard, and pressed it on my wound.

I said, How did you know Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil With Out Flavoring I was up there She said, I just followed you.

After I went over, I pulled a stool and sat down, patted An Baijing on the shoulder Why do busy people come out to drink with us today An Baijing said I m done.

Madam, can you go too Lin Xiaohui said Don t call me that, it s Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc so ugly I asked

where to buy cbd oil in oak creek wi

Where to eat Lin Xiaohui said Down there, at the two bus stops, there is a midnight snack in the city that never sleeps, with Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks seafood and barbecue.

I can travel to another dimension with my energy, I will be a child of a rich family, and Natural Plus Pro be a rich man, like that, Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products will anyone spurn me After Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products thinking about it, I actually Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products wanted to commit suicide.

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Damn I like to talk about it, so what about you I said What if I talk about you She said, Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks Then get out of the car I don t know what she was so crazy about tonight.

One day, Xiao Ling, a colleague from the D prison, came to see me and told me Cbd Pharmacokinetics that the middle aged female prisoner she brought to see a mental illness last time wanted to see me and let me diagnose whether her mental Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc illness has fully recovered.

Therefore, we took the items of the women prisoners and often took them Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc out.

After turning it on, I was about to find her number and dial it out, when a message came from my phone, which was sent to me by Xu Sinian I left a little earlier, and I will contact you another Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc day.

I learned later about this guy that Sun Changlin, the deputy minister of the provincial xx department, has Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc the highest official position and the Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks highest rank.

But, why did Liu Zhihui say that In this way, wouldn t she also take apart her and Huang Mao After Liu Zhihui finished speaking, he ignored me.

She patted her face twice and said, Does it look a lot older I said, It s not old, it s just looking at it, not Cbd Oils Hemp so energetic.

I thought to myself, I can actually bring Song Yuanyuan to eat here, but Song Yuanyuan just wanted to give me a hard meal, forget it, it s a big deal to bring her to Bro Team Pill Depression eat seafood.

I have already studied it myself and will not study it again.

Followed someone else I said Fuck, then do you think her father and her family would like her to follow me I have been hurt by this world many times, and I don t want to do that kind of daydreaming again, and I am being hurt by this ruthless world again.

Damn, Ma Cbd Dosage For Hyperhidrosis Ling, are you still human I immediately rushed up and grabbed the electric baton Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc in her hand and threw it Damn you enough Ma Ling glared at me Go away I pushed her away, and she immediately took two steps to stare Marys Nutritional Remedy Cbd Oil at Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc me You have a way of doing something to me I clenched my fists.

Or, we Do other things, you are your company, how about I go to Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc work for you He Zhiling said, Why so much nonsense I still persuaded her Cousin It will really be life threatening He Zhiling I looked at me, and after looking at me for a while, I asked, Are you afraid of my death Worried about my Buy Cbd Oil Online Cheap death I said, Yes, just as you are worried about my death, although your words are ugly, I know what you mean in your heart.

The most profound memory is the person who paid the most for her and who gave him the deepest scars.

In this way, the whole person is more Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products slender and taller, and the chest is very prominent.

the phone calls of all the beauties made me overwhelmed Since the last time Cbd Oil Brain Cancer I saw them like What Is The Best Form Of Cbd For Seizures this in the hospital, I didn t want to approach her intentionally or not.

But the key also depends on the public relations capabilities of the warden and other leaders of our prisons.

I looked at Song Yuanyuan, who was white and fat and sexy, and asked, Why are Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc you Song Yuanyuan said, Because I How To Make Cbd Essential Oil know it s you, I applied Hemp Cbd Yield Per Acre to interrogate with you.

The police launched Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc an investigation and tracking, and found that Deng Rong s girlfriend got in the car and left together at the gate of Deng Rong s girlfriend s community.

Chapter 641 The warmth of the candles jumping and the flames made me an excuse I m a little hungry, do you have anything to eat Li Shanna said Yes.

The programs of the two female prisoners in our prison area are all solo dances, that is, the dances of Xue Yumei and Liu Zhizhi.

Space, even if my parents are rich, they are still the parents of this space, but my poor parents and poor mothers in this space will still feel uncomfortable.

An Baijing s cell phone rang, and it was his leader who called.

Liu Zhihui asked Feng Yibao to kill Ma Ling, with a deep scheming, but it didn t look so scary, but that Lu Cao was almost poisoned by Qiaoding, this is the horror.

When it was time for work, I woke up, washed up, and then went to the prison.

Sister Cai said, Then talk to them, sorry, I can Does Cbd Relax You t help you.

There is Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc a glass of red wine in front of one person.

I said What are you covering up, I want to see it, just see it Xu Sinian raised his face proudly and said, Let s Edibles Pot Mints With Cbd go.

I hurriedly asked, What s wrong with your mother Xu What Do You Need To Start Your Own Online Cbd Oil Business Sinian said, She has diabetes Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks that is born in her family and needs regular medication and insulin injections, so I came here.

Damn, is this waiting for me Waiting for me to show up Is he really stalking me I decided to use me as bait to see if it was He really wanted to follow me.

Brother Tang said, Well, I see that last Cb2 Vapor night your colleague, several strips were wrapped in black bags, so you can just carry What Does Ta Mean In Medical Terms one bag at a time.

I said, Actually, I have always wanted to know, if technology continues to develop in the future, will human beings still suffer from physical pain, and Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc will there be diseases that cannot be cured.

I asked, Captain Huang didn t see Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products anyone Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc a while ago, why is he here all of a sudden Said She took sick leave during that time and just came back.

Deng Rong looked at us and asked, Are you human This sentence made Song Yuanyuan almost cry, because Deng Rong seriously reached out and tried to touch us, but the fence stopped her.

Come on, where are you going Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products Say it Don t trick me into getting out of the The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc car like you did last time Damn, there s no car here He Zhiling said, No, I ll kick you straight off.

I asked Who are you in love with Deng Rong thought for a while, then said I forgot, I forgot who I Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc was in love with, it seems to be the police officer, no, no, it seems to be my roommate Alan No, it s not It s not at all, it s someone else.

Then you re going to subdue him, arrest him, and interrogate him right away, that s for sure.

On the way to the Buy Cbd Dog Treats Online prison, in the car I kept Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc thinking, how can I miss such a beautiful woman Can I No.

However, fate is destined, and marriage Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc is not independent of others.

They took Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks out their daggers and directly landed on a guy s feet.

In the near future, human beings can replace any organ except the brain with biotechnology, and it will not be a dream to extend the lifespan to two or three hundred years old.

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If it s like Zhang xx, you only Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc think about yourself in everything, and you only think about getting in and not getting out.

Then I ll go first, but, Meizi, don t worry, we will always be Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc on Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc your side, we can t come to see you every day, but in your case, we will do our best to help you.

After the car was parked, the person who got out of the car was wearing big sunglasses, long hair, a white coat, long legged black jeans, and a LV bag, blinding the whole street.

I said It s not really, she is a very good friend to me, but there is indeed a little ambiguity between us.

Li Shanna was in ancient costumes, and Xue Yumei and Liu Zhihui were modern dancers.

Don t worry about this, if your captain doesn t do it, then we will let him back.

His parents tile roofed houses Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc in the countryside were about to collapse.

Why do you have to use such a Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc trick If you don t want to split, you can, Cbd Hemp Flower Wholesale she finds another man, and Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks I will too.

I was unhappy Then Why didn t you tell me He Zhiling said, Why should I tell you I said, How could someone like you be Do you know that she is angry He Zhiling said Is this my business I said Why not I have a blind date with her, we may be together, how do people think of me when you come here all of a sudden What do you think she thinks Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products of me I must Cannabidiol For Pain think that I am irresponsible, not worthy of entrustment, messing around outside, promiscuous, messing around Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc He Zhiling asked me, Aren t you This made me Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc choke, don t you I said, I am, am I He Zhiling said You ask yourself, are you not I said, I don t want to talk to you.

Of course, there are also top notch beauties in prison, such as Why Is My Cbd Oil Cloudy And Chunky Xue Yumei, Li Shanna, and Liu Zhihui, but what is that called How can it be compared with the two Cbd Oil And Drinking Alcohol of them.

Is it to be Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc tortured to extract a confession Damn it, if Kang Yun gets in the The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc way, it must be tortured That s a trick, and I ll be fucking unlucky with Liu Zhihui Don t let Kang Yun get in the way.

He Zhiling Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc said, Five hundred, are you afraid I can t Cheap Cbd Capsules Free Shipping pay it back I said You can t afford it, Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc you won t pay it back He Zhiling said, Well, Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks then I won t pay it back.

The guard carried the bucket and washed the blood off the table, as if nothing had happened.

It was a good deal, he was happy, and I was Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc happy too.

She can t marry our daughter to you, and let her live in a robbery.

An Baijing said, Then you said, go to her house for dinner, then Didn t you just go to your girlfriend s house for dinner I said, A female colleague, not a girlfriend.

If I win them over, they must tell the Tyrannosaurus Rex first.

Just want to scare you away In the afternoon, Captain Huang Ling Huang suddenly broke into my office.

If you think it s suitable, then consider the next step.

Alas, it is also sad to catch up, I feel that the efforts are not equal, she Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc is high, and I am extremely pitiful.

When the patient is alone, it is easier to do How To Make Cannabidiol some behaviors that she wants to do.

Lin Xiaohui scolded me Heartless I said You are not my girlfriend, you have no right to speak of me, and, even if it is my girlfriend, my girlfriend has no right to speak of me Lin Xiaohui was completely Cbd Thc Lotion unhappy and called to pay the bill.

0 In 8 years, there was a thrilling scene in front of a middle school in a certain city.

Know the enemy and know yourself and win every battle Sister Cai said, Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc At least I know exactly what he s going to do next.

Fortunately, Sun Changlin saw the female prisoner rushing over with a dagger.

The basis of the guess is that the Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc gravitational force between the planet and the sun prevents the planet from flying away from the sun, and the gravitational force between the object How To Cook With Cbd Oil and the earth prevents the object from leaving Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc the earth Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products At a high distance, the gravity will not be found to be significantly weakened, so this force must extend to a very far place.

Could it be that her mother thinks about me like that She even wanted to marry me for her own daughter.

I said, Yes, I Cbd Full Spectrum 1800mg can take care of me in a single room, and I don t have to worry about picking up soap and getting killed.

After I passed, Lu Cao s eyes were red and he was eager Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks to swallow me.

However, you are back to play, what are you going to do with your little sister I asked What should I do, I have nothing to do with her.

Then sat in Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc the corner and asked the waiter to bring two Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks glasses of lemon juice.

I found out that it Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks s not a good

what does cbd oil look like

thing to be in love with a woman.

I scolded You have it all Have Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc you had enough Don t you think it s shameless and obscene Depression Pill Oil Flower Night for you to do this He Zhiling said You told me that you have no money, and you have no money to eat this I said What do I eat has nothing to do with you He Zhiling said, I lent you a thousand yuan, but you still won t give it to me You are so cruel, you can not give it, why are you so fierce I said, I I really can t bear it for you Did you do this You didn t Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Pure CBD Products see me dating, I was dating someone Let you make such a fuss, how can I still kiss He Zhiling said Do you think that I want to make trouble I said, Damn you don t Is Cbd Oil Safe For Pregnant Women want Cbd Isomerization to make trouble It Organic Cbd Oil For Pets s not enough trouble He Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc Zhiling was a little unreasonable If Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks you were making trouble, when you touched me at Sugar Hi Cbd Gummies that time, it was Cannabliss Cbd Oil considered trouble I , me.

The police still don t know why Deng Rong would explain, if Deng Rong Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc killed his girlfriend because of a relationship dispute, why did he want to kill A Hong again And Can You Buy Cbd Oil Over The Counter then he is willing to confess the fact that he killed his girlfriend The police suspected that Deng Rong was mentally ill, The Best Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc but they did not find any mental and psychological problems when Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc they checked her.

I don t Anti Depression Pill Side Effects think so, because in a short period Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc of time, who can know that I have cigarettes there, that I have such cigarettes, and that I am ready to go in Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc and change But everything is my opinion, what is the truth, I don Is A Rainbow A Chemical Reaction t know yet.

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I answered the phone, Xie Danyang said in a very gentle voice Hey, it s me.

Those people I haven t Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc CBD oil: Uses, health benefits, and risks killed yet, must also become a permanent regret in my heart Xue Yumei Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc said I ve died a hundred times, so what are you talking about these people I looked at Xue Yumei and said with a smile, Actually, I can t bear any of you, and you Xue Yumei, I It s not abusive, don t tell me I love all my colleagues and prison guards, of course not.

An Cbc Thc Oil Baijing He said, Okay, call me if you have anything.

Liu Zhizhi walked over to make progress, stood on the road, and waved at the yellow haired car.

For example, the small supermarket in the prison, and the black restaurant, it really kills people.

Xu Nan came to report, and Lu Cao came back to work.

How many people could this kill To be honest, on the line of drug trafficking at the border, we cannot say that we have not wronged anyone.

After that, we stood up, Jin Huibin also Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc took the bag, and Lin Xiaohui said, Wait Mr Gummy Vitamins for me.

She went over to the superintendent of the Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc district.

After hanging up the phone, I turned off the phone immediately.

Xu Sinian stood beside me, she fiddled with her hair, she stood under the street lamp, looking sideways, she was very beautiful.

Although I am the captain of cell b, but After all, they are only discipline, and Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc if they make a mistake, of course I have the right to scold them.

Xu Sinian said, I don t have any in my dormitory, so Cbd Oil Wilmington Nc I still think I have the conditions to rent a house by myself.

After Deng Rong was arrested, according to her account, she didn t know why she took the knife to cut Ah Hong, she just wanted her to die.

I Tried CBD Oil and Didn’t Feel Anything. Now What?

Here's the lowdown on how to wind down effectively with CBD.

My mom called me from New York last week to ask if I had ever taken CBD and wondering where she should start. This is a woman who breaks pills into quarters to get the minimal effective dose, and cautions against taking ibuprofen unless you’re in dire need. The fact that she was inquiring about CBD made me realize that the trend has officially gone mainstream.

If you haven’t already heard, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant, and up until recently, it was only available in one of the states where medical or recreational cannabis use is legalized. That’s all about to change with the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp (a strain of the cannabis plant which contains no more than 0.3% THC) legal in all 50 states. Pretty soon you’ll be able to purchase hemp-derived CBD in states all across the country, and if you haven’t already, you likely will see CBD products popping up in your local pharmacies, grocery stores, and even pet supply shops.

With health claims ranging from reducing inflammation to reducing anxiety, it’s pretty tempting to at least want to give it a try, and there are plenty of options for how to do so. CBD is finding its way into skincare products and treats across the country. With this recent growth comes experimentation, and many people are trying something new and perhaps not knowing what to expect.

I live in Boulder, Colo., where CBD has been legal (and popular) since recreational use of cannabis was legalized in 2014. I recently reflected on when I first tried CBD oil a few years ago and, honestly, was totally underwhelmed. I was expecting to be magically healed from my anxiety and insomnia, but instead I found myself sitting up in bed wondering when it was going to kick in. Now, CBD is a regular part of my wellness routine and I do find CBD oil helps me drift off to sleep, wind down at the end of the day, and recover from a tough workout. But it took some adjustments.

Luckily, the CBD industry has come a long way over the last few years. There is much more educational information available, as well as new companies like Mandara, which takes a personalized approach to CBD and provides customers with Certified Wellness Coaches who are trained in helping customers put together an optimal CBD wellness plan. I talked to Peri Shaplow, the chief marketing officer at Mandara, who gave us a few tips for what to do when your CBD experience falls flat.

Adjust your expectations

Unlike the other major chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, THC, CBD has no psychoactive properties. Meaning no matter how much you take, you are not going to feel high. The effects of CBD are quite subtle. You might notice a slight reduction in anxiety after taking CBD, improved sleep, or fewer aches and pains. But if you’re looking for a dramatic mind-altering effect, you might be disappointed by CBD or think that your product isn’t working properly.

Also keep in mind that our bodies are all different, and so you will react differently to CBD than your coworker or neighbor might. Don’t compare your experience to anyone else’s. As Shaplow reminds us, “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to CBD.”

Evaluate your CBD dose

Like with any new drug, start with a low dosage of CBD, but if you don’t feel the effects you’re hoping for, you might want to consider upping your dosage slowly and over time. Most CBD standard doses will start at 5 to 10 milligrams per day. To put things in perspective, in a recent case study looking at CBD for treatment of sleep and anxiety disorders, patients were given up to 175 milligrams per day. That doesn’t mean you should start administering yourself clinical doses, however it does point to the fact that if you feel fine three to four hours after taking a small dose of CBD, you can start to up the dosage gradually.

Check your CBD source

Not all CBD products are created equal, and you need to be an educated consumer in order to separate the good stuff from expensive imposters. Shaplow recommends, “Always read the label for purity and potency information. Mandara values transparency, which is why our products are lab tested by third parties so you know exactly what you’re getting. If a product is third-party tested, it’s most likely one you can trust.”

Try a different form of CBD

CBD oil is just one way to use CBD, and each method is metabolized slightly differently by the body. “Experimenting with different forms of CBD can help you find the right regimen for your needs; be patient and listen to your body,” says Shaplow. Mandara’s line contains CBD oils, nighttime gummies, and softgels. If you’re looking for CBD to help with aches and pains or even menstrual cramps, you might want to try a topical lotion like this CBD-infused moisturizer. If you stick with oil, you can ingest it directly or even try cooking with it—just make sure to avoid heat to ensure the precious oil doesn’t evaporate and lose potency.

Be patient

Overall, take the time to experiment and be patient with the results. “It’s worth the time investing in finding the sweet spot for your body and needs. It may be helpful to keep a diary or consult a wellness coach for guidance,” Shaplow says. And remember: CBD might not be for everyone, so if you don’t like the way you feel, don’t force yourself to keep trying.